meteorgin: takes place after blue dragan season 1and every one is ccurently fighting together agenst Lokie

And after a wiches tale 2ed ending

Also I don't know the dauters names or how many there are, although it may seem strange, I've decided to make it 9 (even though 5 makes more sence), and to use the names of the 8 phases and Cubiea, from dot hack, as their names (even though that makes no sence at all)

"Shu, do you see any thing" Cluk yelled

"nothing yet" Shu called from a tree above her and the others

He was watching the horizon for Lokie's army

Suddenly they head a sound from behind them, it sounded like static (not that they would know)

They looked twords the sound and gasped

"what is that" Bequkay awed

In the distance were beautiful, bright lights, like a araura, seemingly coming from the ground

"Shu can you see where that's coming from" Matomato asked

"yeah, looks like some old ruins in a clearing, in the north estern direction" he said as he jumped down

"kay, lets check it out" Jiero declared as they ran off

When they got their they notised some strage circles with a star in the center, when they all steped inside the glow britened, and the ground began to shake, the next thing they knew they were staring shadows in the face.

"our shadows?" Shu questiond

"but how?" Jiero gasped

"how should we know" Minator replied

Suddenly some of the ruins behind them began to calaps, and a hiden room was reveled

They curyesly walked inside, were they saw some strange writing

Jest then the weird letters began to glow and the stone it was on broke in two

They then saw two shadowed figures appear and run off in the blink of a eye

They tried going after them but they were gone


Little did the know 9 simaler lights had also appeared around the same time that day

With the shadowed figures

"so this is the place they fled" said the one with pigtails

"so it would seem, are you sure you want to go through with this" the small bat figure asked

"yes, I wont turn back now, I've made up my mind" she reaplied

"hmm…" the other said

"so, shall we be going ,they've probly woken up by now" she said and walked off

"true" he said and went after her

The next morning

"Shu, wake up" Cluk tried to wake him

The previeas night had been a vary strange one and resalted in little sleep for everyone and they were all tired.

The next morning they reseved word of a number of natral disasters striking all over the world,taking it's toll on everyone

In addition strange monsters started poping up every where and atacking

Once Shu had awoke, they began to descuse this

"do you think it could have any thing to do with what we saw last night" Jiero suggested

"you mean the lights and thoughs figures" Bequkay claerifide

"could it be them, is that possible" Shu asked

"Maby, I did some reaserch last night, it seems thoughs ruins were billt in anchent times, they were put there by prothets long ago, the words we saw were most likely some kind of warning" Cluk stated

"you don't think we woke up the dead do you, mato" Matomato quivered

"no way" Shu snorted

"well, eather way, I highly dout it's a cowinsadens, I think we should check it out" Jiero said

They all agreed

Some where ells

"is everyone here" a melodic voice questiond slyly

"yes, sister we have all awakened" a analitical voice ansered

"good, then all that remans are the 'other maters'" the first checked

"big sis let me be the first to visit the sadow wealders, please" a cheery voice rang out

"I'll go with her" a dull, depressed voice joind in

"very well then, go" the preveas voice responded


Shu was out side wting for the others so they could go, when he heared noises from the bushes, but when he went to investigate vines reched out and tried to strangal him

"what the" he cryed jest befor they grabed him

He brought out blue dragan and pulled off the vines

"oh, so then you must be Shu" a pale girl with a pink under shirt and jacket, denm blue jeans, long tide-back white hair, and pink sandels chucled, with a creepy smile

"well , louring him out was easy enoth" another pale girl with short white pigtails, with a bord expretion added, she wore a long sleve coffed white callered V-neck shirt, and black knee lanth skirt, and ordinary black shoes

"hi, I'm Macha, the eld witch's 4th daughter and this is Skeith, the 9th daughter"the cheery one said

"eld witch?" Shu questioned

"that's right, she was our qween, so would you like to join us" she asked

"huh?" he asked cunfused

"you and your frends have a choise, join us, or die with the rest" Skeith blantly stated

"no way we'll never let you kill everyone" he yelled

"then die" she said as she took a shot at him, but befor she could hit someone shoted

"Vile Abyss"

"ah, it's her" Macha yelled

"let's go" then Skeith ran off as fog filled the air

"Shu, this fog is poisonis"blue dragon warnd

"what?" Shu quickly fled, but as he did he swor he saw one of the figures from befor in the trees

"Shu" he heard the others call

"hey are you all right" Cluk asked worriedly

"I'm fine" he said and he began to tell them what happened

To be cuntinude...