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Maria had to call his name several times to get his attention.

"Hmmm?" Jasper inquired, highly distracted by his new toy, a Motorola Xoom he'd purchased just a few days before.

Maria sighed, exasperated. "I said I got one of those free passes to a movie screening tonight. The James McAvoy film that's supposed to come out in a few months? I gave them our names. We should leave now if we want to get decent seats."

Jasper grimaced, finally looking up from the tablet. "Why did you do that? I have plans tonight."

His girlfriend's smile fell. "Break them. Babe - this is James McAvoy."

"Yeah, well, as dreamy as his eyes are..." He flashed her a cheeky smirk that typically disarmed her. "I promised Edward and Bella I'd babysit so they can get out for a change."

"How nice for them," Maria said, her voice wry. She sat at the table next to him. "Meanwhile, we haven't been out alone for months and we have no baby."

He knew without looking that her expression would be expectant. She wanted an apology, a promise for a night out. And she was right - it had been a long time.

"I'll be back late," he said instead. "Call Lucy. She nearly swooned when you two were watching... what was that sappy chick flick? Becoming Jane, or whatever?" He chuckled, gathering up his new toy. Stooping, he kissed her quickly on the cheek and strode toward the door before she could protest.

Funnily enough, Jasper didn't feel guilty.

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