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Torture. And not the sweet, sweet kind.

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"Wow. Your friends have a killer view."

Carlisle had asked if Jasper would keep him company as he house-sat for a friend. As he stared out the huge bay windows at the Seattle shoreline, Jasper was glad he'd agreed. His hands were braced on the wood on either side of the windows as he leaned closer, careful not to smudge the glass.

He heard Carlisle's footsteps across the wood floor and smiled a few moments later when the other man's arms wrapped around his waist. A shiver went down his spine when he felt Carlisle's lips at his neck.

"Ah, fuck," he muttered when Carlisle's light kisses turned to little love nips. "Carlisle... we can't... not in your friend's house. It's weird."

"Mmm," Carlisle hummed, the sound vibrating against Jasper's skin. "What Eleazar doesn't know, won't hurt him." As he spoke, his hands slipped inside the younger man's jeans.

Jasper sucked in a breath, gripping the wood harder when Carlisle cupped him over his boxers. "Carlisle," he warned again.

The older man chuckled. "Be quiet," he rumbled against Jasper's ear. "Turn around."

Since he wasn't really looking at the ocean anymore anyway, Jasper turned. Instantly, Carlisle was there, his lips claiming Jasper's as his hands made short work of the button of his jeans. He broke the kiss, his green eyes sparking as he dropped to his knees.

"Jesus," Jasper hissed when his bare backside hit the cold window. He rested his hands on Carlisle's shoulders to steady himself. "What if there are people on the beach?"

Carlisle looked up at him, his lips turned up in a small smirk. "Then they're going to get a great view of your magnificent ass."

Jasper moaned, closing his eyes. He forgot about all of his reservations as Carlisle's lips closed around his cock.