Rain poured down from the gloomy grey sky, drenching my entire body as I plodded down the street, seething. I hate rain. I hate a lot of things, but rain is one that I hate the most. It made me shiver unpleasantly, made my inky black hair stick against my forehead, sent goosebumps rising atop my mocha-coloured skin. And the thunder scared my poor boyfriend. Link hates thunder. It hurts his evidently delicate ears, but his are even more sensitive than that of the average Hylian, and it was both a blessing and curse. I had already become accustomed to loud noises, so it wasn't a problem for me. But it made my heart melt to see him so upset.


I could've sworn I heard a soft meow coming from-


My own ears perked at the noise. Whirling around and scanning the area with my crimson eyes, I spotted a tiny white shape amongst the garbage cans in a nearby alley. It was trembling slightly. As I approached it, it's feature came into view; snowy fur as soaked by rain as my own contrasting hair, wide and glimmering blue eyes with huge pupils, tiny paws and a long flicking white tail. I decided that it was a kitten, and my face lit up. Link may hate thunder, but he loves kittens; everytime he sees one at a pet store or a stray on the street, he goes into "super-adorable-squeal" mode, where he becomes obsessed with the fascinating features of the little animal and begs me to let him keep it. I always say no, and he pouts, gets over it, and forgets about it later.

But I could swear to the three great goddesses above that if he saw this kitten, he would'nt even consult me before he lifted it up, cuddled it in his arms, and walked contentedly down the street back to our house while talking to it gleefully.

And that's exactly what I did.

I mean, the poor little thing looked like it was going drown if the rain got any worse, and I'm not that heartless. I placed my hands around its tiny waist and picked it up, holding it gently against my shoulder and attempting to shield it from the rain as it mewled happily, an impish smile appearing on my lips. I walked a few more blocks before reaching our house, where I walked inside to find no Link. I heard the shower running in the other room (there were two in the house; on upstairs and one downstairs), so I took the kitten upstairs, placed it on the bed in our room, and got myself in to some dry clothes. I dried the kitten off and brushed its fur until its pure white coat was silky smooth, and after noticing a stray pink ribbon lying on the floor near the bathroom, I tied it loosely around her neck and admired my work. I realized soon after that the shower had stopped running, so I waited a while before calling my love's name.

"Link!" I yelled down the stairs. "Yes?" Called his melodious voice. "Come up here!" I heard light foot steps up the stairs and I quickly hid the kitten behind my back, feeling a teeny pang of guilt by doing so as it mewed softly. "Do you want an early birthday present?" He smiled softly. "Sure." "Okay, close your eyes and hold out your arms. And be careful." He nodded and his cerulean hues closed as I placed the furry little creature in his arms. He opened his eyes as soon as he felt the cat in his arms and his face lit up.

I couldn't decide what was more adorable, him or the little kitten. "Oh my goddess, Dark...she's soooo cute! Where'd ya get him?" He bounced the kitten in his arms, beaming. She mewled in contentment. "I found her out in the alley near Telma's bar in the rain. She looked so pathetic and lost, so I figured the least I could do is bring her home and clean her up a little." "Thank you so much...!" Link leaned over and pecked me lightly.

I grinned from ear to pointed ear. "Happy Birthday, sweetheart."