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It was a relatively calm and relaxing night in Soleanna for the Festival of the Sun, unlike last year, which was a year they preferred not to remember. There were fireworks lighting the sky and Princess Elise stood on a boat as it gently cruised down the river, waving at them happily as other girls danced on the boat in some form of contemporary dance until the boat stopped, nearly throwing everyone off balance from the captain who already had a little too much to drink. Eventually, the boat was steadied and Elise got off, followed by some hooded figures, one of them carrying an elaborate torch that burnt brightly and she journeyed to a robed man. Taking the lighted torch from the figure, Elise looked into the flame and her eyes widened as she saw flames engulfing the city of Soleanna and snapped out of it when she saw one of the people in cloaks snapping their fingers in her face. Stopping their snapping, the person moved their hand and asked, "Miss Elise. Are you OK?"

"It…It's all right." Elise answered and prepared to light a design.

"And say the right thing this time. We don't want a repeat of last year." The man whispered and Elise stopped in mid air.

"Right." Responded Elise. She held the torch in front of her. "We give thanks for the blessed flames. May we always continue to have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light…"

Placing the flaming end of the torch at the base of a design, everyone watched in awe as the flames took the design of the emblem of Soleanna and began celebrating. Smiling that she got it right and avoiding a scene like there was last year, Elise waved at her subjects. Suddenly, the cheering turned to screams as missiles flew at the place where Elise and others were standing, miraculously not injuring any of them. Just about as they were able to make a break for it, robots dropped out of a battleship, surrounding them and they all watched as a tall and rather obese man floated down to them in a giant pod. "A pleasure to meet you at last, Princess of Soleanna. I am Dr. Eggman." The man started with a bow to her. "I've come here to obtain the secret of the Flames of Disaster from you."

"What?" Elise responded.

"And to take the miracle gems that are the key to its secret…The Chaos Emerald! Now Princess, this way please." He finished as he reached his hand out to her and she clutched the Blue Chaos Emerald around her neck tightly. "Be quick. I don't have any time to waste."

Just as she was about to make some sort of dramatic remark like in the movies as she backed away slowly, a blue tornado circled around the group until eventually, a blue hedgehog appeared on a structure and the hedgehog remarked, "My…that's a pretty snazzy performance there."

Looking at the hedgehog in amazement, he suddenly flashed to a silver hedgehog surrounded to flames before returning to the present scene. "You…It can't be! I mean, the other one's white and this one's blue and-" Elise started.

Sonic jumped off the structure as the robots fired weapons at him and began to take out the robots with a series of spin attacks and other moves, before hitting a robot that teetered on the spot. "Now just give it a little tap." He commented and tapped the robot with the tip of his foot and watched as it plummeted down before skidding to a stop in front of Elise. "And add a ton of points for awesomeness for those moves!"

"Who are you?" she questioned, awe-struck at the small show.

"I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. How the heck do you not know who I am?" replied Sonic. He looked at Eggman. "Seriously? How does she not know who am I?"

"Not that irritating hedgehog again! Attack!" Eggman cried as he pointed at the hedgehog and the robots launched a series of weapons at the cobalt hedgehog.

"Well, he knows who I am at least…and it's probably a good idea if you get outta here." Sonic decided as he faced Elise.

Scooping up the Princess, Sonic took off as a series of missiles followed him and he began to race down the street, avoiding all the missiles, but leaving some serious destruction behind him as the missiles collided with the street. Meanwhile, from the top of a building, a silver hedgehog was watching the whole scene and raised his right hand in a fist as he stated to no one in particular, "I've finally found him…the Iblis Trigger!"

Running down the lone and dark Soleanna street with Sonic carrying her, Elise questioned, "Um…Why are you helping me?"

"No special reason," responded Sonic as he jumped over the river, "unless you wanted to get blown to pieces with missiles."

Sonic skidded to a stop as five robots dropped in front of the hedgehog and princess and Sonic set Elise down before he began to take out the robots easily with some of his awesome moves. Soon, Sonic took down all five robots and smiled at his success and skills, but his smile soon disappeared as he heard a scream.

"Sonic!" SEGA'S mascot heard Elise cry and he turned around to see her being held tightly in a giant robot hand that was attached to a floating pod Eggman was proudly standing in.

"I'm afraid our little game ends now." Eggman stated and Sonic raised an eyebrow.

"We were playing a game?" Sonic responded. "You mean the "You Try to Kill Sonic the Hedgehog, But Failed So You Kidnap the Defenseless Princess" game?"

"I-" Eggman started and Sonic stamped his foot against the ground.

"Damn it Eggman! I lost The Game because of you!" fumed Sonic and Eggman gave a look that said he was incredibly confused by what his arch-nemesis meant or was talking about.

Getting annoyed with being ignored by both Sonic and Eggman, Elise gave a determined look. Taking the Blue Chaos Emerald from around her neck, Elise threw the precious gem to the cobalt hedgehog and cried, "Sonic, take this!"
Catching the object that was thrown to him with one hand, Sonic shouted, "I've got it! Thanks for the Chaos Emerald! And don't worry, I'll rescue you! Or least I'll attempt to rescue you!"

"I know!" responded Elise.

"OK, that's a minor inconvenience. It's only a matter of time before it's mine. Until then, you can hold onto it for me!" Eggman stated.

"And rescue me as fast as you can! I don't know how long I'll be able to put up with him and his ego!" Elise called as she and Eggman flew away into the Egg Carrier and Sonic watched as the battleship disappeared.

Running through the city during the daytime, Sonic pondered on how to start following through on rescuing Elise. He, in a way, did not want to, but he had no choice in the matter. Continuing down the street, he stopped as he heard a familiar voice exclaim, "Sonic!"

Seeing a yellow two-tailed fox come towards him, Sonic smiled and greeted, "Tails! Long time no see!"

"I'm glad that you're here. I heard that you tried to save their Princess from Dr. Eggman." Responded Tails. He saw Sonic turn away with his arms crossed, clearly discontent with the ordeal. "You're going to rescue her, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but I don't really have a choice when it comes to rescuing her now, do I?" Sonic retorted.

"I suppose. Let me help. I may not know what Eggman's up to, but it can't be a good thing!" Tails requested and Sonic uncrossed his arms as he faced his sidekick and took a moment to decide.

"OK! With your help, this should be a piece of cake. Well, it probably won't be, but we'll just see how it goes and take it one step at a time." Sonic remarked with a thumbs up and began to dash away.

"Heh heh. I'll do my best!" responded Tails as he began to follow Sonic on foot, but then took to the sky.

"You better. I need you at the top of your game," Sonic called, "and that means keeping up."

"I know! I'm coming!" Tails shouted as he continued to follow his best friend.

The Egg Carrier flew over Wave Ocean and a feather that was in Elise's hair managed to magically escape and flutter down to the beach where Sonic and Tails were coincidentally on. Stopping, Sonic and Tails watched as the Egg Carrier continued on its merry way and Sonic sighed. "Shoot. We're a little late." Sonic commented. He picked up the feather and looked at it. "And this feather's our only clue."

"It looks like the Princess was moved to another location. I don't know where, but let's head back to the city and do something that'll let us know where she is!" suggested Tails and Sonic thought of the possibilities.

"Fine by me," Sonic agreed and he looked at where the battleship flew away and feather one more time before following Tails as the young fox took off, "I could really go for something to eat though."

"Yeah. We can rescue her afterwards." added Tails.

"Nah. Just hit a drive thru or something." Sonic told Tails and the pair began to figure out how they were going to pull off both of their plans, the getting through the drive thru on foot being the priority.

Elise sat in the ruins, sighing as she twiddled her thumbs, starting to question whether someone was coming to rescue her. Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of her late father telling her, "You're a good girl, Elise. Remember, be brave. Don't cry, no matter what happens. If there's one thing you need to remember, it's that. You do not cry no matter what happens."

"Hello? Anyone in these ruins?" she heard a voice call and looked up to see a blue hedgehog and a yellow fox she had never seen before casually wander in.

"Mr. Sonic!" Elise exclaimed as she jumped to her feet and Sonic and Tails went up to her, Tails greeting her with a double hand wave.

"Just call me Sonic. Mr. Sonic just doesn't sound right for someone as cool and awesome as me." Replied Sonic as Elise went up to him and held Sonic in a hug that nearly strangled him. After a few minutes, she let go of him and caught his breath. "Now then, are you OK?"

"I suppose," Elise answered, still having her hands on him, "I-I'm so glad that you came…"

"OK. There's nothing a few therapy sessions wouldn't be able to fix…and I always keep my word." Sonic told her, wishing she would take his hands off him.

Looking behind them, Tails turned around and exclaimed, "Sonic! Look at that fat man over there!"

Turning the direction Tails was facing, Elise and Sonic saw Eggman standing in front of an iron cage that had some sort of robot dog thing inside it and Sonic silently cheered as Elise finally took his hands off him. "Hey! I'm big boned!" Eggman snapped. "It looks like a pesky rat has stuck its nose where it doesn't belong-"

Sonic interrupted, "Hey! Who are you calling a rat? I'm a-"

"Fine. Be like that. Well, a hedgehog to be more precise."

"That's better. I appreciate it."

"The Princess is mine until I unlock the secret of the Flames of Disaster. So you might as well as take a hike!"

"Hell no! I went through all this trouble to rescue her, so like Hell I'm leaving here without her!"

"Fine! I'll destroy you!" Eggman stated.

Shielding their arms in front of Elise with Tails in front of him, Sonic instructed, "Tails! Get ready to be my back up Buddy if I don't make it!"

"Got it! Let's go!" replied Tails, determined to make sure that nothing happened to SEGA'S mascot that would leave him in charge of the game.

Standing in Dusty Desert after Sonic single handedly took out Egg Cerberus, Elise, Sonic, and Tails watched as a massive army of robots flew in their direction. "How long is this going to go on? I mean, it's the same thing over and over. He sends a ton of robots and I obliterate them with some sweet moves. It's kinda cliché." Sonic commented, slightly annoyed with the lack of creativity.

"I've got an idea! Let's split up! I'll get their attention, and you take the Princess. Completely dangerous, but let's do it!" Tails suggested, seeming rather cheery at his idea and Sonic thought for a minute.

"OK. You be careful, Tails," agreed Sonic as he gave Tails a thumbs up, "I don't want to have start looking for a replacement sidekick. It's waaay too much work."

"OK! Leave it to me!" Tails responded and took a running start before he flew away.

"What a brave little guy." Remarked Sonic. He scooped Elise up in his arms and they looked at each other. "Hold on tight! I'm not responsible if you get hurt because you didn't hold on."

"OK!" Elise replied and held Sonic around his neck as he took off.

Running through some unknown plain, Sonic soon slowly came to a stop and set Elise down, glad to be free of the extra weight that severely slowed him down and Elise was getting unusually close to him, feeling as those his personal space was being invaded. Looking at the cobalt hedgehog, Elise quickly bowed her head before she thanked, "I have no words to express how grateful I am for your help…" She looked at Sonic's arm and gave a horrified look. "Oh no! You're hurt!"

"Really? Sonic replied. He looked at his arm for the injury in question and saw he had an extremely small scratch. "It's nothing. As long as there's no limbs missing or the shoes are scuffed…it's all good."

"Don't say that." Responded Elise as she bent down and ignoring Sonic as he gave a slightly panicked look from the awkwardness of the situation and quickly thought through his options. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault…if Eggman didn't capture me…"

Seeing the scratch was bandaged and Elise look like she could potentially burst out crying from his reaction, Sonic told her, "Smile."

She looked up at him and he shook his finger in a no-no manner as a butterfly flew onto his nose, leaving Sonic to pray that it was not one of the poisonous ones. Elise looked in wonder and surprise at the butterfly and smiled as she flicked it off Sonic's nose and the pair watched as it fluttered away. Elise stood up and Sonic continued, "Your smile…That's all I need." Watching Sonic as he slowly started to sneak away, Elise dashed after him and Sonic sighed, slightly upset that she did not take the hint, but still let her come with him. "Eggman mentioned the Flames of Disaster. Is that why he's after you? And answer honestly. This could save me a lot of trouble."

"Yes. The name of the sun god our country honors is Solaris… It is told that Solaris's rage would destroy the world. His wrath comes in the form of the Flames of Disaster." Elise began and the background flashed with different images that helped explain Elise's story more and involved the "vision" she had at the beginning of the game. Soon, the background images faded to a sunny sky with some fluffy white clouds. "10 years ago, we almost faced the full force of his fury…I was a child then, so I don't remember it very well. I lost my father then…"

Elise stopped and Sonic stopped as he turned around to face her and replied, "I'm sorry..."

"No, no. He still guides me throughout the game. And now that man is trying to cause the same disaster again…What can I do?" Elise continued. Sonic took a few minutes to make a "What Would Sonic Do?" decision before he grabbed Elise by her wrist and started to run, half dragging Elise behind him. "Sonic? Sonic! Wait! I can't run that fast!"

"Don't worry. Hell, no one can run as fast as me…except for Shadow, but he doesn't matter in this case. Just raise your head and run!" Sonic told her and wished she would just take his advice and he could stop dragging her.

Finally, she took the hint and they began to run through the grassy plain, Elise stumbling while Sonic shook his head at her running skills. After a few minutes, they stopped and Elise sat down while Sonic resisted the urge to keep running. Seeing Elise was having trouble catching her breath, Sonic prayed she did not have asthma or anything and remarked, "Feels great, doesn't it?"

Still trying to catch her breath, Elise responded, "Yes…I-I've never run so fast before…and it's so hard in this dress."

Ignoring what she was saying, Sonic waited until she finally caught her breath and finished, "Two pieces of advice. First, nothing starts until you take action. Second, if you have time to worry, then run!"

Helping Elise to her feet, the pair began to walk back towards the city.

Walking through a street in Soleanna, Sonic stopped Elise and picked her up as they jumped out of the way of a teal blast, Elise screaming until Sonic put her down. "Finally! I've been looking for you. You're the Iblis Trigger!" The pair heard an unfamiliar voice begin and they saw a silver hedgehog drop down from the sky like he was almighty or something. He pointed at Sonic accusingly. "Your actions will condemn us all!"

"Oh great. They added another hedgehog to the series…and a REALLY funny looking one." Sonic muttered, loud enough to make sure the other hedgehog heard him and the cobalt hedgehog shielded Elise behind him. "Who are you?"

"Hey! That's uncalled for!" the hedgehog snapped. He raised his hand in a way that proved he wanted to go for a couple of rounds. "My name is Silver. For the future of the world, I will destroy you!"

"Geez, isn't that kinda harsh? I mean, killing me because I insulted you is…ah, forget it. Let's settle this hedgehog-to-hedgehog." Retorted Sonic and continued to shield Elise while she just covered her mouth in shock. "FYI. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm going to kick. Your. Ass!"

Walking up to the hedgehog he just defeated that was down on the ground while Elise just wanted in stunned silence, Sonic stopped and started, "Hey." Silver stood up and held out his hands and sent Sonic flying backwards into a wall before crashing into the ground. "Cheap shot! Next time, I'm poking you with a stick!"

From the side, Elise did nothing except watch as Silver got up and he went up to Sonic. Bending down to look at the cobalt hedgehog that was on his hands and knees, Silver remarked, "Hmph! Is this a joke? How could someone like you cause the destruction of our world?" He quickly looked around for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and say "You've been Punk'd!" before looking back at Sonic. "Seriously."

Neither of the hedgehogs or Elise noticed two robotic arms coming up from behind Elise. Still recovering from the attack, Sonic replied, "What do you…mean? And what's your problem? You just don't go attack random people for no reason."

"It doesn't matter. For the sake of the future, the Iblis Trigger must be destroyed!" Silver answered as he stood up.

"Uh, it kinda does matter because you're trying to kill me!" snapped Sonic and Silver prepared to finish the job when they both heard Elise scream. They looked to see the Princess of Soleanna being grasped tightly in a robotic arm and the pod flying away. "Elise? Wait!"

Sonic got up and started to race after the pod and Silver jerked his hand, causing a teal light to appear and make Sonic eat tarmac as he hit the ground. "Hey! Don't you dare turn your back on me!" Silver sneered.

"Hey! I was just going to rescue the Princess-" Sonic protested, still on the ground with his back turned to Silver.

"Yeah, right." Scoffed Silver.

"Seriously? What's your problem?" Sonic snarled, now on his hands and knees.

" It's time I finally put an end to this!" Silver declared and, once again, raised his hand to finish the job.

"Stop!" they both heard a familiar girly voice cry and Amy rushed in between the two hedgehogs, shielding the guy of her dreams from Silver.

"What the…Amy?" responded Silver. He still had his hand raised to finish off Sonic, but did not move. "Get out of my way Amy! This is my mission!"

"Absolutely not!" snapped Amy, ready to defend her idol and leaving Silver conflicted at what to do.

"Thanks Amy. I appreciate it. You finally managed to prove that you're more than an obsessive stalker." Sonic thanked as he got to his feet and took off.

Ignoring the last sentence in the statement, Amy told him, "Leave it to me. Nobody's gonna take out my man."

Not paying attention to her response, Sonic just focused on running in the direction Elise was being held hostage by the robot.

Sonic walked onto a dock with Tails he somehow managed to join up with and the young fox was safely in one piece, the pair stopped as they saw a crimson echidna standing in front of them, his arms crossed and holding some sort of square object as he looked at them. "Knuckles. What are you doing here?" Sonic greeted. "Hey, aren't you supposed to be guarding the Master Emerald or something?"

"Yeah, but I really don't want to talk about why I'm not. I saw Eggman on the outskirts of the city." Answered Knuckles. He tossed the square thing to Sonic and the blue hedgehog and fox looked at it. "He wanted me to give this to you."

"What is it?" questioned Tails.

"I dunno. Maybe some sorta greeting card." Guessed Knuckles as the trio looked over the object.

"Don't be stupid. Egghead wouldn't greet me with a card. He'd just use a whole ton of robots and missiles. Maybe he gave me an iPad 2." Sonic replied. He quickly rethought of his idea. "No, Eggman's too cheap to give me something like that."

Suddenly, a little pink holographic image of Eggman appeared on the card and the three of them looked at it in interest at what this device could possibly be. "Is this thing on? Let's see, the little red light is supposed to be on, so it's recording. Sonic the Hedgehog. If you want me to return the Princess, you must give me your Chaos Emerald. Meet me at my base in White Acropolis." They heard the little Eggman hologram instruct before it began to look around for something. "Okay, now to turn it off and send."

The instant the image disappeared, Sonic tossed the object back to Knuckles who juggled to catch it, but it fell to the floor and accidentally stepped on it, smashing it to pieces. "Gee, considering he's some sorta genius…he's slightly technology challenged." Commented Knuckles.

"Look who's talking." Sonic pointed out as he gestured at the broken object under Knuckles' feet.

"Okay, noted. I'll change that," responded Knuckles, "he's pretty cocky."

"It's most definitely a trap," Tails informed as he shook his finger to emphasize what he was saying, "if experiences have taught us anything…I don't think Eggman will honor his agreement."

"Geez, you don't say." Knuckles sarcastically told him while Sonic had taken out the Blue Chaos Emerald he had acquired earlier in the game and was staring at it.

"I'm going." Sonic bluntly declared as he continued to stare at the precious gem.

Surprised by this, Knuckles and Tails looked at Sonic like he had a couple of bolts loose and Tails replied, "Sonic? Are you listening to a thing we said?"

"Since Eggman went to the trouble of telling me where Elise is, I think I should thank him personally." Sonic reasoned as he walked around, still staring at the Chaos Emerald and barely managing not to hit random objects around them. He nearly walked into the ocean and he decided it was time to stop staring at the Blue Chaos Emerald. "And I gotta go see him eventually. Might as well as get it over with."

While Sonic looked extremely please with his decision, Knuckles and Tails were giving expressions of hitting Sonic in the back of the head for the lack of thought into this plan and throwing hands up in the air in their frustration.

Running to a stop in the designated spot of Eggman's base in White Acropolis after taking out some robots and only being a few minutes off from the time they estimated they would get here, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails looked around. "Up here." They heard Eggman inform and they looked up to see him behind a glass window of an observation deck. "You're late. I didn't give you a time to get here by, but regardless, you're still late."

"Well, we had to deal with your little pets, you know, all the robots and stuff you put in our way." Knuckles retorted.

"And Knuckles got lost, so we had to find him," added Sonic, "where's Elise?"

"My, aren't we impatient…considering you were late-" Eggman began.

"Well, you kinda wanted me to get here and I need to rescue her from you again, so I yeah, I'm kinda ticked off." Snapped Sonic, getting frustrated with the day he has been having.

"Oh fine." Eggman responded and pulled Elise off from the side and held her around her shoulders.

"Sonic!" Elise cried. "You came for me!"

The three anamorphic animals got ready to lay some serious kick butt moves and Eggman cautioned, "Ah ah. You better not move. Or the Princess gets to be my human shield." The three were tempted to just go ahead, but stopped and Eggman took his arm off Elise's shoulders. "Now, the Chaos Emerald…Place it there."

A small little stand came out of the floor with a sign that read, "Place the Chaos Emerald here and it is no way a trap" and Sonic took out the requested object. Instead of doing the logical thing and completely aborting the plan, Sonic just plunked the Blue Chaos Emerald on the little stand. The instant the Blue Chaos Emerald was in the stand, it sunk to the ground, but it got stuck, so Sonic freed it and it continued on its way. Eggman smiled and hit a button and laughed, "Hmph! Suckers! It was a trap!"

A small rod stuck out and a hot pink substance began to emerge and swirl around the room, eventually surrounding Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails. While Tails panicked, Sonic just looking somewhat surprised, and Knuckles, being Knuckles, slammed his fist into it, resulting in him getting a small electric shock. "It's no use. It's too powerful for you to overcome…and you'll get another shock!" Eggman continued while Elise just stood there and did nothing.

"Geez, no kidding! I just figured it out!" sneered Knuckles, obviously catching the hint that he was slightly challenged.

"Whatever. Now allow me to introduce you to my latest creation. This is the Solaris prototype." Eggman explained and Elise gave a small gasp as she looked at him with shock. Laughing, Eggman did some funny walking thing to a lever and placed his hand on it. "With this machine, I'll be able to control the flow of time itself!"

Pushing the lever, the three heroes began to get sucked up, all three of them yelling with Sonic adding some profanity just for the heck of it into the mix. Just watching from her spot, Elise fell to her knees and put her hands on the glass as the pink light and the talking animals disappeared. Still watching where his device actually worked, Eggman told her, "Rest assured…They're not dead…yet. And my device worked! They've just been teleported by my glorious invention to another time. Who know where they'll end up? It could be the distant past or far future. Of course, if they end up in the past…they'll know exactly what not to do, so it's better if they ended up in the future." He saw she did not seem too excited or amazed by this information, so he decided to do some pacing before he continued his monologue. "But my machine still requires some fine-tuning. In fact, what my machine needs in order to be complete, is your power."

"My power?" Elise responded as she turned to face the evil genius who stopped pacing, glad he had her attention.

"Yes, I can finally complete my plans…Now that I have the Chaos Emeralds and you…The Princess of Soleanna." Eggman resumed and moved his hands in a show off banner way dramatically, but noticed he now lost her attention after he said the line about her power and was looking away. Lowering his hands, he gave an annoyed look that she was ignoring him, but still continued using his hand gestures. "Goodness. At least Sonic pays attention to me. That's all I need to revive the Flames of Disaster. And with its power, I will be able to control everything and rule the world. My dreams will finally be true. So, you would be wise to remain on my "good" side."

"What good side?" Elise mumbled and Eggman glared at her before he walked away.

Raising her head, Elise put her hands in her lap as she looked up at the rod.

Appearing in a blob of a pink substance, Knuckles, Silver, and Tails fell from the ceiling as the substance faded away, yelling until they landed, Sonic landing on his feet, Tails on his rear end, and Knuckles on his noggin. Still sitting on the ground as Knuckles and Sonic got up, Tails commented,"Boy, do I feel dizzy…that really hurt."

Rubbing his head, Knuckles looked at Sonic and Tails as Tails got up before Knuckles stated, "Hey. I feel kinda off."

"Shut up and suck it up." Retorted Sonic, looking at the place they were in.

"Sonic. I landed on my head and I think I'm seriously hurt. I might need to go to the hospital." Knuckles continued and Sonic turned to face the Guardian of the Master Emerald.

"I said shut up and suck it up!" snapped Sonic, obviously annoyed with the echidna's whining.

Gazing around the room while Knuckles and Sonic bickered about taking Knuckles to the hospital, Tails wondered, "Where are we?"

"Oh, look who's here! I didn't expect to see you guys," the trio heard someone respond, "and do you mean apart from a crappy video game?"

Looking in the direction of the old lady sounding voice, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails saw Rouge and Shadow standing above them, Rouge waving and Shadow look like he could care less about seeing them. "Rouge the Jewel Obsessed Bat! Shadow the Emo Sonic Recolor!" Tails exclaimed.

"Hi. Long time no see!" greeted Rouge.

"What the Hell is wrong with your voice? You sound like you're forty or something." questioned Sonic as he looked at the treasure hunting bat and she stopped waving.

"Shut up. I don't want to talk about it!" Rouge snapped, obviously very sensitive about her voice after some of the insults given to her.

"And I'm not emo anymore!" Shadow sneered.

Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Sonic, and Tails stood on a ruined building as Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails looked at the rest of the ruins, the trio standing at a point where, if they "accidentally" fell, no one would be to blame, especially Rouge or Shadow. Consulting the little angel and the little devil on his shoulders, Shadow began, "This is the distant future, far removed from our own timeline."

"Wow. Everything kinda went downhill." Sonic responded as he continued to look over the ruins with Knuckles.

Turning around to face the onyx hedgehog, Tails questioned, "The future? Then that means Eggman's machine can control time!"

"Damn. Maybe I should give him more credit than being an overweight douche bag." Replied Shadow, taking this new information into consideration and Knuckles and Sonic turned around.

"Eggman's got some nerve dropping us here. I mean-" Sonic started.

Shadow interrupted, "Silence! Go complain to SEGA about it."

"Fine. I will." Sonic huffed and muttered something along the lines of he was going to suggest that Shadow got fired from SEGA for his attitude as well.

"Now, how can we get back to our own time?" Knuckles questioned as he kicked a rock away, nearly having it veer off course and hit its target of Rouge in the face if she did not move out of the way.

"You need a space-time rift, but this requires a lot of energy and it's far too complicated for someone with an IQ level like you." Replied Shadow and Knuckles also muttered something about suggesting Shadow should be fired from SEGA.

"I see. You mean using your Chaos Control will…" Sonic trailed off.

"Yes, but that alone is insufficient," Shadow cut off as he pointed at Sonic, "it hurts me to say that because it wrecks my credential as an all powerful kickass hedgehog."

"OK Shadow. As much as I hate it…it looks like we need to work together." Sonic stated and gave a thumbs up, trying to make the experience more bearable, resulting in Shadow to cross his arms.

"Damn. I was afraid you were going to say that." Mumbled Shadow, but still reluctantly nodded in agreement.

Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails looked around as they walked through a random building that, like everything else, was ruined. "No matter where we go, all we see are ruins. How can this be our future? I mean come on. We haven't even found a toilet that isn't ruined!" Knuckles commented and the other two nodded in agreement.

"How can it come to this? This is crazy!" Tails added.

"Could it be true? This is how we solve everything?" they heard a voice questioned and Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails rushed to a door and peeked inside to see the funny looking silver hedgehog, a lavender cat, and a creepy looking Shadow the Hedgehog Recolor guy in front of a computer. Sonic trailed off, "What the…"

"If I eliminate that guy, will our world be saved?" the silver hedgehog questioned and the Recolor nodded to answer his question. "But, can't I go to jail for killing him?"

"Silence. It is irrelevant," the Recolor responded and turned to face the lavender cat and the ivory hedgehog, "the Day of Disaster…Here are my records of this event. This is when Iblis was freed and his flames were released into the world."

The Recolor typed something into the computer and the cat and hedgehog looked at the screen as several different pop ups appeared. Both of them said nothing and the Recolor faced them as he took out the Purple Chaos Emerald. "And you have this person to blame." The Recolor continued and held it out to the ivory hedgehog, who took it.

Although the rest of the group did not see it, an image of a cobalt hedgehog surrounded by flames appeared, giving a slightly maniacally looking look. The ivory hedgehog proclaimed, "I see it! So, that blue hedgehog's the Iblis Trigger? He does look the part for it."

"Blue hedgehog…" the cat repeated in a knowing way and the ivory hedgehog handed the Purple Chaos Emerald back.

"Yes. A blue hedgehog. I'll send us back in time to the point when the Iblis Trigger was alive." The Recolor finished as he turned away and created a ball of violet energy before turning back to the other two and holding out his hands, resulting in the energy to surround the three of them and when the energy faded away, the trio had disappeared. Once they were certain that they were gone, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails rushed into the room and looked around. Seeing the computer managed to survive the damage in near perfect condition, Tails' eyes widened with excitement and he smiled as he bolted to it. "What the…Who was that guy? He looked just like Shadow…" Knuckles remarked. "And a really creepy one too."

"This is bad! The video game I spent a whole bunch of money got bad reviews!" Tails began and the other two looked at him.

"The game? Damn it Tails! I lost The Game!" Sonic announced.

"Damn it! I lost The Game!" repeated Knuckles.

"I lost The Game!" Tails added.

"Way to go Tails! We all lost The Game because of you! Now stop browsing the internet and tell me where the Hell we are and what's going on!" ordered Sonic and Tails began to do what he was told.

After some typing, Tails exclaimed, "Th-This is terrible! And I mean it! According to the data, the Princess died when she was kidnapped by Eggman! Apparently Eggman's battleship exploded!" Sonic rushed up to Tails' side. "The date of this incident was…two days after the Festival of the Sun!"

"If we don't return in time, Elise will die onboard Eggman's battleship. That means…oh crap." Stated Sonic with a seriously pissed off look.

"Yeah…I think so." Tails agreed and Sonic slammed his fists together as though he was going to pound someone while Tails resumed typing into the computer.

Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails reached Flame Core where they decided to meet the other two trapped anamorphic animals and they saw Rouge and Shadow waiting, Shadow with his arms crossed and Rouge with her hands at her sides, both of them looking incredibly bored. "Oh my gosh! Finally! You guys are so slow-" Rouge commented once they the other three.

"Well, Knuckles got lost and we had to find him again." Retorted Sonic, glaring at the crimson echidna that was the reason he, the world's fastest hedgehog, was called slow.

Knuckles snapped, "Shut up Sonic!"

"Typical of Knuckie. Anyway, look." Rouge replied and held out the Green Chaos Emerald.

"A Chaos Emerald!" Tails exclaimed, full of excitement as he pointed at it. "You've already found one! That's amazing!"

"Well now…I may not look it, but I'm a real treasure hunter," bragged Rouge with Knuckles turned around and Sonic crossed his arms, obviously annoyed with her attitude, "unlike a certain echidna I know…and we all know who I'm talking about."

"What?" Knuckles growled as he turned around to face her and stomped up to her. He scoffed and turned away again. "Look, the only reason I haven't found any treasure is because I've been guarding the Master Emerald."

"Yeah, right." Rouge countered.

Finally speaking still with his arms crossed, Shadow scoffed, "You two are just like two little kids who like each other. Just admit that you like each other already."

"Yes!" the Knuouge shippers cheered.

"What? Me and Knucklehead? Eww!" Rouge replied, putting the precious gem away.

"Me and Bat Girl? That's just wrong!" added Knuckles.

"They're in love. They just won't admit it." The Knuouge Shippers reasoned, still full of happiness from Shadow's comment.

"Yeah, whatever," Shadow responded, "have you guys discovered anything?"

"Um, yeah. I received a signal indicating there's a Chaos Emerald here, but…it's not gonna be pretty…" Answered Tails as he pointed behind them and the group turned to see a giant, dangerous looking gorge.

"You mean we're got to go through there?" Rouge interrupted. "That doesn't look like it'll be a walk in the park."

"If you don't like it, you can stay here and be labeled a Scaredy Cat." Smirked Knuckles as he stomped back up to her, glad to finally get a shot at Rouge.

"You've got to be kidding!" Rouge snapped back, tempted to kick Knuckles in the head for getting into her personal space as well as trying to insult her honor.

Seeing Shadow start to walk towards their goal, Sonic told him, "Don't be late Loser."

"Same to you Dumbass." Shadow snapped and took off, resulting in the others to dash after him.

Standing in Flame Core, Knuckles, Shadow, Sonic, and Tails watched as Rouge jumped in the air and flew to the Cyan Chaos Emerald that was floating in the air. "I found a Chaos Emerald!" Rouge proclaimed and reached to touch it.

Remembering all the adventure movies he watched, Shadow shouted, "Don't touch it!"

Ignoring the obvious piece of advice, Rouge went ahead and touched the Cyan Chaos Emerald and flew back as a huge flame flared in front of her. Landing with the rest of the group, Shadow did the badass thing and jumped ahead of everyone as a giant magma, ugly, and incomparable to anything they have ever seen worm thingy reared its ugly head and roared at them. Rouge exclaimed, "What? What's this?"

"Damn it Rouge! Why don't you ever listen to me?" snapped Shadow as the creature roared at them. "This is the third time I'm saving your ass this game! And now we have to take out some magma worm thing!"

Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Sonic, and Tails were still in Flame Core, the only differences being that they took out a giant magma worm thing and acquired a Chaos Emerald in the process. Sonic took out the Cyan Chaos Emerald while Shadow took out the Green Chaos Emerald and the two hedgehogs looked at each other. "Let's just get this over with and I don't have to see your face anymore." Shadow stated.

"Agreed." Responded Sonic.

"Enough with the chatting and let's go home!" barked Knuckles and Shadow and Sonic nodded.

Holding up the two Chaos Emeralds, Shadow and Sonic chorused, "Chaos Control!"

There was some glimmering and a space-time rift hovered out of the two Chaos Emeralds before turning blue and Sonic dashed through it, ready to get away from the onyx hedgehog with Knuckles and Tails close behind him. Rouge jumped into the air and turned to face Shadow as she stayed in the air, watching him as he casually walked towards it. Watching Rouge as she slowly flew into the space-time rift, Shadow turned around, clearly interested in something behind them.

Dropping out of the space-time rift, Knuckles and Sonic landed on their feet, obviously wanting to avoid another incident that involved taking Knuckles to the hospital while Tails gave a small cry of pain as he landed on his rear end again. Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails stood up as their mode of time traveling disappeared and they all looked around. "Looks like we made it back in one piece," Knuckles commented, glad that none of them were missing any body parts, "and we weren't hurt along the way."

Not seeing either the treasure hunting bat or the black hedgehog, Tails wondered, "Where did Shadow and Rouge go? Did they appear someplace else?"

"Those two can take care of themselves…" Sonic replied with slight agitation in his voice from something.

Seeing a newspaper on the ground, Sonic picked it up and flipped straight to the comics. After silently laughing to himself, he flipped to another article and read it and after he finished, they all exchanged knowing looks.

Running down the tracks carrying Elise after rescuing her from Eggman again, Sonic wished this game would finally end. He was really starting to get sick of rescuing this Princess from Eggman. It was basically all he did this game. "I knew it…I knew you'd return! You had to! You're my hero!" Elise cried and she held him in the point of where his face was turning blue before she finally let go of him.

Coughing to catch his breath again, Sonic mumbled, "Yeah. I kinda have no choice."

Seeing a teal light fly at them, Sonic jumped out of the way as the light hit the ground and set Elise down as he faced their attacker, a silver funny-looking hedgehog called, if he remembered correctly, was named Silver. Knowing this was not going to be pretty, Sonic sighed. He began, "You again. What do I have to do? Get a restraining order or something?"

"This time, there will be no more interruptions! The Iblis Trigger must die! And that's all there is to it!" Silver retorted.

"Sonic…" Elise trailed off as Sonic moved her behind him defensively, obviously in a move to deal with Silver without her getting hurt.

"Why is everyone trying to kill me? First Eggman, then Shadow, and now you…again!" Sonic snapped and Silver clenched his teeth.

Silver jerked his hand and Sonic did a slow motion jump out of the way before somersaulting to his feet. A few minutes later, Sonic was surrounded in teal light and being choked by the Force and Elise, deciding not to help the cobalt hedgehog who kept saving her in any way, slowly backed away from the two hedgehogs. "Finally! I've been looking for you to kidnap you again! So, how was your little walk Princess?" she heard Eggman remark and turned to see the antagonist as the robot arm reached out and screamed as it snatched her up.

Looking in the direction of the scream, Sonic saw Elise in the robot's arm and take off. "Elise!" Sonic shouted. He looked at Silver. "Great! I have to save her again! Thanks a lot Silver!"

Silver clenched his teeth as Sonic made a rude gesture at him and the teal light around Sonic got tighter. "It's time to end this!" stated Silver and moved in to deliver an attack to complete his mission.

Silver jumped back as a black hedgehog dropped down in between him and the blue hedgehog and Sonic was gasping for breath as the attack that was suffocating him disappeared. The black hedgehog looked at him and Silver clenched his teeth from frustration about his mission being stopped again. "Who? Mephiles! Why are you getting in my way? Why did they recolor you?" He demanded, ready to take out this black hedgehog guy.

"I'm Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog." Shadow responded as he stood up and crossed his arms with a badass look, "and don't ever confuse me with that recolor!"

Shadow turned around to see Sonic was up and recovered and Sonic thanked, "Aww, thanks Shadow. I might take back some of the trash I said about you."

"Sonic. Stay here. I need to kick your ass because I have to save you." Shadow ordered and Sonic scoffed.

"Hell no," retorted Sonic and he gave Shadow a thumbs up before racing after Eggman, "thanks again Bro."

"Damn. I'll get you next time." Shadow decided as he uncrossed his arms and turned to face Silver, both of them getting ready for a showdown of epic proportions.

The giant pod with robot arms that Eggman flew in zoomed across the sky while Eggman tried to coax a crazed Elise back as she stepped backwards towards the edge. "Now stop it. You have no where to go. Well, technically you do, but I'd advise you don't." Eggman told her, but she still continued until she was teetering on the edge.

"I would rather die than be your prisoner again!" Elise dramatically stated. "Then I wouldn't have to put up with you and your ego anymore!"

"Hmph! Like you're one to talk!" huffed Eggman. "So, what are you going to do, Princess? Do you plan to jump?"

Meanwhile, Sonic was racing on the ground after them and Elise saw him before she finished theatrically, "Farewell."

Spreading her arms apart, Elise fell backwards towards the ground and, in slight shock, Eggman replied, "Huh? She actually did it?"

Just as she was about to the ground, Sonic slid along the ground and jumped to his feet as he caught Elise and she exclaimed, "Sonic! You came!"

Ignoring the greeting, Sonic remarked, "Slide catch that was pulled off perfectly! Give me some points for awesomeness with that move!"

The blue hedgehog began to jog away and Elise stuck her tongue out at Eggman in a childish manner, resulting in the evil genius to cry, "You won't get away that easily!"

Elise and Sonic were outside Tropical Jungle, Sonic dragging Elise by her hand behind since he was getting annoyed with having to carry her all the time. His logic behind this was that since she had two legs, she might as well as use them. Soon, they came to a stop and Elise gasped for breath, even though it really was Sonic who earned it after rushing to save her. "That was a gutsy move back there!" Sonic began. "A really gutsy move!"

"Well, I was desperate…and um…I just had to get away," Elise shrugged, "when you've been kidnapped that many times, you do what you have to do."

"And you decided that taking the chance of plummeting to your death was a good one? Ah, never mind. You're just lucky I have good timing." Responded Sonic.

"I owe you a lot, Sonic…" Elise continued and Sonic gave a fake and awkward laugh. "I owe you one."

"Oh, you owe me more than one." Mumbled Sonic. He became serious again and he looked to see a huge plume of dust rising. "Oh crap…"

"Sonic!" Elise exclaimed and Sonic turned to face her.

"Yeah, I saw it thanks. I'll head into the jungle!" replied Sonic and Elise smiled.

"OK!" Elise cheerfully agreed as she nodded and before the blue blur realized it, she had jumped into his arms, wearing a huge smile on her face.

Shaking his head as he sighed from the Princess's actions, Sonic took off into the jungle.

Running through a forest, still carrying Elise and his arms starting to get sore, Sonic wished that this would finally end. It was getting to the point where he wished his arms would fall off. "It looks like we've lost them." Elise started with a certain tone that instantly made Sonic feel uncomfortable and want to drop her right there.

"Yeah, OK then. I'll settle things here." Sonic responded as he continued to run. "Elise, you should go back to the castle."

"OK…I guess…" Elise agreed, the sound of disappointment in her voice that Sonic could not help feel guilty about and turned another direction. "Sonic?"

As they continued, Elise's eyes widened and a smile grew on her face as Sonic slowed to a stop on the edge of a lake with a tree in the center of it, all the flowers in bloom. Setting Elise down, Sonic made sure her back was turned and he stretched his arms, glad to have her out of them. Walking to the edge, Elise looked at the tree in awe and wonder as she commented, "It's so beautiful! I've never seen so many flowers before! It's just like a picture you'd find on a postcard." He held out her hands as petals fluttered off the tree and Sonic finished stretching his arms, just in case she turned around to face him. "Sonic, have you visited many wonderful places before?"

"Yeah." Replied Sonic.

"Once you defeat Eggman…you'll leave, won't you?" Elise questioned as she turned around to face the cobalt hedgehog.

Turning to face her, Sonic nodded and answered, "Yep. Can't stick around."

"Oh, OK. I'll tell you something then. Though I've been frightened many times, I've also enjoyed this adventure. It allowed me to be something other than a Princess. I was able to be myself…a girl." Elise confessed.

"Good. I'd be worried if you weren't a girl," remarked Sonic, "it sounds like being a Princess isn't that easy."

"Well, it does have its perks. It isn't sometimes, but I love this country. Everyone in the castle, the children, all my citizens really…The same love my late father and mother had…" Elise trailed off, getting to the point where she could cry from her emotions and went into a flashback of her as a young girl, her head on her father's lap and him stroking her hair.

"Don't cry, Elise. Become a strong queen who doesn't cry, no matter what happens. If I keep telling you this…it's important to follow." She heard her father instruct, once again guiding her through the ordeal with his wisdom and ending the flashback.

"And so, I do my best to protect my country. I understand everything my parents said to me now," Elise continued, "Sonic, if you leave here to go on another adventure…Remember this place…remember me…"

"Definitely. It won't be easy to forget." Sonic replied. He noticed she was getting closer to crying and turned away from him. "Elise?"

"I'm fine…Sorry. I mustn't cry. I can't…" responded Elise and her face crunched up to stop from crying.

Before Sonic knew it, she was holding him in a tight hug that was starting to cut off his blood circulation, but still rubbed her back in a comforting was as he told her, "Elise…smile."

At his words, Elise let go of him and took her hands off him and they just stared at each other.

The Egg Carrier flew over Soleanna, partially blocking out the sun and resulting in everyone to look at it. There was the sound of something clicking and people covered their ears as they heard the annoying screech of feedback. "Hello? Is this thing on?" they heard Eggman question.

"YES!" the citizens of Soleanna chorused, wishing he would just get to the point.

"Oh, perfect. Princess Elise, ruler of Soleanna…By refusing to negotiate with me, you have forced me to take drastic actions. Meet me at the specified point alone at 4 o'clock today. Failure to do so on time, will result in my leveling of this city so that nothing but ashes remain!" they heard Eggman instruct and Amy rushed away while everyone looked at each other. "Is this thing still on? This is ridiculous. I read the instruction manual and it doesn't make any sense…oh to heck with it. I'll just unplug it."

Meanwhile, standing on a balcony of the castle with two other ladies, Elise heard the whole message. Elise continued to stare at the Egg Carrier and one lady cried, "Miss Elise…!"

"I cannot allow harm to come to my people." Elise stated and turned to leave.

"Miss Elise?" the other woman questioned and Elise stopped and looked over her shoulder at them.

"It is my duty as Princess of Soleanna to go…There is no other choice. Don't try to stop me." Elise instructed. Neither of the women said or did anything. "I'm going to go do something very dangerous and life threatening."

"We're not doing anything." The first woman responded.

"Go on right ahead." The other woman added.

"Oh...OK." replied Elise and resumed marching towards the designated spot.

Elise sat in the spinning chair in the Egg Carrier, spinning around a couple of times to make this whole thing go faster and stopped as Eggman walked in. "You've wasted so much of my time…and SEGA'S time as well. If you had cooperated with me earlier, I wouldn't have had to do this. You know, the whole kidnapping and threatening to obliterate your city thing." Eggman began.

"What are you trying to do, Dr. Eggman? Why do you wish to revive the Flames of Disaster?" Elise interrogated as she turned to face him dramatically, but turned away as he looked at her. "Don't you think that it's a bad idea? You know, because they're called the Flames of Disaster!"

"Irrelevant. Did your parents ever disclose anything to you about Solaris? Solaris's secrets are in his eternal flames. His power…can change time, and even manipulate the fabric of time itself. I wish to obtain this power and dominate everything in this world. From the past all the way to the future! Isn't it brilliant?" Eggman explained, using magnificent hand gestures to emphasize his plan.

"You wish…to rule over…Time?" guessed Elise.

"Yes. Truly. And the secret…It remains dormant in you, Princess. The Princess of Soleanna and the seven Chaos Emeralds…Once I have everything, the fate of the whole world will change." Eggman continued as he typed into the computer. He looked at a screen and smiled like a kid in a candy store. "And one of the beautiful gems is just ahead. Isn't this just working out brilliantly?"

"Do you want me to answer that question honestly?" Elise mumbled.

"Chaos Emerald located." The computer informed and Eggman jumped up and down excitedly.

"Finally…Now, let's go collect that Chaos Emerald and get things started." Stated Eggman.

Running through Kingdom Valley to rescue Elise again, Sonic skidded to a stop as a mob of robots dropped in front of him. Getting ready to use some awesome moves to take them out, Sonic gave a confused look as the robots became frozen in a teal light. Silver dropped down in front of him and pushed forward, resulting in the robots to fly backwards and break. Turning around to face SEGA'S mascot, Silver commented, "You look like you're in a hurry."

Still having some hostility to the ivory hedgehog after the attempts to kill him, Sonic crossed his arms as he interrogated, "So what's going on? You took out the robots so you could try killing me again?"

"Circumstances have changed. I need to rescue the Princess."


"It's a long story. Well, it's not, but I don't feel like explaining it."

"OK, fair enough. Then let's not waste any more time." Sonic responded and raced away.

"Hey! Wait up!" called Silver and began to chase after Sonic.

In the Egg Carrier, Eggman typed frantically at the computer while Elise looked around as alarms blared and lights flashed. "Huh? The engines are malfunctioning," Eggman cried and Elise stood up at this point, "and what's this? Stop all engines now! Why is this happening? No! We're about to crash! And I don't have insurance on this thing!"

Eggman slammed his fists against the controls and the controls sparked, making things even worse. On the outside of the Egg Carrier, there were a few explosions before everything caught fire and started smoking as the Egg Carrier started to go down.

From the ground, Sonic saw the Egg Carrier smoking and flaming and watched as there was a huge boom in the distance. Reaching out, Sonic cried, "Elise!"

Realizing nothing could be done, Sonic sank to the ground and slammed his fist against it as Blaze and Silver caught up to him. Repeatedly hitting his fist the ground, Blaze and Silver turned away in sadness until Silver raised his head and turned to face Sonic. "Wait, there's still a way to change this. I may be new, funny looking, and a whole bunch of other stuff, but if I figured out this time traveling thing…" Silver began and Blaze looked at him and Sonic quit hitting the ground as he looked at Silver as well. "If we return to an earlier point in time, we'll be able to save her."

Figuring out the idea the new guy had, Sonic stood up and responded, "I understand."

Silver took out the White Chaos Emerald and Sonic took out the Cyan Chaos Emerald and looked at it before going up to Silver. Both hedgehogs nodded and Silver and Sonic held up their Chaos Emeralds as they chorused, "Chaos Control!"

A white thing gloated out of the Chaos Emeralds and burst into a swirling blue space-time rift. Turning to face the space-time rift, Sonic dashed towards it and turned around as he called, "Silver!" Throwing the Chaos Emerald he was holding to Silver, who juggled to get his hand on it before solidly holding it. "I can handle this myself. Besides, you've got somewhere to go to, right? You know, you're going to the future and I'm going to the past. And now that you're not trying to kill me…you're a pretty good guy."

"You…" Silver trailed off.

"I'll make sure to change Elise's fate," Sonic cut off as he made his hand into a fist, "and that in turn, should save your future, too…if your theory is correct."

Silver nodded and responded, "Yeah, it should."

"Thank you, Silver!" Sonic thanked with a thumbs up. "Like I said, you're a pretty good guy."

"Well, you're welcome," replied Silver with a nod and still holding the Chaos Emeralds, "yeah…Just save her."

Sonic nodded again and quickly jumped into the space-time rift, hoping that the plan would work.

Jumping out of the space-time rift, Sonic took a few steps as he frantically searched around to see he was back in the city. Looking at the clock tower, he saw the time was noon, he made note that he did make it back to the past, completing one stage of the plan.

In a hanger, a computer informed, "Thrust increasing. Engine output at maximum. Course plotted. Gate open. Lifting off."

The Egg Carrier began its ascent and Sonic raced on a platform as he caught up to it. Jumping off the platform, he remarked, "Slow motion jump!"

After a few seconds, his slow motion jump was finished and he barely landed on the Egg Carrier in time as it took off.

In the Egg Carrier, Eggman typed frantically at the computer while Elise stood up and looked around as alarms blared and lights flashed. Eggman cried, "Why is this happening? Noooooo! Why do my plans always fail?"

"Playtime's over." They heard a voice state and Elise turned around to see Sonic standing behind them, looking ready to use some awesome moves to kick ass.

"Sonic!" Elise exclaimed and dashed behind Sonic as Eggman turned to face the pair.

"And it's failing because I'm Sonic the Hedgehog! Nobody's more awesome than me!" declared Sonic. He pointed at Eggman. "This ship is about to crash. Too bad, Eggman."

Stamping his foot against the ground in frustration and having a small temper tantrum, Eggman finished his temper tantrum and roared, "No! It's not! I'm not finished yet!"

"OK! Time for me to give you a serious ass kicking and finish it!" stated Sonic, even more ready to use his kick ass moves to prove his point.

Running through the Egg Carrier after he finished his showdown with Eggman as the alarms started blaring, Sonic was once again carrying Elise and there were numerous explosions and the door opportunely opened, allowing Elise and Sonic out onto the deck.

"Sonic! Use the exploding wreckage of the ship to get to that cliff!" Elise suggested as she pointed at the flying pieces of the Egg Carrier falling off.

"Aren't you worried? I mean, I'm not worried, but we are going to be jumping from a crashing battleship and there is a high risk of serious injury." Responded Sonic, hoping she did know what she was asking to do and him not being responsible for injuries without warning.

"Didn't you say "If you have time to worry, then run." Right?" Elise pointed out.

"OK. Fine by me. Don't say I didn't warn you." Sonic shrugged as he took a few steps back before racing off the edge of the crashing ship and using some awesome moves to jump off the pieces falling off to the edge of a cliff. "Man, I got some sweet moves! I'm scoring a ton of points for awesomeness!"

Making a final leap for the cliff, Sonic reached to grab it, but because he was holding Elise, they began to fall in slow motion towards the ground.

"Oh no! We're not going to make it!" cried Elise.

"Geez, no kidding!" snapped Sonic. "Crap! I'm too young to die!"

Suddenly, a piece of the battleship conveniently lodged underneath them and exploded, resulting in the pair to miraculously be launched onto the cliff in one piece. After some bouncing and rolling apart, Elise and Sonic finally came to a stop and Sonic looked at Elise in concern as he got up and walked to her. Seeing the Princess laughing and smiling as he helped her sit up, Sonic laughed as well. A few minutes later, the laughter ceased and the cobalt hedgehog and the Princess of Soleanna looked at each other and Sonic complimented with a thumbs up, "Nice smile!"

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