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Mephiles stood in his third form and looked at the Purple Chaos Emerald as it floated over his hand, transfixed by its glimmering effect. After a few minutes of his staring, it floated down into his hand, he slowly turned away from it and even though his mouth could not show it, he was smiling and there was a look in his eyes that showed that in a few moments, there would be a dramatic twist that would change the entire course of the game and make a moment in history that no one at SEGA would ever forget.

Elise and Sonic casually walked together, somehow having no injuries from the crashing ship and the explosion that launched them into the air when suddenly, they turned around to see the Purple Chaos Emerald floating in the middle of nowhere and do some shiny light thingy and the pair shielded their eyes as they cried in unison, "Oh, that's bright!"

"I can't see a thing!" exclaimed Elise.

"There is no way this suspicious light from the Chaos Emerald could possibly be part of a trap to kill someone!" Sonic added and while Elise and Sonic were so distracted by their conversation and the light, neither of them noticed Mephiles as he rose out of the ground and held out his hand in a menacing way.

Suddenly, a bright spear of light shot from his hand and everything went into dramatic slow motion as the light passed through Sonic while Elise just stared at the sight in shock. Time seemed to stop for a few minutes before the light disappeared and Mephiles pulled his hand away and Sonic poetically fell to the ground, holding his hand over his heart where the light passed through and his eyes closed. "Sonic! Sonic! Oh my God! Sonic! You have to some Rings or another life or something! You can't be dead! That Recolor can't have killed you!" screamed Elise as she huddled over the lifeless body of the cobalt hedgehog and ignored the maniacal laughter coming from Mephiles, whose new name titles included the Sonic the Hedgehog Murderer. She rolled the World's Fastest Hedgehog over onto his back to expect this to be some kind of sick joke, but his hand flopped helplessly off to the side. "Sonic? Are you…"

Like all the other times in the game, Elise went into a flashback of her being a little girl holding something and she heard the late King tell her, "Yes Elise. Don't cry, no matter what happens. If there's one thing you have to do in this game which I keep putting emphasis is DON'T CRY!"

For some reason, she threw this information to the side and Elise bawled as she looked up from the body, "No…No! He's dead! Sonic the Hedgehog is dead!"

Out of nowhere, a massive flame appeared and some sort of wave flew out, almost sweeping Mephiles off his feet…or what could be considered feet.

"Wuahahahaha! I succeeded in what Eggman never could! I killed Sonic the Hedgehog!" Mephiles laughed maniacally.

"Noooooooo! You monster! Curse you SEGA!" the more "devoted" Sonic Fangirls sobbed as their reaction and a few began to create weapons of mass destruction to deal with the situation and as their complaint to SEGA.

Ignoring the reaction to the death of the cobalt hedgehog, Mephiles continued as he looked at a giant fireball now floating in the sky, "Finally, the seal is broken! At long last, I'll be able to join with you Iblis!" He waited a few minutes and after getting no response from Iblis, he held up the Purple Chaos Emerald and it floated high into the air. "Now Chaos Emerald! It's time for the final curtain call!"

Standing in a circle of black goo that was what remained after Shadow was through obliterating Mephiles Clones, Omega and Rouge looked at each other as Rouge nodded and Shadow remarked as he locked his inhibitor rings back on his wrists, "Geez, what a mess. I wonder who's gonna clean it all up."

Walking towards a patch of an Annihilated Mephiles Clone, Shadow picked up a stick and poked some of the goo, making sure that he destroyed it completely. Tossing his stick away when he was satisfied about the result, Shadow saw the Green and Yellow Chaos Emeralds Mephiles had his creepy hands on and reached to pick them up. Suddenly, there was a shaking and Rouge and Shadow shielded their eyes as a bright light swallowed them and Omega up.

The bright blue sky turned a stormy dark grey as menacing clouds converged around a bright sphere of light that was Mephiles high in the sky and somehow, all seven Chaos Emeralds heard his curtain call comment and surrounded him. Iblis' flames circled the Shadow the Hedgehog Recolor as he held out his arms until he curled up like he was in some emotional trauma from his actions. Once he was completely engulfed, an even brighter light exploded and the cloud split apart while, because of the bright light, it appeared that some sort of object floated down. Meanwhile everybody was going on their merry way apparently not noticing anything until the bright light completely noticing them and Amy who joined up with Knuckles and Tails to see if the blue hedgehog made any contact with them shielded their eyes. In a matter of seconds, Soleanna was swallowed up in the light and everything turned to a white limbo.

Soon, the white limbo turned into some sort of ruins and Tails looked at Amy and Knuckles and asked one of the most obvious questions, "What is this?"

Amy continued, "Where are we? What's going on? Where's the love of my life?"

"Was this because of that light? I knew we shouldn't have gone into the light!" Knuckles huffed as all three of them looked at each other. "Because that's one of the rules! You don't go into the light!"

"The Chaos Emerald has disappeared…" Silver trailed off as he stood by himself in wherever the heck they were, staring at his hands in disbelief at what happened to the precious gem, "and I was so careful not to lose it!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Amy called, "Silver? Is that you, you murderous psycho?"

Looking up as he heard the accusation, Silver saw the pink hedgehog, crimson echidna, and two tailed fox and responded, "What are you doing here? Did I get sent back to the past? I didn't murder anyone. This is all so confusing…"

"It's real simple actually. It's all because of Solaris," The quartet heard a deep sounding female voice inform and turned to see Omega, Rouge, and Shadow, Shadow with his arms crossed looking slightly pissed off and Rouge with a hand on her hip, "that means this game isn't over yet."

"Yeah, the going into the light and all that "2012" stuff didn't give us a clue at all." Knuckles sarcastically retorted and Rouge gave the Guardian of the Master Emerald a look that told him she was restraining herself from using some violent acts to silence him.

"It seems we were all caught by the spatial distortion." they heard Eggman add and the party turned to see the evil genius somehow injury free after his ship crashed in a huge fiery explosion with his hands in the air. Everyone looked up in the air and saw the bright light in the sky. "Iblis' seal has been broken. Due to Mephiles' manipulation…well, look over there and you'll see."

Everyone in the party turned to look behind them and saw Elise cradled over Sonic while the blue hedgehog laid motionless with his hand over his heart. After the scene finally sunk in, Amy's eyes widened and she whispered, "Sonic? My Darling?"

She took some steps towards them and everyone followed her and Tails grew a sad face as he remarked, "No…You don't think…he ran out of rings and something hit him…"

"Sonic! You aren't supposed to run out of rings!" Knuckles cut off, clearly showing he was upset in his own way.

Amy looked at the body and she fell to her knees and began to sob her heart out madly while everyone else, even Eggman, showed their forms of depression as the heartbreaking violin music cued, confirming everything they were thinking. Finally, Eggman broke the sad silence and explained, "Mephiles played us all for fools! His plan all along was to cause the Princess to be so consumed with despair that she'd cry. Even I wouldn't have gone to those extremes to control time."

"So that's why he wanted me to kill Sonic before…because it'd make the new guy be remembered as the one who killed an entire franchise and become the most hated character of them all…" Silver concluded as he processed everything everyone said and clearly annoyed at how easily he was played. Everything began to shake and everyone looked at the sky to see small objects fling out of a bright sphere in the sky. "Holy crap on a cracker! Solaris!"

"The creature will consume all existing timelines. And time itself will collapse and disappear into nothingness." Eggman continued.

Finally speaking after getting over the memory of his arch-rival dying reminded him of Maria, Shadow added, "The instability of time caused this time-space rift."

"It won't remain for much longer." Informed Eggman. "So we don't have much time to figure out a solution."

"We've got no time to waste. We've got to stop standing here spitballing information and get off our asses and defeat it now!" stated Knuckles and Eggman turned to face him.

"No. It is a transcendent life form that exists in the past, present, and future. Defeating it here, now would do nothing." Eggman told him in a matter-of-fact way and killed the one plan that everyone had.

"No. I won't give up. There has to be a way. There always is and I know it!" Silver firmly declared and everyone turned to face the ivory hedgehog in a surprised way as he took the role of the one who knew how to fix the problems.

"Oh, so the noob knows how to fix all this. This ought to be good." Shadow replied, obviously lacking faith in Silver's statement.

"Shut up Shadow!" growled Silver as he clenched his teeth and made a rude gesture as he shouted an obscene phrase at the Ultimate Life Form and Shadow gave a shocked look before giving a nod of approval, obviously deciding Silver earned the right for a little respect from him. "If you say it exists in the past, present, and future. I'll destroy them all at once!"

Taking the idea into consideration, Shadow decided, "Certainly, it might have been possible." He gestured at the still dead hedgehog. "If he was still alive because remember, this is SEGA we're talking about."

Shadow's pessimistic response reminded everyone of the small detail and Amy continued to weep wildly, "Sonic! Sonic! The love of my life! You were too young! Sonic!"

Elise's head perked up as a blue light only she could see circled everyone and she whispered, "Sonic…"

After losing what optimism he had from Shadow's crushing statement, Silver asked, "What's the matter? Didn't you hear Mr. Pessimistic over there? We can't do it without Sonic."

"I feel…Sonic's presence in the wind." Elise told the psychic hedgehog and everyone looked at her with a look that said "Is SEGA friggen serious? We've had this huge emotional moment and it's all because he's on the line between life and death!". "I don't think he's dead yet! I'm sure of it! I can go to court and swear it and-"

"OK, we get it already. We can tell you're convinced that the animal you have a crush on is still alive," Shadow interrupted, "and if you're certain he's not dead yet…I'll poke him with a stick to confirm that."

"What's with you and poking things with sticks?" questioned Silver.

"I just like to." Shadow shrugged as he crossed his arms after a quick survey for an object to poke the blue hedgehog with, but came up with nothing.

Ignoring Shadow and taking Elise's conclusion into consideration, Silver nodded and exclaimed, "Of course! Everyone! I figured it out!"

"The noob has another idea how to fix this?" commented Shadow and Silver gave a dirty look at the ebony hedgehog.

"Shadow. Are you always such an asshole?" hissed Silver.

Shadow started, " I'm-"

"Yes he is." Rouge cut off and Shadow gave a death glare at the bat.

"Okay, well ignore Mr. Emo over there. Back to my idea. Let's call him back with the power of the Chaos Emeralds! From what I've picked up…the Chaos Emeralds solve the problem every time!" explained Silver. Everyone stared at him in utter shock at how simple it was, yet so brilliant the plan was and Silver was once again took the role of the one who knew how to fix the problems. He ran to his Elise and went on his knees in front of her. "Focus your thoughts on using its power to perform this miracle…You can do it Princess!"

"I can?" Elise responded and everyone was able to confirm what they thought; Elise was definitely not the sharpest when it came to resurrecting or, in Sonic's case, the near dead.

Starting to rethink his plan and having his doubts, Silver reasoned, "Uh, yeah, you can. You were the vessel that was used to seal Iblis. You should be able to use the gems' power to rescue Sonic's soul!"

"I'll…" Elise trailed off as Silver gave her a slightly encouraging puppy dog look and everyone gave her a look that she better make a decision before Silver's plan got killed again and she nodded. "I'll do it!"

Everyone gave silent cheers at the idea and Eggman turned one of his glasses' lens, creating a tracking screen and pointed, "Uh, don't forget the small problem of Solaris flung the Chaos Emeralds to the distance corners of this distorted world."

"Hey! Cut the noob a break! He managed to find a way to get this friggen game over with!" Shadow snapped, taking everyone by surprise. "Show some support for him!"

Since Silver got the ball rolling and Shadow's comment fueled the fire, Tails added, "To collect them all in time, we'll have to split up!"

Wiping her face clean of the tears as she got her fighting spirit back, Amy declared, "I'll go too! Because it's for Sonic!" She looked at Elise. "So Elise…watch over him! Or you're in trouble!"

Dashing off, everyone got a surge of energy and, except Eggman, split up while Elise still held Sonic, lightly petting his head.

Pieces of the unknown place floated around the trapped group and everyone, except for Elise who was kneeling closest, stood around Sonic while he laid in the circle made of the seven collected Chaos Emeralds. "Am I the only one seeing this easily turn into a horror movie?" Shadow muttered and grunted as Rouge elbowed him in the stomach for his comment in this heartfelt moment.

"Oh Chaos Emeralds, gems of miracles. Please heed my call. I wish to save this world. I wish to cleanse my father's sin. And I wish to talk to Sonic…once again!" Elise prayed and everyone just wished she would speed it up since time was not on their side. The Chaos Emeralds and Sonic lifted into the air and the plan was working as Elise stood up and walked to Sonic. "You have given me so many things. Now it is my time to return the favor. I care not what happens to me. But please heed my voice. Sonic, come back! To me…to us! Most importantly, come back to me!"

Elise bent over the body and kissed Sonic in a passionate way and Eggman, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Silver, and Tails looked at each other and exchanged What-in-the-Hell-is-SEGA-trying-to-do-with-that looks before everyone looked at Amy to see the pink hedgehog's reaction to the kiss. She was glaring at Elise with her left eye twitching, her teeth clenched, and her hands were fists while the human princess was completely unaware of the potential death she was facing as a result of her action and the more "passionate" Sonamy shippers began to develop weapons specially for the occasion, ready to declare war with anyone who supported Sonic and Elise as a couple. Finally the kiss ended and another bright light appeared and when the light cleared, Sonic stood in front of them in his super form. "Boom! Sonic is back, Beoches! Time to be Super Sonic and kick some Solaris ass!" Sonic proclaimed while striking some poses.

Everyone blinked a couple of times while they wore WTF looks at the newly resurrected hedgehog's actions and words sank in before Sonic finished posing. Sonic returned to being serious as he faced Elise while everyone cheered at the successful revival. "Thank you, Elise." Sonic thanked.

"Oh Sonic…" Elise trailed off as she dropped to her knees and hugged him, resulting in Sonic to temporarily hug her as a consolation and got out of her grip before she tightened it.

Seeing Elise back away and Shadow and Silver come up to him, Sonic's jaw dropped and he exclaimed, "What? I have to share the spotlight with you two?"

"Hell yeah! I need to deliver an ass kicking!" responded Shadow. "After all, I am the Badass One!"

"Same here!" agreed Silver and Sonic scowled.

"Oh, fine. I'll share the spotlight with The Emo and The Noob." Sonic reluctantly decided and Shadow and Silver gave dirty looks at him.

"I'm not Emo!" Shadow snarled.

Silver continued, "And I'm not a Noob!"

"Shut up Noob!" sneered Shadow and Sonic rolled his eyes before all three hedgehogs nodded and Sonic held out his hands.

Shadow and Silver held out their hands like the newly resurrected hedgehog and a gold energy shot from Sonic to the others. Taking powered up poses and in a bright flash of light, all Shadow and Silver joined Sonic in being in their super forms and Sonic declared, "Alright Shadow and Silver. Time to go be kickass and show this creep-"

"I swear if you finish that sentence with some sort of stupid line like you did in Sonic Heroes…I'll knock your teeth out and make you wish you were still dead!" Shadow cut off.

"OK, noted. Now let's go own this guy!" Sonic finished and Shadow, Silver, and Sonic shot into the sky towards the Final Boss while everyone still on the ground showed support for the trio in different ways.

Balls of white light shot from where the three hedgehogs were facing Solaris and everyone cheered as they knew that Shadow, Silver, and Sonic successfully defeated the Final Boss and the game was one step closer to finishing. The three heroes dropped down looking badass and Sonic proclaimed, "And that's how you deliver a round of ownage to a Final Boss Beoches!"

Once again, a bright light appeared and swirled until it created a small white flame and everything turned black.

Floating in the air as if she was having an out of body experience, Elise looked around in wonder while he floated in the air, looking slightly annoyed that he was forced out of his super form back to normal. Obviously, everyone else who played a role in the story was not important enough to join in the moment. Unsure if Solaris was truly taken care of, Elise questioned, "Did you destroy it?"

"No. There's no freaking way we coulda obliterated it. It's a friggen time god thingy. If I killed a time god thingy, there'd be no more time," Sonic answered with a serious tone and looked in the direction of a bright sphere of light, "that is the true Solaris."

Strands of energy weaved around them and the pair boldly did what no one was supposed to do; they floated into the light and everything turned white.

Once again going into a flashback, a Young Elise and King of Soleanna stood outside an elaborate glass cupboard, staring at the small flickering flame inside it. "Look, Elise. This is Solaris, the flame of hope. Well, there is another flame that you should know, but not until you're older, but focus on this one." The King of Soleanna told her.

Staring at the flame, Young Elise answered, "It's so beautiful…"

"When the flame has grown large enough, our world will change. Solaris will allow us to control time and move through history. People will be able to rectify past mistakes and avoid bitter fate. The whole future will change and maybe for the better or maybe for the worse." The King of Soleanna continued as he turned to face his daughter while she still looked at the flame.

Full of excitement at the idea, Young Elise questioned, "Will we be able to see momma?"

"Yes, Elise. We'll both be able to see your mother once again. If the experiments in the secret aquatic base work…we will see her again." The King finished as he patted Young Elise's head before the pair took the other's hand and Young Elise stopped to take one last look at Solaris before they walked away.

Somehow, Elise and Sonic came out of the flashback and went up to the flame while Sonic looked fascinated at it and Elise just stared as she processed the flashback. "This is where everything began. Who knew such a tiny flame could bring such devastation?" Elise began and Sonic decided to hold his tongue about it being one of the most cliché things ever. Elise somehow magically opened the cupboard and picked up the flame, somehow not burning herself as she held it and violin snuck into the scene and began to play a sad sorrowful tune.

"If we put out this flame, Solaris will never exist. And then we'll never have to worry about the Flames of Disaster, right? The world would be safe?"

Sonic nodded and confirmed, "Yep, so blow out that Flame. The world will be safe and I'd really prefer not having to remember this game. Music was awesome, but the whole dying thing…it's something I wanna forget ever happened."

"But our encounter…You and I will never meet. We'd have never kissed or be able to go on a date or anything. It will never have happened." Elise replied as she turned to face Sonic and Sonic nodded, wishing she would just hurry it up and get this nightmare friggen over with. "I…To tell the truth, I don't care what happens to the world!"

"Ugh, how come I knew it was going to go down this way?" Sonic groaned as he rubbed his temples as Elise started to sob her heart out from the thought. "Elise. Just smile."

Slowly, the tears stopped and Elise smiled weakly and the pair nodded as she gradually blew out the flame until the scene became pure black.

It was a relatively calm and relaxing night in Soleanna for the Festival of the Sun, unlike last year, which was a year they preferred not to remember. There were fireworks lighting the sky and Princess Elise stood on a boat as it gently cruised down the river, waving at them happily as other girls danced on the boat in some form of contemporary dance. Meanwhile, Sonic was racing as fast as possible on a dock a slightly excited look as he saw the boat going down the river and quickly climbed some stairs to continue his chase. Speeding past the boat, he had passed it so fast that, even from the middle of the river, he managed to get one of the feathers tucked in Elise's hair to flutter out. Taken by surprise about this occurrence, Elise stopped waving as she stared mystified ahead, trying to figure out what happened. "Miss Elise? Are you okay?" one of the hooded figures questioned.

"It felt like…like someone was calling me." answered Elise and the hooded figures looked around for some sign that there was someone trying to call Elise.

Not seeing anything or anyone, the hooded figures looked at each other and exchanged looks before looking back at the Princess. "There's no one calling you. I'm sure it's just the wind," one of the other hooded figures told her, "and it'd probably be best if you don't say that to anyone else."

Elise agreed, "Of course. But it felt so familiar somehow…Like there was this whole game about it…"

Shrugging it off, she resumed waving to her people and Sonic stood perched on a building, smiling as he watched the feather float into the air.

Sonic stared up at the moon as the feather completely disappeared and the scene slowly turned to black. Finally, this game was finished.

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