Bleach© Tite Kubo

A typical day in soul society© Aiko Rin Sayuri

"Shit." One word, it meant so much.

Matsumoto wished she hadn't drunk so much, Kira squeaked like a mouse being trodden on and Hisagi sincerely hoped that Hitsugaya-taicho would disregard him as an innocent bystander. No such luck.


Renji took one look at the angry taicho and muttered something that vaguely sounded like:


Yumichika suddenly remembered he had to babysit Yachiru and Ikkaku had miraculously left his wallet (which he was holding) in the bar.


Matsumoto flinched.

"Evening taicho! Lovely weather isn't it?" said Matsumoto, looking at Kira and Hisagi pleadingly, hoping that they'd say something smart.


Hitsugaya cut off the rest of what Kira was going to say with a snarl.

"So… you decided to hold a sake party, did you?"

"Erm… It was Hisagi's idea! Don't look at me!"

"What? Traitor…" muttered Hisagi darkly.

"In MY office?"

"Well, technically... It's our office!"


Silence resided.

"And you thought it would be a good idea to conga line through my room at 3 A.M. IN THE BLOODY MORNING DID YOU?"

Izuru muttered something under his breath.

"Soten Ni Zase…" The room dropped 20 degrees in temperature.

Matsumoto's eyes widened.


Izuru wasted no time in shunpoing as fast as he could out of the barracks. He had no desire to be frozen again. Matsumoto (having experienced her own personal ice age many times) followed suit. Hisagi was still slowly backing out of the room when the next room caused everything in the vicinity to freeze into ice.


Including Hisagi.

"Evening Shiro-chan!"

Hinamori happily bounded into the room and gave her friend a hug.

"Oi! Bedwetter! Getofme!"

"Anyway… I was hoping that you could come and visit Granny with me. I KNOW you've got the day off so don't try and lie by saying you've still got paperwork to do!"

Hitsugaya rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. If I don't go, you'll probably threaten to wet the bed or something."

"Ah… that's so mean…"

Their voices slowly faded as they headed towards the Western Gate.

" Izuru, have you freed Shuuhei yet?"

"No, still working on it."

The pair began to chip away the block of ice which contained their friend in it.

My first fanfiction so please don't be too harsh! I also know this kind of idea is really unoriginal but my ideas are still expanding. You don't have to review, just it would be nice to know how to improve for next time.

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