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Washington DC, two months later

They sat on a park bench looking at the children playing and the parents who were unaware thanks to them these people could be here and not worry about the criminals, lunatics, and aliens threatening to end the world.
"It's nice that you came," Reid said kindly to Jackson, his words carried like they were floating in the air.
"It's nice that you called," Daniel replied, taking a sip of his coffee.
It was a beautiful autumn morning in DC. Reid left early on his lunch time, happy that he met his friend and that his team didn't have a case right now. Yet, he was aware that any time he could get a call with that he was needed in the office. Jackson sipped his morning coffee, just as happy as Reid. He spent six hours working for Jack in DC, and now he had some free time before he fly back to Colorado Springs.

In the meantime at the BAU.

"We've got a case." JJ announced to Rossi and Hotch.
"You see Reid?" Morgan asked, going upstairs to meet them.
"Maybe he's with Penelope." said Hotch and everyone headed to her office. They just stopped before Garcia's door when Prentiss found them.
"Has someone seen Reid?" she asked. "He left for his lunch time, but I don't see him anywhere now."
"We'll check Garcia's office and then we'll call him." Rossi suggested as they entered the door.

Penelope Garcia sat before her computer and sighed heavily. She forced Reid and created his email account for his own good, but right now she wasn't so sure. Reid had begun to behave strangely.

Well, she knew he behaved not-with-the-norm before, but this was more weird. One time, he told her that he was going to visit his mother, but when she was trying to contact him his cell phone was out of reach. When she got the signal for a few seconds, his location was somewhere in Colorado Springs. That fact didn't give her peace because five months ago Reid was in the bank robbery exactly in Colorado Springs. It took her a long time to get over it and she struggled with the urge to check in on Spencer. He was like her baby brother and she didn't want to see him get hurt emotionally. Today though, when Reid ran out before his lunch like a person burnt by hot water she made up her mind and hacked his email account.

"Oh, dear" she gasped, she was finding more and more about person with whom Reid was meeting. The main that worried her was what she couldn't find, and that the main files were highly classified.

"Penelope, what are you doing, baby girl?" asked Morgan when he saw Reid's email account.
"You spying on him?" Prentiss inquired. Penelope would only do something like that if she were worried about Reid.
"Well... technically speaking... no... or yes... I'm just worried about him, ya know." She give them a innocent look.
"But it's his email account" Hotch looked at her expectantly until she give them more details. He also suspected something was up with Reid, and wanted to know what she knew.

"Well... It's began about a five months ago, when he got the first message. It's from the guy that was with Reid in the bank robbery. It's the guy that I can't identify!" She tapped some of the keys on the keyboard and after a while they had picture of man about thirty with long brown hairs and round, old glasses.
"That's him?" Morgan couldn't believe it. He saw this guy in the bank and he's sure as hell that the guy didn't look like this.
"It's old and the only picture I could get. It's from 1994 and that year is the last any information about this guy is available. Now he's about forty-six. His name is Daniel Jackson, correctly, DOCTOR Daniel Jackson. He's an archaeologist, linguist, and expert in ancient writing systems, languages and cultures. After he lost his grants, his flat and job he disappeared. The rest of the information is very highly classified. I can tell you that this is kind of security the Pentagon is using. And I can tell you that his information was changed about three years ago." Garcia announced to them and then added after taking a breath "I could to try to hack them, but I'm worried that we'd have a bunch of military guys here before I would finish passing first wall of security."

"So, he's working for military. That's why he looked kinda like those guys, except his haircut" said Morgan looking at the picture.
"Look at him." Prentiss came closer to the plasma screen and pointed at the innocent face of the young man "Doesn't he remind you of someone?"
"Glasses, long hair, innocent face, shy and uncertain look in his eyes, this sweater with shirt with the collar. He's a genius, a scientist, I'm assuming he has a past..." JJ picked up Prentiss way of thinking.
"He's parents were killed in an accident at the New York Museum of Art when he was eight years old, effectively leaving Daniel an orphan," Penelope answered.
"You see the similarities. He and Spencer." Prentiss looked at the man that had become closer to Reid in just six months. Maybe closer than any of team were with Reid. She felt a twinge of jealousy. After her death, Reid's and hers relationship was still a little ragged.

"Where is Reid right now?" asked Rossi, curious where they would both meet. Rossi just knew that right now Reid was with Jackson.
"He's at Prospect Hill Park." Penelope answered after she located Reid's cell phone. "What are you gonna to do?"
"You'll see." Hotch answered very mysteriously. They've got a case and from what he knew and heard they would likely need the help of the specialist. So, why waste time trying to find a specialist with this kind of profession when one of best was here? And check that he wasn't a threat to Reid, while they were at it.

"We weren't introduced to each other." the two doctors heard suddenly behind their backs. Both turned to see Hotch and Morgan heading in their direction.
"You'd spy on me?" Reid said a little annoyed, rolling his eyes and letting corner of his lips lift in a mocking smile. He already knew very well the people with whom he worked and he had just waited for the moment when they lost their patience for curiosity's favor and appeared as if purely by blind luck. It still didn't dispel the feeling that they treat him like a little child, like an egg, with which you need to be very careful.
It was easier for him now, then it used to be, though. He smiled at the memory of when Cameron came to Jackson's office in the middle of the night and with a reproachful, characteristic 'Jackson' approach, Cameron drove them to go to sleep. And the next day made sure that they ate a decent breakfast.
"Pure curiosity," explained Morgan, when both he and Hotch stood in front of the scientists.
"Dr. Daniel Jackson." he introduced himself and mentioned the strong hand shake each of the agents possessed.
"A brilliant archaeologist and linguist," Hotch said, leading him understand that they have checked on him.
"It's from him you've been getting so many messages, and through him that you disappeared for a weekend," Morgan looked at Daniel, which caused Reid and Jackson to smile.

Reid was smiling at the memory of one of the texts, whose content was: World once again saved. I'm going to sleep, wake me in one trillion years. Night.
It was just after Reid helped them with their device. He, however, didn't expect, that this would day his team decided to check out his new friend, even though it was inevitable. Well, okay... Daniel was not normal and ONLY just friend.
"Six hours as a hostage. It brings people together," Reid said innocently.
"That's really good, cause we've got a case" Hotch threw calmly "And I'm pretty sure that your new friend here could give us a hand with this because it's part of his profession." He added heading to their SUV.
"Call your superiors from the Pentagon, cause your going with us. And I hope that you're used to a view of dead bodies." Morgan put his sunglasses with small smile on his face. It could be an interesting experience working with military archaeologist.
"How I love being needed." Daniel just rolled his eyes and sighed, then made his call.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said: "You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."