Hordika Under the Bed

The dark of the night was normally his most favored time, since he could blend into better. But this night had just been...weird. The prowling form growled low and more to himself since the last time he had snarled at a little Rahi thing it had run yapping to a building, faster then he thought it could. Not only had he missed out on a snack but there had been a pack of Rahi that were Bionicle-shaped and running around. He had slipped away, fallowing the out lining area of this strange Metru. Finally his interest got the better of him and the Hordika eased closer to one of the more secluded dwelling, hunkered low the Hordika sniffed around. Finding only one active scent. That was more like it, for him.

Nighttime would usually be spent watching TV, but tonight Mic was in her room absorbed in a book all about Star Trek's Mr Spock. She could see the stars trying to peek through the clouds outside, and a dog was barking from somewhere. The young woman's eyes wandered from the pages back to the window, wondering why no one bothered to shut up their dog.

One of the closer dogs stopped mid-bark, but the canine let out a yowling twisted sound that was partly whimper before being fully cut off. The rest of the dogs voices changed into a more frightened pitch before the barking was let off. Something was outside that was disturbing the local pet life.

Mic looked up at the sudden change in the barking, frowning in concern. That sounded rather creepy, hearing such frightened barking. Out of worry, she quickly made sure that her own dog was still in the house before sitting back down, but no longer concentrating on the book very clearly.

It was a few minutes before a soft whimpering was hear fallowed by that distinct scratching at the door of a dog (in this case by the sound of it a small one) desperately begging to get in. Half formed yips were heard, as if the little canine was afraid to be much louder.

The human lifted her head again to stare out the window. What in the world was going on out there?

The scratching increased with whining, and would attract the attention of the bigger dog inside. Whatever was out really, really wanted IN!

A whine made the girl turn to see her own dog enter the room and jump up onto the bed. The black lab laid down with an uneasy sigh, eyes on the window and growling slightly. "You have any idea what's going on out there?" Mic randomly asked, knowing there would be no answer from the dog.

Something moved near the window in Mic's line of sight, though the form outside was just out of proper sight. It moved low to the ground and in a fluid motion before going out of sight, heading to the back yard.

When the inhuman shape suddenly moved outside the window, she found her voice caught in her throat from surprise and fear. Abby however, let lose a loud warning growl and shot up on the bed, barking madly. Mic jumped up and left the room, shutting her dog inside and running through the house toward the back.

Through some windows there were glimpses of the form, it had no distinct outline but the closer it got to the back the closer it came to the house. Moving with a distinct predatory way for the back porch were the little dog was still begging to be let in.

Tripping over a chair, Mic thought she saw something at the screen door leading into the backyard, but her view was cut off on falling to the floor. At this point the dog's cries were so fearful that she felt her chest tighten in pain. What could be out there? She began to stand up again, eyes staring forward.

Panicked, more terrified yipping came from the back door as the dog outside gave up on being quite. A low un-earthly growl was hear, but not at the porch yet.

On hearing the low, dangerous rumble, Mic froze and stared from hiding slightly behind the fallen chair, watching the panicking dog and wanting nothing more than to run over and let it in, but her own suddenly spiked fear rooted her to the spot.

The little dog bolted, evidently just in time because something big, dark red and brown (or black?) thudded down on the porch where the dog had been. The form, somewhat a cross between a humanoid shape and animalistic and it skidded on the porch as it twisted, a wedged shaped head was whipping around to fallow the movement of the fleeing dog. bright green shaded eyes were the only clearly visible things about it as the thing snarled and launched after.

Seeing the large, inhuman shape land on the concrete area outside of the screen, Mic's eyes widened, half in fear and the other in confusion. The shape was obviously NOT anything near a human, but it seemed humanoid from she could tell, having only caught a glimpse of it. Shaking, she stood to her feet, and started forward.

A snarling, partly howl but more roar was heard, over riding the dog outside and the bigger un-known form skidded around. Dark claws flashed out, just shy of snaring the small dog that had run to the far back of the yard and then back, leaving the predatory to overbalance at the sharp turn and crash into a row of bushes.

Mic had gotten enough courage to slightly open the door, when she heard the strange howl, followed by bushes rustling wildly. She stood for a moment, debating to herself, when curiosity finally won out despite the fear coursing through her body. She fully stepped outside with a deep breath.

The little dog, a Chihuahua, burst out of the dark and bolted to Mic, whining for protection and then skittered inside the open screen door. Though it wasn't it's home the dog would find a place to hide in there non the less. A low growl, deeper than any dog or big cat came from the darkness of the yard. Sounding annoyed, somehow, and that partly human-ish more predatory form detached from the bushes.

"What-?" Mic turned her head from watching the poor little dog run into her house, toward the noise and bushes. Finding a lawn chair in the way, she pressed forward slightly to get a better look. She froze in her tracks on seeing the dark form; a rather LARGE dark form rising up.

Though she couldn't quite see it, the for shook it's head and opened both sets of lids so bright green eyes were visible...no, it was more like two shades, of darker forest green vertical 'slits' on an emerald background. The un-earthly gaze were glowing in the darkness by their own light, and were staring fixedly at Mic.

The unearthly eyes seemed to had hypnotized her. Either that or she was to afraid to move. The creature's gaze bore into her sternly, and she found that her mouth was open, yet the scream was unable to come out. All she saw was the creature standing before her.

The green eyes didn't blink as the... being slowly stalked forward. The body of the being could move as easily onto two legs as four as it was now. Moving with an unnerving grace that was fluid grace, a tail coming into focus behind it the closer it got to the porch. What little light there was reflected off dark red...metal?

"Malor na' ke'ta satuni kam'i Rahi." The dark form, not quite robot but not fully organic either, almost purred out the...words? And was it baring its fangs or...smirking?

Mic shivered at the beastly expression, but her mind was spinning at what she had heard. "Y-You speak," she said in a raspy whisper. 'But I don't know what it said... why do I have a bad feeling?' Her legs were shaking so bad, she thought for sure the being was amused at her fear.

"Naruso..." the predator said, drawling out the word in a purr that would have been nice in, say, a tiger, but it had a vague mocking edge to it as the being slid closer to Mic, now only ten feet away.

Her breath came out in quick pants as the creature came closer. A bit of moonlight shone through as a cloud passed, long enough for her to get a better glimpse at it. "N-No-! Is this...? V... Vakama... Hordika-!"

The Hordika froze, the darker 'pupils' narrowing before it- he growled. The sound not like anything the slightly playful tone from a few moments before but a notably darker edge. No longer taking his time he moved swiftly to the human.

"Oh no, no, no, no..." Mic scrambled backwards frantically, the backs of her legs colliding with a flowerpot suddenly. She tripped as was rendered to the ground. The human had only begun to get to her feet when the Hordika made that dangerous noise again.

He could cleared the distance, the ten feet suddenly not seeming like that much as the large Hordika vaulted the last part so his heavily from fallowed the human down. Landing not exactly ON Mic but framing, pinning her down with his own person. The mutated Bionicle had to make an effect to activate his translation stone, not as good at the Kanohi Rau but hopefully it would work here.

"Nera Rahi...what...did you..." He twitched in annoyance since the words weren't quite coming out right, yet.

The human was trembling so hard now, and had let out a strangled shriek when he pinned her down swiftly. She made an effort to meet his eyes as best she could, but quickly shut them and turned her head with a moan-like whimper instead of replying.

The mutated Toa snarled at the almost-scream, grasping her upper arms, "Sp...eak Rahi...hooow do yoou know...me."

Mic yelped when her arms were grabbed tightly and looked to see the Hordika glaring at her. "I... I d-didn't know... you, you're r-r-real!" She squirmed as the shock ran through her mind, while a tiny part of it was in wonder over how this was truly possible.

That made Vakama pause, making a strange noise as he blinked a few times, not as threatening as a moment ago but still admittedly scary.

'Holy frag, he's real,' Mic thought over and over again, her own eye wide. Her hands tried to reach up and push at his... arms? She suddenly remembered the fire-claw he had and visibly cringed. "Puh-please... let me go...?"

The Hordika didn't move, and then slowly shifted a bit more weight down, to be sure this...this... rahi that wasn't a rahi-animal-type wasn't going anywhere. "How do you...know me." he said again, the English words coming out more smoothly. But there wasn't that raw predator behind the words this time, he was interested now.

"Stories," she blurted, "Legends I g-guess. But that's all they were s'posed to be... you're a character I read about," Mic did a double-take on him, heart pounding at how REAL he was, and looked. For a moment the chance that she was only imagining it came to mind, but the pressure he used to hold her down was real enough.

He snorted as Mic said 'legends,' for a moment his fangs bared and then Vakama carefully sniffed first the human's cheek and then neck as, well, honestly the closest bare skin. He slowly eased back, "Maritu... what stories?" As far as he could tell Vakama wasn't in the Matoran Universe.

The human made no move when he invaded her personal space, but it took a moment for her to think of the right answer to his question. "Tons," she said. "Mostly about you Toa teams..." a thought struck and she said without thinking, "Did the others come here, too? Or is it just... you?"

Vakama growled, only to have it turn into a rumble. He actually didn't know and as he thought about it (he couldn't remember picking up their scents) and Vakama's eyes were fading from vivid greens to having traces of red and orange in them.

Noticing the color change of the eyes, Mic turned hopeful. "You... you DO remember them, don't you?" If only she knew if he had met with Roodaka yet or not, "Vakama?"

"..." he looked back down at his name, than Vakama was off, shaking his head and growling to himself on the porch, only a hand span or two away, "Brothers... Ga-gi."

Mic sat up and watched him carefully, interest keeping her from running in a frenzy. "Have you..." she swallowed, preparing herself. "...meet Roodaka yet?" And did I just kill myself in asking...?