Hordika Under the Bed

Her body giving a small jerk, Mic was roused suddenly as an image faded from her mind's eye and was replaced by... blurriness. The human put a hand to her forehead and calmed her breathing. 'Whhhoaa... gah, I hate intense dreams about giant spiders!'

And hey, when had she gone to sleep anyway? Hadn't she been telling Nuju and Gaaki about the female Makuta and the Rahkshi kings?

A body that was warm and cool at the same time shifted behind...around Mic. Nuju had stayed with the human, and that tail of his was comfortable curled around the girl. The pale Hordika had his head resting beside Mic, glowing eyes closed at the moment.

The downsized girl blearily looked at the mutated ice Toa's head before easing back again with a sigh. Though she was wondering what everyone else might be doing, it wouldn't hurt to relax just a wee bit longer. Something told her the other Toa might not be as gentle as Nuju.

It was only a minute or so before one blue and teal eye opened, regarding Mic through the inner lid, "Feel better?"

"Yeah... I'm alright," she yawned before stretching slightly. She turned to Nuju's head. "...how long did I doze?"

"Not so long, it's near afternoon I think." Nuju said thoughtfully, "I'm not so good with time down here."

"I lost complete track the moment we entered underground," Mic said. "Do you know if the others are still up there?" She asked, remembering they had taken some stairs down to the room.

Nuju tilted his head slightly, opening the inner lid as he listened, "Yes, they're up. Are you feeling up to braving the insanity?"

"Sure," Mic replied, "Why not? I brave plenty as it is with my friends..." She slowly wiggled her way out of his sailed tail and to her feet, leaning against him for balance.

The pale Hordika, who if Mic were to look closely at him she would see off-colored spots on Nuju. He waited politely before standing and stretching out himself with a long, wide yawn that had his killing fangs unfolding for a few seconds. She watched for a few moments before climbing off the bed, wishing her shoes still fit in this size. Mic checked herself over, making sure the translation stone wasn't about to go anywhere, and waited for Nuju.

He hopped lightly down, and again he had that nimble movement. Nuju like Matau had the best sense of balance as Mic would find out. Right now he moved to walk behind the human. Going from memory, Mic started up the stairs. It wasn't long before they stepped back into the larger room of the Onu-Suva, the human immediately taking notice of the rest of the Toa Hordika and the Rahaga.

'Braving the insanity' was what Nuju had said this would be. Back there Mic had taken it as a joke, though now a part of her was slightly nervous and possibly fearful. After all... the Hordika were all giants with her being shrunken. Yet another reason to pray for the effect to ware off quickly.

I just hope they don't examine me like Whenua did, just yet. Mic thought. That would be better had she been in her normal size. For now, she just had to be very careful. 'And avoid getting stepped on.'

Nuju rested his nose against the human's shoulder, humming reassuringly but he was nudging her over to the elder Bionicle, "Its okay."

"This would be easier if I weren't so small," she muttered grumpily as she made her way as directed by the white Hordika.

"You're Matoran sized." Nuju said, flipping his tail as he used a foreleg to nudge Mic to the safety of the spot between Bomonga and Gaaki. The Hordika sat down behind her, seemingly relaxed.

"Well that's normal to you, not me," Mic replied, sitting down between the two Rahaga. Once again wondering what she would do without the translation stone hanging from her neck as she looked around for a few moments.

A blue form separated itself from the other Hordika across from where the Rahaga and Mic were. The hordika gracefully approached, blinking her lids as she came. "There you are, Nuju. I trust you were getting acquainted with Vakama and Whenua's new friend," Nokama smiled. Even in this mutated state she still moved with grace, hoping over the thick tail of a brown Hordika.

Nuju gave a light hum as he turned his head to watch his brothers of stone and earth start to wrestle more energetically now, "Yes..."

The female hordika took a seat nearby, glancing at the two elementals as they wrestled before she turned to look at the shrunken human. "It is nice to see you," she greeted warmly. Mic nodded, taking a moment to glance at her then back at the hordika, awe etched in her eyes. They were so huge... and not to mention powerful-looking!

"And keeping Matau away," Nuju muttered as he did a very cat like lick to the inside of his forearm above the wrist and swiped it over his wedge-shaped head. He looked up and twitched his tail, eyed Nokama and flipped his sailed appendage over his forepaws.

Nokama smiled a little at him, glancing at his sailed tail in amusement. Matau had been chasing it not too long ago after all. The pale Hordika chirped softly, distrustfully, murmuring in a chatter that was like what Vakama had done a few times at Mic's house. Nuju dipped his head to accept a scratch on his eye ridge from Gaaki.

"I am sure Nokama won't start chewing on your tail, again, Nuju." The female elder assured.

Gaaki's remark made Mic snort before snickering. "Oh boy, mental picture time..." the human giggled.

Nokama only smiled some more at her brother.

"It's uncomfortable." Nuju said softly as he closed his inner lids.

Bomonga rumbled softly, putting a hand on Mic's back, "How did you rest young one?"

"Eh?" she turned her head to look at him, blinking. "What? Oh, yeah... good, thank you." she grinned. "Did I miss anything?"

"Not much," The Rahaga stood, stretching and fanning out those rotor like blades that hung down his back. "While that wrestling match is still going, let us retreat to the upper Suva where it's safer."

"And a meal?" Gaaki added with a small knowing smile at her earth brother.

"Ah," Mic looked around the, to her, huge place, wondering more about it. "Think I can ever see more of this Suva place?" she asked.

"Well that's what getting up and moving does." Bomonga quipped, the mutated elder motioned Mic up to fallow.

"That it does," Mic murmured, getting to her feet, grimacing slightly. Her stomach was beginning to feel a little weird again. Must have been side effects from being so tiny.

Gaaki rested her hand on Mic's back, humming in concern as she waved her staff at the Hordika to get Nuju and Nokama to step back and not crowd the human, "I think we should get you some root, you look ill little one."

Whoa, these guys were to pick up on things. "'S'okay," she replied, shaking her head. "Just a stomach ache... thing. I had it after I got... uh, shrunk down." This was true. She just hoped she wouldn't vomit again.

"Right after?" Bomonga tilted his head, and after a sharp look from his sister the still stronger elder shifted and picked Mic up. Able to get his full, if slightly hopping stride now the black and silver Rahaga angled to the other set of stairs that lead up above the larger chamber that the Toa Hordika had claimed.

"Wh-what's wrong with that?" Mic asked, blinking in confusion... and grimacing again. Danged stomach!

"Nothing wrong but it might get uncomfortable." Bomonga said as he shifted, and then the rotors on his back kicked in, helping him hop up the Toa-catered stairs and into the third level of the Suva. It was more open, or just less crowded, supported by six main pillars that were each colored with the elemental shades. Above there was glowing crystals arranged like stars, including the six point constellation that represented the Toa.

The human strained to look at the new formations and structures that were so different from the ones at home. Forgetting a bit about her yucky feelings, she wished to high heaven she had brought the camera with her. What a scrapbook she could make with photos of this place!

Mic was shifted and placed down on a cushion on the outer ring made by the pillars. The soft and thick seat was warm, meaning it had just been vacated, and the warm green and gold form of Iruini was hopping into her sight. The Rahaga shook himself, armor clicking and rotors rattling with the motion.

"You could have just niceasked PouksBrother!" Iruini protested, his eyes narrowing to yellow slits at the grinning brown elder.

"Okay... I musta missed something," Mic murmured to herself, watching the two Rahaga. She looked down at her new seat and shifted around a little, experimentally. Some random part of her mind actually thought it would make a good souvenir to take back home.

If she ever got home, that was. Not a very happy thought, that one.

"Iruini gave you his seat with some help," Gaaki chuckled as she moved to the packs on the side of the chamber. Resting her staff on the wall, she dug into one, looking for the stomach settling roots that was used for both Bionicle and Rahi.

Mic blinked before a grin split her face. For some odd reason she never expected the Rahaga to be so... entertaining. The movies didn't really portray them too much. It was cool to get to see their personalities for real. And it sounded like they treated each other like regular siblings. "Ahh, okay," she chuckled. "Thanks Iruini."

A green hand rested on the girls head, giving her hair a ruffle, "No worryfear little one." Mic smiled, not annoyed at the hair-ruffle. It wasn't going to stay perfect while on Metru Nui after all. She cringed however, slightly, when her stomach began to churn again.

"Looks like the disk is warring off," A gravely, rough voice said and Pouks knelt down by Mic, waving Iruini away. "Child this is probably going to hurt." He said honestly.

Mic froze a little at the blunt information. Her first reaction was, "Hurt? H-how much hurt?" And then, she had a bigger realization. "O-Oh boy... where's my pack?"

Pouks snorted at her first question as he leaned back, "Well considering how little is known about you, little Rahi, we can't say."

"Brother," Gaaki scolded, smiling a little as Bomonga evicted their stone brother from his spot (much the same way as he did to Iruini, using a staff and the power of leverage) for the female Rahaga to take Pouks' place.

Mic just sat there, her hands nervously gripping the hem of the shirt that kept her covered nicely while in this size. So, getting back to normal was going to hurt? Lovely... if the stomach aches meant anything, she didn't want to know how it would feel later.

"Here, try getting some of this down," Gaaki said as Iruini vanished in a twirl of rotors and motion. She held out a divided root half for the human, "It should help easier you belly."

"Okay. Thank you," Mic reached out for the roots, staring at them for a moment before popping one bite in her mouth. The taste wasn't... exactly bitter but it was rather uncomfortable. But once the chewed bites settled into her stomach it did in fact seem to help.

Gaaki rubbed Mic's back, humming in a comforting manner as she glanced at her two brothers. They had seen bad reactions to Kanoka disks over the centuries, just enough times to expect the worse yet still hope for the best. "You'll probably feel a presser inside, that generally how the shrinking disk works when the effects where off. So do not fight the feeling, and try to relax you muscles as much as possible."

"Ever notice what's best for you tastes the worst half the time?" Bomonga asked as he watched the girl's face.

Mic tried to ignore the earth Rahaga and the chuckles he would have received in answer, and tried to concentrate on downing the yucky roots... Roots. Now there was another thing she could forver remember: the first time she ever ate a freaking root was in the Bionicle world.

She paused mid-chew and cringed a little. A wave of dizzying nausea interrupted her. Instantly knowing she wasn't going to be able to keep it down this time, the human bolted from the cushion to find a place to barf. She didn't get very far before vomiting issued however. Knelling over, hands firmly on her knees, she suddenly realized every limb on her body was... in pain.

"Ohhhh noooo, not now..."

It seemed so much more painless when the shrinking happened. But now, in reverse, it was a whole other story. The floor was already growing a little farther away.

Hands grasped at Mic's shoulders, and the human was guided to lay down. There was a sensation of rippling, of stretching and a shot of pain up the spine.. and then it was over. Leaving behind a tingling of pins and nettles all over before that too faded. As quick as the kanoka disk's effects had kicked in, it only took a little bit longer to fully reverse.

"...oww." Seriously, that had hurt. She was sure she had never, ever felt something so odd like feeling one's own body stretching and growing in a matter of seconds. Most unpleasant, really, "I'm really glad that's over..."

"As long as you don't get hit with another Kanoka or spinner." Gaaki pointed out, pulling a fuzzy if thin seeming blanket over Mic, "Don't sit up just yet."

Oh, she wouldn't think about sitting up yet anyhow with nothing but a T-shirt on. "Yeah, good idea. And there's no way on earth I'm ever gonna go near a Kanoka disk again in my lifetime." Mic replied, mildly sweatdroping. She felt the blanket with her hands and breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks for that."

Gaaki chuckled, patting Mic on her stomach, "Iruini brought your pack, and I sent my brothers down to the lower levels." There was an understanding in the Rahaga, though the Bionicle didn't have the same taboos, she did seem to understand.

"Oh, thank you lord," Mic sighed with a smile. "And thanks again, Gaaki." She got up and spotted her pack nearby. Never before had the sight of jeans been so welcoming in her entire life!

The Bionicle elder watched for a moment before looking to the entrance way that lead to the stairs. Gaaki tilted her head as Mic changed, her eyes shifting focus to see in the dimmed lights of the teleportation chamber. The very tip of a Hordika muzzle was just barely visible, easily missed by anyone who wasn't accustomed to hunting Rahi or had been doing so for a good few hundred years at least. The human focused on changing, quite happy about it too as she hummed a tune to herself. She was oblivious to any idea that she and Gaaki may not be alone as she had thought.

"There," Mic said, once again fully clothed. She turned around. "Much better... wow, this place looks a little different... 'cause I'm taller again probably."

"And you are actually focusing on your surroundings." Gaaki said in a way, making a point with her words to inform the owner of the green muzzle that she saw it with no uncertainty.

Mic blinked, glancing at Gaaki for a moment before observing the area again with her eyes, more closely than before. It took her a few moments before she did a double take, quirking her dark eyebrows. "... is that someone's nose?"

"Yes, that is a hordika muzzle," The Rahaga nodded, and with a smile rapped her staff on the ground hard enough that the altered Toa in question jerked and sat up, vanising from sight. "You can come in now." She said, and as Gaaki expected the lean, green and ornage stripped Hordika vaulted in, sniffing the air as he was able to get into a place that he hadn't before.

Of course Mic had seen him before. But still, going through a perspective change, it was almost like getting to see him again, even though she'd seen him earlier with the other Hordika. It was also quite amusing; she knew of quite a few silly incidents of his. "Hi there," the human greeted with a small wave and a smile. but then it faded.

...wait, how long had he been there...?

Matau trilled as he paced around, circling the room twice to see if he'd missed anything before hopping lightly over by Mic. With that seemingly Hordika lack of shame he sniffed at her shoulder and arm, up close he was about the size of Nokama and Nuju, more so the latter. Having nowhere near the same kind of bulk that even Vakama had, everything about this creature, former Toa, was to help with speed and climbing it seemed including his long tail that was about the same length as Nuju's almost. Just without the sail.

"Strangewierd." Matau chirped at last, just before Gaaki bonked him on the muzzle with her staff.

"I could say the same of you, but I've been 'round too much Hordika already." Mic informed him with amusement. Poor guy probably got a lot of bonks in his time, "...how long where you hiding in here?"

"Here?" Matau snorted, sitting down and mimicking his ice brother's proud pose, "I wasn't here, I was in the stairs over there."

"Sure. Okay," Mic nodded after a moment of thought. Perhaps he hadn't been allowed in here at all, explaining how pleased he was with himself for staying in the stairs. Which was probably as close as he could have gotten. "... how come you were on the stairs then?"

"Because there's you in here." Matau said hopping up again and this time circled around both elder and human, "This ToaHero wants to see you."

"Oh..." Mic shifted her weight before blinking and looking at him. "You know, that's a little stalker-ish. But I won't mind it since I... think you're mostly harmless." Then again he did do a lot of seemingly accidental crashes.

"...what?" Matau asked in confusion, and then bristled as the 'harmless' comment clicked. "Hey!"

"What happened," Gaaki spoke over the Hordika's indignation and pride, "Is simply that Matau wasn't aloud into a place, and thus he wanted to be where he wasn't aloud."

"I figured that much," Mic said with a smile, revealing she was mostly teasing the green Hordika about determining if he was harmless. The human turned to face Matau with a grin. "It was too tempting, huh?"

The mutated Toa shrugged as best he could before crouching down in a mock bow, "We're going prowlhunting in a shortsmall time, the wiseold Norik said to get you two."

His treespeak sounded way more authentic for some reason. Mic nodded, absently re-running the words 'prowlhunting' through her head. "Okay. Um... I'm guessing there's supposed to be some animals down here for you guys to hunt? Or do you go to the surface?" For a moment an image of Rokanu and her Rahkshi popped up in her head, as she recalled that they were not alone down here at all.

"We're stuck downdeep!" Matau complained, lifting up onto his hind legs and than dropping to the side in dramatics, adding in a whine like he was dying. "Onewa won't let us go up back to the surface, so we're stuck in the tightdark tunnels...!"

Gaaki rolled her eyes, "There is plenty of room as you know Matua."

Mic stepped over to the Hordika and nudged him with her foot. "She's right. And don't worry, you'll get out of here and above ground at some point."

Matau rolled and grasped the offending foot with both paw like hands and huffed. "Hey!"

"Hey what?" Mic said, amused at the fact that she'd teased him. "I'm just sayin'. Now give me my foot back."

The hordika growled, smirking as he rolled, pulling the foot, thus Mic down. Though he didn't quite think it through as the result was the human being sprawled over Matau while he grunted.

"Ouch," Mic wheezed, but couldn't help but laugh slightly all the same. "Aaaaaaand, not only are you hilarious," she commented as if making a very clear observation, trying to get up, "but you're clumsy too," she finished with a teasing smirk.

Matau gave a hissing sound that might be another way of going, "Ptssshht," and shook his head, "I'm the greatbest, but you're sitting on my neck..."

"And how is it I got there in the first place?" Mic grunted, pulling herself up to her feet, now that she had her foot back. She picked up her pack, sighing when it looked like her shoes were lost somewhere.

Gaaki stepped over to pull Mic out of grabbing range, but Matau seemed more interested in a quick grooming section to his lower neck and shoulders before hopping up. All energy even as a Hordika the, mutated Bionicle crouched and launched almost straight up to get into the 'rafters' where the crystals hung above. Matau grinned, tail curling on one support as he looked back down at the two females from his spot, showing off a bit to make up for his fail a minute ago.

Though she knew this, Mic was still unable to not feel awed at the Hordika's flawless grace in the huge leap upward he'd made. Clumsy one moment, graceful the next, "At least you've got something to jump up on, down here," Mic said up to him, getting a wider grin back that flashed fangs.

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