Hi everybody! Story number 3! This is a totally random Valentine's fic , possibly 2 shot(depends how much I can type a day…) so enjoy and comment!

Sam's POV

It was a note that would change the future. Well, my future anaway. It all started on a "nice" day. It was a light sprinkle and the birds were singing and the grass was green- NOT! It was a heavy rain with thunder and lightning, the puny birds were screaming their little heads off, and me? I was standing in it. Waiting for the school bus. With Tucker.

"Hey Tuck," I asked, "Where's Da-" when Danny crashed into me. Hard.

"Are you okay?" I questioned. He smiled.

"I am now." I smiled back and realized Danny didn't have an umbrella. I glanced over at Tucker, who pointed to his precious PDA. Then he gestured to me and made kissy noises. I gave him an evil glare and smiled at Danny.

"Want to share an umbrella, your wetness?" I teased.

"Sure!" he replied. And that's when disaster struck. Well, lightning. A freaked out chiuaua thing ran by and knocked me off me feet into Danny's arms.

"Are you okay?" Danny mocked.

"I am now!" I shot back. He gave me an adora- I mean, a dignified look. No way could he ever be a- well, maybe just a little- oh, who am I kidding? He's the cluless one! I'm a goth! He'll never know I like him more than a friend! Might as well let my thoughts go crazy! His personality a dream! His hair a wonder! He's cute, han-

"Sa-am? Sam? Are you in there?" I snapped back to attention.

" Yes, Danny, I'm in the rain waiting for a stupid bus." I growled. "Why couldn't Valentine's Day be off? I mean, Christmas and other holidays are off. Why not today?"

"They-" Just then, the old yellow bus rambled up the hill and opened its doors. I sat down next to Danny and Tucker, zoning out. I thought I saw someone put something in my backpack, did I? Oh well. I settled in for the long bus ride to school.

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