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I trudged through the doors with Danny talking with Tucker about-what else- video games. I opened up my purple gothic locker, Danny opened up his white one, and Tucker his orange one. Let's just say Mr. Lancer got a bit too crazy with rainbow paints. I zipped open my backpack and a note fell out.

"What's this?" I questioned. I looked over at Tucker and Danny. Tuck shrugged, while Danny looked like he had seen a ghost.


"I-uh- just remembered something! I have to clean Mr. Lancer's um… chalkboards! See ya!" He raced outside… to clean chalkboards?

"He ran outside?" I repeated out loud, "…to clean chalkboards?"

"Mr. Lancer is very cruel with punishments. Just ignore it and read the note! Maybe it's a Valentine or something!" Tucker suggested. I slapped him and proceeded to open it.

Danny' s POV

(Now, peoples, Danny is actually smart enough to find out his feelings. If you read my fics, you obviously know I am obsessed with DxS. So enjoy!)

I just had to get away from Sam. I didn't want her to hate me after she read my Valentine. It's just that she's so beautiful and- What am I doing? I'm a lovesick fool and she's a goth. She'll hate me forever. Or worse. She might tell me she loves Tucker or something. Okay, Danny, breathe in and out. In and out. In and out. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Sam's POV

I opened up the letter and started to read. Here's what it said:

Roses are red,

Violet's are blue,

There 's no one else in the world like you.

You might think I'm clueless,

And that was once true,

But I am convinced

I am in love with you.

You think I'm a stalker?

That is totally not true,

Because it's ,me, Danny, in love with you.

I think your probably shocked

And unsure what to do.

But please, don't hate me, we could be friends.

But I will love you till the very end.

Will you be my Valentine?

I dropped the letter and bolted out the door.

Danny's POV

I looked up as soon as I heard footsteps.

"Sam?" I croaked. "Did you um… read my note?"

"Yes, and I must say, I never knew you were so good at poetry." She sat down next to me.

"Yea, Ghostwriter helped me out…" I said, feeling downcast. I looked away, unsure what to do. She put a hand on my chin and turned my head towards her. (FYI, same thoughts coming up! Don't understand? Read my note at the beginning!)

"Danny, I- I- oh, darn it words!" With that, she kissed me. SHE KISSED ME! My eyes bulged out in shock, but I soon closed them. I was in heaven. My Sam, me, andno one else in the light rain.

Tucker's POV

I looked outside and smiled. I'd always knew they would get together. And who knew Danny was so good at poetry? Wait a second… I'm alone! I have nobody! Then I remembered and got down on one knee.

"PDA, are you seeing anybody?"

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