A Fools Bet


He bets that he could make her beautiful, his girlfriend and win prom queen all together. He's angry and hurt and this'll show everyone else that he's still the man, Quinn will be jealous and he's going to get extra cash out of it all. It's just a game.. For a while.

1. Let it begin

He's bad-ass. He's awesome. He's cool. He's the man. He's... He's... He's... Well shit... He's Puck for God's sake. He doesn't do sad and crying and hurt and all those kinds of emotional racking shit. He does frowns and smirks and a stoned look that doesn't show his mind or anything else. He's Puck and he never cries, he only cried once when his dad walked out and his mother was bleeding. He was confused and angry and all those things just bubbled up and got the best of him. He cried... Heck, he balled his eyes out. He was shuddering and sobbing and he couldn't even preform a coherent sentence. Instead of making his mom feel good, making her stop crying, he became the one who was falling apart.

He's not crying now... No never. Not for that tooth timing slutty bitch. He can do better. He's Puck... He could always do better.

''It just happened...'' But shit, he has warned himself about this. This is why he doesn't do teenage girls but only cougars who leave feelings aside. He could never fall for a cougar. That's like forbidden in his book. He could fall for girls his age... And that's what sucks, 'cause they won't ever bother to look back when they tear his heart out and feed it to the lions. ''One minute we were talking and then the other...'' Quinn shakes her head, holding his hand in hers. ''I'm sorry.''

Well sorry doesn't cut it, does it? He pulls his hand out of hers and stands up fully. Looking straight into her eyes. ''So you just fucked St. James, right. You just forgot about us and spread your legs for that sonofbitch.'' And to think that she wouldn't even let him touch her boob. But yet give full exit for St. Fucktard... Amazing. ''Just great Quinn, just fucking great.''

''I'm really sorry, okay.'' She looks around. Probably trying to spot if anyone is listening on to their conversation. ''I didn't want to hurt you...''

He shakes his head. ''It's a little too late to think about me now.''

''That's why I'm breaking up with you.''

Well shit. This is just fucking great. Fuck him. ''You're breaking up with me?'' He throws his hands up in the air. ''Quinn... I mean... Shit. We could work it out.''

She shakes her head, standing up and out wrinkling her cheer leading skirt. ''Me and Jesse are in love.''

''He's in love with his hair!''

She rolls her eyes. ''Nooo... He's in love with me.''

As if.

''I'm sorry... But I think this is for the best.''

''No it isn't.'' She doesn't listen to him though. She gives him a sad smile (which she obviously faked) and turns her back to him. ''Come on... Quinn.'' She starts making her sweet escape, walking towards the school doors. ''Quinn!'' He throws his hands up in the air, staring at her retreating back (and if his eyes may have wandered to her ass then it's just because she moves it like she's on a freaking catwalk). ''You can't do this to me!'' He doesn't notice the looks his getting by now. ''I'm Puck! A Sex Shark! How the hell do you break up with that! For a fucking prick who's fascinated over his own hair!''

He waves his right hand in a dismiss motion. She's probably not even worth his trouble.

(But honestly, he is hurt.)

''That's tough dude.'' He's not bitching by his friends about the girl who had just thrown his heart on the ground. Honestly, he's not bitching to them. He's just... Like.. Okay. He just needs a bit support. That all. ''She's not worth it.''

Sam sits next to him on the bench, patting his back in a awkward comforting motion. ''There are more girls... Like look.'' He takes his hand of Pucks back and waves before their faces. Showing the whole field of female students (and also male, but he kinda looks above them) running around and laughing carefree. ''They would all bow down for you.''

He manages a really small smile, but it fades directly. Knowingly that he doesn't want all the girls. He probably even had all of them one time in his life. Besides he wants Quinn Fabray, untouchable girl, (former) virgin, with a body like... Wow. He wants her.

''Sam's right.'' Mike crosses his arms next to him, stretching his legs as he enjoys the view before him. ''Any girl who'd dare to cheat on you, is messed up. You can do better.''

Puck almost... Almost. Feels good about himself.

But Finn just had to go around and screw it up. ''Yeah just choose a girl who's more in your league. Quinn was just above you, that's all.''

''The fuck man!'' Puck wipes his head to the right. Looking at his standing best friend. ''How can you say that shit?''

''It's true though.'' Finn shrugs, and Puck can literally hear his own blood boiling. And if his fists weren't clenching at this very moment, he bets that Mike and Sam would have that shit covered up. Finn contrary doesn't seem at all bothered. ''You lost your touch.''

''Wow, wow, hold up.'' Mike stands up, raising his hands. ''Puck didn't lose his touch... Yeah, he stayed with one girl who was cheating on him, and fucking this probably gay dude, but he did not lose his touch.''

''That's just harsh, man.'' Sam say's, shaking his head.

''It's true...'' Finn walks forward stepping before Puck as he looks down at him. ''You did lose your touch. I'm kinda surprised that your balls haven't fallen off yet.''

He stands in a flash, looking in his best friend's (he'll debate about that position later) eyes. ''You're sure you want to keep on talking Hudson?'' His fists clench harder as he goes all up in Finn's face. Daring the taller boy to speak now, or forever hold his silents.

Finn doesn't budge. ''Are'y sure you're still Puck? Because this shit, doesn't look like Puck.''

He clenches his jaw, stiffening his face. ''If my fists hurt your face, maybe you'd know fo'sure.''

''I just want to know for sure, that's it.'' Finn raises his hands. A mocking glance shifting through his eyes. ''You could prove it though.''

''You want Puck to punch you?'' Sam asks incredulous.

''No dude...'' Finn shakes his head, still looking down at Puck. ''How 'bout a little bet.''

Mike eyes widen. ''I don't like were this is going...''

Puck purses his lips. ''What kind of bet?''

Finn shrugs taking a step back as he walks little circles around his own ash. ''I wanna see if your still 'the man'. Y'know, if your still Puck.''

''I am!''

''I like to see you prove it.'' Finn stops walking, his eyes permanently attached to the schools building.

''Like how?'' Sam stands up, walking up to Puck and standing next to him. ''What kind of bet?''

A smug smile haunts Finn's face, and Puck was never felt more tempted to punch it off. ''If you can make any girl beautiful, make her your girlfriend and win prom queen all together, you're still the man.''

He barks out a laugh. 'Cause that shit... Easy. ''Totally, okay. I can do that.''

''Wait.'' Finn raises his finger. ''But I get to choose which girl.''

Puck raises his eyebrows, not really liking were this is going.

''Why win prom Queen, what has that gotta do with anything?'' Mike asks. ''How's that for any prove that Puck's still the man?''

''It makes it all the more funnier... And besides,'' Finn shrugs. ''The real Puckerman could make any girl seem hot and fall for his charms... Ain't it?'' He narrows his eyes, pursing his lips tight. ''Thought so... So I get to choose the girl-''

''-that's not fair.'' Sam pitches in, looking back and forth between Puck and Finn. ''You could choose one ugly ass chick and make that mission impossible.''

''Nothin' is impossible for Puck, right?''

Puck doesn't answer it, because honestly. It is true. Nothing is impossible for him. People said that he would never be able to snatch Quinn Fabray resident president of the celibacy club, and he did. They said that he would never ace a math test because he's missed several of classes for his one man nap, but he still did. (And yeah, he would've never aced it if it weren't for the study nerds who would gladly help him if he pecked some of the girls on the lips. Worth it, though.) They even said that he wouldn't be able to sleep with halve of the female population in Lima... But hey, if you'd go to some of the cougars you'd have prove that he did.

Finn takes his silence as an invitation. ''Good, then, let me see...'' He puts a finger against his chin as his eyes roam over the school ground and the girls coming in and out of the building. ''How 'bout her.'' He points at a very tall girl with braises and freckles cascading over her cheeks.

''Dude, God no!'' Mike shakes his head. ''That's Lissy Lemar, chick feeds of rats.''

Puck shakes his head. ''Not that I can't do it, but yeah. She's really messed up.'' He looks around the ground and spots another girl. She's tall and has a athletic figure. He knows from experience that that girl isn't at all smart and perhaps it could make his journey at gaining her a bit easier (not that he needs it). ''What about Brittany Pearce, she's alright.''

Finn laughs. ''Hell no! She would easily go for you... She sleeps with everything that moves and walks.''

Sam nods. ''I have to agree with Finn... Believe me, she does sleep with everything that moves... Really.''

A few minutes pass as all the boys look at the girls who could be good enough. But Puck somehow always comes up with another excuse when Finn chooses a girl; 'Too long, too fat, brothers a junky, been with her, been with that, have done her. Jesus fuck never her again. Slut, slut... Bitch glued my hands to my ass, no, no... Hell no.'

Until Finn saw the perfect girl.

''Rachel Berry?'' Puck laughed out loud when he saw Finn looking at a particularly direction. ''I'd rather go with the girl who glued my hands to my ass. And that says something.''

''Dude, that's harsh.'' Sam say's, looking closely at the short figure walking closely next to her feminine boyish friend. ''She's really cute.'' As the words left his lips, he was met with confused glances and shocked expressions, causing him to turn his words around and a red blush to cascade over his cheeks. ''Kinda... I mean... Not really...'' Sam shrugs, biting his lip.

''God, Finn seriously everyone but her...''

''I thought that you could make every other girl drop to their knees... That's what the real Puck could do.'' Finn shrugs, his eyes falling back at the girl wearing large blue trousers, a animal sweater and her hair in a messy bump to finish the touch off. ''I choose her.''

Puck clenches his jaw, averting his eyes to the boy next to him. ''Okay, but let's make it interesting... 'Cause if I should really go with that...'' He sighs, regretting his decisions already...''I need more then just my rightful honor back. Let's throw a large amount of money in it.''

''Your not really going through with this, are you?'' Mike crosses his arms. ''This is bound to go to shitz... You don't need to prove anything to that assfuck.''

Puck turns his head to his friend, managing a Puckerman known smirk on his face. He knows he doesn't need to prove a thing, but somehow a part of him screams that he should. ''I wanna do this.'' He turns his sight back to Finn. ''Two hundred bucks if I win and if you win you'll get the money.'' He casts a fast glance back to the shorter girl walking, seeing her talk rapidly and moving her hands up and down. Just the sight of her proves that she's apeshit... He soon changes his mind. ''No... Let's do... Hundred bucks.''

''Are you stating that she isn't worth more?'' Sam wonders out loud, raising an eyebrow. Shaking his head right afterwards. ''Dude, I'm with Mike, this isn't going to end well, shits going to blow up in your face.''

Puck waves his hand up and down to brush the subject off, never sparing a glance back at his friends. ''Y'in?'' He gives Finn a pierced look, only to be met with a daring (stupid) smirk.

''Let your fail begin.''

Puck forces a tight smile, moving his hand towards Finn's and grasping it tightly. ''You've never been more wrong...'' And damned be to him... But by just looking at that dopey grin and humorous brown eyes, he can't help but feel the realization hit him that he has created a fucking tall stupid monster out of Finn.

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Notes: This story is a bit based on the movie: 'She's all that'