A Fools Bet

He bets that he could make her beautiful, his girlfriend and win prom queen all together. He's angry and hurt and this'll show everyone else that he's still the man, Quinn will be jealous and he's going to get extra cash out of it all. It's just a game.. For a while.

6. Need your help

It started out as an harmless little dream.

He was inside the choir room, looking around, searching for something. He didn't exactly know for what, just that he was looking for something. He wandered inside, deeper and closer. He was confused about his reasons for being here, yet he knew, somehow, he knew that his only reason for ever being inside a place like this, was as clear as sunrise and as evident as night descend.

He hears a voice when he nears deeper, he tries to understand it, listening to it's tune. Is it beautiful? Annoying? Off-key? He tries to really listen to the singing, to the voice that soothes in his ears, but all he hears are notes that aren't beautiful, but not imperfect either. They are just, notes. And it's like he's there inches away, and every time he approaches he hopes that he could really hear the voice at it's best and know if it's beautiful or simply awful.

When nears closer and closer his hand feels the need to reach out. He wants to touch whoever is inside the mid-dark room and feel skin and flesh and clothes and see a smile and beautiful eyes.

His hands touches the thing his mind craves for. And it feels better then he ever expected, velvet soft and it smells like strawberries. He turns the person around and his hazel eyes get caught up with brown chocolate orbs. Captivating him completely. He forgets his sanity and who he is and who he has to be, he forgets Puck the bad-ass, he forget status and social pears, and he leans forward just a bit. It feels like he always wanted to do this before, somewhere in his subconscious. But now he can't really ignore whatever is building up, because it's something he wants to do, and he knows nobody will find out and nobody can stop him from going all up in his hearts desires, because they're alone in her special place. And nobody would dare to come to her special place. Her place where she sings and dance and feels at ease. They'd all fear to get loseritis, or become obnoxious and self-absorbed just like her.

(He doesn't see her like that in his subconscious.)

He doesn't know her in his dreams, he doesn't understand her, he doesn't really get how she feels. And he can't because he never really tries. He knows her name and age and what her dreams are. But it hits him that everybody else knows them too, and that makes him like everybody else to her. He feels this sting in his chest that tells him (let's him feel) that he doesn't want to be like everybody else to her. But more like the person she could tell secrets too, and trust, and maybe even kiss from time to time, let them go further and let her feel something she may have never felt before in her lifetime. He isn't talking about sex but about real love. About making her feel something. He wants to make her feel something.

In his subconscious he can, and he does.

His hand moves upwards, placing it on her cheek, just as she bites her lip the same way he likes it. His eyes fall on them, a sweet pure redness pouting back at him. Silently asking him to do what he really really wants. Want he wants. He stares just a bit longer, his eyes nescient shutting close, and he kisses her, gentle, sweet, and it shocks him everywhere at all the right places. It touches him in his heart and it floats through his soul. His whole body reeks from it. And he just feels her completely. He feels complete. He feels her skin and her velvet flesh. He smells her strawberry shampoo and her minty fresh breath. It's all good (it's great), and he wants to stay like this forever. In his subconscious he can, and it's like he always wants to stay in that little part.

When she moans out his name (not Puck, but Noah) he feels his heart race, beating hard, hard, hard, so hard. He can't hold up, it's too good, too perfect. It's all that he ever really wanted. His hand moves to her back, and he feels her hands envelop his neck right afterwards. She pushes him closer, as though she's afraid that he could break free from her grasp. Perhaps wants to escape this prison he's in. But to be honest, he doesn't want to escape. If he must spend forever behind bars with her, he'll accept it in a heartbeat.

The moment her right hand leaves his neck, and places it on his shoulder he knows that it's going to end. But it's his dream, his mind, his brain, and thus if he wants he could make it go on just a bit longer. Just for the time being. Just them. Him and her. Noah and Rachel. Just them together. Their lips, their hands, their bodies. And nobody in between.

He doesn't get his wish, and it's strange that his own mind could disagree with him like that. Doesn't he have control on that little part of his body anymore? She pushes herself off of him. Her other hand falling to his shoulder. When her lips open to speak, he doesn't really hear her voice. He hears different kinds of voices.

He hears Quinn and Finn. He hears bet's and Lima loser. He hears betrayal leaving Rachel's tongue, but then it switches of to Finn and Quinn again. Quinn hates him, thinks he's stupid, not good enough. Finn dislikes him, thinks he's never going to see it through the end. And Rachel... She just screams 'betrayal' and 'how could you do this to me' in his face. 'Why have you done this to me? Haven't I suffered enough under your torments?' And he gets confused and angry and ashamed. 'I thought that you had changed, Noah.'

She slips right out of his arms. He tries reaching for her, tries to spit out emotional filled sorry's, but she keeps leaving, backing up into the darkness. She walks out of his sight, her eyes are watery and she looks broken. So shattered, so completely out of repair. And just knowing that he had done that to her, shatters him.

It turns from a innocent dream to a full blown nightmare.

And that's when he wakes up snapping his eyes open, sweaty, confused, and most of all, ashamed.

It's wrong, he tells himself, and pulls the sheets of his body. He can't be dreaming about her, about something like that. (He feels like this bet is spinning out of control, and he hasn't even gone out on a date with her yet.) The kisses in his dream may feel feel right (really right) but it isn't. It won't ever be. Puck manages to step out of his bed only cladded in boxers and walks up to his desk, taking his phone from it and sending a quick text to Kurt. He never actually talks to him, but he needs that dude now if he wants to win that bet.

Part one is now set in motion and he needs Kurt to help him. And no, he will not tell Kurt the truth. 'Cause that shit is just stupid. He wouldn't hesitate to run to Berry and tell her everything he has planned. Which could surely make him lose the bet, and he can't afford that. He needs to win, he needs to prove this. He needs to prove Finn that he's still the man, he needs to prove Quinn that he could do fine without her bitchy everything, he needs to prove it to everyone.

He needs to do this quickly before he gets too attached.

And that's why he hits send after he types Kurt a message that states; 'Need your help, it's about Rachel'. Puck is going to go through with this bet, no matter what his mind keeps telling him, or his brain keeps whispering or if his heart rebels every single time he disagrees. Even if his dreams speak stories, and if his soul screams things he doesn't want to hear. He's in it, to win it. Always.

(He ignores that whisper that say's; 'It's not going to end well' that sounds a lot like Mike, and goes back to sleep.)

He's sitting in the drivers seat in his car. Kurt is placed next to him, and two chicks he has only seen flashes of when he throws a slushy at them, are placed behind him. His friends Mike and Sam are inside the car too, which revolves for the car to be pretty cramped up and, yeah well, really still.

It's just sorta awkward that he and his friends are now in the same space with people they've slushied, tormented and bullied every single day. Every time the road opened to throw out an insult or a frozen slushy, they've taken that opportunity and made it worth laughs.

But now they are together inside the same freaking car, all for their own selfish reasons. Which kinda, makes them all the same, doesn't it? Kurt only agreed to help him because he, and Puck quotes; 'Always dreamed of giving Rachel Berry a make-over and burn her hideous animal sweaters to ashes'.

And honestly, Puck kinda likes those sweaters. It makes her look cute.

Kurt's friends, a fat black chick and an Asian looking girl (who, might he say, receives secret glances from Mike.) all have the same reasons as Kurt; wanting to give Rachel Berry a make-over. Puck wants to say that all of her so called friends are backstabbing ruthless ass-wipes to sell their friend out for a fucking make-over to the guys who've done nothing but to prevent her from being, well, her. But he knows that he isn't (even a wisp of his hair) any better then them, and probably even worse. He's in on a bet for his own selfish needs, he uses her just to prove others that he's still a bad ass without her knowing. He has (and will) lie into her face without even so much blinking.

So, he should better yet just shut the fuck up and let them do whatever they want to do.

He reaches her front porch and parks near her house. Shutting off the engine and taking of his seat belt. ''Here we are...'' He looks at his rear mirror, waiting for them to get the hint. ''So, like... Get the fuck out of my car.'' He earns a scowl from the fat black chick (which kinda scares him), and a not so shallow flip off from Mike, though they all do what he say's and get out of his car eventually.

He is about to open his own door and get out, but soon remembers one important detail, and stops Kurt from heading out. Grasping the boy next to him around his wrist before he leaves.

''Oh, my God, it's happening.''

Puck raises his eyebrows, instantly letting go of the boy's wrist. ''What?'' He sounds shocked, confused, and he doesn't feel at all comfortable in his own damn car anymore.

(See what those Gleeks do to him?)

He earns the same look from Kurt, only there may or may not have been a nervous glance shifting through his eyes. ''What?'' Kurt squeaks out. The boy coughs slightly and self consciously straightens out his shirt. ''Never mind.'' He cracks his neck slightly and focuses back on Puck, managing a smile. ''Did you want to say something, Puck?''

Puck swallows, pressing his back against the door as he nods. Choosing to not go in on with whatever has just happened. ''I... Uh... I...'' He sighs, exhaling just right after. ''Don't you think her parents might be home?'' He shrugs, nonchalantly. Not that he cares about her enough to worry if she might get a lecture for having boys inside her house. ''They wouldn't, y'know, like it if they saw a bunch of kids coming inside their house to dress up their child.''

Kurt shakes his head, shrugging right afterwards. ''They won't.'' Kurt takes the door handle in his hands. Puck quirks an eyebrow up. ''They aren't home.''

Puck purses his lips. ''How'd ya know?''

Kurt shrugs, stating his words as though life is that easy. ''They never really are.'' He knows he shouldn't be shocked or worried, but he sorta 'f is. Kurt opens the door and steps out, casting a fast glance back at Puck. ''Was that all? Or... Uhm, did you have anything else to say?'' Kurt sounds hopeful, his eyes piercing into his skin. ''You know, I'll be perfectly fine if you just, want it to keep it between us.'' His raises both his eyebrows. ''Just say it.''

Puck shakes his head, eyes wide. ''What, dude? What are you spouting?'' He shakes his head faster, furiously. ''I-I'm not... You think that I...''

''No, no. Not that... I just...'' Kurt manages a smile. ''It was only about Rachel...'' He tells it more to himself.

Puck nods, watching the boy before him. ''Yeah, what did you think?''

''Nothing.'' He laughs, awkwardly. Waving the subject off. ''Let's go, the others are waiting.'' Kurt closes the door and walks off, quickly casting a glance over his shoulder.

And God, that shit was so wrong. He can't bring up the words to say how wrong all of that was.

Words can't describe how shocked she is.

It's one thing that her bully (and date) is in her house. It's another thing that her friends Mercedes Kurt and Tina are in her house. It's also another thing that her date's friends are in her house. But it's a completely different thing when she finds out that the only reason for this surprise self invitation is to dress her up.

What the hell is this mockery?

''You guys are going to do what?'' She slams the door behind them shut, pushing her glasses up (that she only has on when she's at home). What? Don't give her that look. They actually really fit her nicely.

Anyway, she's confused and shocked and if her mouth can fall open even wider, it might have been lying on the floor by now. Rachel crosses her arms, glaring at the people before her. ''You've got to be kidding me, right?''

Kurt shakes his head, a little too enthusiastically for her taste. ''Nope.'' He pops the 'p', staring back at her. ''It is about to happen.'' He eyes her up and down, the smile on his face minimizing, slightly. ''And you clearly need it...''

Her eyes widen, shock splashing on her face. She looks down at herself, confusion lingering in her eyes. ''What's wrong with this?'' She shakes her head, looking back at Kurt. This is not the time to abase her clothing. ''I'm home, of course my attire isn't that good.''

Mercedes snickers, causing Rachel to cast her glance to her. ''You never really look good.''

Oh God...


''W-what I-I...''

''We don't mean it bad, Rachel.'' Noah starts, looking at both his sides for the support of his friends. ''We just...'' He stops talking, seeing the glare on her face directed at him, he suddenly feels the room heat up. ''I mean...'' He swallows. ''Kurt, just wants to help you.'' He looks at Kurt, fearing for his life. ''Right, Kurt?''

Kurt nods, not missing a beat. ''You need this Rachel.'' Kurt looks at Noah. ''Maybe you should wait inside the living room.''

She shakes her head no, disagreeing with everything that has just been said, but she already feels Tina and Mercedes dragging her upstairs... And might she say, they are immensely strong. She tries resisting them, holding onto the railing of her stairs. But that only brings her so far. ''No! No! I don't want to go!'' She feels Mercedes hands around her legs, trying to pull her of the railing as Tina helps Mercedes by holding her around the waist and pulling her up. She holds on tightly, her fingers clamping onto the railing as though her dear life depends on it. ''Blasphemy! Let. Me. Go!''

She hears Noah and his friends laugh.

Instead of helping her, they laugh at her.

He will sooo pay for that later on.

''Drama queen.'' Kurt murmurs, walking up to where she is. He tells Tina to let her go and let him take over. Kurt digs his nails inside her sides and tickles her numerously, causing her not only to laugh out loud but eventually to let go and earn Mercedes to pick her up. She's not that heavy, so it's easy for Mercedes to do so.

She tries kicking and screaming but Mercedes holds on tightly as Tina tries to keep Rachel's hands and arms still. They take her up the stairs and throw her in her bedroom, following strictly after her.

Kurt clasps his hands together, tearing his eyes away from the spectacle. ''If you boys would so kindly wait inside the living room.'' He gestures a hand to his right. ''While me and my associates fix this troubling little star.'' He smiles, all business like and walks up the stairs.

''Let go of me you monstrous evil arrangers!''

Kurt sighs as he hears Rachel's voice boom out of her room. He turns his head slightly over his shoulder to look over at the boys. ''And if you hear more screams, just close your ears and ignore the proceedings... Commemorating, do not call the cops, I repeat, do not call the cops. Even if she may threaten with a lawsuit, or claim that we're out here to kill her... Just... Don't call the cops. We've already had a case like that when I tried to pluck her eyebrows...'' He sighs, swallowing. ''Her screams had the neighbors thinking that I was out here to kill her, and the lawsuit that was inches away of being thrown into my face has left me with nightmares.'' Kurt shudders as the boys eyes widen, mouth falling agape. ''She's just blowing things out of proportion.'' He closes eyes, searching for the strength to move on, before re-opening them in a snap. Kurt continues his walk up to her door. Taking in a deep breath before stepping in.

When he slams the door shut, the boys can hear, even through the thick wooden doors, the muffled scream of no one other than Rachel Berry.

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