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Chapter Four:

Fred flipped out of his bed, slammed off the loud, annoying alarm.

"Gosh, time to get up already?" He said to himself, then remembered who he was going to spend the day with. He chose his outfit, white t-shirt, no colur, he placed his ascot on perfectly, then combed his lush blond hair. He smiled in the mirror. He had his blue jeans on also, he grabbed a banana on his way out & picked up his camera & the things that went with it. He hopped into the "Coast-to-Coast" van & drove to Daphne's house. He drove to the address she had given him, he saw a small little house, neat & tidy on the outside, flowers planted & bird baths & a fancy outdoor eating table, for two. Suddenly he saw the door open just as he got out of the van. She had a light purple dress on, it went below her knees. She had her leggings on under the dress, & a pink scarf went around her neck, with the light purple hair band in her curled hair.

"Good morning Freddie!" She greeted quickly throwing her bags into the back of the van & jumping into the passnger seat.

"Morning!" He said.

"I brought you a cup of coffee." Daphne said, placing it into the cup holder.

"Thanks, I forgot about a drink for breakfast..." Fred reminded himself.

"That's not good for you! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Daphne said, in a caring way. Fred chuckled.

"Ha, thanks for the reminder mother!" He teased, Daphne made a face.

"Jerk." She said playfully.

"So this house is about half an hour away from here right?" Fred asked.

"Yeah, I think so..It's near the old house my family & I first moved into when we came to Crystal Cove." Daphne said, holding a map, scanning it for the way.

"Oh yeah, I remember that place..." Fred said having a flashback to that day.


"Fred, I'm not sure we should go down the street this far, mom said to stick around..." the little five year old Velma reminded her older blond boy friend.

"Velma, just chill. I know where we're going." Six year old Fred said, leading the little group down the street.

"Like, me & scooby don't feel so good about this.." Tall, but little, seven year old Shaggy said holding his new puppy tightly.

"Aha! Here we are, the "spooky" old mansion! I heard my dad talk about this place, he said it was..haunted." Fred said. Making Shaggy & Scooby shake.

"And what else did Mr. Mayor say?" Velma asked, being a smarty pants to her friend.

"That I should stay away & not meddle or ruin it.." Fred said, as if he was proud of it. Velma rolled her eyes & shook her head.

"C'mon let's try to get inside.." Fred said crawling under the big gate. Then the large creepy front door crept open.

"WHO'S IN MY YARD!" A old mans voice shouted. The little blond raced out of the gate & ran down the street with his friends.

Out of breath they ran into a huge, front yard that had their gate open, a moving truck had just pulled out of their driveway. They ran right into a tall, blond man in his twenties dressed in a purple suite.

"Barty! Oh heavens who are these children!" The mans red-head wife shouted walking over to the scence & helping her husband up.

"Nan, I'm not sure who's they are!" Barty Blake shouted dusting himself off.

"Fredrick Herman Jones jr.!" A voice, non other than Mayor Jones shouted to Fred in the driveway.

"I just got a call from Mister Peterson, telling me a little blond was trying to sneek into his mansion!"

"Look dad, I can explain.." Fred started.

"WEll, could someone please explain to us!" Nan Blake shouted in angry & confusion.

"Hi I'm Mayor Jones & this is my son Fredrick, sorry about him crashing into you all. He's more than a hand full sometimes." Mayor Jones said patting his troubled little son on his head.

"I'm Barty & this is my wife Nan, we're the Blakes, we just moved here." Barty said.

"Do you have any kids!" Fred shouted. Mayor Jones covered his mouth.

"Yes, as a matter of fact we do. 5 daughters." Barty said.

"Wow, big family!" Mayor said, holding his son in one place.

"Yeah, our youngest is the only one home at the momet, she just celebrated her 6th birthday." Barty said.

"Daphne! Come out here darling!" Nan called, the little red-head pulled open the large front door.

"Yes mommy?" Daphne answered. Fred caught his eye on the little red-head beauty with blue eyes. He started getting feelings inside him that he'd never had before.

"Come meet the Jones & their little friends." Nan said. Daphne smiled brightly, same smile she now still has.

"Hello, I'm Daphne!" She greeted cheerfully to the blond.

"H-hi, I'm Fred Jones." He said. Shaggy & Velma laughed at their friend, clearly Fred had a "crush" on little Daphne.

"It's nice to meet you Freddie." Daphne said. Fred's smile grew bigger.

"Freddie?" Fred questioned.

"Yeah, sorry, I think Freddie is a cute name." Daphne said walking over to the other kids.

"I'm Shaggy & like, this is my puppy Scooby Doo." Shaggy said. Daphne giggled as the puppy licked her face.

"I love puppies!" Daphne giggled, Fred loved the way she seemed to love everything & was so happy hearted, not like other girls.

"And I'm Velma Dinkley." Velma said shaking the girls hand.

"Oh Velma, it's great to finally meet a girl! We can become best friends!" Daphne said. Velma smiled.

"It's nice to have a girl around here, being stuck with these to guys can make a girl go insane." Velma said, Daphne laughed."


"Look we're here!" Daphne said cheerfully, pointing to the house. Fred looked at the gate, the same gate he once tried to climb under, once being the fearless kid he was. It had been so many years since then & stil he'd never gone in that gate or ever told Daphne how he felt about her.

"Alright how do you plan on getting in there Daph?" Fred asked, wondering if her idea would be any better than his was years ago.

"Hmm, good question Mr. Smooth. But, I thought you were the leader.." She said.

"Ha ha, oh now I'm the leader, when the problems need solven?" Fred asked, jokingly.

"No, when I need a plan." Daphne said.

"Right." Fred said smiling at her.

"How about we use a rope to climb up to the top & then jump over!" Daphne suggested.

"Not a bad plan, for a Dangerprone." Fred said winking.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny, now help me up." She demanded.

"I don't think so, in this case it's men first." Fred said climbing up the rope. Daphne placed her hands on her hips.

"Whatever..." She said, getting angry with the blond know it all. She watched him climb up the rope then looked over to the door & saw a glimps of a green face with glowing red eyes. She backed up & gasped.

"Daphne, are you.."

"What? Yeah everythings fine..." She said, thinking it must have been in her head.

"What happened?" Fred asked after sliding down the rope on the other side of the gate.

"I thought I saw something.." She said, leaving it at that & not going into detail.

"Like what?" Fred asked.

"I'm not sure, it must have been in my head, silly me." She said.

"Be careful, it could've been real. Stranger things have happened." Fred reminded her.

"Okay." She said starting to climb the rope. She hopped across to the other side & slid down, Fred grabbed her around her waist.

"Watch it Daph, you almost landed on that trap." Fred said pointing to a sharp claw type trap.

"Jeepers!" Daphne screamed seeing the teeth of the trap.

"We'll definatly have to watch our backs here. I can feel it." Fred said.

"What made you think that? When you saw the giant killer trap?" Daphne said, smartly. Fred made a face.

"C'mon let's start rolling." Fred said getting out the camera.

"Hello, I'm Daphne Blake! Welcome to the Coast to Coast with Blake & Jones show! Fred Jones is my one man crew & producer of my show! We'll be taking turns recording our spooky adventures, finding America's scariest places! Today we're at an old house of the murder case of old man Mister Peterson. No ones dared to ever go near this place since he died, they say his spirt still haunts his mansion every day & night! Fred & I will prove that. " Daphne said.

"And cut! That was great! I think we're gonna be good at this Daph!" Fred said putting the camera back into it's case.

"Thanks Freddie, I do too!" She said brushing her hair then slipping the brush into their bag.

"Well, let's find a way inside." Fred said as they both looked up at the old mansion, with crows flying above & screaming, sounds & scary noises from the inside & branches making sounds as the wind blew.

"Right, let's try the door!" Daphne said getting ready to put her hand on the door before Fred grabbed it and pulled it away.

"No Daph! Don't touch the door, it could be a trap.." He warned her.

"What makes you say that?" She asked.

"The day I met you me & the others had went here, well...I brought them here & I tried climbing under the gate when he opened the door & screamed at me." Fred said.

"Who?" Daphne asked.

"Well, I thought it was Mr. Peterson, & so did my.."Dad" at the time, but, it turns out he had been dead for months!" Fred said feeling the chill up his spine.

"Creepy!" Daphne said shivering.

"Exactly." Fred said.

"Oh, no! It's starting to rain!" Daphne cried as the rain started to pour. Then a loud clap of thunder roared.

"More like, storm!" Fred said.

"We've gotta get inside before our camera get ruined..& my hair!" Daphne shouted. Fred kicked the door open with his foot then the two walked in slowly, scanning every little inch.

"Looks s-safe.." Daphne said. Then the door slammed behinde them, Daphne grabbed onto Fred & hid behinde him.

"I don't think so Daph!" Fred cried.

"Jeepers, get the camera out Freddie." Daphne said, Fred could feel her shivering.

"Right! & action!" Fred said, clicking the button, Daphne got in front of the camera, as bad as she wanted to hide behinde Fred.

"Here we are in the old mansion of Mister Petereson's, the door has just slammed on it's own, as crazy as it sounds. It might have been the high wind though, because it's currently storming outside here in Crystal Cove." Daphne said walking around the old mansion. Fred followed her every move with the camera.

"And, Jeepers! Somethings got me!" Daphne cried, Fred showed the camera to her ankle which was being held by a green ghost looking hand. from the floor. Daphne screamed in fear. Fred placed the camera on the stand & went to help Daphne.

"Oh my gosh, it's real!" Daphne screamed. Fred tried crushing the hand.

"It's got you good Daph, hold on, I'll get it off." He assured her. Trying to comfort her.

"Get off of me creep!" Daphne shouted. Fred streetched the fingers of the hand apart & it freed Daphne's leg. Daphne flew into the wall. As the hand vanished.

"Are you alright!" Fred asked helping her up.

"I think so.." Daphne said shaking her hurt head. "What was that Freddie!" Daphne asked shivering hard.

"I-I'm not sure, I got it on tape though." He said cutting the camera off.

"I think we should take a break & come back later.." Daphne suggested as Fred nodded in agreement. Daphne tunred the door knob one way to the other.

"Oh no, this is not good.." Daphne sighed, trying to get it open. Fred went over & tried too.

"Gosh, it won't budge!" Fred said. "We're trapped!" He said, in a sigh, giving up on the door opening. A gentle, scary breeze came from the upstairs of the mansion, Daphne & Fred looked behinde to see what it was. "F-freddie..." Daphne whimpered, holding him tightly by his arm.

"I don't know Daph...I don't know." He said, scared to death by the sounds they could hear in all the other rooms.


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