Hello readers! I am new to writing published stories, so forgive my cliche' writing. Now, Depending on your favorites, I have chosen Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and Richtofen to participate. Hopefully, I will be a success among you. Enough talk, let it BEGIN!

The American soldier woke up to the sound of howling wind. It wasn't loud, but it was incessant. He groaned and realized his hands felt cold asphalt. He rolled over and looked at the sky. Grey clouds completely crowded out the sun or moon or whatever the hell was up there now.

He looked over to his left and saw a man dressed in a yellow coat and black pants. A large red ban with a swastika was wrapped around his left arm and a stupid hat with an eagle on it. The American kicked him and said, "Hey, Doctor Shithead, wake up."

The Nazi groaned and said, "Nien, Nien, damn my head". He raised a hand to stroke his hair and noticed the American. "Ah, Dempsey, so it seems I have reappeared vith you. Another stroke of bad luck."

Dempsey scowled. "Hey Doc, I ain't very happy to be with you either, so put a gun in your damn mouth."

Richtofen rolled his eyes and replied, "Honestly American, your comments are az predictable az Nikolai in a liquor shop."

"Speaking of which" said Dempsey ignoring Richtofen,"where is Nikolai? I miss the old drunk."

Just then the two rivals heard a burp and a moan. They looked towards the sounds and saw a large man curled up on the floor. His coat was yellow and stained multiple times. A large burlap hat was pulled over his ears and a large bottle was gripped tightly in his left.

Dempsey chuckled. "Nikolai is still clutching that damn bottle. I'm sure he drinks in his sleep."

Richtofen nodded. "I have no doubt."

Dempsey looked around and asked, "Where the hell are we?"

Around the group were large market stalls of all colors, made up of cloth. They had names like "Corndogs", "Cotton Candy", and many others. The asphalt was slick with rain and dust hanged all over the stalls. In the distance, several tall structures stood without any details in sight.

Richtofen looked around and stated, "No idea. But wherever it is, it appears to be combing the new and the old."

Dempsey stood up and noticed something. He walked over to it and picked it up. It was a small torn section of cloth, faded and dirty. But it was still recognizable.

It was a small chunk of an American Flag. It had a single star on it and white and red band next to it. Dempsey smiled and said, "God damn, we're in the good old U.S. of A."

Richtofen stood up and noticed the cloth. "Ah yes, so we're in your country, Yankee. You must be so happy."

Dempsey's grin widened and he said, "Bet your ass I'm happy. The land of fast cars and fast women. God Bless America."

Richtofen rolled his eyes and kicked Nikolai. "Hey, Cossack, wake up! No time for napping!"

Nikolai groaned. "Screw you. Nikolai killed billions of zombies! Nikolai deserve nap."

Richtofen growled and exclaimed, "Nien! I've killed trillions of zombies, but do you see me napping? Get up my friend, before I drink your vodka!"

Instantly, Nikolai spun on the ground and knocked Richtofen's feet out from under him. Richtofen swore loudly in his native language and collapsed on his back. In a flash, Nikolai was on him, a large hunting knife at his throat. "If you so much as LOOK at my vodka again" threatened Nikolai slowly, "I'll use your organs as secondary vodka containers!"

The entire time, Nikolai's bloodshot eyes locked right onto Richtofen's. Richtofen had seen some crazy eyes, but Nikolai's were scary beyond belief. They burned with a fire, a fire bent on ridding the world of life. He had seen those eyes before, in the faces of all the zombies they had encountered. And in that instant, Richtofen knew Nikolai was no different than him. He wanted to kill everything.

Dempsey grabbed Nikolai and said, "Hey man, chill the fuck out."

He pulled Nikolai off Richtofen and stated, "Listen up, you two. I don't want any fighting. Poking fun is one thing, but actually fighting is out of the question. We're all brothers, and goddammit we're gonna survive like brothers."

"I just have one question" spoke Richtofen still on the ground.

"What is it Nazi?" said Dempsey still pissed at the two's quarrel.

"Where the hell is Takeo?"

Dempsey looked around, actually clueless. "I can't see him. Where did Tak go?"

Nikolai grunted. "Who gives a damn? He's probably off somewhere either puking out his guts or getting on with that monkey bomb. Either one wouldn't surprise me."

"Actually Bolshevist dog, I am here" said a Japanese voice from the group's left. They looked and saw Takeo standing there in his usual Imperial Japanese uniform, holding an Olympia double barreled shotgun. "I've been awake for about ten minutes, surveying the terrain."

Dempsey smiled. "Awesome! Our humorless Samurai is back! Now we got the responsible boring guy here making the rest of us look cooler!"

"Speak for yourself!" yelled Nikolai boldly. "I'm already as cool as vodka!"

Takeo scowled. "The day you are cool Nikki, is when Hell freezes over!"

Nikolai smiled. "In Russia, Hell isn't just frozen, it's fucking Christmas down there!"

Dempsey laughed and said, "Damn, you guys just reunited and you're already at it. Awesome."

Suddenly, a loud, low-pitched moan overcame the whole group. Everyone pulled out an M1911, which they knew would be there, except Takeo who raised his Olympia.

"Damn" muttered Dempsey. "No matter where we go, these mother fuckers follow."

Richtofen giggled. "Oh joy, I've been meaning to soak myself in some blood for a while."

Standing ten feet from the group was a lone figure. His clothes were ragged and hung in shards from his skin. His legs were crooked and his arms were cracked in several places. His face was shredded and his eyes glowed yellow. His sharp teeth gritted as he saw the four men.

"God damn" said Dempsey. "Never seen a zombie look like that."

Suddenly, then thing crouched down and roared. Then it started sprinting towards them.

"Oh shit, oh shit!" shouted Nikolai. They all fired rounds in its direction, but it dodged every round. Then it turned and leapt towards Takeo.

Takeo braced the gun on his shoulder and aimed hurriedly. He fired and the thing fell to the ground. He moved slowly towards the thing and kicked it. It didn't move. Takeo exhaled and said, "Ok, it's dead."

Suddenly, the thing leapt up and howled at him. Takeo quickly placed the barrel of the gun on the thing's head and pulled the trigger. Brain and bone exploded and covered Takeo. Takeo wiped the blood from his face and turned to his fellow comrades. "Come on fellows, we have zombies to kill."