Hello! I believe, we left our heroes killing those clown things right? Well, might as well continue.


The American slaying machine fired a Sonix grenade and watched twelve zombies explode. "Ha ha! Bow before my heavy metal!"

He reloaded and fired another. "I could do this all day!"


The Imperial soldier reloaded his EPC-WN and popped another headshot. "Pure honor, entering your head at 4000 feet per second!" he yelled in his proud Japanese voice.

He pulled out the RPK and said, "Full auto honor!" He emptied the clip and placed in another. "I am surrounded!"


The drunk Russian placed in another SPAZ-24 shell and pumped the action. "I'll put you brains on the outside!" he yelled at the approaching zombies.

He pulled the trigger and watched them disintegrate. "Like the fist of Stalin, up your ass!" he yelled.

He got hit and another slugged him. "Fuck!" he yelled as they swarmed him.


Dempsey turned and saw his Russian comrade had gotten downed. "I'm coming buddy!" yelled Dempsey.

He raced over and fired a Sonix grenade. It blew apart the crowd near Nikolai, but more were still coming.

Suddenly, Takeo came racing over, holding a Monkey Bomb. "Time to use the monkey of honor!" yelled the Japanese man.

Dempsey gave a sideways glance to him and said, "Where've you been hiding that thing? Never mind, I don't want to know."

Takeo threw the Monkey Bomb and every zombie in the area came running to it. Dempsey ran over to his buddy and sank a syringe into him. "Get up man!" he yelled at the Russian.

Nikolai stood up and said, "What? Oh, I was only taking nap."

Richtofen came over and said, "Anyone got any bright ideas?"

Dempsey thought for a second and said, "The Ferris Wheel!"

The group ran up the steps of the platform and ran inside of the car. "Push the button!" yelled Dempsey. Richtofen slammed his fist into the large red button and the car lurched forward.

"Oh great plan American" said Richtofen. "Now ve'll just end up in ze same damn place ve started at."

Dempsey scowled and said, "Hey, we still got the Pack-a-Punch machine."

Nikolai placed in his HK-21 and said, "Well line up. We don't have that long to get ready."

He pulled out the H115 Oscillator and said, "Machine gun fun! Hey that rhymed!"

Takeo placed in his RPK and said, "This thing needs an upgrade!"

The samurai pulled out the R115 Resonator and said, "Raining death!"

Richtofen placed in both his G11 and Ray gun and said, "The voices demand you hurry up!"

He pulled out both the G115 Generator and Porter's X2 Ray Gun and said, "Porter, vhoever you are, thank you."

Dempsey placed in the Sonix Launcher and said, "What the hell? Roll the dice!" He pulled out the upgraded version and studied it. It was the same size, but a few more knobs and dials had been added to it. The silver color was a little reddish now, and the handle had a skull on it.

The Marine laughed and said, "This'll spray their blood all over the place!"

Richtofen looked over the side of the car and said, "Vow, dere iz a shitload of them." The entire pavilion was flooded with the zombies, all just standing there, waiting.

Dempsey fired a Skullcrusher grenade and made a few blew up. "Our guns still work!" he yelled at the others. Richtofen loaded up dozens of zombies with his G115 and said, "No longer vill you hurt ze Doctor's feelings."

Nikolai took a final swig of vodka and scowled. Empty. He pulled out his claymores and said, "Guys, set up your claymores as soon as we get there."

They nodded and pulled out the mines.

The Ferris Wheel stopped and they all ran forward. They hurriedly placed the mines at the top of the stairs and ran back to the car.

"Ass kicking time!" yelled Dempsey. Nikolai growled and said, "Come on zombies. I just ran out of vodka, so I'm in the mood for a massacre."

Richtofen hefted his Ray Gun and said, "Time for balls to fly!" Takeo raised the Resonator and said, "Honor is in no short supply, so line up!"

The zombies ran up the stairs and exploded. Claymores. The group began shooting and didn't stop. It was a wall of bullets meeting a train of zombies.

Dempsey reloaded the Skullcrusher and swore. Last mag. He hung it aside and pulled out the upgraded Sonix Launcher, now called the Mach Rocket. "Fuck you all!" he yelled firing a grenade.

Nikolai slid in another shell and said, "Running low!" Takeo reloaded the Resonator and said, "Pull out the Oscillator!" Nikolai rolled his eyes and said, "No shit."

Richtofen popped in another Ray Gun cartridge and kept firing. "Too bad this gun doesn't really exist" he muttered.

Dempsey fired another grenade and the shockwave rocked the car. "They're everywhere!" yelled the Marine. Nikolai slid in another mag and said, "Oh shit!"

The Ferris Wheel lurched and went forward. Dempsey looked at Richtofen and said, "What the hell man? I was still good." Richtofen raised his hands and said, "Not me."

Takeo shook his head and said, "Me neither." Nikolai shrugged and said, "No dice."

Dempsey sighed and reloaded. "Whatever" he muttered. The team reloaded and the Ferris Wheel stopped.

"Wow, we're already back?" asked Nikolai. Takeo went over to the edge and looked down. Nausea forced him backwards and he said, "We are not back."

Dempsey looked out and saw they had stopped exactly at the top. He looked down and saw the entire carnival, with all the gates and barriers. "This is weird."

He walked back and said, "You think those clowns shut off the power?"

Takeo shook his head and said, "No, the lights were still on."

Nikolai sniffed and said, "I smell bacon."

Richtofen stopped and said, "Where?"

Nikolai shrugged and replied, "No idea. It smells really good though."

Richtofen's eyes widened and he yelled, "Shit!"

Then the lightning bolt silenced them all.

That is it! It's over! HA HA! Well, until I get over myself and publish the SEQUEL! Ya, I'm writing another! It'll say so in the description, so bye for now!