2 years after the war

Molly Weasley put the mash on the stove in preparation for Ron's 20th birthday get together. She was just putting the turkey in the oven when George bounced down the stairs. "Fred, will you degnome the garden?" she asked George absentmindedly as she tended to the turkey.

George stopped. Tears welled up in her eyes as Molly realized what she had said. She dropped the spoon she was using, and put her hands over her mouth as a strangled sob escaped her lips. George said nothing, only crossed the room and gathered his weeping mother in his arms for a hug.

"George," Molly said, "I'm sorry. Oh, Georgie."

A small smile appeared on his face as a tear slid down his freckly cheek. Pressing his mother against him, he whispered, "Honestly woman, you call yourself our mother."