Alright so this is my first story and it isn't much. A few things first though, one this is going to be a godlike naruto story so if you don't like stories like that don't read it. Second he is going to be vary ooc. He has been alive for thousands of years and anyone who acts the way he does in the cannon and has lived that long needs to be killed.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." A voice cried out again and again. A young man looked around as if to identify the voice. He was tall, muscular but not too much so. Like an Olympic runner, built for speed and not power. He had long hair that traveled to his waist; it was platinum blond with graying roots, one of the only thing that showed his true age, though the tips of his hair where a deep crimson color. His skin was tanned, though he never tried to have it so. His face was set into a frown and the voice. He only had one eye showing, the other covered by a patch. The eye you could see was ocean blue, like a deep pool of wisdom that appeared beyond his years. The eye patch was simple black and had the kanji for nine on it. His clothes were pretty standard, black shinobi pants and a crimson gi.

The man looked around again as the voice continued its cry and he started walking in the direction of its source. Around him was pitch black, and each of his steps was accented with a gentle splash signifying the water at his feet.

After what seemed like forever to the man he came upon a cage. Shaking his head he stepped inside and, seemingly knowing where he was going, headed off into what seemed to be a random direction with great purpose. After a little longer of walking he came upon a woman hugging a small child. The only thing you could see of the woman was her striking red hair, surprisingly the same color of the tips of his. The boy however you could see his sun blond hair and malnourished body as he was hugged, his eyes open wide to reveal the same ocean blue eyes as the man as if he was not use to this. The little boy pulled away and looked at the woman who was still crying and saying she was sorry over and over again and asked one question.

"Why are you sorry Kyuu-chan, you haven't done anything." If anything the woman seemed to cry harder.

"But don't you see Naru-kun, it's because of me you have lived such a horrid life. It's my fault you are hated and scorned. My fault that you are beat upon and tortured. My fault that you… you… your dead." They boy's eyes widened at that and the man felt tears in his as the world faded around him, stopping around the woman and child for a second as if to accent what she had just said before they too faded and the world to him went black.

Naruto cursed as he sat bolt up, his hand going for one of the two swords on the ground next to his sleeping bag. He looked around for a second before setting the sword down with a sigh. He mumbled something about 'damn gods' and 'cant even give a full job description' as he fell back on the soft lump of grass that was serving as his pillow.

He looked up at the sky and smiled sadly, how long had it been since that day, how long since he cast aside his mortality for a second chance, how long since he died. He didn't know anymore how long ago that had been, to much time was in between here and then for him to remember. To many friends, to many loves, to many lives. A warm feeling spread through him and he smiled at his 'prisoners' attempt to cheer him up from his momentary slump.

He stayed on the ground for a little longer but as the sun peeked over the horizon he knew he would not fall asleep again. He stood up and stretched for a second before going over to his bag and pulling out his usual clothes. It was a pair of traditional shinobi pants in black, a crimson gi, and a white hori with a crimson fox on the front with its nine tails wrapped around where his heart would be and the kanji for mirror on the back in a soft, almost white itself, blue. After slipping that on he pulled on a pair of wooden geta before rolling up his sleeping bag and tying it with a string. He shouldered his pack and touched his eye patch before walking off, not that he had anywhere to go. It had been many, many years since he had actually been in a town larger than a small village. In fact, he thought putting his finger to his chin as he walked, the last time he was in a large village was they day he named his daughter as his successor, right before telling them that his time to leave had finally come. No one had stopped him, not that they could have, but they understood. He was old although he didn't look it and the only person that had any kind of real tie to him was his daughter, her mother having died a month earlier, and the knew he couldn't stay anymore to protect them. They gave him their best wishes and his daughter gave him a tearful hug, telling him that if she saw 'Anko kaa-san' before him, as was likely due to the whole immortality thing, that she would tell her that he loved her. He smiled at the memory, it was the last truly good memory he had of any of his family, he had actually tracked down one of his decedents once a few hundred years ago just to see how his line was holding up. Wouldn't you know it but the little brat was making a name for himself in today's military, he was called something like 'Fullsteel' or 'Ironmetel' he couldn't remember any more but he had stayed out of his great great great great… grandson's life, just happy that his decedents were doing what their hearts wanted.


Naruto looked around for a second before shrugging and walking on as if hehadn't heard anything. He got a few steps before a light shone through thetreetops.

"Damnit brat when I call you your supposed to stop."

Came an angry female voice, Naruto just laughed before shaking his handsas if to ward off a blow. "Sorry, sorry Kami-chan but I was a little distracted,plus its so fun seeing you get all worked up like that." He said with a grin

before a female figure stepped out of the light and bopped him on the head.

He laughed at her as he rubbed the spot where she hit him and she sighed. She looked to be about twenty-nine, had long black flowing hair, and piercing golden eyes. Her clothes was and elegant white kimono with a black tree like pattern on it and a purple obi around her waist.

"Enough fooling around Naruto, you have work to do."

He raised an eyebrow in question. "Oh really, I have been keeping an eye on things here and it seems rather mellow. Nothing seems to be wrong." Even before he finished the woman was shaking her head.

"No not here somewhere else, somewhere in a different dimension. There is someone going after my seat. They don't have a chance in hell of beating me but the way he is going to do it will kill many innocents."

At this Naruto growled. If there was one thing he hated most it was the killing of innocent people. He had been through to many wars, seen to much bloodshed for him to condone anything like it. Well that and he was Kami's avatar on earth so it was sort of in his job description to do two things, protect the innocent and stop people who got too power hungry, as in going after the god's throne like this person he was being told of. Then as he was thinking of his job description something that she had said caught his attention.

"Wait… wha… wait, what do you mean another dimension?"

Kami chucked at his flabbergasted expression. "What you really think that this is the only place with people. No I created many others, it might sound strange but watching only one world isn't that hard and it gets boring, so I made more though most don't have the problems this one did. However every so often something like this happens and I have to take actions, but seeing as how my father decided that no gods should be able to meddle in the affairs of humans I had to chose champions like you to help. Enough with the history lesson though, I need to tell you about this place your going too, also since it will still be like ten years before you have to go I am going to give you a surprise for how well you have been doing your job.

Kami smiled at him, and it wasn't a female's usual smile that made most men scared of what they where thinking. No this was a smile that told Naruto that she knew he was going like what she did. She held her hand out to him and he took it without question and offered her a kind smile, his eyes alight with curiosity over what the surprise was.

She gave him a soft chuckle and pulled him into the light. "Are you ready for another ten years in my court?

Naruto actually grimaced. "Aww do I have to, it's so boring there."

To this Kami actually laughed. "Don't worry I promise that it will be better." And with that she pushed what seemed to be a door open and stepped into what many would consider to be the most regal place ever. It was a large room with two rows of columns about ten feet from each other and from the sides of the room. At the far end where three thrones, one was bright silver in the middle of them, the one on the right was a crimson color and in it sat another woman who had on a kimono that was an exact negative of k=Kami's, this was Yami the goddess of darkness and the underworld. To the left was a pitch black throne and on it was a man, he wore an outfit like naruto's except his was all black and he wore a hamaka instead of shinobi pants, also his skin was a faint purple and he had two small horns on his head, this was the Shinigami who transported the souls of the departed to either heaven or the underworld.

But all this amazing stuff wasn't what Naruto was staring at. No his sight was focused on two people standing in the middle of the room staring at him as well. He fell to his knees, as if the sight of these two sucked all his strength from his body. He extended a hand forward, reaching out to the figures that started running toward him, he only said one thing.

"Anko, Natsumi."

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