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Benibara Distracted
"I would never leave my love alone. If we fight, we fight together. If fate decrees, let's die in each other's arms. I swear never to leave your side, even after my final breath.." - Benio Amakusa.

"For you, Arianne... together, we will fight for our never ending love," Benio said, to the girl she was rehearsing with. "When I take my last breath, we will not be parted, for I will stay by your side..."

All of the other girls watching, were in tears, for the love they had witnessed, was everything they had ever hoped would one day happen to themselves. Of course, that would never happen with a man, they would never truly understand a woman's heart, like Lady Benibara. Benio acted out the final moments of the scene, by gently caressing the cheek of the maiden she had chosen, with the golden curls of an angel.

"Our love will never die, I promise with my eternal soul..." Benio said, allowing her passion for theatre flow into her words. One would actually believe she loved this girl, even though she didn't.

The twelve other lucky girls watching clapped, tearfully, to applaud Benio for the beautiful performance. There was a round of, "You were wonderful, Lady Benibara!", "We love you Lady Benibara!" Benio smiled at her fans, for their applaud showed their love for her acting, and in turn, her smile was to show her love for each and everyone of them.

"Great work today, Benibara," Hinako said, in the changing rooms, once the rehearsals had ended.

"It was nothing," Benio muttered, with faux modesty.

Though, there were meager truth behind those words. Of late, rehearsals had become so predictable. Before casting the lead lady, Benio would chose the most beautiful maiden from the group of fans allowed to watch, she would act her heart out to her fans, then the girl would brag to all of her friends how Lady Benibara whispered sweet words in her ear. Months ago, this wouldn't have bothered Benio, she lived to please her fans, and further her future career.

"I bet rehearsals will be even better tomorrow," Chizuru said, while dabbing her own forehead with a towel.

"Of course they will," Benio muttered, paying more attention to gazing at the sky through the window, than to what her friends were saying.

"Are you okay?" Chizuru enquired.

Chizuru had noticed that Benio had been a little distant this morning, and there was of course yesterday, when she had to choose a maiden to stand in for the leading lady herself, because Benio apparently had to go through the script one last time.

"I am fine, as always," Benio replied, like it was nothing. The act was quite convincing, she was after all a great actress.

Chizuru and Hinako accepted this, because they believed the lie to be true. After all, it was quite easy to bend the truth, when pretending to be someone your not, is one of your passions, working in theatre did involve acting, and a lie was acting that those words were true.

Dorm 201, 8:06 pm

That night, in their dorm, the girls sat on the floor, appraising potential leading ladies for the performance. As the top three members of the Zuka Club, it was their job to make sure that all cast members gave off the right image. They couldn't let just anyone into it. Chizuru and Hinoku seemed more into it, than Benio was. Normally, Benio would enjoy looking at the pictures, appraising each girl. But tonight, she just wasn't feeling it.

"Ooo! This one might be good," Hinako said, waving around a picture of a brunette girl.

"Yes! She doesn't get involved with other club activities," Chizuru said, reading the notes about her.

"That golden haired maiden," Benio said, cutting through their judging like a knife through butter.

"Oh, Arisu, what about her?" Chizuru enquired, glancing over at the Lady of the Rose.

"With her soft skin, and high cheek bones," Benio replied, her voice flowing with the passion that her acting lacked of late. "Her poise and elegance is perfect for our leading lady."

"But, Benibara, this girl is perfect, her appearance compliments yours well," Hinaku said, holding out the photo.

Benio didn't look at the photo, instead, she stood and silently crossed the room. She placed her hand on the cold glass, looking up at the star scattered sky.

"Arianne is the pinnacle of maidenly beauty, flowing with poise, with every move," Benio said, allowing the vision in her mind to form in the shape of Arisu. "Her voice like a lullaby to soothe the pain that has engulfed the heart of Lord Frederic. Before she entered his life, he was nothing but a empty shell of a man, dashed on the craggy shores of fate."

Chizuru dabbed her tear soaked eyes, with a tissue. "That was beautiful!" Chizuru said, applauding Benio's description of Arianne.

Instead of sleeping later that night, Benio lay awake, thinking of her performance earlier. The image of a sweet young maiden flashed through her mind, with long brown hair, and eyes so beautiful, they were more radiant than the stars in the night sky. It could be love or desire, because her problem had gone on for nearly a month now, since their performance at Ouran Academy. There was no passion in her heart. In some ways, she thought herself to be like Lord Frederic in their performance. He lived a empty life, waiting for that one moment, that ignited the fire with in him, to help him continue on in the great adventure of life.

Rehearsal room, 11:13 am

Much to Benio's relief, there wouldn't be any fans watching today, now that the the cast was complete. The Lady of the Rose sat on the windowsill, her script resting on her lap, as she watched the cherry blossoms fall from the trees outside. Chizuru was rehearsing her part, with Hinako, and a girl with raven black hair, in their scene, Chizuru - playing the part of Arianne's mother, was telling Hinako - playing the maid, that Arianne had gone mad, and needed to be locked up, lest she do herself any harm.

"Half mad she was," Chizuru said, clutching the script to her chest. "Attacked me twice with a iron poker she did."

"Thrice," Benio said, cutting in. She turned her head, to look at the others. "The line is, "Half mad she was." You nod, to add emphasis, on how you believe your words to be true. Then, in a shocked tone, like such a action was in your opinion, uncalled for, do you say, "Attacked me thrice with a iron poker she did"." Benio then paused for a moment. "You're trying to convince the maid, and Frederic's mother, that your own daughter doesn't deserve the arranged marriage to Frederic, not gossiping with friends."

"You are right, Benio, of course," Chizuru said, accepting the fault in her acting. She cleared her throat, and rested the back of her hand on her forehead, like she might swoon and faint. "Half mad she was," Chizuru said, then nodding her head for emphasis. "Attacked me thrice..." she said, her tone shocked, like the next part was the worse thing imaginable. "With a iron poker, she did."

"Better," Benio said. She then returned to watching the cherry blossoms.

"But, Ma'am... what ever could we do?" Hinako said, lacking in enthusiasm.

"Am I working with amateurs?" Benio said, outraged at their poor performance. She stood up, walked over to Chizuru, to show them how it was done. "But, Ma'am..." Benio said, reaching her hand out to place her hand on Chizuru's shoulder, but paused when her hand is a couple of inches away from making contact. "What ever can we do?" Benio added, sound like all hope was gone.

"Ok, I'll try again," Hinako said, looking at her script again.

"I seriously doubt that," Benio thought. She let out a long sigh, threw her script on the floor, and left the room.

"What's wrong with Benio?" Hinako asked.

"No idea, she has been like this for nearly a month," Chizuru replied.

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