Disintegrate [dis-in-tuh-greyt] - to decay; fall apart; reduce to pieces

It was hard to breath. Her chest felt strained, like something was pushing against her ribs, restricting her ability to breath—breath in that lovely, fresh oxygen. Not like the air around her was that clear at the moment; but it would still beat not being able to breathe at all. Smoke swirled around the interior of the vehicle in curls and puffs. She could barely see her twin sister through the smoke, hanging from her seat belt next to her, unconscious. Her head was bleeding, and the velvety red liquid dripped through her brown hair and onto the top of the car.

Seeing this, her mind finally registers that the blood is dripping up, and that they're sitting upside down in their seats. And that's why she can't breathe, because the seats belt is pushing into her stomach and chest. With a small groan, she reaches a shaking hand to her side and pushes a finger against the red ejection button for her seat belt. She falls, landing on the cars ceiling with a thud. Lifting her head, she turns it towards her sister once more, and begins to lift herself up and crawl over towards the unmoving body.

"Kururi," she murmurs, and presses a timid finger against her sisters cheek. When she receives no reaction, she reaches around her sister and presses her ejection button, catching her sister as she falls from her upside down position.

There is blood.

There is a lot of blood.

The side of her sisters head is lined with small glass fragments, blood pooling out of the both large and small wounds. She tightens her arms around her sisters torso and furrows her eyebrows.

"Kururi!" she repeats, louder this time. Still her sister lay unmoving in her arms. Mairu stares down at her sister, trying to find any sort of movement—any breathing—any little twitch that would let her know that her sister is alive.

"Girl!" A male's voice shouts from somewhere behind her, but she ignores it, focusing her attention purely on her twin.

"Little girl! You have to get away from the car!"


She can't die.

Her fingers quiver as her runs them over her sisters lips. There's no breath. Nothing.


"Little girl!"

This can't be–

She can't believe her sister is–

This is impossible.

"The car is on fire! You have to get out of there!" The voice continues to yell.

"Kururi!" She yells, grabbing her sisters shoulders and shaking her frantically.


Her shout is silenced by a loud explosion.

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