Large red eyes snapped up at the soft voice. The young boy smiled at the sight of his mother, and he stands up from his position on the ground, stepping over the scattered toys to reach the women. "Mom!"

The dark-haired women crouches down in front of her son, being careful not to rustled the two infants in her arms as she did so.

"Izaya, I want you to meet your new siblings," she says in that tender, loving voice that she always uses when she's talking to her son. Izaya peers down at the two small children in her arms. They're both wrapped in pink cliche baby blankets and snoozing softly.

"What are their names?" he asks softly.

"This," his mother says with a gesture of her head to the baby in her right arm, "is Mairu."

"Mairu..." Izaya says slowly, staring down at the sleeping babe with curious eyes.

"And this - " his mother continues with a gesture of her head to the other infant. "This is Kururi."

Izaya smiles. "Mairu and Kururi; I like them."

"I'm glad," his mother says with a gentle laugh. Just then, Izaya's dad steps into the doorway and scowls down at the mess on the floor before pointed a finger at his son.

"Clean up your mess," he grunts at Izaya. "You know I don't like when you leave your crap laying around."

Izaya's smile drops but he nods and moves to clean up the mess; while his father leads his mom off to their home nursery.

He loves the fact that he will have two little sisters. He can't help smiling at the thought of being the elder sibling - teaching them the ropes and teasing them playfully.

But he's worried too.

Once all his toys are picked up, Izaya sneaks off towards his sister's nursery, cracking the door open and peering inside. Inside, his mom and dad are huddled over the twin-styled double crib, whispering to each other. They are both smiling - they look so happy.

And Izaya's happy too.

He just doesn't want to be forgotten...




"Good evening, this is Orihara Hideaki. I am not able to pick up my phone at this time, but leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I—"

Izaya ends the call quickly, not wanting to hear the annoying women's voice that pops up after his dads voice mail message to ask him whether he would like to leave a message of his own. He knew even if he did that his dad would not call him back. His dad never answered his calls or called him back when he did call; instead he completely ignored his son. Izaya didn't know why he was still trying to contact his father.

"Still no answer?" his assistants' voice says from the couch area. Izaya, who is sitting at his desk, turns in his chair to face his assistant with a smile and a small shrug.

"Yeah," he says, then adds with a dismissive wave of the hand: "but that doesn't matter. He's probably busy."

"I don't think he's busy," she says quickly in reply. Izaya feels his smile drop momentarily.

"He is," Izaya retorts. "He would pick up otherwise."

"It's obvious why he isn't picking up," she continues; though now she lifts herself from her place on the couch and makes her way over to Izaya's desk, where she rests both palms on the top of the black painted wood and looks Izaya in the eye.

Izaya doesn't falter from her gaze. He smiles again. "Oh?" he inquires with the tilt of his head. "Then would you please tell me why he wouldn't pick up for his beloved son?"

"Izaya," Namie groans out, almost sounding irritated, "don't play this bullshit 'I'm so innocent' game with me. You know why your dad refuses to talk to you."

Izaya rolls his eyes, leaning back in his chair. "I didn't do anything."

And then Namie smiles; or Izaya thinks it's a smile. It's more like a slight upward twitch of the lips. "I know you didn't," she says, reaching out and running her thumb across Izaya's cheek bone. Izaya moves away from the touch with furrowed brows, and Namie withdraws with a sigh. "You don't have to worry about him because you did nothing, and you know you didn't. He's just being selfish."

"He will be forced to call me back eventually," Izaya sighs, turning his chair away from the women to face his window. The sun should be going down soon; the sky is growing dimmer. "You should head out for the day, I can take care of the rest of the work on my own."

But, instead, Namie makes her way around the desk and rests her hands on his shoulders from over the back of his chair. Izaya jumps, surprised, but Namie's pressing fingers keep him from getting up from his seat.

"What's with you today?" Izaya sneers, eyes narrowing at Namie's reflection in the window.

"You know," Namie whispers, right in Izaya's ear. The hot breath that fans over Izaya's ear and cheek make the informant tense even more than he already was. "I came in for work the other day and I heard you and Shizuo."

Izaya presses his lips together tightly, silently watching his assistants reflection.

"I never knew you could show someone such a vulnerable side of you," she goes on when he does not reply.

"How did we get on this subject?" Izaya cuts in before the women can say anything else. "We were talking about my father."

Namie is silent for a moment, until he gives a soft chuckle. "I'm just curious on how someone like him can get you to show that side of you."

Just then, Izaya's phone rings. The sudden loud beeping makes them both jump and Namie quickly peels herself and away from her boss so he can turn and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" Izaya answers, all the while keeping a close eye on his assistant.

When there's no answer on the other end aside from the deep breathing Izaya can hear, Izaya makes a face. "Hello?" he tries again.

He can still hear the deep breathing on the other end, but the person does not make a move to speak to him.

"Who is this?" Izaya asks, raising his voice a little.

Still no answer.

Izaya ends the call, irritated.

And it seems right when he presses the end up, the phone rings again, making the two in the room jump once again.

Izaya answers the phone again; but this time says nothing when he brings the phone to his ear. The sound of deep breathing continues through the speakers, and the person on the other stays silent.

"Hello?" Izaya tries, once again, even though he can already guess what the answer will be.


Izaya quickly presses the end button, dropping his phone onto his desk and pushing himself up from his seat. He doesn't bother grabbing the mobile device as he moves around Namie to grab his coat from a hook near the doorway.

"Where are you going?" she asks when Izaya shrugs on the material.

"Out," Izaya mumbles. "And you better be gone by the time I get back."

Namie silently watches as Izaya exits the apartment. A few moments later, Izaya's phone rings again. She glances down at the small device before she picks it up and presses the answer button, slowly bringing it to her ear.

"Izaya is not able to come to his phone at the moment, may I take a message?"

But no one answers her. Instead, she's greeted by a deep inhale of air and then a shaky exhale.

"Who is this?"

Laughter fills the speakers, and Namie has to yank the phone away from her head to keep herself from going deaf. When the laughing stops, and she brings the phone back to her mouth to speak but the dial-tone hits her ears. She's left standing there in silence, an uneasy feeling swirling in her stomach.

She moves the phone away from her ear and glares down at the device. Setting herself into Izaya's work chair, she skims through the informant's many contacts until she finds the one she wants and calls it without hesitantion.

"...Hello," a groggy tone comes through the speaker.

"Hello, this is Izaya's assistant," Namie says in reply.

"Why are you calling me?" the voice asks, confused. "And why are you calling from the flea's phone?"

"I have a gut feeling..."

"A gut feeling...?"

"Yes," Namie breathes, her own voice on the edge of worrisome. "Shizuo... I need you to find Izaya for me."


"I'm just feeling really uneasy... Someone called him three times today and said nothing. Maybe I'm just creeping myself out, but I think something might be going on."

Shizuo grunts at the other end of the phone, "Are you sure it just wasn't a prank call?"

"It scared me," Namie replied honestly. "Please, Shizuo, just go and find Izaya."