Six months after conquering the Saitama Prefecture, Project D went to defeat numerous teams around Japan. They stayed undefeated and broke countless street racing course records. Ryosuke Takahashi temporarily retires to begin his medical school studies. Having refined their racing techniques, the twin aces of Project D, Keisuke Takahashi and Takumi Fujiwara join the ranks of the professional racers, both at very young ages.

Meanwhile in Saitama, the races who composed the Northern Saitama Alliance decided to stick together and take on other challengers.

Attempting to take advantage of the Saitama's shattered confidence after losing soundly to Project D, Team Emperor of Nikkio have challenged the shattered Alliance in a series of 3 matches.

No members of the Saitama alliance have been the same mentally after the defeat of Project D, especially the former uphill ace Kyoko Iwase…..

Chapter I: Taste of Saitama.

A beautiful summer night fell over the Saitama prefecture. A crisp clean air devoid of any annoying insects or bugs. The group of Saitama races gathered at the Hyobu tea house. Overall the teams confidence had been low since the dismantling they suffered at the hands of Project D.

"Kyoko-Chan!" Someone cried out. "Some of us are going up the mountain for a drive and then stopping at the diner for some food. Want to join us?"

A girl. A simple girl who hated crowded areas looked up from her kneeling position near a Black FD RX-7. The crew despite their disposition, smiled as they offered Kyoko the invite.

"No," She responded. All too often with a negative response recently. "I am probably going to run the downhill course and call it a night."

"You sure? The Ohagi will taste really good. There is this new place…"

"Yeah. I'm sure. Thanks though." Kyoko responded.

"Suit yourself. You're more than welcome to join us later!"

"I just might!" she replied with a smile.

It wasn't that she did not want to join them. Her friends had been great, even when she rooted against them while they raced Project D. Even when she rooted for Keisuke Takahashi. She felt that she would be bad company, and knew that going with them would not cheer her up now.

Her friends got into the car and began talking as Kyoko looked into the stars above Japan, "My darling," she whispered to herself, "I wish I was with you tonight.."

There was the sound of a little bark at the feet of Kyoko. There was a dog with very muddy paw prints.

"Oh Charlie," Kyoko lowered to one knee and began to wipe the paws clean. "Looks like you and I are always getting into trouble."

"Arf! Arf!" the dog cried out in agreement.

Charlie is a Cavalier King Charles with brown and white spots. A small dog roughly the age of two. What differentiated Charlie from others of his breed is that he had a white spot on his forehead making him extra appealing. The group found Charlie at the end of the last spring, wondering around the parking lot of the course. Charlie was malnourished, dirty, and rail thin when they initially found him. The group had decided to adopt him, and Kyoko was glad they did, and together everyone took care of the little puppy.

Kyoko picked up Charlie off the ground and began to pet him. "You're really the only one who brings me comfort here, you know that?"

"Oi! Kyoko!" Her moment with Charlie was interrupted by the appearance of the two leaders of the Saitama Alliance.

"Oi Kyoko!" Nobuhiko Akiyama repeated. "I made the latest changes to the Cappuccino. Wataru and I are planning to go for a test run and see how she holds up."

Nobuhiko adjusted his glasses as he made reference to both his cousin and the pink mini-compact car they had purchased two months ago when Project D arrived.

"Nobuhiko is going to be driving the car while I follow in my Levin to see how it drives from behind," Wataru Akiyama joined in. The shoulder length hair and thin face made it easy to tell that he was related to Nobuhiko.

"Yes. That is why we need someone to ride shotgun with me and tape us with a camcorder, to film some of the action and see how the car rides on our course." Nobuhiko stated.

"Hai. Sure." Kyoko replied with a polite smile. The only thing in the past two months that really got her mind off Keisuke Takahashi was racing. Racing and driving her FD were her sanctuaries from the stress of real life, and the hobby had always been.

She had to admit she was glad to hear that Nobuhiko would be driving the Cappuccino instead of Wataru. It is not that he was a bad guy, but she was more comfortable with Nobuhiko because she had only known Wataru sporadically over the past six months and had never developed a comfort level with him.

"Great. We'll pull the car up while Wataru warms up his 86."

"Alright," Wataru replied as he walked away.

When Wataru left, Nobuhiko adjusted his glasses. "Hey. How are you holding up nowadays?" he asked with care.

"I'm getting back slowly," Kyoko paused. "It still hurts."

"Yeah. It will for awhile. The best thing you can do is try and move on, and limit those moments when you want to throw a pity party for yourself. Listen if you're…"

Suddenly Nobuhiko's cell phone began to ring.

With a somewhat annoyed sigh, Nobuhiko picked up the phone. "Hold on for a moment."

He answered. "This is Nobuhiko."

There was a pause as the person on the other line spoke. The leader of the Alliance listened and then blurted, "WHAT? This is bad news. Okay. I'll get everyone ready. Let them through. Hang tight."

Nobuhiko hung up the phone and then looked around the parking lot for the other drivers and friends of the Alliance.

"Everyone!" he cried out. Stopping those who were about to leave to grab food. "A group of Land-Evo cars are headed our way."

Soon the entire NW Alliance gathered around Kyoko and Nobuhiko.

"What's going on?"

"Who do you think it is?"

"It's gotta be Team Emperor."

Three members of the team looked at each other in disbelief. Nobuhiko began to rally the troops.

"If it's really Team Emperor. If it's really Team Emperor and they are looking for a match, then they are going to get one!"