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Shego had been listening to her five friends for at least an hour, and was pleased with some of what she'd heard, although some of her findings were bothersome, at the very least. One of the nurses had came in to check her vitals and noted she seemed to be on the path to waking up, but was sleeping based on the pulse and breathing rate. She'd also confirmed a few things JJ and TJ had asked Kim and Ron, which was a huge relief for the former thief. Man, I was messed up after this job, wasn't I? Something about the wording struck her as off, and she knew immediately that a large part of it was some of Princess' lingo slowly slipping into her own vocabulary. At the same time, calling it a 'mission' wasn't exactly incorrect when she viewed it in relation to her injuries.

Seven broken ribs, five of which had punctured her lung, a traumatic, complete, closed fracture of the left humerus, severe concussion, ruptured left eardrum, her liver split into three pieces, bruising of most of the bones in her torso, left arm and leg, a detached retina that they discovered with an MRI scan - that had thankfully healed all on its own - and a collection various small cuts, scrapes and bruises that happened during and directly after the explosion. There was also the cuts to access and remove the ribs from her lung and gluing of her left chest, which she knew about thanks to waking up mid-surgery. Nonetheless, she was shocked. When a goddamn electrical tower fell on her, she hadn't suffered that many, or that severity, of injuries! That a few kilos of plastic explosives could do that was shocking, to say the least.

Of course, she was thankful to hear that Kim and Ron had called her youngest brothers for advice. They were reasonably level headed - sometimes anyway - and had given them solid advice, which the hospital had believed and followed. And it sounds like I'm pretty much healed, just have to wait through an one or two nights of observation when I'm conscious. And, from what the nurse had told JJ, her spotter and the other men wounded at the warehouse and when the OWFL goons had tried to storm Ron's section of the train would all survive to fight another day.

After the nurse left, her friends had resumed their prior discussion, an animated one about their first experiences with Global Justice's worldwide Second Agent Basil William Du, and how he'd improved over the prior three months. Kim seemed to get quite a kick out of Will's actual first name, and Ron seemed to think it was a great name. Shego barely restrained herself from laughing at TJ's reaction, although JJ seemed to agree with Ron, on both philosophical grounds - that of never being normal - and on personal grounds.

"Ah think yoah both nuts." TJ chuckled, winking at Kim, "But Ah'll agree that it's not th' worst name in th' world!"

"Yeah..." Shego finally opened her eyes and spoke up, the pressure of remaining silent with the current topic of discussion too much. With a grin threatening the corners of her mouth, she continued, "He could've gotten a name like Shannon or Alice or Jody..."

"Shay!" Kim cried, seeming to appear by her bedside within the instant it took for Shego blink. The pale woman had taken in just enough breath to greet the red-head when two arms were around her neck, as if to assure the red-head she was really there and awake. Shego considered, briefly, making a mock show of wheezing at the tight squeeze, but just couldn't do that with Kim's reaction.

There were other greetings, from Ron, Rufus, TJ and JJ, but Shego's full attention was on Kim, and the tears she felt spilling from the red-head's eyes and falling onto her cheek. She knew she was watery eyed as well, but didn't care one whit; she was far too thrilled that the girl she loved was showing how much she cared for her! Nonetheless, she couldn't help but smiling and chuckling out, "Hey, I told you I'd see you in a few..."

This finally stopped Kim's heartfelt, if incoherent, babbling and she pulled back to regard Shego at arm's length, resting her hands on the older woman's shoulders. Shego began a smug smirk, but it died stillborn when she saw the serious gaze Kim was giving her, "I thought you meant a few minutes, maybe hours if we had to go through debriefing..." Kim half choked out, tears flowing more freely down her face, "Not a few days!"

"What can I say?" Shego shrugged, trying to maintain her bravado, before glancing at the others in the room, "Hey, guys, good to see yo-..."

"Shay..." Kim's voice cut the greeting off, and her tone cut any response from their friends off as well. Shego turned back, and saw Kim biting her lip, her head dropped forward enough that Kim's hair had half fallen into her face. The sight was demure, almost frightened, but there was a worried determination in those green eyes, "I..." Kim floundered slightly as she looked into Shego's eyes, and the pale woman almost mimicked the quick swallow Kim performed.

"What is it..." Shego almost used her favorite nickname, but something about the seriousness of the moment made her rethink it. Instead, she cocked her head slightly and regarded Kim with a worried half pout, "What's wrong, Kim?"

"I've... Ron and I both have been here so much the last few days... Worrying about you..." Kim stopped and closed her eyes, taking a breath and breathing it out before opening them again and favoring her with a serious, worried and somewhat scared gaze, "I know, being a hero, or just doing the job you're being paid to do is dangerous, but... If you can... Please, don't worry us like that again!"

"Well, if she's with you guys," JJ murmured, an interested but subdued look on her face, "And doin' things with you or doin' her for job, that's kind of a tall order..."

"What JJ said..." Shego said with an expression that mingled amusement, confusion and a bit of her own worry in one. She stopped with her mouth opening and closing as she realized that Kim's tears had, if anything, increased in volume and she'd leaned in closer.

"I know..." Kim's voice was barely above a whisper, but carried easily throughout the room, "I know..." She stopped and took another breath, as if steeling herself for something. When she spoke, it was with a firm, sure tone and she opened her eyes, staring deep into Shego's own, "I know it's only been a week, Shay... But we've known each other for a few years, and granted, we've been enemies for most of that... I liked how you were when you were Miss Go, even though I hated myself for wanting you to stay like that... And I know what I said on my Junior Prom night..." She flinched sligtly, as if thinking about it was painful, before pushing on, "But... But I realized, the day we got called on the mission... I love you too much to lose you, Shay..." She finished in a whisper, her voice pained and scared, but hopeful at the same time, "I love you..."

"You..." Shego breathed in shock, blinking against the blurriness of her own vision as tears tracked down Kim's beautiful face, "You love me, too? I mean... I..." Shego blinked, a single tear leaking from her eyes and crawling down the curve of her cheek, wondering if, hoping that, Kim would lean in and kiss her, to save her from embarrassing herself. Even so, she wore a surprised, soft smile as Kim reached up to wipe away that single tear, and realized the younger woman was waiting on her. It was Shego's turn to swallow against a lump in her throat, and when she had, she sighed out, "I... I love you too, Princess..."

The kiss that Shego had been hoping for was soft, Kim's firm lips pressing against hers feeling more like a warm, comforting, even protective embrace. There was a mingled gasp from TJ and JJ, but the moment was all but shattered as Ron and Rufus shared a quiet, but sharp, "Booyah!"

Kim and Shego separated by mutual, unspoken consent, flushing with a mix of happiness and embarrassment from Ron and Rufus' reactions. They turned to try and give them dirty looks, but the smiles on their faces wouldn't be denied. Nonetheless, the blond's fiancée turned to face him and sat on the edge of the security consultant's bed as if she were planning on staying there all day long, "Ron, we're having a moment here!"

"I'll say, darlin'!" TJ chuckled, earning a sharp elbow in the gut from JJ, "Oof, hey, now, Ah'm bein' serious, heah!"

"I'm sure, TJ!" Shego quipped, sticking her tongue out, "You and that whole southern gentleman bit don't fool me!" Ron, Rufus and JJ laughed, Kim smirked, and TJ looked wounded, raising a questioning eyebrow at the former thief, "Oh, come off it, you've always loved watching two hot women kiss!"

"Ah'm a red blooded Amer'can man, Shay..." TJ drawled with a chuckle, "Of course Ah'm gonna enjoy it!"

"Well!" JJ said while clapping her hands together gently, "Um... I guess you did have something important to tell my bud, didn't ya, Kim?"

"Yup." Kim all but preened, a big, happy smile on her face.

"So, KP..." Kim's smile froze on her face somewhat at Ron's surprisingly serious tone, and Shego turned to give him a curious, raised eyebrow stare. He seemed to ignore the mingled confusion - and near annoyance on Rufus' part - on everyone else's face, his concentration on his fiancée, "When were you plannin' on telling me you were in love with Shay?"

"Umm..." Kim hedged for a moment, glancing at Shego, who now wore an expression of mirth at Ron's question and Kim's almost worried look, "I kinda planned to tell you when I told Shay?"

Ron's serious look seemed to melt at Kim's questioning answer, his normal goofy smile dwarfed by the grin he wore when he replied with a relieved, "Oh, okay!" He made a show of wiping his brow and flinging away sweat, "I was starting to worry there for a minute!"

"Ronald Stoppable!" Kim groused, standing up and pouting at him as she stalked forward, "That was absolutely mean!"

She stopped in front of him with her hands on her hips and leaned down with her face directly in front of his, and he just kept smiling as he looked at her, "Yup, but y'know what, KP?"

"What?" she queried, her pout intensifying a bit.

"It got you close enough for this..." With that, he leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, chuckling lightly when he pulled back, "I love you, Kim Possible, and thank you for being honest and not hiding it from me."

"Oh..." Kim flushed a deep crimson, standing and glancing back at Shego, who was chuckling at the whole situation. She smiled bashfully and hid her face behind her hair as she sat back down on Ron's lap, giggling a bit as he hugged her close and looking around as if she'd forgotten there was an audience. "You're welcome, Potential Boy..." she half whispered after a moment, leaning back against him and gazing at Shego with the same kind of gaze she would normally reserve for Ron.

"Well..." JJ blinked several times, shaking her head and still looking shell shocked, "I wasn't expecting that when Kim mentioned she needed to talk to you, Shay..."

"Neither was I..." Shego quipped, smiling at her friend. Then the smile congealed as Kim raised a questioning eyebrow, "What? I was just enjoying the conversation!"

"Without saying you were awake..." Kim grunted, annoyed, and seemed about to add more, but a nurse interrupted them.

"Oh, you're avake!" The woman spoke with an almost girlish pitch, yet her accent and the seriousness of her tone of voice belied her voice's apparent innocence. She had a button nosed cuteness to her, and while short, she couldn't be called petite with her wide hips and strong looking frame, "Let me ket Dr. Givens, he vill vant to chack your progress..."

"And I guess that's everyone's que to take off?" Shego asked, obviously disappointed.

"I vill giff you a vew moments vith your friends, ma'am..." the nurse smiled, nodding at them.

"Ah, JJ 'n' Ah're plannin' on hittin' the 'Fest, Darlin'..." TJ said to Shego as the nurse left the room, "An' Ah'm sure yoah wantin' t' spend th' next few minutes talkin' t'yoah girlfriend an' her fiancé..."

"Yeah..." Shego nodded, favoring her friends with a nod and a smile, "If I'm let out tonight, we'll get together for a few drinks, right?"

"As you'd say, 'Doy!'..." JJ chuckled, then grimaced slightly, "Er, if you still say that, girl..."

"Oh, she does!" Kim chirped happily, winking at the older woman and giving her a big smile, "Give me your number and I'll let you guys know what's going on."

"Okay." JJ agreed, and the two women shared numbers.

"She tells me she loves me, and she's already getting other women's numbers!" Shego groused playfully, winking at her old friend and Kim, and earning a chuckle from the three men in the room.

"Oh, yes," Kim rolled her eyes playfully, "Because I just declared loving you to get with your old friends!"

Everyone laughed before TJ and JJ left, leaving a somewhat nervous Kim and Shego, and a relaxed, obviously happy Ron and Rufus in the room. After a moment, Shego gave her girlfriend - she knew it would take a while to get used to that - a serious look and asked, "Are you sure you want this, Kimmie?"

Kim returned her serious look and grabbed Ron's hand, standing and pulling him with her to stand beside Shego's bed. She reached out to gently grasp one of the older woman's hands, who grasped hers in return and smiled, "As sure as I was when I said 'Yes!' to Ron..."

Shego searched her face, and looked deep in her eyes, relaxing slightly when she saw the truth there. Closing her eyes and giving Kim's hand a squeeze, she schooled her nerves into a relaxed state and murmured, "If you're sure, so am I." She opened her eyes and looked between her two friends, one of whom was the woman she was in love with, and gave them a crooked half smile, "I mean that, Kimmie... I love you. I don't know for how long, exactly, but... Like you said, it may have only been a week, but... I think, what you meant with my mind-fucked self, that you could like her, but not... More than that?"

Kim nodded, a gesture shared by Shego, "Then... I promise, I'll try not to get hurt like this again. If you two..." She saw Rufus give her a slightly narrowed eye stare, and chuckled, "Three, sorry, promise the same thing."

"Of course!" the three of them responded, then chuckled, Kim continuing, "Of course, Shego... I wouldn't ask that without offering the same thing."

"Yeah!" Ron and Rufus cheered enthusiastically, Ron reaching out to cover Kim's hand, and Rufus scampering down to put his little paw on his human's hand.

"Thanks, guys..." Shego sighed, "Hey, Ronnie?" When the blond grunted, she took that as having his attention and continued, "I... I'm not sure what I feel for you, beyond, well... You're cool, you're a friend... You're as good a kisser as Kimmie..."

Kim blushed and glanced at the grinning Ron with a slightly embarrassed air, before smiling and muttering, "Well, from what Will said, you had to have luck like Ron's, with the explosives in that car!"

"Glad it worked..." Shego snickered, but schooled her face into seriousness, "But, I... I promise, Ron, I'm trying to work through all the confusion I feel about you. I don't know if I can feel for you what I do for Kimmie, but..."

"Don't worry, Shay..." Ron squeezed both hands under his gently, to emphasize his point, "Like Sensei said when I asked him if he knew of a good time to ask Kim to marry me, 'If you try and stop the rain from falling, you'll only get wet.'" Ron's face seemed puzzled, but then brightened, as if an answer had finally struck him, "I think what he meant, is not to force anything, to just let it happen and do what it will, and you'll be better off." Ron nodded in satisfaction, and his smile was soft and caring, "Like I said with KP, well, with a little addition: just don't hide it from me, from yourself, or from Kim, and neither will I. I promise, 'kay?"

"I will, and I promise..." Shego intoned solemnly, then glanced at the door, "And I see Dr. Givens coming."

"We'll wait in the cafeteria, let us know what the word is, 'kay?"

"'Kay, Princess..." she gave one last squeeze and drew Kim in for a quick, chaste kiss, "I'll talk to you guys later... Love you, Kimberly Possible."

"Love you too," Kim said with a big smile, "Shay Gottlieb..."

"See ya in a bit!" Ron chuckled, giving Shego's hand a pat and squeeze when Kim finally let go, before winking at her and following Kim out of the room.

Shego sighed happily as she watched them go, admiring Kim's retreating backside, and giving Ron's a considering gaze, Yeah... Filling out nicely indeed...


Joss swam through the morass that was that hazy place between consciousness and wakefulness. The latest mission had been a toughie, involving Mego and the Wegos of Team Go, and they'd been trying to stop Adrena Lynn and her new partner in crime, Ollie McTwist. Lynn, it seemed, had taken to a harder approach to life after prison, despite her sentence being commuted to time served by a slick lawyer, and had been trash talking extreme sports, and adventurism in general.

She'd also seemed to have conquered her fear of heights and injury, either in prison or after it, with the help of her new partner. Ollie McTwist had been not only an inventive genius, but a top flight pro skateboarder for several years. Unfortunately for him, he'd been summarily kicked out of the sport for at least a year due to cheating, using his inventiveness to secretly add technology to his skateboard and gear to help him perform tricks. Some of his tricks had been seemingly impossible, and it had been said that, if he'd have approached the skating world openly, his inventions would have been embraced.

In point of fact, there had been talk of bringing him back in the sport to do just that. But he'd been too angry, and had decided to strike out on his own. When he'd failed, multiple times, to garner sponsorship for his own brand of extreme stunts, he'd spotted Lynn's blog. He'd almost immediately fallen into complete and utter agreement with her, and within a week, they'd met face to face, an come up with a grand scheme, including the name of 'The XtrEmE Duo'.

With the rebuilding going on, the X-Games and all of its sponsors had decided to hold a free for the public competition near Go City, and the terrible duo had planned to crash it. They'd also kidnapped a few of the most popular sports figures from the event, threatening them with a rather mad scientist like death ray if they didn't sign on to Ollie's newest league. Fortunately, Joss, and felix had stopped him; unfortunately, he and Adrena had gotten away, despite Felix nearly capturing them with his chair.

They'd only gotten away by knocking his chair's rockets out, and he'd managed to survive by landing on slope side a half pipe. When he realized where he was, he couldn't resist performing a double backflip as he left the other side. He'd come down to land solidly on the top of the half pipe, to the cheers of the crowd, the banging of skateboards on the ramp, and the thanks of the skaters he and Joss had saved.

Lynn and McTwist had come back, but they hadn't counted on most of Team Go joining Team Possible Bravo, as Joss had taken to calling her and Felix. They'd come back with what they called their 'XtrEmE Gear', a set of protective gear that was all but powered armor. It included rocket powered roller blades, a rocket pack, and, of all things, a grapnel gun. Joss had earned herself her first villainess arch-rival that day by comparing the former stuntwoman's gear to her cousin Kim's. She'd also taken the hardest punch she'd ever taken, and had given back as much as she got.

Unfortunately, the duo had, once again, gotten away. But this time it was due to the unintentional interference of Hego, of all people, chasing after Aviarius. The two had burst through the sky, Hego being dragged by Aviarius' latest device, the 'Kondor of Destruction'. It was a robotic, jet powered, condor shaped flying robot, and when they'd flown through the air above the venue, they had gotten between Felix - and Joss flying along with him - and the XtrEmE Duo.

But... She'd enjoyed the fight, and the comedown from the normal shakes she got after an adrenaline high. The comedown had only happened after she and Felix had gotten back to their hotel room, and she'd pounced him in an impromptu, if somewhat tame, makeout session. The action had allowed her to calm her adrenaline over time, instead of cutting it all at once, and now she basked in the afterglow.

Who'd'a' thought that a bit a' makin' out'd calm me down without the shakes? she asked herself with a mental snort of amusement, before snuggling a little more comfortably against the solid, well built chest beneath her cheek. His hands were still under her shirt, resting just under her full bosom, and she sighed in deep contentment, happy that she'd at least gotten this close to the man she'd come to like, desire, and now love. She smiled and murmured to him, sounding almost as if she were talking in her sleep, "Love ya, 'Lex..."

"Really?" Felix chuckled vaguely, half asleep himself, but awake enough to lean forward and kiss the top of her head, "I love you too, Joss..."

Joss heard the words and blinked several times, her desire for sleep forgotten. Normally, Felix would murmur something like 'Mmmhmm...' or 'I'm gettin' there, Joss...", but he'd never outright said it. Against her contentment's protests, she levered herself up, ending up looking down at him, hoping, praying, that she didn't see any hint of kidding, or insincerity in his face. When she saw that the man she loved was barely half awake, himself, and that he was dragging himself from the same state she'd been in a moment earlier, she knew the declaration was undeniable: he'd spoken the truth from his heart, without his mind interrupting the comment.

"Um..." Felix's voice seemed nervous as he stared at the intent gaze above him, and he reached back to scratch at his neck as Joss' eyes narrowed slightly.

"How long?" She asked, her tone neutral.

"Honestly?" Felix sighed, dropping his hand to the side of her face, "I wasn't sure, really, 'til tonight. Just... The fact that I know how much you say you love me, how much you want the... Physical side of things to progress, but you never asked once for more than I feel comfortable giving..." Felix drew her in to give her a kiss on the lips, "It kinda helped me know that I really do love you..."

"That..." Joss shook her head as she smiled down at him, leaning in to touch her forehead to his as he ran his hands up along her back under her shirt, "Is the most r'dic'lously roun'about way a' sayin' somethin' like that I've ever heard..."

"Well..." Felix started, but was silenced by Joss' lips on his.

"And..." she whispered when she finally broke the kiss, her eyes shimmering in the light of some late night infomercial, "Pro'lly one'a the mos' romantic things I've heard d'rected at me..."

"Thanks. I think?" Felix chuckled when Joss poked his belly, his smile becoming devious as he brought his hands to the side of her waist.

She was just leaning in to kiss him again when he began to tickle her, and she let out a girlish roar of giggles. He stopped just long enough to lift her up so she could straddle his hips, and just as she began to catch her breath, he tickled her again. "C'mon, 'Lex, sto-... Stop it!" She struggled a bit, her shirt riding up far enough that the fabric got caught in her underside of her bra.

"Why?" he chuckled up at her, lessening his tickling to soft, fingertip caresses of her firm, muscular abdomen, trailing his hands around to her sides and the small of her back, before moving around to just under her bra clad breasts, "I thought you liked me touching you?"

"Oh, God..." Joss choked as his fingertips brushed along the underside of her breasts, "Don' tell me y'all're gonna stop with that?"

"I don't know..." Felix murmured as he leaned up to kiss her neck, smiling as she groaned, "You're still under the age of consent..." Nonetheless, he traced his fingers around the underside of her bra, half a fingertip touching fabric, half skin. She pulled back slightly, stopping his rearward progress to doff her shirt, almost glaring challengingly at him.

"An' I tol' ya, my daddy don' care what we do t'gether, 's long as ya care for me!" Joss growled, her eyes serious as she stared down at him.

"I..." Felix forced the words against a suddenly dry mouth as he reached the rear clasp of her bra, "I'm not ready for that with you yet, Joss..." He grasped her bra's strap, looking at her in the eye and making sure it was alright to proceed. She nodded and, with shaking fingers, the teen released the strap and let it go, the bra now sagging loosely in front of her frame, "But... I'm not afraid of this much, for now..."

Joss dropped her hands to the side, allowing the bra to slide off and reveal her sizable bosom to her boyfriend. She was proud of her body, but especially her breasts; at 36C - or a small 36D, depending on the bra manufacturer - they were large, especially for her age. But, thankfully, they were firm and while they were heavy, they were not unreasonably so, and in no way saggy. not to mention, she loved how they'd jiggle when she ran! Even if overdoing it in the wrong bra could be painful...

Granted, when she'd been younger, her nipples and areola had been larger than she'd have preferred - the latter the size of a silver dollar - but as her breasts had grown, they had fit the new size perfectly. The nipples were smallish in comparison, a little larger than a pencil eraserhead, but the color of both were what she considered a perfect rosy pink. She also loved that, on the whole, her breasts were very responsive, and the areola tended to shrink to just a little larger than the base of the nipple when hard, thickening the nubs to the size of her index finger to the first knuckle! To top it off, when her nipples were as hard as they were now, they were so delightfully sensitive. She'd even brought herself to orgasm by stimulating them while imagining men touching her!

She knew, as she felt his hands gently caressing her flesh, bringing his hands back towards the front, that he could do it to her. None of the other boys she'd done things with had, but they were too young to appreciate and tease as Felix seemed to enjoy. Their hands had been clumsy, questioning and sometimes rough, but as Felix stopped his hands right at the edge of her breasts and all but tickled the flesh, she knew he was different. "I-I'm glad, 'Lex..." she stuttered, her voice catching as he gently traced his thumb up her breast to tease around the rapidly hardening peak, "I want ya t'be ready... T' wanna do it 's much as I do, baby..."

"Thank you, Joss..." he whispered in a husky tone, leaning forward as if to capture the rosy nub in his mouth, "You won't have to wait too long... I love you, babe..."

"Oh, God..." Joss moaned as he did what it seemed he was going to do, her arms snaking around the back of his head as she whispered, "I love you, too, baby..."

It was nearly sunrise when their making out ended in sleep, both teens topless and resting easily in each others arms...


Shego chuckled as Agent Gruber glanced at her in what he seemed to think was an unobtrusive manner for the twenty-fourth time on their trip. At first, she'd had this vague idea he was just checking her out, and she couldn't blame him with what she was wearing. She had on a pale lavender blouse with a low neckline, that was also cut just high enough to show off her toned abdomen tastefully. Below that, she wore a pair of slacks that at first looked loose, but were obviously well fitted and rode at a slight, tastefully rakish angle across her hips, both of which showed off her body quite alluringly.

While she'd been quite honest with Kim, Ron and Rufus about how she felt about her physical attractiveness with her green skin, she knew that in the darkened interior of the car her skin looked more pale and gothy than the shamrock green tint it had taken during her healing. As always, when any of her powers were used in a significant manner, the color always got more noticeable, and it drew a slight mental chuckle, I've always known I have a hot body, and that I'm pretty, but... She shook her head in silent wonder at how different she felt now, less than three weeks after hanging out with Team Possible's field team, and the way they both reacted to her. I guess I've come back around to how I felt about myself when I was with Harley or Vivi... 'Specially the way Kimmie looks at me.

When he looked again, the twenty fifth time, she confirmed that he only looked when time she bent to her left side or moved her left arm. That made her understand why he was looking, and she had to feel some respect for the young agent's budding skills. He'd hidden his real intent behind his honest interest, a technique she'd used herself, and had taught to the man she felt certain had asked him to check on her... After all, he'd been asked by no less GJ personage than Second Agent Du to personally drive up to Frankfurt and escort her back to Munich.

The same city in which Kim and Ron were awaiting word of her release from the hospital. The fact that the young agent was escorting her, as opposed to Kim and Ron picking her up, had been Shego's choice. They'd left, at her urging, the prior day when the doctors had wanted her to stay at least one more night and possibly two, for observation.

Kim had started to object, her eyes worried, when Shego had reminded her that she'd have either TJ, JJ, or both there to watch out for her, despite their leave ostensibly being to go to Oktoberfest. Besides, it'd give the three of them a day or two to catch up, as they literally had years of catching up to do!

And now, here they were, blitzing down the last 'unlimited speed' section of the Autobahn leading into Munich, and she chuckled at him. He seemed to realize he'd been caught and blushed, and she shook her head in amusement. "Don't worry 'bout it, Newbie..." Her chuckle was almost musical in her enjoyment of the moment as she continued, "I figured ol' Willie'd have ya check up on me during the drive down."

"Um?" his blush intensified, and she gave an outright laugh at his distress, drawing a defensive sounding, "Well, that was my orders, but..."

"You were admiring view while you did your job!" At his blush becoming so deep he looked in danger of passing out, she laid a friendly hand on his shoulder, smiling brightly at him, "I understand, Josef, I'd've looked in your position, too! And between you, me and the road, I'm fine with both the looking, and checking up on me for Willie... He was going to recruit me into GJ, and we'd become pretty good friends back then, after all!"

"I see..." Agent Gruber, Josef to his friends, considered her words. It made sense, he considered, especially since he didn't flinch when she used his first name. He smiled and chuckled himself, not having realized that the conversation they'd shared on the trip down had allowed the former supervillainess to slip past his normally reserved exterior and into the realm of friendship so easily. "Well, Shego, I'm glad to hear you are okay with it."

"Eh, he worries; I don't blame him." She reached over and gently punched him on the shoulder, "You remind me a lot of him when he was my recruiter, actually. Well, a younger and less experienced version, but, still..." She nodded when he gave her a considering glance, and she added, "Josef, most people would probably miss your glances, even some experienced counter espionage types. I'm just a step or two above the norm, y'know?"

"So... You really think I'm as good as Agent Du was when he was younger?" the young man all but preened under her commentary, and smiled brightly when she nodded, "Thank you, that means a lot, actually... Especially since he relaxed a bit!"

"Well, doy..." Shego murmured, "I'm sure even among the more serious minded GJ agents here in Germany he was considered... Stuffy?"

"Quite." Josef nodded, then sighed, "But I read a lot about his earlier career, before he had his near breakdown. He was amazing, a lot like how I picture Kim Possible if she joined GJ, if never as public a figure as she is."

"Yup..." Shego agreed, her smile becoming entirely different; more open, free, even loving as she thought about her red-head. Yes, she's my red-head now, too! she thought with an unabashed glee. "Kimmie's something else..." She knew her sigh sounded like a schoolgirl in love, and didn't give one single, solitary damn, either!

"You care for them a great deal, don't you?" Josef asked, and Shego nodded as if it were the easiest thing in the world to admit.

"Yeah... Ron's cool shit, and Kimmie?" She said softly, glancing at the young man she herself had come to consider a friend, at least provisionally. She quirked her lips into a smirk as she added, "Honestly, Joe, I'm pretty much in love with her."

"She's a beautiful woman, with an amazing personality. Who wouldn't fall for her?" he replied easily, "But... I have a feeling that you hope to have more than platonic feelings with her?"

"If you read the transcripts from the ICU room's recordings?" she asked leadingly, earning a negative shake of the head from Josef, "Well, you'd know she loves me, too. And Ronnie's fine with it..."

Josef barked a short, but honestly amused laugh, shaking his head ruefully, "Lucky girl..."

He didn't seem to realize he'd spoken aloud, and Shego looked at him with a devilish smirk, "Ronnie's pretty cute too..."

If Josef was surprised that Shego had caught the unintentional slip about his own open sexuality, he didn't react to it, "Very, in a... Goofy sort of way, I believe the Americans would say?" At Shego's nod, he smiled and laughed lightly, "But I like men and women that can let themselves be goofy, but serious when needed."

"Yeah, he can do both, but he used to be more goof and less serious. At least he's growing into himself..." Shego sighed, a sound somewhere between happy and despondent, "But... I dunno, I don't have the best track record with long term relationships and men..."

"Que sera, sera, as the old song says..." the agent chuckled, "But hopefully it works out for the three of you, one way or the other."

"Thanks, Josef..." Shego smiled at him as they pulled off the A-9 and onto the Schenkendorfstraße. They remained in a companionable silence as the agent followed the advanced, GJ sourced GPS' traffic avoidance suggestions. When the pulled onto the Schwanthalerstraße, which led to the Hausmann suites, Shego glanced over and asked, "You off any time before the Fest is over?"

"Yes," Josef said, "I'm off tomorrow and Saturday, why?"

Shego smiled and opened the center console, grabbing the cellphone he'd placed there. Quickly entering her number and sending a text to her own phone to get his, she replaced it and favored him with a wink, "Call me tomorrow around mid-afternoon and come hang out with the four of us."

"Alright," Josef smiled brightly as they pulled up to the front of the Hausmann suites, "that sounds like a plan!"

"Yup!" Shego chuckled and held out her hand, and they shook on it, "See you tomorrow and... Thanks for being a lot cooler than I thought you'd be."

"Thanks to you, too." Josef murmured, reaching back to grab her duffel bag and hand it to her.

She smiled her thanks and stood back from the car, closing the door with a wink, I wonder what JJ'd think of him? She seems to like the boys to be like him nowadays, after all...

They waved at each other as Shego walked into the hotel, and she shook her head. A year ago, I'd've probably seduced him... she chuckled inwardly, After all, he is cute, in that lost puppy dog sorta way, and has a nice ass... Then an image of another man's ass flitted across her mind, and a dream she'd had during her unconsciousness a few days before. But so does Ron, and he's cute, too... She almost slapped a hand over her eyes, What the hell's wrong with me? Why can I think about seducing and screwing a man I barely know like Josef without the slightest hitch, but with Ron I get half panicked? She dropped her hand, biting her lip nervously as butterflies jumped to life in her stomach, Really, why does the thought of being that close to him scare me... Hell, terrify me like it does?

She sighed at the thought and took a moment to steel herself. An inside bellhop walked over to check on her and she waved her room card at him with a smile. The young man nodded and she took a deep breath, blowing out a cleansing sigh as she walked purposefully towards the elevator, suddenly glad that Kim and Ron had thought to bring one of her duffels of clothing from her room.

She felt a light bubble of worry expand from the butterflies in her stomach as the elevator doors closed, wondering what they had thought when they'd grabbed her clothes. She had a variety of outfits, all tucked away with the efficiency of someone used to moving a lot, and some of them were... Quite sexy. Granted, both of them had seen her half naked, and in racy swimwear! But there had always been something about being seen in underwear, or someone just seeing her underwear, that pegged her embarrassment meter. And if she was interested in that person? It could nearly break her arousal meter to be in the same sitch!

She giggled as a memory came to her, from not long after she'd started dating Vivian Porter; specifically her own reaction to the racy black bra and thong the blonde had preferred! She bit her lip to stifle the giggle fit she felt replacing the worry in her gut, just as the elevator reached their floor. She relaxed when she realized that she now considered it their floor, and their room. Not Kim and Ron's, not the room Shego was sharing with them, but theirs! God, this is weird... she barely stifled another giggle, I wonder how they'll react to seeing me?

She opened the door to the suite and opened it quietly, relaxing a bit when she heard the TV blaring in the room. She closed the door quietly and set her duffel down by the table, before creeping over to the couch. She was startled to see a sleeping Rufus, remote beside him and his little blanket tucked around his frame, but not her girlfriend or her fiancé. She pouted slightly, then heard a soft moan coming from Kim and Ron's room. She glanced over and again felt the urge to slap a hand over her eyes. The two of them had left their door half opened, and she hadn't even noticed. And it was obvious they were in the middle of making out, at the very least.

She sighed softly and walked over to the door to close it, but the soft murmur of conversation interrupting Kim's moans stayed her hand. Against her better judgement, she looked into the room and the sight she beheld both shocked and aroused her in turn.

The two teens were lying across the bed, their feet towards the door, and he was lying on his left side. Kim's right arm was snaked under him, Ron holding himself up on his left elbow, somewhat trapping the red-head's arm. Her legs were splayed out, crossing at the ankles, and Ron had her right knee seemingly trapped between his. His right leg was just below the apex of her legs and barely covered her sex, as if he'd done so knowing Shego would be standing at the door.

The shock was seeing Ron's body, one that he managed to hide even in the tighter clothing she'd helped Kim suggest. He wasn't a bodybuilder by a long shot, but she had to admit, he was more muscular and solid than she'd given him credit for. Before, she'd have thought he barely pushed one hundred and seventy pounds, yet looking at him now, he had to be two hundred, perhaps two hundred and five pounds. His body wasn't ripped, but he had managed to become rather cut over the summer, showing off definition in his back, arms and legs, and even the hint of the outline around his abs.

His body was also criss-crossed with scars of various sizes; most were barely noticeable, but a few were easily seen. The four nearly parallel scars along his back, crossing from the middle of his right shoulder blade to just above his left kidney made her shudder a bit; she remembered giving that to him, and felt a wash of guilt rush through her gut. She wondered at the two ugly scars going down his left leg, moving from his hipbone back and around to just above his left knee, as well as a few older burn marks that she knew weren't from her own plasma.

She also saw a few, recent marks on his chest, and barely repressed the urge to snicker, Princess likes giving love bites, eh? The thought brought an evil glint in her eyes as she began to appreciate his body as it was: firm, fit, almost the exact musculature she liked for more than just sex and one that had seen its share of the real world. The scars, she felt, were as attractive as his build, and she smiled to herself, the glint in her eye fading, I could get used to seeing that on a regular basis, too...

Then she moved down, only then noticing his endowment. He wasn't huge or scary in the manhood department. Oh, he was bigger than average, if you believed various magazine articles and the talk she remembered hearing in locker rooms or clubs and the like. And based on her own experience, a bit on the girthy side for his length. But he was definitely no porn star!

Somehow, that made her feel a lot more comfortable about him, since it was obvious the big hands and ears weren't living up to the wive's tale. She also found herself appreciating the shape of it, almost textbook perfect in her eyes, except for the noticeable - but not sharp - rightward bend it had. Wonder if that's natural or if it happened in some kind of accident? She pondered that for a moment before shrugging and deciding to ask him later.

Seeing Kim's body completely nude brought more of her scars to light; a few were from Shego, but the red-head had dozens of scars, almost all of them fine and unnoticeable if you weren't concentrating. The few noticeable ones were quite visible, but Kim was lucky in that they'd be hidden from view by clothing. The one that most concerned Shego was one she hadn't noticed even when she'd trimmed Kim's bush: a round one just inside of her hipbone that looked like a bullet wound or something similar.

Shego pursed her lips and tore her eyes back up to Ron, and noticed that Kim wasn't just lying there, but was running her hand across his shoulders, occasionally tangling in his hair or grasping onto him when he did something she liked. And at the moment, she seemed both pleased and disconcerted by his hand and its movements; his right hand was tracing seemingly careless, random touches along her front. Right and left, up and down, slowly moving from the bare underside of her slight breasts to just brushing the top of the stylized "KP" the former thief and the heroine had trimmed into her pubis the prior Friday.

Shego looked upon Kim's face, and a soft, barely audible sigh of adoration escaped her lips at how... How cute she looked in that moment. The red-head had a loving, yet frustrated look on her face as Ron's questing fingers moved a little bit higher, and a little bit lower with each caress, as well as moving further and further out from the centerline of her body. Wow... She thought with an appreciative mental chuckle, I guess he's a quick study...

"Ronnie..." Kim mewled breathlessly as he finally crested his hand over the top of her left breast, and began to circle her already hard nipple, "Please stop teasing me?"

"I don't know, KP..." Ron murmured, his voice husky with his own desire, "You've been so hyper and demanding today..." He chuckled as he leaned down to flick his tongue with a featherlight caress across her right nipple, his left thumb and forefinger gently rolling her left between them.

"Oh, dammit, Ronnie!" Kim begged, her voice strained. Ron pulled back and moved his hand away from her breast to caress the area below her armpit with those teasing fingers, "I'm sorry, I'm just worried about Shay..." Kim leaned up to try and kiss him, but he pulled back further, snickering slightly. Kim flopped back and turned her face from him to the ceiling, the pout becoming a worried grimace, "What if something happened and she had to go back in for more surg-..."

"Will would have called us..." Ron assured her firmly, his voice rising slightly to add weight to his words. The same words that had flashed through Shego's mind and almost leapt from her lips. She bit her lips as she watched that hand begin to move down Kim's body, tracing along the top of her right leg to the knee, then across to move back up her left leg. "You know he would have, KP... And if not him, then Wade!"

"I-I... I guess..." Kim breathed as Ron moved his leg down her leg a bit, and slid his fingertips across and under the letters trimmed into her pubis and almost, but not quite touching Kim's clit.

At this, Shego's gaze stopped following Ron's errant hand, and focused on the part of Kim that had just been revealed to her. Shego felt her mouth dry up for an instant, before her body reacted in an an almost Pavlovian fashion. I... even in her own thoughts she stuttered for several seconds, and had trouble swallowing against a jumble of emotions rising up in her throat, Oh, god... It's cute, and so... So... It's so perfect!

That was the only way she could describe it: cute and perfectly so. The younger woman's beautiful center had Shego almost literally drooling. The younger woman's legs, splayed as they were, spread it open like a flower seeking the sun. The former thief's heated, desire fogged mind took the simile and ran with it, and she quickly realized Kim's core did, indeed, look like a flower: a calla lily, rosy pink petals and hints of nectar in the interior...

"Oh, God..." Shego whispered, slapping her hand over her mouth when the words escaped. But she needn't have worried, because Ron's hand had come back during her staring at Kim's lovely center, and had brushed along the top of her clitoral hood. The red-head had gasped loudly, then moaned in despair as Ron's finger trailed along it once, twice and then back up her body in a slow, meandering path.

"Kimberly..." Ron whispered in a sing-song manner, drawing both Kim and Shego's attention to him. He wore a loving, if slightly uncertain smile as his hand more firmly grasped onto her left breast once again. "Are you more worried about Shego going back to surgery?" he asked leadingly, "Or that she'll change her mind about you?"

You'd better not even think that, Princess! Shego's mental bark was firm and commanding, and she almost jumped when Kim spoke in just as firm a tone.

"Not on your life!" the red-head growled, her left hand digging into the back of his shoulder, "I love her, she loves me! No way she'd have lied, or changed her mind about that!"

"Good..." Ron whispered, leaning down to kiss her lips gently, before pulling back just enough to whisper, "But you were still worrying yourself sick about it, weren't you?"

Kim pouted a bit, but nodded, looking somewhat ashamed, "I guess I was... It's just... She's so beautiful, and I'm..." She glanced down at herself, and them back up at him when the pressure on her breast lessened. She reached up with her free hand to hold his in place on her breast, her eyes sincere when she continued, "I'm sorry, I know I'm attractive, it's just hard to remember, sometimes... I guess I was starting to worry you too, huh?"

"Yeah..." Ron murmured, giving Kim's breast a firm, and to Shego's eyes, painful squeeze. Kim, however, seemed to have been waiting for just that, and moaned wantonly, pushing the small breast into Ron's large hand.

"Please, Ronnie..." she begged him, "Please stop teasing me!"

"No problemo... Kimmie..." Ron promised. Kim froze for a few instants, staring at him with an expression of mingled shock and consternation. After a moment, though, looking into his loving eyes, she smiled and let go of his hand, letting her arm trail up his to cup his cheek and nodded at his use of Shego's pet name. A brief moment later she leaned up to kiss him firmly, moaning into his mouth as he returned the kiss just as firmly.

Shego took in the moment as she rolled the nickname around in her head, using Ron's voice, before smiling with a nod of approval... And almost called out in protest as Ron's hand moved slightly, his fingers literally clamping onto Kim's nipple with painful force. But she was stopped when Kim gasped, then moaned in obvious pleasure. Shego blinked in surprise as Kim arched her breast, first towards and then away from Ron's hand, increasing the pressure of the tight pinch. The red-head bit her lip and hissed, "Mmmnnnngh... Ha-harder, please, Ronnie..."

"Sshhh..." Ron whispered, and Shego's gaze snapped to his face, and the sure, caring gaze he still wore, "Not too much at once, KP..." With that, he leaned down and clamped his mouth over her other nipple and suckled, drawing another moan from Kim. Then he sucked harder, somehow managing to take literally half of of her slight breast into his mouth. After several seconds of Kim's aroused, passionate moaning, Ron pulled his head back, releasing the breast with an audible pop, as well as letting go of the briefly tortured nipple.

"God..." Kim whispered, leaning up to kiss him again as his hand trailed back down her body, her free arm pulling his head closer to her, "I love you, Ron... I love you so muc-ugh!" She bucked when his finger stroked her sex, flicking her clit several times. Then she was kicking her leg free of his legs, snaking her now free leg around both of his in an almost awkward fashion so it rested just below his hips. She grabbed his hand to stop his movements, to help leverage her arm out from under him, and used that arm to reach around his neck to hold onto his right shoulder and draw herself up for a kiss.

"Love you too, Kimmie..." he whispered into her ear after they broke apart, slipping his hand free from hers to reach down to tease at her nether lips. She grabbed onto his forearm as his hand brushed along each side, up and down, without touching anything particularly sensitive. Kim's frustration was obviously rising, as she growled and bucked at his hand, trying desperately to make contact, to get some of the friction she desired.

"Ron!" she growled dangerously and moved as if ready to get up. Ron moved his hand and held fast to her, his fingers splayed out along her stomach just below her navel. Grunting in annoyance, she leaned her hips and shoulders to her left, grinding her rear into his stomach and causing his manhood to brush along her center, "Fine, if you're just gonna tease me with foreplay, stop teasing and screw me, dammit!"

"Okay!" Ron chuckled, smirking at her as he leaned down to give her lips a few, teasing pecks before the red-head managed to trap him into a long, passion filled kiss. Shego watched in fascination as separated and Kim rolled fully onto her left, spread her lovely legs and Ron moved to kneel before her, keeping Kim's core frustratingly blocked from her sight... Although she could see almost all of him! She wanted to growl in frustration as he gently worked his way inside of her - the action itself just out of the pale woman's sight - and the former thief marveled at how tight the red-head must be.

He was obviously being careful, but even so, Kim gasped as if she were unused to sex, which the pale woman knew was not the truth. They had, after all, had sex at least four times since her period had finished, and that didn't include the older woman's time unconscious! Then, the blond was inside the woman Shego loved and he paused a moment, whispering to her, "Ready?"

"Yes..." Kim hissed, and Ron began to pump himself in and out of her.

She gasped and groaned, her face flashing between feeling an almost uncomfortable pressure and pleasure, before she had relaxed and her own juices had slicked his manhood for easy movement. Shego watched in fascination as the blond carefully pushed Kim's right leg up, her knee resting over his right shoulder, and leaned forward, both hands beside her shoulders as she leaned up for a soft, intimate kiss. The position allowed him depth, and the red-head began to moan louder. Shego realized the obvious reason they both liked his position: the rightward bend of his manhood allowed it to brush at her g-spot.

I'm honestly a bit jealous, Princess... Shego bit her lip and leaned against the door, her right hand unconsciously brushing against her left breast. Her nipples were already hard and seeing Ron inside the woman Shego had come to love... His fiancée... Yet, hearing that woman moan with obvious pleasure was arousing her significantly more than she'd expected it would. Oh, God, I better... Better get to my room...

But she couldn't. She watched Kim's heaving chest, her nipples standing hard and proud from her body...

Her face flushed with desire, wearing a look of deep, profound pleasure and love...

Heard her words as she murmured sweet - and not so sweet - things to Ron...

It was almost too much to witness, and yet Shego's mind began completely fogged over in arousal at the couple's sex... No, their lovemaking... And she admitted she wanted, needed, to see them together! With that hesitant, but honest admission, her right hand unbuttoned her blouse, the hand sliding under her bra to gently fondle her breast. Her left hand quickly joined in the stimulation, unbuttoning her pants and sliding her zipper down, before moving under the panties to brush and tease the sensitive bundle just peaking through her own lips.

Ten minutes later, Shego was leaning against the doorjamb as opposed to the door, and riding along the cusp of her own orgasm. She had to stifle her own cry as she saw Ron's balls shudder, saw the pulsing of the underside of his cock as he groaned his pleasure into Kim. She took long, slow breaths as she brought herself down, hoping Kim would be alright with Ron having finished before her, and bit back a laugh, He did a lot better than most of the guys I've known, and quite a few I've heard about!

Then Kim shocked her with a simple request, "Don't stop, Ronnie..." Her tone was pleading, breathless, but so aroused Shego felt a second orgasm threaten, "I'm so close, babe, please don't stop..." Ron made a grunting sound of acknowledgement and nodded at her. To Shego's shock, he kept his movements up, and amazement clouded her lust addled mind as, despite having just come, Ron stayed almost completely hard within Kim... And was completely hard within another minute or so. She had met two men who had that capability in her life and slept with one of them. After her three sexual experiences with the Señor Senior, Junior, she'd always been a bit jealous of TJ's wife.

And now, she felt a bit jealous of Kim, and some small dose of anger at her own hesitation with the young man. God... she murmured as he kept his pace, and a second orgasm washed over her as she beheld his face; it was a mix pleasure at the sensations he felt and the nearly painful overstimulation he must be feeling, but mostly... The desire and love for the woman underneath him... Shego felt a strange confliction within her own arousal as Ron continued his soft grunting and Kim came closer and closer to her own release. Dammit, Kimmie! You would make me fall for you when you're hiding something like this!

But then, some other part of her mind whispered with a dark snigger of amusement, you know you could never have that with her there, or with your own feelings... She couldn't place the voice, but knew it wasn't her own thoughts! It couldn't be, because she was not a coward! She'd never back down from a challenge like this...

Oh, I'm sure you'd like to believe that, but look at you! Another dark chuckle, Just look! You want to be right there with her, helping him get her off, but instead... Instead, you just had to become friends first, and you know what happens to men you get close to before screwing them, right? One died and the other nearly threw away his very promising career, and became a complete and total, stick up his ass loser! A dark chuckle resounded in her head, and she could almost, almost see the face behind her torment, And because of that, we all know you couldn't be close to her while he's there... Inside her, loving her like you want to... You know I'm right, don't you?

She wanted to deny the thought, but was having immense trouble working around it. Just as she couldn't bring herself to consider Ron more than a friend. If... If she'd have fallen for Kimmie first, instead of becoming such good friends with them, maybe... Maybe she could have had him, then become friends, while loving and making love to Kimmie and maybe even kept on with him... But now? Now she probably couldn't even be close to Kim while he was with her. It would be too much, too painful to be close to someone she was merely fond of, while he made love to someone she loved!

No! that first part of her protested, and she pushed off of the doorjamb. I won't let that happen! I'll prove to you I can be close to her, even if he's right there! That I can be close to him, too! I can! Despite her every instinct, and some... Some thing she was sure wasn't part of her, she took a hesitant step forward.

Yet... Images, visions of agony on a deep, personal level assaulted her as she crossed the threshold of the room, and the voice whispering in deadly certitude, You'll cause them pain, you'll come between them when it's most important, just like you did with Harley...

She saw Kim lying broken, black arterial blood oozing from her mouth and nose as she took hacking breaths to try and live... Her body leaking its life from grievous wounds bleeding in some ditch in a third world country all because Shego and Ron were too busy with each other to help her out...

The visual was vivid, horrifying as it flashed across her mind. She ignored it and took another, more sure step... Yet more visuals struck her, the fell voice now murmuring in her head, They'll grow tired of you, forget about you...

She watched from just inside the church's vestibule, listening to Ron's joyous laughter as it rang out from the altar as Kim said, "I do!" She hadn't received an invitation, as they left her behind, wanting to erase their experimentation with the former thief from their lives and move...

We know how you think, you deceptive bitch! the voice screamed, We know how you think, that you'll make her choose even if you don't want her to, and you'll both lose him! She took another step, slipping her half open blouse up and over her head without conscious thought, even as she ignored the screaming in her head, as a visual of an oddly familiar cemetery assaulted her senses...

Kim screamed her hatred at Shego for making her choose between Ron and herself. And when the man had returned to Yamanouchi, he had taken on missions that were far more dangerous than any they had faced together... And there, in the 'Hero's Plot' of Go City Cemetary, the red-head spat at her before turning, hugging the statue atop Ron's gravestone, cursing her with her eye...

Don't ignore my warnings, you useless slut! You'll ruin them, you'll bring nothing but your own self hatred between them and yourself! A third step against the nearly incoherent hatred screaming in her mind! She was halfway to Kim's side - to Kim and Ron's side - and she slid the well fitted slacks off of her hips, dragging her socks off with them...

Rufus scowled at her, not bothering to hide his contempt as he turned from her and begged imploringly to his human and his lady as Shego stared slack jawed at them. His cries fell on deaf ears as Ron and Kim declared their separation, from each other and her, because of her, so they could all go their separate ways...

Don't ignore me, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life! the voice commanded, desperation clinging to its edges as she focused on her love and her love's lover, her love, her life, and hoped for a place in the beauty she saw there, And it will be a shortened life with them, you'll leave one of them bereft as you cost yourself and the other your lives, I swear to you! Shaking her head defiantly, she took a fourth step, and she reached back to unclasp her bra, letting it slide easily off of her arms, and she forced her heart to ignore the stabbing pain of another vision...

Ron howled in near animalistic agony as he clutched onto her own dying form, screaming to the heavens, begging to know why he received such punishment for loving them. They had lost Kim and Rufus to what should have been a simple mission, and now, what she'd promised him was her final mission before they could settle down, he'd lost Shego...

Liar! she screamed at the voice as she took a fifth step despite the pain that lanced through her mind; she almost stumbled, but kept her feet and slid her panties off of her long, curvacious legs before stepping out of them, Damn you! I... Will... Not... Let... Whatever you are stop me! Do you hear me? She let her assurance flow over her mind and down through her soul, washing away he incoherently screaming apparition that was herself and not herself. What remained was a strange knot of warmth in her heart as she lifted her foot to take her final step, despite one last attempt to sway her...

A final vision... She saw her brothers, dressed in their heroic finest... Ron's now teenaged little sister with Rufus on her shoulder and his parents... The Drs. Possible holding a beautiful four year old, red-haired girl who bawled into her grandmother's shoulder and the Tweebs... All looking on with sad, but disapproving eyes at her love and her love's husband... While they, Kim and Ron, stared down at her with grief writ plainly on their faces as a priest droned on, only cutting off as someone closed the casket lid down over her lifeless body...

The sixth step ended with her standing over the foot of their bed. Kimmie felt her presence, turned her eyes to Shego... Only to gasp, "Oh, God..." She began to shake bodily and let out a low, soft keen as her orgasm washed over her. She rode the wave with shuddering breaths, before finally recovering enough to glance between Shego's nude form and her fiancé, as if confused, worried, and pleased beyond her own personal ability of comprehension.

Ron kept his movements up until Kim had come down from her orgasm, before leaning down to kiss her gently on the lips. He then glanced back at Shego and pulled out of Kim to lay beside her, resting a hand over her heart and letting the younger woman roll onto her back. He favored Shego with a curious, vaguely accepting gaze as his manhood visibly softened, a faint blush on his face as she stared frankly up and down both his and Kim's bodies.

Kim kept staring at Shego as if in a dream when the older woman finally focused on her and dropped into a half squat. She leaned forward to caress the right side of her face, the side closest to Ron, smiling softly as she glanced between them, "I'm not interrupting, am I?"

"Shay?" Kim begged softly, her left hand reaching across her body to press Shego's hand to her face. She glanced over at Ron, whose face seemed to be drawing into a pleased smile, as if accepting the security consultant's presence without any hesitation at all.

"Yeah, Princess..." Shego couldn't help but smirk at Kim's still shocked expression, kissing the red-head's lips gently, "I'm back..." She swallowed, her hand moving from Kim's face, her other hand gathering up Ron's from the red-head's chest and pressing it together with Kim's, holding her hands over theirs. When she spoke, her voice was strong, despite the terror the statement she uttered drove into her heart, "Right where I belong..."

"Yeah?" Ron asked in an almost challenging manner, his eyebrow raised slightly as he and Kim both brought their free hands up to join in the clasp they shared.

"Yeah..." Shego answered with a smile instead of the smirk they'd seemed to have expected. After a moment, they let go of each other and she stood just enough to lay on the bed on Kim's other side, mimicking Ron's position and conveniently half trapping Kim's left arm under her shoulder and chest as Ron had Kim's right arm earlier. "Like Princess said earlier, I love her and she loves me... I'd never change my mind, and I don't think she will, either..."

"I won't..." Kim whispered as Ron's hand returned to gently caressing her belly, blinking like she had just realized it wasn't a dream, that Shego was there, laying in bed with her and Ron, just as naked as they were, "I love you, Shay... Almost... No, as much as I love Ron!"

Shego looked down into her alluring jade eyes and smiled softly, leaning down to kiss her nose and murmured, "I'm fine with almost right now, Princess... Don't rush your feelings, 'kay?"

"'Kay..." Kim murmured in a startlingly demure manner, as she blushed, a happy smile on her face lending a startling innocence when she added, "But when I said I love you as much, I'm not pushing, I promise!"

"Good..." Ron chuckled at Kim's declaration, kissing her lightly on the temple before looking at Shego seriously, "Same with you, Sheegs!"

"Of course..." Shego nodded almost absently, but the look in her eyes as she gazed across Kim's body said she understood perfectly. He smiled at her and nodded at the unspoken question he saw in her eyes, and the pale woman looked down at Kim, her left hand taking the place of Ron's right on her torso, "Before the mission... You said you wanted to do... More than we were before, right, Kimmie?"

"Yeah," Kim said with a slight, worried pout, "But I remember you said that it might be too soon, and I agreed..." She grimaced as her own words came back to her. She gazed firmly at Shego, her right arm pulling Shego closer to her, the hand almost desperately grasping onto the older woman's shoulder, "B-but... I don't want to wait... I want you, Shay Gottlieb... I want you to make love to me... I want to make love to you!"

"Same here, Princess..." Shego whispered, biting her lip as she glanced at Ron, then back at Kim, "I wasn't kidding when I said I love you... It's been a while, but, I promise, if tonight's not really... Love making... It'll be a whole lot more than just sex, Kimmie..." Kim cocked her head and the pale woman smiled down at her. Brushing a few stray hairs from the red-head's sweat slicked face, she murmured, "Kimmie, I want to show you how much I love you..."

She knew she sounded almost shy as she made her declaration, and it was somewhat embarrassing due to how accurate it was. She was better at showing than making love filled declarations; she always had been. Like I told Harley... she mused, Saying it is always so much harder for me than showing it. Even so, she knew that someone she felt that way about deserved to know how she felt, and she wouldn't hesitate to let them know, damn her own embarrassment or what anyone else thought!

"Aww man..." Ron grunted with a dramatic facepalm, the teasing tone from earlier still in his voice. When the two women turned to look at him, he replied, "It took KP almost fourteen years to figure out she loved me, and you got it in two weeks!"

"Actually..." Kim said with a half serious, half teasing glint in her eye, "I've known Shego for almost five years, and a lot of that was a passionate, if adversarial, relationship..."

"Please..." Shego chimed in with a wistful smile, "The first several times I was actually trying to kill you..." Her smile became apologetic as she gazed back at Kim, "And... I'm sor-..."

Kim stopped her mid-word with a finger on her lips. "You don't have to say you're sorry..." the red-head assured her, then quirked her lips in a smile. Even with the smile, though, her eyes shimmered slightly, "Unless you want to hear me blubber about the Bueno Nacho Headquarters..."

"Okay..." Shego gave an oddly delighted, relieved laugh, "So... We shall never speak of this again?"

"Unless someone else brings it up!" Kim agreed, Ron making a wordless sound of agreement.

"Good..." Shego murmured, leaning in to steal a quick kiss from Kim's lips. Both women sighed when Shego pulled away, and the older woman smirked down at her, "You taste good, Princess..." She turned that smirk on Ron and licked her lips and leaned halfway towards him, "Kinda like a mix of you and the Doofus, here..."

"Shay!" Kim protested in mock sincerity, "He's not a Doofus!" Kim leaned up and between Shego and her fiancé, kissing him firmly before lying back with a self-satisfied smirk of her own, "He's my Doofus..."

"Yes he is..." Shego murmured and planted a few soft, but intense kisses on Kim's neck, "And you are our Princess... KP..."

Kim's eyes widened as Shego used Ron's nickname for her, much as they had when Ron had used Shego's nickname. She glanced at Ron and saw a huge, beaming smile on his face, and then back at the slightly nervous-looking Shego, who was glancing between her and Ron. Then she smiled and leaned up, kissing the older woman with surprisingly intense passion, before breaking the kiss and pulling Shego halfway on top of her to look her square in the eyes, "Thank you..."

"No problem, Kimmie..." Shego nodded, her still moving hand gliding up to caress Kim's right breast with a tender, almost shy squeeze. "Do you want to... Would you like me to make love to you, Kimmie... Or wait?"

"Please?" Kim's gaze held nervous anticipation, "I'm not experienced with touching myself, and you're my first woman, so, um... I'm not completely sure what to do, but..."

"Shhh..." Shego brought her hand away from Kim's breast to place a gentle finger along her lips, "It's easy to learn..." She traced her finger around Kim's full lips and then along her chin, down her jaw and along her neck, "But it's hard to master..." She let her hand trail down again, running her fingernail around Kim's still hard nipple with barely any pressure, but stopping her speech with a nervous hum.

Kim reached up with her pinned arm and stroked it gently along Shego's back, whispering, "What is it, Shay?"

The older woman shivered slightly and gave Kim an unusually shy smile, whispering, "It's hard to master being with a woman... But I hope you want me around long enough to do just that?"

"Yes..." Ron and Kim said as one, and both teens giggled at Shego's startled, slightly bemused expression. Kim snaked her arm out to pat Ron's cheek and nodded, "Yes, we do..."

"Good..." Shego's grin was devilish as she gently rolled Kim's nipple between her thumb and forefinger. There was a slight shifting, and Ron levered himself up to support his upper body on his hand and left arm. The security consultant stared at him incredulously and asked, "Where do you think you're going, Potential Boy?"

"I..." Ron started, and saw the same question in Kim's eyes, and a bit more annoyance than Shego was showing, "Um, I wasn't sure if you wanted me aroun-..."

"Uh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh..." Shego pushed herself up as well, earning a whine from Kim as the older woman waved the hand that had just been teasing her between herself and Ron, "Oh, no you don't! It's obvious Kimmie doesn't want either one of us exclusively..." Kim murmured an agreeing grunt, and Shego continued, "And I damn sure won't come between you two like that... This is something Kimmie wants from both of us, and I have this feeling she wants to share her first time with a woman with you..." She glanced down at Kim, who nodded, then back at Ron, "And, don't ask me how, but I know damn good and well we'd both be too nervous with you out there with Rufus watching TV for our first time with each other... I want you here, Ron... With Kimmie, by me, when I make love to her... I want you to enjoy this as much as she does, even if... Even if I have trouble with the idea of being with you..."

"Stay with me, with us, Ronnie..." Kim murmured lowly, reaching out to grasp the hand that was supporting him, "I still want you here... I want to touch you, to feel you when I'm with her, too..."

Ron opened his mouth to speak, has gaze slightly troubled and worried as he looked at Shego, but she cut him off with as soothing a voice as she could muster, "Sport... Please, trust us, 'kay? She's your fiancée, and you two love each other too much to miss out on... Something like this." she reached her hand up to brush his sweaty cowlick out of his face a bit, her tone sure and comforting as she continued, "Like I said, I want you here, to enjoy this with her..." And... I have to know, if I can be close to you... She added silently. Not wanting to fall into those same, dangerously maudlin thoughts, she chuckled and gave Kim a lascivious gaze, "And, well... She seems like quite a handful, and it's been almost three years for me... I could probably use the assist!"

"You're both sure?" Ron asked, his gaze still worried and concerned as he stared at the bed between himself and Kim, but the worry seemed to be directed at himself, "I mean, I'm still kind of... I dunno..."

"You're not a loser, if that's what you're worried about, Ron! You're as much a hero as Kimmie is, and you're one hell of a caring lover..." Shego interrupted once again, and drew his eyes to hers. He seemed to get lost in those eyes, so much like Kim's, but shining, shimmering slightly in the dim light of the room, "I saw that myself... God damn, boy! I got myself off pretty damn hard watching you two... Twice!" Ron gaped and Kim giggled at the comment. Seeing that Ron still needed some convincing, Shego reached out to run a calming hand through Ron's hair, feeling elated as it only sent a slight stab of worry through her heart, "Ron... I do love Kimmie, I want... I need to make love to her... But I also care for you, so I don't want to leave you out..." She took a deep breath and blew out a cleansing sigh, "And... I promise, I'm trying to work through my issues when it comes to you... I won't leave you hanging, one way or the other, for long, okay?"

"Um, 'kay..." Ron blushed, smiling hesitantly at her, then down at Kim, "I... How is this going to work, exactly?"

"I've never tried a threesome," Shego shrugged, "Thought about it a few times, watched plenty of porn of them, but never tried it... And, I won't lie..." She glanced at Kim, "Unless I'm really tweaked out emotionally, I can't do the... Rough play you seem to like, and that Ronnie here can give you..." She gave Kim an honestly apologetic look, "So... How about this?" She smiled with an evil glint in her eyes that the two teens hadn't seen for some time, "I think the two of us should concentrate on Kimmie here for now... And if one of us touches the other, well, whatever happens, happens, right?"

"Okay..." Ron agreed with his goofy grin once more plastered on his face, and reached out with a feather light touch to Kim's hip, drawing a low, aroused hiss from her, "But, um... Why can't you do the pinchy and rough play thing, normally?"

"Because I'm extremely sensitive..." Shego admitted easily, "A nipple pinch like you have Princess when you finally stopped teasing her?" Ron nodded, "That would have me on my feet and screaming at whoever tried to start off with it... Or ask for it off the bat, 'cause of sympathetic pain..." Ron and Kim both made a silent 'Oh' with their mouths, and Shego continued with a half shrug, "Maybe half the time I can get worked up to a point close to that... But nearly not that hard, to be honest. But I do like giving love bites..."

"And Kimmie loves getting them more than she loves giving!" Ron exclaimed as he pointed to his chest and shoulder, chuckling when Kim blushed and let out a soft squeak of protest. The red-head pouted at him when he stuck his tongue out, and he amended with a wink, "Well, as long as they're not visible..."

"Good..." Shego chuckled darkly, "You ready for this, Pumpkin?" Shego gazed down at the young woman that she had come to love... That was soon to become her lover...

"Yes..." Kim shook slightly in anticipation, "God, please, yes..."

"As you wish..." Shego murmured with a husky murmur, her lips grazing and gently sucking the flesh just below her left ear, speaking as she began to move downwards, "My Princess..."

"Our Princess..." Ron added, gently holding Kim's right arm against her belly for a moment to nibble gently at the sensitive flesh of the inside of her elbow...


Kim hissed as Shay's wonderfully soft lips kissed and gently suckled a line from her ear down to the hollow of her throat, where she paused to gently lap and lavish attention on the spot, much to Kim's delight. She hadn't even noticed Ron moving and trapping her arm until she heard his declaration and felt his teeth gently nibbling on the inside of her elbow. She gasped, then let out a soft mewl of excitement at the sensations it drove up her arm to sit heavily in the hollow of her throat. When Shego finally started moving up the other side of her neck, the heavy feeling of excitement slid down her body to sit just above her sex, as if the inexorable flow of lava to the sea.

Then Ron stopped his nibbling, begining to give little nips as he moved up her arm a bit, jumping across the small gap to nip at the top of her breast. Kim moaned into the short, thick mane of Shay's hair as the woman finally began nibbling on her right ear, and she found herself gently kissing the side of the woman's slender, graceful neck, wanting to return some of the feelings she was receiving.

When Shego pulled back to smile down at her, Kim dropped her trapped arm from the older woman's back to the bed, balling the sheets in her hand, hissing out, "Oh, dammit, you two, don't tease me tonight, please?"

"Sorry, Princess..." Shay murmured next to her right ear as Ron began to nip around her right nipple, "For all intents and purposes, I'm new to your body, and I have every excuse to explore..." Kim moaned in twined pleasure and frustration as the older woman ran her tongue slowly around the helix of her ear before pulling back just enough for her hair to tickle Kim's face. Chuckling darkly, the older woman moved down slightly to plant a deep, intense kiss on Kim's lips.

Then the nibbles near her nipple stopped and Ron chuckled huskily, "She's a great kisser, isn't she, KP?"

"Mmm-hmmm..." Kim managed to answer, enjoying the soft dueling of her tongue with Shay's. Their last make-out session had been more intense, but this was more like their first, tentative kiss... And so much better! There was no hesitation, no nervous exploration; only the enjoyment of an intimate gesture that left Kim feeling as if she were melting from within.

Then she bucked in shock, gasping pleasure into Shay's mouth as Ron bit down on her right nipple. She arched into it, pulling away from the older woman with a breathless, "Nnngh, Ron..."

"You really do like pain, huh, Kimmie?" Shay asked in a slightly bemused yet amused fashion.

"N-not... Not a lot of pain, but..." She had to stop and bit her lip hard as Ron bore down on her nipple again, and she glanced down to see him winking up at Shay, "Muhh... My n-nipples... Are kinda weird..." She swallowed as Ron let up and gently suckled on the hard nub, "Oohhh... I... I can either feel real light, or pretty hard pinches or grabs... But anything in between is just pressure. Same with the breasts."

"Strange..." Shay murmured as she reached her stroking hand up to gently caress Kim's free breast, the older woman's sensitive skin jumping when Ron's hair tickled her hand, "Like I said earlier, I'm not sure I can do that for you, Kimmie... 'Cept maybe love bites..." Her tone was earnest as she gazed at the young woman, and Kim felt her heart jump at the concern and love she heard there, "I saw earlier that you didn't like Ron teasing you, yet here you are, letting us tease you... And I can't help but be glad..."

"M-me, too..." Kim addmited bashfully, "It's... It's okay, Shay... The way you touch, the way you tease... I think I can get used to it, for som-..." Ron chose that moment to increase the force of his sucking, and she squeaked out, "Some reason!" He let go with a loud pop, her nipple and the area around it red ever so slightly puffy, and smiled up at her.

"You're used to her teasing you already..." Ron joked before he reached out in an unthinking manner to brush Shay's hair from her face, "Don't worry, Shay... She'll bark about it, but she's rarely serious about not liking it when I tease her... And I'm serious, with you teasing her for years with all those taunts and stuff, she could probably take it from you a lot better than me..."

"I could..." Kim nodded, reaching up with her free hand to cup Ron's hand to Shay's face, holding her hand over Ron's to share in the gesture. The raven haired beauty blushed at the contact, but smiled and raised her hand to clasp both in hers with a brief squeeze before returning it gently to the breast Ron had just finished with, "Hmmm, I do like that, Shay... And I am okay with teasing normally, it's just... When Ron does it sometimes, it just drives me nuts, and not in a good way!" She wrapped her still free arm around the older woman and drew her close to give her a gentle, heartfelt kiss before letting her pull back, blushing up at the former thief. "But with you... I... I really, really like it so far..."

"Maybe it's 'cause you already got off?" Shay snickered, earning a deeper blush that crawled across Kim's face, to the crown of her head, and down, all the way to the tops of her feet. Shay stared wide eyed at the sight, her mouth hanging open in a mix of wonderment and shock at the sight. "Wow..."

"What?" Kim nervously asked, squirming under the frank appraisal from both of her loves.

"That..." Shay said, her mouth working for a moment before she cooed, "Is so cute!" She moved her left hand from Kim's breast to her belly, circling the navel before trailing it back up between Kim's breasts, her fingers brushing so softly they tickled. "My cute, ticklish little Princess..." She chuckled fondly as she made the red-head squirm and the blush around her face and chest to darken. "I didn't think I could fall for you any more, Kimmie..." she whispered, leaning down to take Kim's left nipple in her mouth as Ron silenced any protests from Kim by leaning in to kiss her deeply, "Buph I wfas wong..."

She worried gently at the hard nub, and moved her hand back down, twirling her fingers around Kim's navel again. She stopped suckling at the nipple and moved inwards with a trail of kisses, which interrupted her words as she went, "So cute... So sexy... God, Princess... Your body's amazing!" She stopped dead center between Kim's breasts and began to suckle the flesh there.

After a brief moment, Shego managed to get a little bit of flesh into her mouth, where she worried at it like a dog with a rawhide chew. Kim gasped, feeling the barest edge of pain send spikes of pleasure from the point to the apex of her breasts, then to her mind, fogging her mind even more with lust and the feeling of being loved and desired as one. She sighed contently through her nose, then gasped in shocked pleasure, a mewling sound escaping around Ron's active lips.

Shay pulled up and let the flesh go, apparently surveying her handiwork, and Ron pulled back so he and Kim could look as well. There between Kim's breasts was a slightly oblong spot, so deep red it looked nearly violet, and Kim gasped as the cool air of the room hit it. "I liked that, Shay..." she whispered, biting her lip to keep from saying more and glancing between her two lovers.

"Mine..." Shay smirked, dropping her head back to kiss just below the spot, then began moving the kisses slowly lower. Kim closed her eyes and laid her head back, feeling goosebumps rising behind each light kiss.

"Oh, really?" Ron murmured in an evilly amused manner. Kim opened her eyes, having never heard quite that tone in his voice before; it was an odd mix of what she called his 'sexual voice' and the voice he'd used when struck by Electronique's Reverse Polarizer. She leaned up to stare at him wide eyed, and watched him as he shifted his position on the bed, intercepting Shay's trail of kisses just above her wet core, "Maybe I should take this as mine then, hmmm?"

She squirmed, feeling a hotter wave of aroused heat than she'd ever experienced wash over her body at seeing Ron so aggressive, responding to the former thief by speaking and staring at her so challengingly... She'd never been this turned on before! "In face, I don't mind if I do..." Ron quipped as Shay remained silent, drawing light fingers down Kim's right flank and leaning down as if about to continue the older woman's trail of kisses, but a low, chuckling growl from Shay stopped him.

"Nu-uh, Sport!" Shay's voice was amused, but just as challenging as Ron's, her fingers mimicking his, but with a softer, more delicate touch that sent shivers up and down Kim's spine, "You've already sampled her plenty of times, so it's my turn..." Kim felt those shivers turn into yet more aroused heat as they 'fought' over her, making her even wetter than she'd been during her earlier love making with Ron.

She felt the pressure on her arm release as Shay sat up, staring intently down at the blond teen as he continued to run his fingers along her flank, sometimes dipping his fingers down to tease the top of her waiting sex. "That beautiful little pussy is mine tonight..."

Kim almost gasped to hear the older woman's frank declaration, pleased that the more experienced woman had such an opinion of her center. She agreed with Shay, and knew Ron did as well; the shape was beautiful, feminine, and she personally loved how tight she was. And, if she were honest, she was glad that Ron was no larger than he was. He'd rip me in half if he was bigger!

"Awww..." Ron's falsely disappointed murmur snapped her attention to the moment, "So you're saying I'll have to be content with whatever you're not working on, Sheegs?" Kim snorted a small giggle at his words and Shego let out a sharp, startled bark of amusement, and murmured her agreement with a wordless, hungry growl.

Shay then let her body slip back down, her head inches away from the disputed part of Kim instead of the red-head's face, but Kim didn't mind in the least. She was happy to feel Ron retreat back up her body with a trail of soft, intense kisses of his own, but was startled to feel the older woman's left arm wrap around her left leg. The pale woman seemed to use the leg almost as a pillow, supporting it with her own arm and absently stroking the crease between Kim's leg and her nether lips as she stared at Kim's normally hidden treasure for some seconds before addressing Ron almost absently, "You weren't afraid that you might be tasting yourself at all, Ron?"

"Nope..." Ron answered with a smile as he continued up her body, bypassing her breasts nip at her shoulder, "Why should I be?"

"Well, most men are..." Shay murmured as she began to kiss where her hand had been stroking a moment before, "I can see why you like it here..." She seemed enraptured, and Kim felt herself flushing proudly at having such an effect on the older woman. "Absolutely beautiful..." the former thief murmured reverently before kissing her way towards Kim's core, drawing shivers of anticipation from the red-head.

Shay also ran her free hand down her own body, briefly caressing her own breast before trailing down between her legs. She slowly, unconsciously spread them and gave an unimpeded view of herself, even as Ron nibbled at the junction of Kim's neck and shoulder. The red-head craned her neck to allow him easier access, but her response was completely instinctual, as some still aware part of her figured Ron's were; they were both, however, lost as they gained an unimpeded view of Shay's sex.

Kim gasped as the older woman almost touched herself, but kept the touch light, merely teasing herself to a fuller state of arousal. She couldn't help but feel as if she was in heaven with Ron there, sharing the sight as Shay finally slid her fingers just inside herself, then back up the length of her alluring slit. The red-head was almost snapped from her aroused stupor, blinking at how blunt, even crude it sounded in her own mind, but that was the only way she could think to describe it!

The pale woman's lips were different from hers, or even most the girls she'd seen in the locker room. While she may not have been interested in any of them, like most humans, she had looked, and Shay's lips were thin and a little longer than she'd expected. They were not, she noted, in any way out of proportion, but even in Shay's excitement, they were only slightly puffy. What startled the red-head was how worked up she was! Although she could barely see the older woman's engorged clit peeking out from under its hood, she could see wetness slicked along a goodly portion of her pussy.

She almost flinched as Shay's body shifted slightly, bringing her core closer to Kim's face, and she glanced up to see what the older woman was doing. The pale woman was shifting her upper body slightly to give herself better access to Kim's nether lips, and Kim fought the urge to shudder as she felt the first, feather soft brushing of black stained lips on her sex.

Then she noticed Shay's fingers were still sliding along her own lips, separating them and giving Ron and herself a much better view of the older woman's hidden treasure. Despite her pale skin that included most of the lips, the inside was of a deep red, almost blush colored. The inside of her labia majora was startlingly similar to Kim's, but the red-head couldn't help but think that Shay's was... Cuter than her own. The thought drew a startled, happy smile from the younger woman, as the older woman began to pleasure herself.

"Such a cute li'l thing, eh, KP?" Ron asked as he moved his nibbling to her ear. She gasped an affirmative sound before moaning at his nibbling, Shay's light giggle at Ron's declaration sending shockwaves of pleasure through her, as well as what she watched in such rapt fascination. The older woman had evidently gained enough of her own wetness to slick her finger, as she brought it up and swirled around and around the exposed nub of her clit, before gently running her finger along its length from the tip to the very top of her hood.

Then the woman's scent registered in Kim's mind, and it was hard for the younger woman to describe; pleasantly musky, tangy and very slightly sweet at once. For the young woman, it was startling how enticing the aroma was, despite being almost the exact opposite of when she let Ron come inside her mouth. His scent and taste were strong, salty and mildly antiseptic, with a strange, almost grainy texture. As she'd heard in the locker room during P.E. or after cheer practice, this wasn't unusual, and like only a few of the other girls she'd heard talking about it, she enjoyed it. Perhaps it was because it was Ron and she loved him, perhaps she merely had a taste for it... And as that thought struck, she couldn't help but wonder how Shay tasted.

With no more thought than that, she leaned out hesitantly and ran her tongue along the delicate, enticing length of Shay's lips. She started just below the woman's fingers, and while the contact was light, it was obvious from the older woman's startled, almost whining gasp that Kim had drawn her attention. The fingers stopped moving but remained in place, and Ron abruptly stopped suckling and nibbling and nibbling on her ear, pulling back to watch. The younger woman didn't seem to notice as she increased the pressure of her tongue ever so slightly, nor did she seem to care, even when Shay let out a startled, "K-Kimmie?"

She ran her tongue down in that same soft, exploratory manner, and swirled her tongue once, then twice around Shay's moist center. She paused, taking a brief moment to consider the flavor, which she found acidic, but eminently palatable. When Kim took a shivering breath and let it out, she murmured, "You taste... Beautiful, Shay..." Hearing no immediate response, she planted a series of feather light, teasing kisses back up to the older woman's still fingers.

When she encountered the older woman's ring and middle finger, she sucked the entire length of them into her mouth. She moaned at the sensation and the taste on the older woman's fingers, unknowingly sending the vibrations through to the former thief's clit and into her very being. "Oh, damn, Kimmie..." Shego grunted, feeling herself pushed almost halfway to an orgasm from the teen's actions, which culminated in letting the fingers slip from her mouth with a gentle flick of her tongue.

Kim blinked when she realized Ron had said the same thing at the exact same time, and almost giggled madly when Ron asked, "You sure you haven't done this with a woman before, KP?"

"Doy..." Kim giggled, then looked towards Shay's half lidded, lust filled eyes and flushed slightly, "Was... Was that alright, Shay?"

"Mmm-hmmm..." the pale woman murmured, reaching up to gently stroke her still slick fingers down the side of Kim's face, "Your pressure was perfect with the tongue, but I prefer kisses like that up here..." With that, she grabbed the red-head's right arm and brought it to one of her her firm, full breasts, making Kim's hand squeeze, before dragging the hand up to her neck, "Or here... The other places you'll have to find on your own!"

Kim giggled again and nodded enthusiastically, bringing her hand back down. She gently reached out with both hands, now that Shay no longer held her nether lips aside, and opened them once again. She ran her tongue along the length again from top to bottom, making sure to avoid the older woman's clit as Ron always did to her, and earned a low moan for her action. When she finished that lick, she paused and whispered, "You really like being teased like this?"

"Like you wouldn't believe, Pumpkin..." Shay chuckled, running her tongue along the point of Kim's hip and drawing a startled giggle from her, "Like you wouldn't believe..."

"Hey!" Ron half crowed, pumping a fist, "That makes two of us in here that like it!"

Kim stopped her actions, and Shay scowled at him both for making Kim stop, and for his statement in general. Ron kept his silly grin as he leaned back to whisper in Kim's ear, just loud enough for the older woman to hear as well, "That means you're outnumbered, KP..." He let his voice drop a little more as he reached down to slid his hand along the underside of her leg, then back up around the top of her leg and towards her center, his fingers brushing along Shay's face as he did so, "So twice the teasing at the same time..."

Kim blinked, glancing back at him, and then at Shay, whose expression had changed from annoyance to positively evil, "And there's so much of the body you can't learn without..." She leaned down and placed a ticklingly soft kiss to the very top of Kim's hood, "Teasing..."

Kim let a low moan slip from her throat that sounded somewhere between horrified and incredibly aroused, and she literally bucked her hips into Shay's face when the woman let her own tongue trace a lazy path around her swollen clit. Ron, not to be outdone, was sliding a finger up and down the outermost edges of Kim's labia. He included the occasional brush against her nub when Shay's tongue wasn't in the way, and chuckling every time Kim reacted to that much sought after touch. "Are you guys trying to make me die here?"

"Oui, Mademoiselle Possible!" Shay cooed at her, pausing to bite her lip when she accidentally brushed her tongue along both Kim's clit and Ron's finger. She seemed to wait for something, her attention briefly internalized, but smiled when whatever it was passed and continued in an even lustier voice, "La petite mort..."

Shay went back to running her tongue along Kim's hypersensitive clit, even as Kim decided to dive in on her end. She began running teasing strokes of not only her tongue along the bare slit in front of her, but the fingers of her right hand randomly about the older woman's well trimmed mons and down to her bare lips. The former thief gasped, and had to pause to finish her thought, "Ove-... God... Over, and over a-... Hmmm, slower with your tongue, Kimmie, and a little inside from where you'r-... Ohhh, yeeesssss..." She reached down to gently run a hand through Kim's hair, and Kim, seeing that her new lover's lips were remaining apart on their own without much need for her fingers, hesitantly slid her hands around to caress her firm, muscular derrière.

Kim let out a delighted giggle at hearing the older, and obviously more experienced woman gasping under her admittedly inexperienced hands and tongue. That giggle turned into a sharp gasp as Ron's middle finger slid slowly into her. At the same instant, Shay's tongue finally got serious and began lapping with firm, though obviously loving attention to Kim's clit.

Kim's hands spasmed from the dual attack, and she buried her face as much as she could into Shay's crotch. She let out a stuttering groan as fire swept up from her loins to flash into the back of her eyes. It wasn't an orgasm, not quite, but she knew she wouldn't last long if both kept it up. Especially when Ron backed off a little bit and allowed Shay to roll Kim over onto her. Ron kept close to his place, seemingly unconcerned that his flaccid manhood was half pointing at the face of a woman that, a year earlier, had terrified him, and still kept his finger gently working on Kim.

The red-head wasn't sure why, and she found she didn't care as she began to lavish attention onto Shay's wet slit. She glanced over at Ron and smiled at him, her gaze mingling lust, love and a deep contentment, and she murmured a hazy, husky "Thank you, Ron..." She was startled when, still working on her, he leaned in to kiss her with passionate zeal, the hand of his supporting arm resting inside and against Shay's leg and very close to her core.

"Thank you... Both of you..." Shay murmured from beneath Kim's crotch as Ron broke away, but kept his arm where it was. Kim gasped, moaned and squirmed as the sensation of the older woman's words vibrating against her sex added to her aroused state. "Thank you for trusting me with her, Ronnie... Thank you..." She paused long enough to swallow, against emotions, her pride, perhaps both; Kim was uncertain, but felt it might be both with the soft, caring smile that was on Ron's face, "Thank you for loving me, and letting me love you, Kimmie..."

"No-..." Kim started, and gasped as Ron suddenly removed his finger from her to caress her firm ass and up along her back, and two of Shay's slimer fingers replaced his, seeming to fill her as much as Ron would at that moment, "Oh, God... N-n-... No need... To th-thank me..." She took one of her own fingers and slid it within the older woman. Shay gasped, and Kim discovered that there was a startling, but soothing heat within the former thief's sacred place. It was so different than her own inside, and she was glad for the difference... And incredibly, even more aroused by it.

A few moments later, she realized that the older woman, while not loose by any stretch of the imagination, could likely take more than she could, and slid a second finger inside. The second finger must have been close to perfect if Shay's guttural, "Kimmie!" was any indication. Kim paused, hoping she hadn't done something wrong, and the older woman whined as if begging for more, "Please, Kimmie... I'm getting close..."

Kim didn't deny her lover's request. She began to thrust her fingers in and out quickly, and began to flick her tongue faster, even as the first waves of her orgasm hit her like a freight train. She wasn't sure, at first, what brought it on, and honestly was beyond caring. She'd only had a few orgasms that intense up to that point in her life: her first orgasm, accidentally discovered with her own personal exploration when she was barely fourteen... The orgasm she managed the fifth time being with Ron when they'd first moved in with each other, when she'd fully, truly accepted their love for each other... And the one earlier that evening, when she'd seen Shay standing over her and Ron, gazing down at them with hopeful nervousness.

This was as powerful as any of them, and she was thankful that it was no more powerful than the others. But because of that very power, it had great meaning to Kim, about her choice, about what she hoped was the future. And seemingly as quickly as it hit, it ended, and she felt Ron's face close to hers, found her mouth on his, his tongue and hers dancing, sharing their love, Shay's taste and a mutual, soft, "Mmmm..." of contentment between them.

And, within seconds, she felt another wave building within her. She wasn't unfamiliar with multiple orgasms, as she'd brought herself to a few, and had received a few with Ron. This was the first time one had come right on the heels of the first, though. Perhaps it was Shay's skill, perhaps it was the love she felt from the two people loving her at the moment, perhaps it was all the teasing... She didn't care, and focused on bringing the older woman to her own climax before she reached her second.

She worked steadily, quickly thrusting her fingers, even suckling on the clit below her. She flicked her tongue, moving it up and down, back and forth whenever she brought it fully into her mouth. It worked, and while she had a brief reprieve from the older woman's sexual ministrations, she was rewarded... Shay threw her head back and half growled, half screamed an incoherent string of imprecations to the ceiling. Even so, she kept her own trusting up, as if on auto-pilot but couldn't return her tongue to the fray.

Shay was shuddering underneath Kim, and the red-head felt a strong sense of accomplishment... She'd done that to Shay! To Shego! World famous former heroine turned superthief, turned heroine once again! She knew it'd literally been a few years for the older woman, but she felt no less proud for succeeding. She was just slowing down when she felt Ron's finger sliding between her leg and Shay's chest, his hand settling between her breasts and his middle finger taking over for the older woman's tongue.

He knew, from experience how to get her off that way, and with Shay's finger stroking in an absently knowledgeable fashion within her, Kim didn't last long. She let out a soft keen as her second orgasm hit her, almost as powerfully as the first. She was panting, seeing stars and feeling a bone deep, satisfied tiredness as she moaned out, "Love you, Ronnie... Shay... God, I love you both so much..."

It took her almost a full minute to come down from her second orgasm, but finally the older woman withdraw from her center and Ron pulled his hand away. There was a brief tension in the woman's body below her, but it was thankfully brief, and Kim couldn't help but smile at it's rapid passing. Weakly, she rolled off on the opposite side from Ron, glancing at Shay and kissing her hip. "That... Oh, God..."

She didn't care what anyone thought. She loved Shay and Ron both and damn anyone who thought it was wrong! She wanted more, she realized, so much more... But first... First, maybe she should rest... She half closed her eyes and lie back, drawing a breath to let out a sigh, feeling the first edges of sleep tickling her consciousness when a chuckle from Shay brought her back from sleep's gentle invitation...


"Yeah..." Shego agreed, pleased neither of them either noticed, or cared, about her brief freezing whens he felt Ron's hand gliding between her left breast and Kim's hips. The contact, she admitted, had felt... Startlingly good. With a strange smile on her face, she continued with a satisfied groan, "God damn, that's one helluva way to come back from three years of nothing!" She blinked a few times as she saw something in her slightly blurry vision. She focused on it and realized that Ron's partially erect lower self was less than four inches from her face, and a strange, half smirk, half fearful stab of worry crossed her features.

She felt the dread coming back, as if trying to make her fling herself away... But she wouldn't! Never again! But... She still felt that fear, that heart consuming dread. Dammit... Stop it, I'm already with his fiancée, why should I avoid him, too?

"Shay?" Ron asked as he stared down at her and noticed her eyes were locked on his now rapidly stiffening member, "Er... You okay?"

Time to find out how Kimmie would react to me... At least talking about him... Aloud, she glanced from the shaft so close to her to the red-head's concerned face. "Hey, Kimmie..." she called, and stared right into the younger woman's eyes, "I think you lucked out with your boy here... He doesn't taste half bad..."

"Shay!" Kim gasped, her eyes widening briefly as a flush crossed her features, "Oh, I'm sorry, should I have cleaned up befo-..." Shego's half laugh, half content sigh and the lazy licking of her lips stopped the younger woman in mid-word.

"No..." Shego sighed out, "Honestly... Like I said, he's not bad... I mean, I've been with guys that intentionally ate things to make their semen taste better, but for a guy that's au naturale?" She shrugged, even as a vocal part of her mind was screaming in that familiar yet unfamiliar voice at her, making her want to tear her way out of the bed, to run... But she didn't.

Instead, she reached down to stroke Kim's still wet crotch, gently sliding a single finger into her, "I'm not going to lie... I was a nervous wreck when I could smell him still inside you... It... The thought of being with him, because I think of him as a friend, terrifies me, Kimmie..." She glanced at Ron, slightly shame-faced, "That's why I'm so nervous around you, Sport... I... Hear things, see things... It's that fear, the things I see actually happening... That's why I'm not sure I'll ever be able to... To do this with you, y'know?"

"Tell us about it when you're ready, Shay..." Ron sad with a slightly confused, but earnest expression.

Shego nodded and looked back at Kim, "But... I didn't mind this... Even feeling his hand on me... Or seeing Little Ron all but stabbing my eye here..."

"Shay!" Ron blushed at her blunt statement, and Kim giggled happily.

"Hmmm... Y'know what?" Kim and Ron looked at her with questioning gazes, and she winked up at Ron, "I think she's ready for you again, Sport... You ready for her?" Kim made a sound of confusion and disappointment as Shego withdrew her finger from Kim, and Shego winked at her, "I'm sure he loves you on top..."

"Uh, huh..." Ron nodded numbly as Shay made a show of sucking the finger that had just been in Kim clean, plainly still shocked that the whole situation was happening, especially when Shego continued.

"And, well..." the older woman flushed slightly, but it was obviously from nervousness instead of any overt arousal, "I'd... Kinda like to touch Kimmie... Maybe... Maybe do a few things for her while she's on you, Ronnie..." She returned her hand to the apex of Kim's legs and stroked her finger along Kim's clit, drawing a surprised blink from Ron. Yeah, that'd probably put my finger in contact with... With you... She felt a shudder of what she knew had to be impossible revulsion, but fought it off, smiling at him as devilishly as she could, before she could back out.

"Oohhh..." Kim drew out, suddenly forgetting her tiredness and smiling at her new lover, "You sure you could handle... I mean, if you accidentally touched Ron?" Shego nodded firmly, and then found herself wondering at the brief, insanely happy look on Kim's face, even if it passed quickly. "I'd love to feel you while Ron's... With me. In me... Spankin' idea, Sheegs!" With that, Kim performed a kip up that turned her over enough to kneel above Shego, before she leaned down to kiss Shego with brief, intense passion. When she broke from her, she asked in a nervous whisper, seeming to hope it wouldn't offend the older woman, "Pass it along?"

Shego nodded, despite a brief roiling nausea at the thought of consciously kissing Ron. She rolled herself up to a sitting position, then leaned over his still laying figure and touched her lips to his. The kiss started chastely, but quickly grew in intensity despite, or perhaps to spite, the screaming at the back of her mind, and Ron moaned helplessly into the kiss. While he was distracted, Kim settled herself around him, and Shego pulled back, consciously laying her hand on his chest. "Ladies?" he asked when Kim stayed still.

"Ron..." Shego said as seriously as she could, looking down at him, "That... I liked that... The kiss..." He nodded, and Shego could only guess the fear was visible in her eyes, "I know I keep going back to this, but I have to... Get it out, I guess. Remind myself about it, so if it gets annoying, let me know, 'kay?" She favored both of them with a questioning look, and both nodded with slight smiles, before she continued. "Ronnie, Kimmie... I don't know why it scares me... Why I keep thinking it'll lead to something terrible. But it's not as bad as it was, and if I'm ever able to overcome it..."

"Take all the time you need, Shay..." Ron murmured, a soft, caring smile on his face that drew a few tears to Shego's eyes, "No matter what you decide..."

"Let me finish..." Shego half snapped, grimacing at her tone, and giving an apologetic half shrug as she schooled her thoughts, "Ron, you're emotionally one of the types of guys I like as friends and... And could see myself wanting more over time... Physically, you're a lot closer than I ever thought you were, but... If I'm ever able to overcome... It, whatever it is?" She waited until Ron nodded for her to continue, and favored both of them with a serious look, "If so, I won't hesitate to be with you like I was with Kimmie here..."

"And like we've both said, about other things, and now about this... We'll wait for you," Kim assured her as she reached out to lay a hand briefly on Shego's shoulder, "No matter what happens. Promise..."

"Kim... Ron..." Shego felt herself trying to choke up, and closed her eyes, taking a few cleansing breaths, Dammit, I'm in love with Kimmie, and... Do I really want to love him? Do I want to risk the voice being right? She shook her head as she finished the second breath, to shoo those thoughts as far away as she could. No! No fucking more, damn you whoever you are! As if to reinforce her thought, she gazed fondly at the both of them, "Right now, by myself and by my own volition, I can't do more than kiss you, Ron... But I can be with Kimmie fully and completely with no hesitation. Are you sure you'd be okay with just a kiss or two from time to time and the occasional, accidental touch? For now, anyway?"

"I'd be an idiot to say 'No.', y'know?" Ron chuckled, and Shego slapped his shoulder firmly, "Hey, not you, too!"

"Face it, Ronnie..." Kim chuckled as she ground against him, drawing his attention back to her, "You love the attention..."

"Well..." Ron breathed, closing his eyes as Shego took his hand in hers, holding it like a friend... But also somewhat like Kim held his hands, as well, "Yeah, yeah I do..."

"Shay..." Kim murmured as Shego gazed at Ron, her face troubled, "You sure you're okay?"

"Are you two?" Shego asked, and when they nodded, she smirked, shoving her concerns aside for at least the night, "There you go..." Ron chuckled, Kim smiled and then let out a sighing moan as Ron reached up to touch her stomach with gentle fingers and Shego stopped them again with a wry, chuckling declaration, "And neither of you better be cover hogs, 'cause I'm going to be sleeping right next to my Kimmie!"

Ron, who had moved his hands to grab ahold of Kim's hips for a moment, looked at the older woman as she moved around behind Kim and raised an eyebrow at her, "Our Kimmie, Shay..." He glanced back at Kim and reiterated, "Our Kimmie..."

"Always..." Kim murmured softly, beginning to rock gently on her fiancé as Shego kissed her neck and her hands began to trace random, enchanting patterns across the red-head's body...

Author's Notes

Well... That was... A lot bigger than I'd originally planned... ^_^'' By about twelve thousand words, to be precise! But all in all, it seems Felix is coming around to admit his feelings for Joss... Shego's tryin' to play matchmaker for her single friend, JJ...

And Shego finally had a chance to make love to her flame haired love, Kim Possible. I hope that wasn't too boring, and that it got the emotions - as well as some of the reasons behind Shego's emotional hesitation - across the way I wanted to!

And now, as I said in the Author's Forward, I'm working on the second arc of this story. It's still tentatively entitled "Vacation from the Norm, Book II: Journey of Discovery"... I know, kinda cheesy, but it's... Fitting! ^_^''

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