Mako's Message: Hoo boy... I'm really kinda nervous about this one. The content is a little more...uh... risque than my other stories, as you'll see. I think. And Also I hope I managed to give Dave a unique voice and this doesn't just end up sounding like Mindy talking.

Anyway, this is important. This is a mirror story(and I'm not even sure if that's the right term) to Precocious Crush. The world around Dave and Mindy is EXACTLY THE SAME as in in Precocious Crush, but Dave and Mindy have reversed their roles. Here, DAVE has the crush, and Mindy is the one going about her life unaware of the other's feelings. This is NOT Precocious Crush from Dave's perspective.

This story will be jumping through time a great deal, and will only touch on a few moments of Precocious Crush here and there. Important moments. Christmas, The Brawl, etc. And how they're different.

I think that covers everything, so... enjoy!

It's hard for me to pull my eyes away from her. Hard for my eyes not to be drawn to her in the first place for that matter. She's just so full of life. Her eye's sparkle with intelligence, her cute little lips always half curled into a smirk like she's laughing at the world. I can't help wanting to kiss her. But then there's that whole thing with her being eleven.

It's not just that she's cute as hell, there are other reasons. I mean, she saved my life, twice in fact. Things like that always leave you feeling at least some affection towards the person. And after that we went and fought together in a life or death battle. Okay, she did most of the fighting, but I did get to play the big damn hero (twice), and beat the shit out of that traitorous piece of shit Red Mist.

Don't think he learned his lesson though if those e-mails are any indication.

So yeah, why wouldn't I feel an attachment to her? I mean, even if she does have Marcus I still feel responsible for her. Hell, Marcus practically made me responsible for her, "Keep an eye on her" he says. Yeah. That hasn't been a problem.

Katie's taking to her rather well. Which is... good. "It's like you've suddenly gained an adorable little sister." she says. Yeah. That just helps this problem I have with picturing myself leaning over and kissing her sooo much.

Dad has only seen her for a minute or two at a time. I told him I met her through that trauma counselor he'd been asking me to see. Guess it was a good thing I decided to start going. Not like I didn't need it after being tied to a chair, beaten, and almost set on fire.

Oh why did I have to go back to that. God. I don't think I'm creative enough to come up with what her Dad would do to me if he knew she'd slipped into one of my fantasies while jerking off.

She laughs at something and I'm back to thinking about how fucking beautiful she is. And she really is, those eyes, and her lips, and her no- her whole fucking face. Oh and her hair. My god her hair, it's just this golden blond that's abso-fucking-lutely amazing, and it's almost straight, but it has this slight bit of a curl to it that makes me want to just start wrapping it around my fingers and pull her in for a kiss and... yeah, that train of thought isn't going to take me anywhere good.

But it's not just her looks, I'm not just perving on a cute little kid. I'm not a pedophile or some shit like that. She's funny, and she's smart. Really fucking smart. It's kinda scary sometimes. I mean, she's never attended a real school before but they still skipped her ahead a year. Well, it's not really skipping since she was never in fifth to skip sixth(unless you count skipping K-6th … was she in kindergarten?) but she's a year younger than everyone in her grade but she's still acing her courses. And when she's hanging out with me and the guys she can totally hold her own. It doesn't feel like hanging out with a little girl at all. She's... one of us, in a way.

But in another way she's not like any of us. I don't think there's a single person in this school whose ass she couldn't kick. I watched her fucking slaughter a room full of grown men in, what? Thirty seconds? She probably could have done it faster but I swear she was playing with them. And that should scare me, it DOES fucking scare me, like, seriously scares me. But at the same time, it's something that's just between us. It's our secret. She knows it too. I can see it in her eyes when I catch them, a little smirk and an eye roll, "Can you believe these tools?"

We just have this little connection. Something that's just between us. We're best friends.

And I want to do things to her that would get me thrown into prison and raped for the rest of my life.

I don't even know why I have thought's like that. I mean, I have Katie. Katie is hot as fuck and I'm getting laid on a regular basis. She's still a child. Hasn't even hit puberty yet. No reason to want to fuck her.

She does have nice legs though.

Still, it's not like she makes me sprout wood. Not like Katie does. And yet I still end up thinking about her when I'm laying in bed at night.

I jerk out of my thoughts and Todd and Marty laugh as I realize she just hit me in the face with a french fry. I'd totally drifted off while looking at her.

"You awake in there in Dave?" she says. I apologize and she laughs and shakes her head, "I swear to god Dave, you're such a dumbass sometimes," and then she goes back to talking about how this girl invited her to her birthday party and where the hell did that come from cause she's never talked to this girl before.

I'm staring at her again, and I'm wondering why. I'm not into flat chested little girl. I'm not a pedophile. I'm not. If anything my preference is older women...

It's only her.