Out of all the things I thought Mindy might say when she saw the building I was moving into, "How am I supposed to sneak into your bedroom now?" wasn't even on the list.

I had to admit it was nice to hear. That she didn't intend to let anything change. Don't know what Riley will think of Mindy inviting herself into her- our apartment though.

I lean over and whisper to her, "What? Hit Girl can't get in there?"

She smirks at me and whispers back, "Sure, I could, but do you expect me to gear up every time I want to drop by unannounced?"

It's an amusing thought. "There's a fire escape on the side. It's right outside my window."

She grins and says, "Sweet." then adjusts her grip on the box she's carrying and heads through the door Riley just came out of and up the stairs.

Riley turns and watches her go, then walks up to me and says, "Anything I should know about?"

"Not really. Just asking about visiting."

"Ah. Well, just remember the rules, she can come over whenever but if she's in your room keep the door open," then she winks at me, nudges me in the side, and heads back to the car for another box.

It's kind of depressing, really, seeing that my whole life was able to fit into one hatchback. But then, it really was only one room. And it was hardly my whole life.

When I take my box up to my room in the apartment, Mindy is leaning out the window.

"Not much a view," she says.

"No, but there's not much to see it from either."

"I noticed that," she says, smiling at me over her shoulder. She looks back out the window, "The fire escape is gonna make sneaking in here almost too easy."

"You could always try the door."

She snorts, "Where's the fun in that?"

"So are you two just going to stand around talking or carry boxes?" Riley asks as she comes in.

Mindy turns and smiles at her, still leaning against the window, "Oh, sorry, we were just discussing how I was going to sneak into his room without you knowing." he eyes go wide and she covers her mouth, "Oops. Forget I said anything."

Oh gods. Mindy. You know not what you do.

"Anyway! I'm gonna go get more stuff from the car." Mindy pretty much bounces across the room like, she doesn't have a care I the world.

Riley looks at me with raised eyebrows, "You sure you don't have anything to tell me?"

I stared at her deadpan for a moment, "No. There is nothing I need to tell you. That's just Mindy being Mindy. She likes fucking with people."

Then she grins at me, "Well, I guess as long as she's not fucking you there's no problem."

I hate to admit it at times, especially like now, but I don't know Riley as well as I know Mindy. So I can't be sure of when she's just messing with me. Well, I can't be a hundred percent with Mindy either, but I can be close. Most of the time.

But this time I'm pretty sure she's not being honest with me. She's reminding me too much of Mindy. "Riley, is there something you need to tell me?"

She smiles at me, but I can tell it's kind of a sad smile, "I can just see you two really like each other. And I know you want more, and I can't help feeling like if she was older you two would have gotten together a long time ago, but you two are still really great friends and I'm kinda jealous because it's just hard not to be when I see you together and I just wish I had someone who was as close a friend as you two are. And I really just said all that."

She sits down on the bed and buries her face in her hands.

I..."are you sure you're okay with all this? I mean...it's not like I couldn't use a reason to step back further from temptation a bit."

She looks up at me, and she looks like she's trying to...like she can't understand what I said. "Did you just seriously say you'd hang out with Mindy less if I want you to?"


She smiles and giggles and hugs me, "You are such a sweet guy, but no, I'm not gonna ask you to do that. I hate it when I end up being the girl the comes between a guy and his friends." She starts nuzzling into my neck and says, "It makes me feel better that you offered though." and nips at my ear.

"Hey, come on now you two, can't you hold off until he's moved in at least?" my Dad says as he brings in another box, "Besides, we got a little lady around who we wouldn't want to walk in on anything."

"Sorry, Mr. Lizewski, won't happen again," Riley says then shoves me to my feet, "C'mon, get moving you, everybody else has moved more of your junk than you."