Hey all! After a ridiculously long hiatus due to writer's block and a crazy life, I've decided to try my hand at writing again. Let me know what you think of this one; I'm always open to suggestions/criticism. Enjoy!

They were all lined up in the hallway: Walker, Trivette, Gage, Sydney, and Alex. It was six in the morning but each of them was wide awake. They wanted to be awake for this, wanted to be able to remember every second of what was about to happen. They were all armed, even Alex. She had an important role in this operation too. Besides, she knew how to shoot; Walker had taught her.

Slowly and deliberately, Walker slid the key the building manager had given him into the lock of the apartment door. The lock clicked and Walker opened the door, peering inside and raising his gun. They filed into the tiny apartment in a line, one right after another. Trivette went in last, and he softly shut the door behind him. They passed through the living room and kitchen and walked down a short hallway past the bathroom. Finally, they arrived in the back bedroom. A laptop was open on the desk, the screensaver flashing. Their target was lying sprawled on a double bed in the far corner of the room. They all moved into position: Walker and Alex at the foot of the bed and the rest evenly spaced out on the side. At a nod from Walker, they raised their weapons and opened fire without another warning.

Angela shrieked as the icy water streaming from the Super Soakers hit her from all directions. Spluttering, she sat up and shook the water out of her face.

"Happy birthday!" five voices shouted simultaneously.

"Awesome. Thanks guys, thanks a lot." She muttered, wringing the water out of her hair and glancing at her clock. "Really? Six in the morning? I don't have class for another three hours." She stared at her parents and grinned. "You better have doughnuts."

Walker reached over and wrapped his daughter in a bear hug, kissing her forehead. "Happy birthday, Angel." He whispered.

A few hours later, the Super Soaker free group was sitting on bleachers watching Angela's soccer team annihilate the visiting team. Angela herself was on fire, having already scored a goal and assisted on one other.

Walker watched his daughter with an immense amount of pride. She'd been athletic ever since she was little and soccer had quickly become her sport of choice. In fact, soccer was one of the reasons she had picked this particular school; she could play Division 1 soccer and study criminology; the only two requirements she had in a school. Walker and Alex approved; it didn't hurt that Angela was only two hours from home.

"And Walker runs up the field, she has a free shot and takes it, and…GOAL!"

The crowd surged and Walker stood with the rest. Angela was engulfed by her teammates as the final buzzer sounded, ending the game. In the midst of the celebrations, she glanced into the stands and offered a half salute to her personal cheering section. They all waved back and went about gathering all of their stuff. Sydney, Gage, and Trivette started down the stairs, heading toward the field. Walker and Alex were right behind them, but stopped when a man in the stands called out to them.

"Excuse me!" He hurried down the stairs to catch up with them. "Sorry to hold you up; are you Angela Walker's parents, by any chance?"

"Yes, we're Angela's parents." Walker affirmed.

The man stuck out his hand. "I'm Professor Collins, I teach criminology classes here. Angela's in my introductory course. I just wanted to tell you what a spectacular daughter you have. She's going to go far in this world."

"Thank you." Alex smiled. "We're very proud of her."

Professor Collins smiled warmly. "Well, I won't hold you up. I'm sure you have some celebrating to do."

After shaking hands one last time, Walker and Alex made their way down to the field where Angela had already reunited with Sydney, Gage, and Trivette. The four were making dinner plans.

"Mom, Dad! Italian?" Angela bounded over to them, her energy never faltering.

"Whatever you want sweetie." Alex answered.

"Okay! Let me go get changed. Be right back!" She ran off to the locker room, jumping on one of her teammate's backs when she caught up to them.

Alex turned to her husband, snaking her arms around his back and looking up at him. "I'm thinking we did pretty well with her Mr. Walker."

"I'd have to agree with you, Mrs. Walker." He leaned in and kissed his wife, only stopping when Trivette cleared his throat.

"Get a room you two." He smirked.

Walker didn't have time to respond before Angela returned.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Sure, let's go." Walker said, draping his arm around one of her shoulders and steering her off the field.

Dinner was excellent and spirits were high as everyone left to drive back to Dallas. Angela was left waving good bye as Walker's truck and Gage's sedan drove off into the darkness. Still smiling at one of the jokes Trivette had shared at dinner, she turned started the short walk back to her apartment.

She paused and turned her head, sensing someone walking behind her. Reaching her hand into her bag and fingering the pepper spray she kept there, she started walking again. She increased her pace when she realized that she was in fact hearing footsteps behind her. She was about to break into a run when she heard someone call her name.


She whirled around, whipping her arm out of her bag, pepper spray in hand, and barked a laugh of relief when she recognized the face behind her.

"You scared me! I thought everyone would be headed home by now." She laughed again, feeling the tension leave her body.

He smiled. "Sorry Angela. I thought that was you. I was going to offer to walk you back to your apartment; it's late."

She considered the nervous state she'd been in only a minute ago. "Sure, that would be great." She smiled and slipped the pepper spray back into her bag.

"Great job at the game today, by the way." He smiled.

"Thanks! It was a good one."

"And happy birthday." He smiled his usual charming and disarming smile.

"Nineteen's not really a big one." Angela replied.

"I don't know about that. Big things can happen any time."

"Fair enough." Angela responded. "Well, this is me." She said, as they approached her apartment building. "Thanks for walking me back; I appreciate it." She smiled.

"Not a problem. I feel better knowing you're safe. I mean, it's not a good idea to walk around campus alone at night."

"You're probably right. Well, thanks again."

"Talk to you soon, Angela. Sleep well."

Angela offered a small wave in his direction as she entered the building.

The man stood outside the building until he saw the light in her apartment come on. "Sleep well Angel." He whispered before turning and walking off into the night.