Authors Note :: learning about animals and their mating habits isn't that fun ._. And I'm writing one in Sakura and Gaara and Naruto and Hinata. Oh! And in this story, the Akatsuki didn't succeed into taking Shukaku from Gaara.

Title :: Sakura in Heat

Rating :: M

Summary :: Gaara is having problems controlling himself around his crush, Sakura. Why? Because she's in heat. What will happen when he can't contain himself anymore?



Gaara stared at the two kinoichi's making dinner from the other room; he didn't think the two even realized that he was watching them. Sakura was here, in Suna, helping with the hospital and also being the Konoha Ambassador. He laughed when he found that out. He didn't think she had what it took to be an Ambassador…but oh, was he wrong!

"Ne, Sakura-chan, can you pass me some pepper and spices?" Temari asked, flipping the large tongue on the pan. Sakura nodded and got some pepper and spiced off of the rack and handed them to her, but she dropped one.

"Crap," Sakura muttered before bending down, giving Gaara a nice few. He stared at her ass and tilted his head to the side, smirking to himself. Okay, so what? He had a little crush on this women, big deal. Just then what he heard took his thoughts off of Sakura.

"Ouch," Sakura moaned, holding her stomach. Gaara was about to get up and help her before he heard Temari.

"You okay, sweetie?" Temari asked, looking over at her.

Sakura nodded and handed her the spice that fell, "Yeah. It's just my time of the month again."

Temari smiled and nodded, "Say no more, girly."

Gaara raised an invisible eyebrow in question at the scene before him. He was worried about Sakura and that little 'pain'. But if he guesses if Temari wasn't worried, he shouldn't be either.

Oh my god! Yes! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Shukaku roared.

The Fuck? What is wrong with you? Gaara watched the girls as they started to talk again, not really listening to what they were talking about.

She is going to be ready my boy! Shukaku chuckled, darkly.

Gaara raised an 'eyebrow', ready for what?

You know nothing about women, do you. It was more of a statement then a question. But Gaara still stayed silent. Shukaku sighed; I'll take that as a yes. When a women comes into heat, the man will…not hold himself back.

Gaara growled, frustrated; I know that part, you stupid demon. But what does this have to do with me? Human's aren't like animals. Human's cant sense these things.

Ah, good point you have there boy. But with me…you can. Shukaku was laughing. Gaara froze.

But, that means that I'll - Yes boy, you won't be able to resist the temptation. And when she hits 'the point'…Woohoo! It's going to be an animal show! The demon vanished somewhere into his mind.

Gaara cursed. He knew a little about periods; but living with a moody woman, you could never tell when she was on or off her period. Gaara growled, he really didn't like this…he didn't like this at all.

"Wonderful…just plain fucking wonderful." Gaara mumbled. Kankuro raised an eyebrow at him as he walked by Gaara.

"What's so plain fucking wonderful little bro?" Kankuro jumped over the coffee table and fell onto the couch, next to Gaara.

Gaara and Kankuro have a much better relationship since Gaara was taken by the Akatsuki. Kankuro kinda got what Gaara was faced with. Facing one of the Akatsuki.

Gaara looked over at Kankuro, "You wouldn't understand."

Kankuro smirked, "Try me, baby bro."

Gaara glared at Kankuro, he hated when Kankuro called him that. But it's not like Kankuro is ever going to stop calling him that.

"I am going to become an animal in the next five to eight days." Gaara looked back over at Sakura and Temari.

Kankuro laughed, "More then you are now?"

Gaara looked over at him, "I'm serious…someone…is…going to be…pounded."

Gaara's eye twitched a little and Kankuro raised an eyebrow.

"Be right back, Temari. Need to go…uh…change." Sakura blushed a little, walking out of the kitchen and into the living room where the boys are. Gaara smelt her, and now he craved her.

Sakura nodded to both of them as she walked to the stairs and up them. Gaara's eyes darkened and he tensed, and Kankuro smirked.

"Oh, ho ho! I know what's going on! Naruto had the same problem with that Hyuuga girl last time I visited Konoha." Kankuro leaned back onto the couch, resting his arms on the top of the couch.

Gaara looked at Kankuro, "Naruto went through this already?" Kankuro nodded, "You bet. Want me to get him down here to help ya?" Gaara shook his head, "No. I can handle this."

Kankuro smirked as he heard Sakura walk back down the stairs.

Gaara shut his eyes tight, leaning his arms onto his thighs and holding his breath. Kankuro smirked and said to Sakura, "Hey, Sakura, I need to ask you something." Gaara shot daggers at Kankuro.

"Che. What is it, Kankuro?" Sakura walked over to Kankuro and Gaara, standing in front of the coffee table.

"What would you say if a certain someone wanted to pound you?" Kankuro asked, rubbing his chin.

Sakura smiled and laughed, "Hell, I'd kick their ass."

Kankuro smirked, she didn't get the kind out pounding he meant. Kankuro nodded to her, "Alright."

Sakura walked back into the kitchen.

"I should murder you." Gaara said, still in the same position, glaring at Kankuro. Kankuro only laughed his ass off.

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