Never Say Goodbye

Chapter 1

I never had been inside the opera house. I would have loved to see that beautiful chandelier. But I never would now. It was burning down and flames consumed the building. As the screaming crowd fled, I just stood watching it burn; such a beautiful place never deserved this. I could hear people shouting and looking for their loved ones.

One conversation I had overheard had been quite clear on what happened. This young couple looked quite stressed and tired from running through the squealing first class. As they rounded the bend, they turned into the alleyway, and suddenly the girl stopped.

"Who was that man, Joseph?"

"The Opera ghost, Madeline!" "We should get out of here as fast as we can!"

"Sorry, I'm just trying to take it all in, I mean we almost died…that chandelier was coming so fast and if you haven't gotten me out of the way…." She trailed off, then breaking into sobs. Joseph came to her, reached out to hold her hand.

"Madeline, it's ok, it really is. We got out safely, we will be fine."

"Sorry, Joseph I'm just frightened a bit…..but that man….. Did you see his face?"

I left them alone after that. The poor girl was scared out of her wits, I got that.

As I watched from the street, watching the most exquisite thing I have ever seen burn to the ground. The shrieks and screams seemed to die down. Then it had begun to rain, hard. As I watched my world seemed to crumble into ashes. The night was so black; I was barely able to see a thing. Suddenly, I saw something exit the one of the back entrances of the opera. Something or someone stumbled out of there, falling to the ground. The rain was still falling, and my hair and clothes were soaking wet. I ran to the side of the opera where I saw movement. I heard a moan in the darkness.

"Hello? Are you alright?"

Stupid question I know but what was I supposed to say?

I hear another moan, an attempt to get up, and a definite fail.

"Hello? Where are you? I can help you. Just show me a sign so I can see you"

I hear a faint "here" as I turn around. I see a man, lying on the ground, face down. In a white shirt, black pants, hair slightly messed up.

"Oh god!" "Okay can you hear me?" "If you can. Please turn over. I want to make sure you don't have severe damage."

"Ok can you do that for me sir? Sir?"

He moved slightly, I knew I had to help him. I gently flipped him over and what I had seen I couldn't believe.

The right side of this man's face was red and marred. His right eye sunken a bit and the flesh on his face was wrinkled and scarred. I just looked at him. I then snapped out of the enchantment and said to him

"We need to get a doctor!"

"No" he said. "I need her; my life isn't worth anything without her." "Without her my life is over, just let me die."

"What?" This man was out of his senses. "Sir, you must trust me. I'm going to help you but we need to get you out of here."

I heard a crowd of people in the distance. They held torches and clubs. They were coming this way. Something told me they were coming for him….but what was I going to do?

There was a mob closing in, I had to act fast.