'If you were my King, oh
I would be your Queen, oh
If you were my King, oh
I would be your Queen, oh

Mystery deep in the royal heart
Crying at night, I wanna be a part
Prince, oh, prince, are you really sincere
That you, one day, are gonna disappear?'

-From 'My Oh My' by Aqua

Chapter 4- Mystery deep in the royal heart

Harry found himself in a dark, and seemingly abandoned hallway. The pictures on the wall were faded and covered in a thick layer of dust. Harry walked over to a picture and used his sleeve to wipe off some of the dust off. He squinted and was able to see that the picture was of a family of five, two parents and three children. One of the children was a girl with long wavy black hair and ocean blue eyes, she was probable around four. The oldest looking child was an 18 year old boy with short messy black hair and blue-gray eyes. The middle child was also a boy, when Harry got a good look at the boy he gasped this boy looked almost exactly like him, except he had short brown hair instead of black hair.

A noise behind Harry started him, he spun around and saw a door that hadn't been there before. The door was cracked just enough to allow some light to flow out of the room, but not enough for Harry to see anything inside the room. Harry slowly and cautiously began to make his way over to the room, worried that this might be a vision sent from Voldemort. When he got to the door he tried to quietly open the door, hoping it wouldn't squeak like all old doors do. Surprisingly the door didn't make a sound.

When the door was open Harry looked in a saw a beautifully decorated nursery. The walls were painted a beautiful sky blue with fluffy white clouds floating across it to look like the sky. To the left of the room was a beautiful crib built of` beautiful oak wood, it was stained a dark brown. The floor was covered in a plush green carpet that reminded Harry of freshly mowed grass. Across from the crib was a beautiful old rocking chair, and in the chair was the boy from the picture.

"Hello Harry." The boy said. Harry stared at him in shock, was this for real or was this a dream? "I didn't mean to shock you, but I called you here because I need your help."

"You need my help?" Harry asked and the boy nodded, "With what?"

"Before I explain, let me just apologize." The boy said standing up.

"For what?" Harry asked.

"For everything that has happened and will happen because of me." The boy said confusing Harry. "Now that that is out of the way, on to why I called you here. I need your help to get revenge on Albus Dumbledore."

"Why would you need to take revenge on Professor Dumbledore?" Harry asked.

"For many things. For making my life living hell, for taking me away from my love, for causing my love so much grief and pain, and last but not least, killing my only child." The boy said.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Yes, all will be reviled with time. For now I must warn you, that my revenge will cause you much difficulties and a lot of pain. I will need to use a lot of your magic, I might drain you a few times, but this will benefit you by increasing your magic. I promise that I will try my hardest to not kill you." The boy said.

"Why do you need me?" Harry asked.

"My body is locked away somewhere in the castle, and until I can get back to my body my soul is locked deep with in you and my magic will wonder the castle looking for both my body and my soul." the boy said.

"Why should I help you? What will I get in return?" Harry asked and the boy laughed.

"You have obviously been hanging around with a Slytherin, a lover perhaps?" the boy asked and Harry blushed and the boy laughed once more. "You are more like me than I thought." he muttered. "What you get in return will be the end of this war with Tom Marvolo Riddle, or Lord Voldemort, with no more deaths."

"How will my helping you do that?" Harry asked.

"I am his lover, this war started with my disappearance and will end with my reappearance." the boy said shocking Harry. "Will you help me or not?" Harry nodded and the boy smiled then held out his hand. "Good, now, take my hand."

.:~ My Oh My ~:.

Hermione and everyone in the Gryffindor tower was suddenly woken up when the whole tower began to shake and an ear splitting scream that sounded like a wailing spirit more than a human pierced the air causing everyone in the tower to cover their ears and drop to the ground. Beds began to fall over, pictures that were hanging on the wall flew off and shattered against the walls. The glass in the windows began shattering, the pieces of the broken glasses flew around the room, but never hit anyone. School books flew open, some pages ripping out and flying around the room. Every pillow and cushions tore open and the stuffing went every where. All of the girls began screaming and crying as they were trapped in their room as a bed blocked their path. The boys were freaking out, trying to get to the girls to help them.

As soon as it started, it stopped and everything went back to normal. The beds were put back in their places, the pictures and windows were put back together. The pillows and cushions were fixed, the books were back together and in their rightful place. The shaking and scream stopped, and the girls were able to leave the room and ran into the boy's room. It was almost as if it had never happened, the only thing that was out of place was Harry's curtains were open and he was gone.

.:~ My Oh My ~:.

Lord Voldemort was sitting in his usual chair, he had just finished his monthly meeting and was trying to relax. A familiar giggle floated into his ear and his head shot up, he looked around and saw Harold peeking around the door frame. When Harold saw that he had been spotted he giggled and quickly hid. Voldemort shot out of the chair and ran through the door after him, he stopped in the hallway and looked around. A cloak disappearing around the corner and another giggle caught his attention, he ran after Harold.

This little game continued for thirty more minutes, and every time Voldemort would think that he had lost Harold, Harold would give him a clue like peeking around a corner or door frame, or giggling. After awhile Voldemort ended up in front of his champers with a note stuck to his door.

-That was fun, I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer. But maybe if you find me we can have more fun, I'll give you a hint. I am somewhere near a lake. And to help you find me I will be sending you something, use it well.

Fight, tonight, after hours-

Was all the note said. The note was written in Harold's handwriting. Voldemort laughed and held the note close to his chest. His love was still alive, this had just turning into one of the best days of his life, the only thing that could ever beat this will be the day Harold is in his arms once again.

.:~ My Oh My ~:.

The sound of someone in his personal lab was the thing that got Severus out of his bed at three in the morning. Severus shot out of his bed, quickly pulled on a robe and ran into his lab where he saw the back of the intruder. "What the hell are you doing here? How the fuck did you get in here?" Severus asked. The intruder looked at him over his shoulder and Severus was able to see that is was Potter.

"Sorry to wake you," Potter said in the airy voice from before, "But I needed you up so that you could make a potion for me, the list of everything you need for the potion is on your desk over there." Potter said then vanished in a shimmering light.

"What the fucking hell!" Severus said then stomped over to his desk. He angrily picked up the note and read it.

-The reason I need you to make this potion is that you are the only one who won't fuck it up, and can give it to Tom.-

From there on was just a list of ingredients and the instructions on how to make the potions. Severus snorted and threw the paper away, like hell he would make a potion for that brat.

.:~ My Oh My ~:.

Harry woke up cold and sore, he groaned when he pushed himself up. He stopped when he felt cold, hard stones instead of his nice, warm bed under him. He looked around and saw that he was in a hallway in the dungeons, he was curled up in front of a picture of a beautiful painting of the black lake with the sun setting. Harry stood up and looked closely at the picture, for some reason he felt drawn to this painting. He was about to take a step toward the painting when Draco's voice rang through the air.

"Harry!" Draco cried and Harry looked over at him to see him running down the hall towards him. "It's really you!" Draco said pulling Harry into a bone crushing hug once he got to him.

"Of course its me Draco." Harry said hugging him back, very confused as to why Draco was hugging him like he had been missing. Suddenly Draco pulled away and glared at him.

"Where the hell have you been?" Draco asked.

"What?" Harry asked.

"You've been missing for two weeks, and now you suddenly wind up in the dungeons near the Slytherin Common Room? Did you not expect anyone to notice you gone? Where the hell were you? I've been looking every where for you, when your name didn't appear on the map I looked in the RoR, and when you weren't there I feared for the worst. So, where the hell were you hiding?" Draco demanded shocking Harry.

"I- I was gone for two weeks?" Harry asked then started to panic. "I-I-I don't remember anything. I remember you thinking I was pregnant, then going to my classes and then falling asleep. The next thing I know I'm waking up here." Harry said as tears began to fall from his eyes, he flew into Draco's arms. "Why can't I remember being gone for two weeks!" Draco looked at him shocked before quickly wrapping his arms around Harry's waist and pulled him closer to him.

"Shh, love, we'll find out what happened, it's okay. Come, lets go to bed, it's late." Draco said then began to lead him towards the Slytherin Common room.

"Late?" Harry asked.

"Yes, it is 2 in the morning." Draco said.

"Then why aren't you in bed?" Harry asked.

"I was searching for you." Draco said. Draco stopped walking when he came out of the hallway to turn towards the Slytherin Common Room but saw Pansy in front of him, Draco and Harry glanced at each other but didn't pull away from each other since it was too late.

"What the?" Pansy asked.

"What are you doing up?" Draco asked.

"I was looking for you, Blaze is also looking for you. We have been worried for you, for the past two weeks you have barely slept, hardly touched any food, and never went to your classes. We thought that something was wrong." Pansy said then glared at Harry who suddenly felt very weak, Draco arranged his body so that he was blocking Pansy's view of Harry. "What are you doing here with Potter?"

"I've been looking for him ever since he vanished, I found him here. That is what was wrong with me." Draco said and glanced back at Harry when his grip in his cloak loosened.

"Why were you looking for him?" Pansy demanded.

"Dray, I don't feel so good." Harry whispered.

"That is none of your business." Draco said then began to move him and Harry towards Pansy. When they got right in front of Pansy she grabbed Harry before Draco could grab him and yanked him to her, jolting his stomach.

"Oh god." Harry moaned before throwing up.

"Oh god. Ew!" Pansy screeched. Harry coughed and gagged before his stomached heaved and began to throw up blood.

"Harry!" Draco yelled and ran to him. He caught Harry before he fell to the floor, as soon as Draco's caught Harry he passed out. "What did you do!" Draco growled at Pansy.

"Me! I didn't do anything! Its him that did something!" Pansy screeched.

"He didn't do anything!" Draco said.

"Of course he did, he has cursed you to love him!" Pansy yelled.

"He never cursed me." Draco said, Pansy opened her mouth to reply but someone cut her off.

"What the hell is going on here?" Severus asked, before anyone could reply a wave of magic burst out of Harry knocking everyone to the ground. Harry began to float in the air and a boy who looked just like him appeared out of shimmering lights and caught him.

"I suggest you take him to the hospital as soon as you can." The boy said in an airy voice as he sat Harry on the ground then disappeared in a shimmering light.

.:~ My Oh My ~:.

Dumbledore ran down the hallway towards the hospital wing, Severus had come to him and told him that Harry was found and had been taken to the hospital wing. He was worried that his little weapon had been stolen from him, and who ever had stolen him had caused that huge commotion in the Gryffindor Tower the night he disappeared. Dumbledore stopped when he saw every Ravenclaw students standing in the hallway huddled up staring at something. Dumbledore made his way through the students and saw what was the problem. Everyone of the plants had been made to over grow and cover everything, and they were still growing.

Dumbledore took out his wand to reverse the spell, but his wand was quickly snatched away from him by a vine. Suddenly a ghostly figure appeared in the middle of the mass of growing plants. "I'll take that, we wouldn't want you weaseling your way out of this." the ghost said then vanished with Dumbledore's wand.

After the ghostly figure vanished the whole castle began to shake and and ear splitting scream pierced the air, just like it had done the night Harry vanished. Dumbledore turned and ran to the hospital wing, not wanting Harry to vanish. When he got there he heard Pansy screaming before he saw anything, he looked and saw Pansy holding onto the bed while Draco was using his body to cover Harry's from anything that might fall. Severus was covering Draco's body while making sure not to put any pressure on him and Harry's body.

Harry was twitching and if you looked close enough it looked like there were two bodies instead of one. When Harry threw his head to the left, another head when left. When his left arm raised up, another left arm stayed on the bed. Harry opened his mouth and the ear splitting scream Dumbledore heard in the hallway came from his mouth, Pansy screamed and covered her ears. Harry turned his head towards Dumbledore and opened his eyes, his eyes were glowing a Avada Kadava green.

Magic flew out of Harry and picked Dumbledore up and threw him out of the Hospital Wing. Dumbledore heard the doors to the Hospital Wing lock themselves as bloody words began to form on the doors.

-It is not time for you to die yet, I am going to have my fun with you. The same fun you had with not only me, but my son, and the love of my life.-

Dumbledore stood there reading the words for a few minutes before he turned and ran to the dungeons. A woman with long wavy black hair and ocean blue eyes stepped out of the shadows where she was watching Dumbledore. She looked at the bloody words before she smirked, "Its good to see that you have finally woken from your slumber Harold, everything will slowly fall back into place. I can see you have everything under control, I will leave here for now." she said then walked down the hall towards the main doors.