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WARNING: This story may/will contain strong language, violence, blood, alcohol and drug references, and some suggestive themes. This isn't for the faint of heart. :)

Summary: Sequel to Nocturne's Return. Two years after Xemnas is defeated, Demyx discovers a piece of information that turns his whole world upside down. Also, the forces of darkness, once thought to be at bay, seem to be pressing closer...

Rating: T. May be upped to an M, depending on circumstance.
Pairings: Strong Yuffiemyx, Sokai; some Aerith/Zack.

Eternal Nocturne

I have no regrets.

My breath comes hot and ragged, each intake a stab of fire at my lungs. I can't quite remember how long I'd been running; I just know I have to keep going.

The enemy follows me easily, listlessly; I ignore it, chasing towards my goal.

My heart pounds insistently. I am driving it to its limit, but it's proof that I'm alive, and very real. Blood blossoms inside my body. The exertion is making me wonder how long it will take until my body will just give out. I know it won't take me long to find out.

Still, I can't stop. There's no time to rest, to recuperate. I've gone too far to stop now, not when I've nearly accomplished everything I've strived for.

My temperature has skyrocketed; my normal cool ninety-four was staggered for something bordering on one-oh-three. Beneath my coat, I'm slick with sweat. My mind doesn't know where to stay, whether it is with my physical discomfort or with my determination.

Dazed, somewhat fevered, I slump against a wall, breathing unnaturally. It is raining. I reach a trembling hand towards a puddle, seeking to borrow strength from the water, but unsure if it will work, considering how far gone I know I am.

The sky is dark, the air, cold. It has been years since I've come here; yet, it still looks the same. In fact, if I let my eyesight blur, it's easy to imagine my black raincoat lengthening, and easy to imagine my jeans and soaking sneakers blending together into black boots.

I am breathing so hard. Each swirl of blood to my brain is like a violent exclamation point. I've never pushed myself this hard.

My hood falls slack, and I lean my head against the wall. I clutch my chest with one hand; with the other, I fumble in my pocket for the keys.

They're here. They've got to be. What have we spent so long looking for? My hand squeezes the ring. Sweat pours down my face, an odd contrast to the rain.

My left arm hurts. I wonder if this is what it feels like to have a heart attack. I take slow, shallow breaths. I need to finish this up, and soon. I don't think I will recover from this.

My body is slipping into shock. I hadn't known just how severe overexertion could be; I'd always just assumed that I'd tire myself into unconsciousness. I never though it could be deadly; but I guess I, out of everyone else, should have known better. I try to breathe more deeply, but it seems impossible.

I have stayed still too long. I hear the enemy approaching me; with its many legs, it would be impossible not to hear it. I pull myself up, feeling vertigo immediately sweep in. Instinct is starting to take over my blind determination to finish my task; my body begs me to stop, to lie down, to rest. But I can't, and not only because I've gone too far. This creature will kill me.

Through the red haze that is starting to cover my vision, I look around quickly. The alleyway is just narrow enough that I can jump up the wall. Had I not just gone through months of training, I wouldn't dream of this. But the enemy is getting closer. I can smell the darkness. Resisting the urge to vomit, I break into a run. The enemy sees me, roars, and tries to keep up. I jump; the sudden change makes my head spin. I use my legs to ricochet off both of the walls, and am able to pull myself into a balcony. Despite my new strength, that move didn't favor my current condition. The enemy roars; it can still smell me, and sense my presence, but it can't reach me.

My fevered mind has had enough. Consciousness is drawing in; my muscles fall slack. The rain falls onto my face, an oddly cool sensation.

I smile weakly as the shock sets in. Well, I tried my best. My temperature, as quickly as it had gone up, drops because of my poor circulation. I don't have enough energy to even fix the damage. With a trembling hand, I roll my shirtsleeve up and slam my hand down on my watch. The glass breaks, and blood trickles down my wrist. I don't care if I die, as long as they find the keys, and finish my mission.

I hear the distress signal ping feebly once as I am pulled under.

Enyah! Quite an odd prologue, yes? Usually they take place at a weird time in the story XD

It feels so weird, finally starting this part of the story after waiting so long. And I must say, if you're here from Nocturne's Return, I highly recommend you go and read the rewrite of that; that contains various plot points that were unexplored in the original. It's up to you, I guess.

On that note, hello to everyone I haven't seen in a while! ^-^

First of all, this story will be long, and not thirty or forty chapters. I'm guesstimating at least sixty chapters, probably even more, so be forewarned. Also, I can't possibly post something every week like last time, so it may take two or three weeks before anything new is posted. I will also be taking the entire month of November off, because I will be part of National Novel Writing Month.

I'm not screwing around with this story anymore. There's going to be some pretty heavy material; in fact, some of it makes me wonder if I should up the rating to M. Have no fear; however, proceed with caution.

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