Inked Inc.

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*EDIT- September 12, 2012... This is a revised first chapter; everything is the same except for some grammer changes and stuff.

The buzzing of the tattoo gun grew louder as we got further into the shop. I swear I can hear Jasper's heart beating from all the way over here. Serves him right, nobody drinks Emmett under the table.

The shitty little tattoo shop is a few blocks away from Moonlight club, where the bet was initially made. Jasper's fucking stupid for thinking he could out-drink a monster of a football player. The bet was; whoever drank the most without puking all over wins, and the loser has to get a tattoo of the winner's choice.

"Dude, is this place even fucking certified?" Jasper asks nervously. Hell, I don't blame him. The wallpaper and paint on the walls inside is chipping off, and the outside is run-down. Kind of looks like a haunted house.

Despite the shitty appearance, there are at least fifteen people on the maroon colored couches waiting to get inked. Jasper literally falls backwards onto the nearest chair. I'm slightly worried for my brother; he looks a little green, like he's going to puke. I realize how close I am to him and quickly remove myself from the splash zone.

I sit myself on the couch nearest the front desk next to a chick who's way past her prime. She's at least fifty, but looks more like seventy and colored head to toe. Literally colored. She has everything from a skull, to a naked woman on a motorcycle, to Ashton Kutcher's face. Her teeth are rotted and her breath smells like rotten fish, and I scrunch my nose up in disgust.

"See somethin ya' like hun?" she asks me. Eeew, no lady, just…no. I feel a light touch on my thigh and immediately jump out of my seat and go to stand beside Emmett. He's really tall with the shape of a linebacker, and I use this to my advantage by using him as a human shield.

"What the hell man? Go find someone else to get all touchy feely with." He teases and steps away from me.

"Stay put Emmett!" I whisper and move behind him again. "See that lady over there?" I ask and point to the creepy cougar.

"Ed, man I don't think-" he starts, but I'm too freaked out to listen.

"She touched me! Inapropritetely! She was going to make me her bitch in a damn tattoo parlor! What the fuck is wrong with people today?" I rant.

"Edward, she's not actually-"

"Mr. Brower, Jessica's ready for you." The blonde chick at the desk calls to no one in particular. I'm curious as to whom Mr. Brower is, but as soon as I know I want to forget.

Mrs. Creepy cougar turns out is actually Mr. Brower. As she, oops, he makes his way over to the back room; he looks over his shoulder and winks. I can't help myself. Between the booze, the shitty parlor, and attempted rape by a man, I can no longer hold in the contents of my stomach.

I find the nearest potted plant and retch inside the pot. Someone comes up next to me, and starts to join in. What the fuck? Find your own cactus!

The man next to me sees me looking at him in disgust and smiles. Oh god! I don't need to see what just came up!

"I is ssssoorry sir." He slurs, and I smell the alcohol on his breath, "Puke makes me up-chuck. Hehe up-chuck." He starts giggling, yes giggling, and is soon laughing so hard he has tears streaming down his face.

Laughing must have upset his stomach because soon he's 'up-chucking' again. This time he didn't make it to the cactus and it hit my shoe.

"Dude I am so done!" I yell to Em and Jazz as I race for the door. "I'll wait outside!" As I pass by Jasper, he looks at me with pleading eyes and I grab him by the color of his shirt and drag him out.

No way am I letting my little brother get a disease from this place.

Emmett follows us out and starts cracking up. "You should have seen your faces!" He manages to get out before erupting in another fit of laughter.

"You think this is fucking funny?" I spit out at him. "Did you not just see what happened in there? I almost got felt up by a he-she and puked on by a drunk! I'm failing to see the humor in this situation!"

"I don't care what you do man, but there's no way I'm getting a tat there." Jasper says. At least he's getting back some color. "That's not cool."

"You really think I'm that shitty of a friend that I would risk something like that over a stupid bet? No way man. That was purely fun. Now it's down to crunch time, and we're going to my personal favorite place. Completely sterile, no scum. No puke." He adds warily eyeing my shoes nervously. I know he's worried about me tracking it into his Jeep. That's what he gets. Asshole.

Twenty minutes later, we pull into the parking lot to Inked Inc. on the upper class side of Seattle. This is more like it. The outside looks like every other building in this neighborhood, up kept and expensive. I jump down from Emmett's monstrous transportation device and hobble in my socks over to the back where Emmett tied my Vans to the trailer hitch on his Jeep. He said he didn't want me to 'spoil the interior' with my 'dirty shoes.' Like the candy wrappers and soda cans strewn in the backseat don't ruin it. Whatever.

"You're really making me do this?" Jasper asks as he stares up at the parlor.

"Yes, yes I am." Emmett replies and smacks Jasper on the back with a smile. "Let's go bitches." With that, he walks off and expects us to follow. Too bad I don't know how to hot-wire a car. I could steal his Jeep and leave him stranded here. That would piss him off. Literally, he would come out to find his Jeep gone and would piss himself.

The inside of the parlor matches the outside in the sense that one couch alone probably cost more than my whole apartment. There are at least thirty people waiting around, and I'm happy to report that not one of them tried to grab my junk as I passed by.

"Dude, you know how long were going to have to wait here? Just make an appointment and we'll come back later!" Jasper whispers.

"What? And give you the chance to flee the country? Not likely. Don't worry m'boy, waiting won't be an issue." He says confidently, relishing in Jasper's discomfort. "Bellaaaa! Get yo ass out here!" He yells. Every head in the place turns to stare at Emmett, and I try to sink back into the wall so as not to be noticed. "Beeelllllaaaaaa!" He continues.

"Shut the fuck up!" I whisper-yell and smack him on the head.

"Relax man, its okay. Belllllaaaa!" He bellows. Out of the corner of my eye, I see two hulk-like rent a cop guys coming our way and turn around to yell at Emmett to shut up again.

"What the fuck is going on out here?" A sweet voice yells angrily. Her voice alone is like music to my ears and my head whips back and forth trying to find the owner. I'm slightly afraid to see what she looks like, because if the last place was any indication, people who hung out at tattoo places are a bit shady.

She finally turns the corner, coming into view, and I'm taken aback by her beauty. Her silky brown hair reaches her mid-back; all I want to do is run my fingers through it. Her brown eyes look like windows to her soul, and I could easily get lost in them. Her blue sundress shows off her hour-glass figure and her tits are practically spilling out of the top. Normally it would look really slutty, but she manages to make it look… innocent. She has a small blue stud on her nose and I can see a hint of a tattoo behind her ear.

Her squeal brings me back to the present and I'm surprised to see her running straight for me. Fuck yes! The Cullen charm strikes again. I widen my stance so she won't knock me over when she jumps into my arms. I smile and wait for her to reach me, but she turns at the last second. I'm confused until I see her jump into Emmett's open arms and smiling face. I can feel the jealousy bubbling up inside me. Mine.

She giggles as he spins her around and puts her down after a few turns. Her expression suddenly grows dark and she smacks Emmett's arm. I can't help but think she looks like and angry kitten. She must have a strong arm, because Emmett actually whimpers and rubs the spot.

"Why haven't I heard from you? The only time I see you anymore is when you need work done!" her sweet voice yells angrily at him. It finally sinks in what she said, and I see red. He must have slept with her and left her in the morning.

I suddenly want to kick hiss, best friend or not.

"My own brother and I barely ever see you! You live a block away from me for gods sakes!" Wait, brother?

"Bells, I'm sorry okay? You now I have been a bit busy with the team and all." He states pointing to his Seattle Sea-Hawks sweatshirt he never takes off. That thing seriously smells like feet, and he refuses to wash it. He says it'll "was out the good luck."

Dick. He makes the rest of us suffer just because of his stupid superstitions.

"You're too busy knitting sweatshirts for the team to call your own sister?" she asks, with her hands on her hips. I've seen this stance before. Trust me you never win.

Emmett starts to respond, but my beautiful girl cuts him off and turns to me and Jasper. "Hi, I'm Isabella, this oaf's sister. Call me Bella though. Call me Isabella and I'll cut your balls off, kay?" She says with a sickening sweet smile.

Jasper introduces himself, taking her hand and placing a light kiss on her delicate hand causing her to blush. I want to rip my brother's head off for 1. Kissing my girl, and 2. Giving me a hard introduction to top, I mean really what the hell? How am I supposed to impress her now?

She turns to me and I nearly jizz in my pants. That would be a great way to introduce myself. Hey I'm Edward, and you're so hot you made me ejaculate prematurely. Congratulations!

She clears her throat and I realize I had been staring. "I'm Edward, it's nice to meet you." I say and give her my famous 'panty dropping smile.'

She smiles back and shakes her head, confusing the shit out of me. "So, what are you having done this time, Emmy?" she asks Emmett as she snaps on a pair of rubber gloves. Holy shit! She's the one that actually does the tattooing? I might have to get one done myself.

"Actually Bellsie, Jazz here's getting' his first. I guess you could say he's popping his proverbial tat cherry."

"Well, I'm glad to be the one to do it." Bella whispers to Jazz as she passes by, all the while smirking at me. She totally knows she's pissing me off. I've never wanted to be an only child as bad as I do right now.

"Follow me boys." Bella calls over her shoulder. I try not to stare at her ass as she sashays in front of me, I really do. I feel a sharp slap on my back, and I whip around to face a steaming Emmett.

"That's my sister, you sick fuck!" he hisses.

When we catch up to Bella, she already has Jazz sitting in the chair surrounded by a bunch of pointy things. A bead of sweat drips down his forehead as the reality of the situation dawns on him. He's going to let his man-child of a best friend pick out a design to permanently grace his skin. If it wasn't so damn funny I would actually feel bad for him.

Jasper's eyes light up when a woman steps into the back room with us. She's about a foot shorter than me with short spiky black hair. Her whole left arm is tatted with hundreds of designs and colors, and I realize how much of an art tattooing really is.

I curiously look back to Bella and notice that, despite being a tattoo artist, I can only see two tats. She sees me staring and raises an eyebrow in question. "I was just noticing your lack of tattoos, Bella." I say drawing out her name.

She smirks and looks at me innocently. "Just because you can't see any doesn't mean they're not there." I gulp audibly and she smiles wider. "Guys this is Alice, my best friend and best artist. Al, this is my brother Em and his friends Jasper and Edward." I love the way she says my name.

"Nice to meet you all." She replies sweetly in a high pitched voice, never removing her eyes from Jasper's. I can tell they're having a moment and feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Jasper here's a virgin." Bella tells Alice. "You up to it?"

"Jasper, I would be happy to pop your tat cherry if you'd like." Alice asks.

"O-o—okay." Jasper stammers out. Since when has a girl turned my brother into a blubbering idiot?

Alice smiles and grabs a pair of gloves from under Jazz's chair and snaps them on. I never get why people do that. Why can't they just pull them on carefully? No, they have to stretch them back and let go so it makes that fucking noise. The sound of her gloves makes Jasper jump and Alice places a hand on his arm to soothe him.

"Relax, I do this all the time. It doesn't hurt." Alice soothes.

"Much." Emmett adds. Bella smacks his head and hands Jasper a book of designs.

"Pick whatever. If you want to alter it, we can do that. You can pick colors, fonts, sizes, anything really. Just remember, it's permanent and hurts like hell to get lasered off."

"I'll take that, thank you very much." Emmett says and snatches it out of Jasper's hands. He's enjoying this way too much.

As Emmett flips through the book, Alice grabs a bunch of things off the counter behind the chair Jazz is sitting in. Bella walks out to the front of the parlor and comes back a minute later with a stack of papers and a pen.

"Here you go, just sign here." She says and hands the papers to Jazz.

"What are they?" He asks.

"Oh you know, the usual shit. Just saying that you consent to the tattoo and aren't going to sue us if something goes wrong."

"Stuff… goes wrong?" he asks with a tremor in his voice.

"Huh? Oh um, no not normally." She replies unconcerned and walks over to the counter. She hops up, and her dress pulls back a bit showing more of her flawless skin.

I can't resist any longer. I have to touch her and see if she's as soft as she looks. I check to make sure Emmett isn't paying attention and make my way over to her. She watches me and smiles as I approach her. As I get closer, I realize that I had initially missed her nose piercing. It looks so natural there that it doesn't stand out.

"You getting' one too?"

"Um no, I don't think so." I reply sarcastically. She just shrugs her shoulder and smirks at me.

"You a pussy or what?" my dick unfortunately stands to salute her at the word 'pussy' and I have to face the counter to hide it. Whoever invented skinny jeans for guys has obviously never experienced a hard-on. There's no way to hide it in these damn things!

"Naw, just not my thing really." I say and give her a crooked smile.

"Oh, but it's your friend's thing?" she asks sarcastically, motioning to Jasper who is breathing in and out of a paper bag.

"Brother, actually." I clarify, "He deserves it though. He made a bet; he needs to follow through with it."

"Can I tell you a secret?" she whispers and looks at me through her long eyelashes. "Will you promise not to tell?" she asks innocently. I would do just about anything for her, I think. Instead of saying this and scaring her away, I just nod my head.

She smiles and moves closer and I think she's going to kiss me, but at the last second she changes direction and brings her lips right up to my ear. She smells so good and I feel like I'm slowly losing my mind

"It's not real." She whispers.

"What?" I ask stupidly, too distracted by her closeness to actually think.

"The tattoo, it isn't real. It feels like a real one, but it won't last forever. It was Emmett's idea. He called me before you got here told me all about the bet and thought it would be funny to fuck with him." (A/N I know of no such tattoo that is injected and isn't permanent, but since this story is fiction, anything can happen…)

I let this sink in for a bit and start laughing. I wonder when he made that call. "Does Alicia know?"

"You mean Alice? Ya of course she does. She's the one doing the tattooing, I had to tell her."

Her smile's so beautiful. I want to tell her she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, but I don't want to sound creepy. The last thing I want her to do is get a restraining order against me.

I realize that she never backed away from me, and our noses are almost touching. If I move my face slightly, I'll be kissing her. I think. She's staring into my eyes, almost as if she's searching for something. I wonder what she sees, if she knows how much I want her.

Fuck it, I'm doing it! I think as I turn my head and lean closer. I can feel her cool breath on my lips. I want to taste them.

"Found it!" Emmett screeches, causing me to jump and smack my head into Bella's. She lets out a groan and jumps down off the counter without looking back. What the fuck just happened?

"It's perfect Jazz. You're going to love it!" Emmett yells, obviously excited by the idea of scaring the shit out of his best friend.

Bella grabs the book and he shows her which design he picked out. She bites her lip and nods wearing Cheshire cat smile. "It's totally you Jazz, to be honest it could be worse." she says with mock-sincerity. I doubt Jazz even hears her though. His eyes are closed and he's clutching the brown-bag to his mouth and breathing slowly, like it'll get him out of this hell-hole.

I jump off the counter and make my way over to the book. I'm curious as to what Em has picked out. Bella must see me coming because she slams it shut and winks at me. Bitch.

She throws the book haphazardly on the counter and motions for Alice to follow her. Bella whispers in her ear, no doubt telling her which tattoo to put on him. Alice's grin slowly grows into a full smirk and she rolls her eyes.

"Okay Jazz, let's do this." Alice says and sits down on a swiveling chair next to the one Jasper is on. "What color Em?" she asks as she pulls out the gun. Jaspers face pales even further and I'm slightly worried he'll pass out.

"Just like the picture." Bella laughs and grabs the book again and shows the picture to Alice. "I want it right above his ass too so everyone sees it when he takes his shirt off." Emmett adds.

"No, no way man." Jasper protests, "I'm so fucking done with this!" He sits up and starts to stand, but he stops in his tracks when he sees Alice's face. Her eyes are glassy and she's looking at the ground. What a little faker! Her shoulders slump and she sniffles.

Jasper huffs and sits back down. He takes a deep breath and reaches out for Alice's hand. "Just don't make it too… flashy, okay?" he says reluctantly. Alice jumps up and hugs Jazz, and I start to wonder when he became so pussy-whipped.

"Edward," Bella's voice calls to me. I immediately jump up and practically run over to her. Psh talk about being pussy-whipped. "Can you take this up to Gina at the front desk please?" she asks, holding up the papers Jasper signed earlier.

I'd do anything for you beautiful. "Sure."

The front desk is right by the entrance door. The girl behind it already annoys me by the way she's smacking her double-bubble bubblegum. She looks like a fucking cow eating grass. I approach the desk and clear my throat so she'll put down her phone.

Her fingers pause above her screen on her IPhone and she looks up at me with raised eyebrows. She blatantly looks me up and down and her eyes pause on my package. Shit, I still a Bella induced hard-on. I quickly place the papers in front of my crotch and clear my throat again. Her eyes shoot up to mine and she gives me a seductive smile. Yesterday, I would have totally tapped that. Today, my dick is loyal to only Bella. I hope she's not married.

"Here." I say shortly and hand her the papers. She takes them and adds them to a pile that's at least a foot tall.

"Umm, Edward? I think we need some help back here." My angel calls to me. "Gina! What the fuck is that! What the fuck do I pay you for if all you do is sit on your ass and text all fucking day! Either do your fucking job, or get the fuck out!" Shit, I've never been so turned on by the word fuck in my life. She takes a deep breath and addresses me calmly again. "Your brother's crying."

I roll my eyes and follow her to the back room and sure enough, Jasper's lying on his stomach with no shirt crying like a baby. Emmett's in the corner laughing his ass off and Alice is slowly petting his head looking panicked.

"All I did was clean the spot." She admits.

Cue internal face-palm."Jasper, snap the fuck out of it! You acting like a baby." I tell him.

"I don't wanna doooo it!" He whines.

"Please Jasper, please let me do it." Alice begs and gives him a pouty face. Jasper shakes his head and hides his face in the chair. Jesus, you'd think she was trying to cut off his dick. Alice rolls her eyes and leans in really close to his ear and whispers something, to quiet for me to hear. He pulls his head up and stares at her, his eyes wide as saucers. She just nods once. He debates something for a minute before he takes a breath and lies down.

"Do it." He demands confidently. What the hell did she say?

She puts the gun to his skin and the buzzing can hardly be heard over Jazz's screaming.

An hour and a half later, I finally get my hearing back. We're all crowded around Jasper waiting for Alice to uncover her masterpiece. Jasper keeps craning his neck but no matter which way he turns, he can't see his lower back.

"Ready?" Alice asks as she starts lifting the edge of the cloth.

"Do it, do it, do it!" Emmett chants. So mature.

"Tada!" she yells as she whips off the whole thing. Ho-ly SHIT!

"What is it?" Jasper asks reluctantly. My mind comes up blank. There directly above his crack are two curly pink cursive words. Barbie Girl. Fuck, he's gonna be pissed. At least it isn't permanent.

Emmett's the first one to laugh, followed by Bella, and Alice shortly after. I'm still in shock that Emmett would do this. It's brilliant actually; Jasper has always hated everything trademarked by Mattel.

"What?" Jasper asks, panicking. Alice helps him up and drags him to the full length mirror. His eyes are closed, and when he opens them I swear he's going to break the windows with his scream.

Emmett's actually on his knees pounding the ground with his fists with tears streaming down his face he's laughing so hard. I wonder if he's going to tell him it's fake.

"I fucking hate you! What the fuck man? I thought we were friends!" Jasper yells at Emmett. He looks so stupid when he's angry, and I can't help but laugh too. "And you! My own fucking brother!"

"Relax Jasper. You have to trust me. You will look back on this one day and laugh. Please, just trust me!" Alice begs. Again with the damn pouty face.

He nods solemnly and she hugs him tightly, careful to avoid his tat. Despite my disbelief that Jazz has finally found someone to tame him, in a tattoo parlor of all places, I look away to give them some privacy.

Emmett has the design book again and is flipping through it, pausing every once in a while to hold it up to his arm.

I feel a light hand on my arm and look over into Bella's eyes. "You next?" she teases.

"Hell no!" I say as I lean closer to her. She stands on her toes and brings an arm up around my neck. I grab her waist and stare into her lust clouded eyes.

"Kiss me." She whispers against my lips.

I debate on how to start. Should I lean down slow and give her a passionate kiss, or is that too over the top? Or I could give her chaste kiss, with promise of things to come. Or, I could maul her and claim her as mine in front of the thirty people out in the waiting room.

My dick likes option three best, but my head tells me to go for option two and see what happens. The head farthest north, that is.

I lean down and press my lips softly against hers. She responds with equal pressure and brings her other arm up around my neck. I bring her closer and slowly pull away until my lips barely brush hers. She smiles and blushes and I don't think I've ever seen anything more beautiful in my life. I rest my forehead on hers and give one last brush against her lips before backing away until only our hands are connected.

Alice and Jasper have disappeared, and Emmett is still engulfed in his design book. I breathe a sigh of relief at the last one. Emmett's my friend and all, but you don't make out with your buddies little sister. It's in the Man Code; Bro's before Hoe's. Not that I'm saying Bella's a hoe, it's just an expression.

Although if she was a hoe, I bet she'd let me fuck her on the tattooing chair. Bad Edward.

"You Okay?" Bella asks as she elbows my side.

"Yup." Just thinking about you and me doing the horizontal tango.

She looks at me oddly for a minute before disappearing around the corner to the front room.

"Whadya think about this Edweird?" Emmett asks and holds up a design of a snake chomping down on a rat's ass. He knows I hate that fucking name!

"It's fucking disgusting man." I tell him and shake my head. Bella returns a few minutes later linking arms with some tall Indian guy. I see red and immediately stand taller, ready to fight for my girl. I never would have pegged Bella for someone like that.

She pulls him over to Jasper's now unoccupied chair and tells him to sit. He complies and pulls off his shirt revealing a toned body with hundreds of tattoos. Holy shit, this guy has a fucking ten pack.

I attempt to block out Bella and Dickface by talking to Emmett, but he's too entranced by Dickface's chest. Ew is he fucking drooling?

"Hey man! I'm Emmett." He says and runs off to admire Dickface's tattoos. So much for the Man Code. Section three, Bro's before… other Dickheads.

I see Bella alone at the counter grabbing some rubber gloves and storm over to her. How dare she steal my heart and then rip it out and stomp on it. The fucking nerve!

"Um, excuse me?" Bella asks with her hands on her hips.

Oh shit, did I say that out loud?

"Uh, yeah you did."

Fuck! Brain, meet filter. "Um, I uh- didn't mean that." I stutter.

"What? The part about me stealing your heart or the part about me ripping it out and stomping on it? You make me sound like such a nice woman." She adds sarcastically.

"Uh, both?" It comes out sounding like a question.

"So I don't have your heart? You feel nothing towards me? Do you go around every day, smooching on random chicks? Huh? Answer me!"

"Um," I pull on my hair, "Well of course I feel something, and uh no, I don't kiss chicks all the time. I guess you can have my heart if you want it."

"Gee, you make it sound like such a prize." She smirks and snaps her gloves. Dammit! I hate that fucking noise!

"And you make yourself sound like such a fucking victim! Like you didn't just kiss me and then run to get your boyfriend!" I whisper yell at her.

Her brow furrows in confusion, and then she laughs. Fucking laughs!

"It's not funny!" I hiss.

She grabs my hand and pulls me over to Dickface. "Jake, this is Edward. Edward, this is Jake, our very first and very loyal customer. And this is his first tattoo." She says and points to his forearm. Why the fuck do I care? "It's of Leah. His Wife."

His- oh. His wife. He's married, and it's no to Bella. Oh. Well don't I feel like a dick. Bella snorts at the look on my face and shakes her head.

"So, we're finishing up the tribal band today, and you wanted another name next to Leah's?" she asks Dick- I mean Jake.

"Yup. Just had our first little girl, Nessie. Want it right there in the same font as Leah's." he says in a slight accent. I wonder why he's here if his wife just had a child, but he looks like he could kick my ass so I refrain from asking.

Bella starts up the gun after she cleans the spot she'll be inking and adds more designs to the tribal band on his left arm. It's very intricate, and she sticks the end of her tongue out and furrows her brows in concentration as she looks back and forth between the drawing and Jake's arm.

Fuck she's adorable. I realize too late that staring at her is turning me on, and I'm pitching a tent in my skinny jeans again. Hang on buddy, I'll take care of ya' soon.

Forty minutes later, Jake's tattoo is done, and he leaves the parlor. Now if Emmett would fucking leave already, I could be alone with Bella.

"Hey guys." Jasper smirks as he appears back in the room with Alice. He has bright red lipstick smeared all over his cheek, and his clothes are wrinkled. Alice on the other hand, is wearing a backwards shirt with a big tear in the side. Her hair looks like a haystack and her makeup is smudged everywhere. I totally know what you just did.

They're like poster children for fucking in a public place.

"You look like you took a ride strapped to the top of a fucking air-plane dude!" Emmett laughs at him.

"I took a ride all right." Jasper snorts. Haha, sex humor.

Jasper's comment flies right over Emmett's head and he runs off to Bella. "Belllllaa!" he shouts, "I wanna 'nother tattoo!"

"No fucking way Emmett, I've been working since six. I don't have time to scratch my ass let alone give you another tat."

"But Bella," he whines

"My partner Rose will be here in ten minutes. If you can wait that long, she'll do it for you." Bella tells him as she pulls off her gloves and grabs a black purse from under the counter.

"You know I don't trust anyone but you near the boys," he says and gestures to his crotch.

"What the fuck? You have your sister tattoo your balls?" Jasper asks, disgusted. If I'm being honest, it is pretty fucked up. I'd never let my sister anywhere near my man-gems. If I had a sister, that is.

"You think I want some she-man sticking a needle where the sun don't shine? Nuh-uh, no thank you."

"Yeah, and I'm fucking scarred for life. Relax, Em. Rose is a great artist, and she's pretty hot."

"Yeah, if I had to go Lezbo for someone, Rose'd be my second choice." Alice pipes in.

"Who'd be your first?" I ask.

"Bells of course!" she tells me, as if it's the most obvious answer in the world. She grabs her purse and kisses Bella on the cheek. "C'mon babe." She calls over her shoulder to Jazz.

"Alright, I'll be there in a sec." Jasper calls back. What the fuck? One romp in the sack and he lets her call him Babe? "We're going to uh… Well, you know man. Call you later, much later." He wiggles his eyebrows to Em and I and leaves hand in hand with Alice. What happened to Bro's before Ho's? Does nobody honor the Man Code anymore?

"What up, bitch?" a loud woman's voice yells as she comes around the corner. "Oh, and bitchetts." She adds when she sees us. "Who's your friends Bella?" She asks, giving Emmett the eye.

"That's my brother Emmett and his friend Edward. Hey, I'm leaving for the nigh, lock up on your way out, ya?"

"You got it babe," She says and slaps Bella's ass. Bitch, that's my ass. I think. I deduce that this must be Rose, the other tattoo artist. I can tell by the way Emmett's staring at her tits that he will definitely be getting another tat near his crotch. She's fairly tall with platinum blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Her sundress reaches mid-thigh and shows off her body.

"Alright, I'm going." Bella announces. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." She narrows her eyes at Rose.

"That leaves everything open." She retorts and rolls her eyes. So Bella's a naughty girl, me like. Bella hugs Emmett goodbye and stares at me for a minute before taking my hand.

"It was so nice to meet you Edward." She drawls.

"Hey um, I'm kinda hungry too. I mean if you're going to get food, I might as well come with you." I stutter out. Smooth x-lax.

"Hmm, are you sure you want to? You seem a bit hesitant."

"Huh? Oh, ya of course I want to!"

"Okay," she says and eyes me warily.

"Awkward." Rose teases form her perch on the counter.

"Shut up Rose." Bella says, and takes my hand. Her hand is so soft and small. I never want to let go. "So, where're we going?" she asks me as we head out the door and to the parking lot.

The parking lot is packed full, and I wonder which one is hers. I hope she's not a Prius chick.

"I don't know. What about that new Italian place, La Belle Italian?" I suggest.

She looks at me incredulously. "You know you need to make reservations like a month in advance, right? Unless you foresaw this day last month and made two reservations, I think that options out.

I just shrug. "It's all about who you know." She raises her eyebrows at me, and I wanna take a picture of her face for my phone home screen. She's so fucking cute. Would that be creepy? "My grandma co-owns it." I explain.

"Oh," she hums in response, "Mr. special Ed." She teases and laughs. "You get it right?" she asks when I don't laugh. "Your name is ED-ward and you get special treatment because… never mind." I don't get it.

She hits a button on her keys and light flash on the car she's pulled us up to. Holy shit! How the fuck did she get my dream car?

"What? Tatting pays well." She shrugs and hops into the driver's seat. I pick my jaw up off the floor and settle myself gently into the passenger's side. How she already has the newest model of the Aston Martin Vanquish V12 in stark black, I don't know, but I think I fucking love this chick.

"I take it you like?"

"I fucking love." You.

Her hand is laying on the gearshift and I just can't help myself. I reach out and take her hand in mine. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her cheeks turn a light shade of pink and a small smile grace her perfect lips. I feel an unnamable pull towards her, like I can never get close enough. I wonder if she feels it too.

Before I know it, we're pulling into La Belle Italian. The parking lot is packed and the line to get in is out the door. We're lucky enough to score a parking spot in the front right after someone pulls out. I caress the leather seat softly as I shut the door of the Vanquish.

"You're kinda weird, you know that?"

"Ya, but you love me." It slips out before I can stop it. I can't believe I just dropped the 'l' bomb on a first date. Is this a date? What if she's just humoring me, and would rather I go die in a hole than have dinner with her? Holy shit, what if she doesn't like me? Then what will I do? "I'll make her like me." I mutter to myself.


"Nothing." Note to self, stop internal ramblings.

We endure the angry protests and glares as we skip in front of the line. I don't see Grammy, but I recognize the waitress seating people.

"Angela!" I shout over the noise of unhappy line-dwellers.

"Oh hi Mr. Cullen!" she shouts back and tries to make her way through the line to us. "What can I do for you?" she asks, slightly out of breath. Jeez, you would be too if you had to deal with all these fuckers.

"You got an empty table for two?" I ask and give her the 'Cullen pout.' "Oh, and call me Edward, please."

"Of course Edward, Mrs. Cullen always leaves tables open for family." She smiles. She really is a sweet girl. "Follow me."

She leads us to a table in the corner and hands us our menus. "Mike'll be right out to take your drink orders." She says and starts to walk away.

"Wait, I thought you were a waitress?" I ask.

"I was, but we're severely understaffed tonight." She rushes out. "Have a nice night Edward."

Our table is away from the front of the Restaurant, thankfully, so there isn't much noise. The room back here is candle lit, and decorated to be slightly romantic.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to seduce me Mr. Cullen," Bella states, never taking her eyes off her menu.

"Damn, you figured me out." I joke. "I seriously didn't mean it that way, if it makes you uh- uncomfortable."

She pauses a minute and unleashes her chocolate brown eyes to mine, "I don't mind." She says coyly.

"Hey, I'm mike, and I'll be your…" his words cut off and he eyes Bella up and down. "Uh- your um waiter." He finishes lamely. Eyes off bud, she's mine. "Can I get you something to drink?" he asks her, trying to sound seductive. Watch it; I can have you fired with one little call.

"I'll have lemonade please. Pink if you have it." She tells him. "What about you Babe?"

My eyes widen at her casual use of such a personal name. Dickwads eyes flick to mine, and at least he has the decency to look embarrassed. He was obviously too busy checking out my girl to notice she does indeed have a date.

"Just a coke." I snap at him.

"I'll be right back," he blushes and scurries off with his proverbial tail between his legs.

"Douche bag," Bella mutters. I laugh at her choice of words, "Well, he is! It's true, if you squint your eyes and turn your head to the side a bit, he could totally be a life-sized douche."

I'm full on cracking up at her rant now, and earning Medusa-worthy glares from the fine people of Seattle.

"Here you go," Mike stammers as he puts down our drink and pulls out a pen and paper. "Are you ready to order?"

"Yep, you go first babe," I say to Bella as I squint my eyes and turn my head like she said to do. Holy Fuck! Total douche bag on legs!

Bella snorts her lemonade when she realizes what I'm doing.

"Um, sir? Are you- um are you alright?" Mike asks.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine." I say, righting my head and opening my eyes. I look over to Bella and she has her head in her hands, shaking with laughter.

"We'll have the Mushroom Ravioli. That okay?" I ask her calmly. She just nods her head and shakes her hand at Mike. He gives us a long look and quickly retreats into the kitchen. When he's gone, Bella snorts and lets out her laugh she had been suppressing. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. I join in, and soon the whole restaurant is staring at us.

"You were right," I tell her once my laughter dies down enough for me to talk. She has tears streaming down her face and every once in a while, she'll let out another snort.

"What is going on out here? Edward, is that you?"

"Grammy!" I shout and get up to give my grandmother a hug. My Grammy is the cutest old lady you'll ever find. She doesn't even reach my shoulders and has white hair. She looks a little like Betty White with bright green eyes.

"Eddie," she says excitedly and wraps her thin arms around my waist. "How are you sweetie?" Grammy's the only one who can call me names like that. Well except Bella, but she doesn't know that. "Who's this?" she asks as she sits beside Bella.

"Grammy this is my…" My what? Girlfriend?

"Bella." She finishes for me and holds out her hand. "Edward's Bella." I like it. Grammy pulls Bella in for a hug instead of taking her hand.

"It's so nice to meet you dear. It's about time you got a girlfriend." She scowls at me. "I want grandkids while I'm still alive and kickin' ya know." Talk about awkward.

"Um Grammy, we're not quite that, um- close yet." I tell her quietly as Bella giggles softly.

"Oh, I love your tattoo!" Grammy squeals and touches Bella's shoulder. There's a beautiful black and white swan inked on her shoulder blade. "I have one right here see." Grammy tells her and pulls down her shirt. I didn't know Grammy was inked. I expect her to stop pulling, but eventually her whole chest is practically sticking out of her shirt. My Eyes! I quickly turn away. Oh look, Mike's back with our food.

He approaches our table and scowls at Grammy. "Excuse me Ma'am," he mocks, "We have a strict rule that once food has been ordered, no other members can join a table," He sneers. Bad move kid.

"Well excuuuuse me sir, but I would watch it if I were you. I happen to cut your paycheck." Grammy tells him smugly and stands up from the booth. Mike's face pales. "One more comment like that and I'll fire your ass boy." He quickly puts down our plates and rushes away. "Well, I'm needed at the front. It was so nice to meet you Bella! I hope I'll see you again soon!" she gushes and gives Bella a kiss on the cheek.

"Love you too Grammy!" I call sarcastically at her retreating form.

"Oh, Edward! I almost forgot. Love you kiddo! See you at your mother's birthday this weekend, yes?"

"Sure sure. Bye Gram."

"Your Grandma kicks ass!" Bella says as she scoops the Mushroom Ravioli into her mouth. "Mmm, this is really good."

"Yep, best thing on the menu." I say cockily. "Ya, well that's Grammy."

"You're so lucky! The only thing I remember about my Grandma is that she smelled like cat food and made Emmett and I sit at the table until we ate all of our peas." She says and makes a face of disgust.

"I take it you're not a fan?"

"Fuck no. those things are fucking disgusting!"

The rest of dinner passed smoothly and soon we were back in her Vanquish. Not that I'm complaining about the car part, but I don't want to leave her just yet.

"So, I'll drop you off first?" she asks hesitantly, giving me a sidelong glance.

"Ya that sounds okay." I clear my throat, "You wanna drink when we get there?"

"I think that sounds fantastic." She smiles.

I give her directions to my place and five minutes later we're pulling into the gated parking lot of my apartment.

"Nice place."

"Thanks." I hate how it's awkward now. I hope she doesn't think I'm inviting her up to have sex. I mean don't get me wrong, that would be fucking amazing, but I'm interested in more than just a quick fuck. I've never been fond of the whole wham-bam thank you ma'am thing. "You know we don't have to have sex, right?" I blurt out without thinking.

"Jeeze Edward, the thought had never even crossed my mind. What kind of a girl do you peg me for?" she asks and laughs at my guilty expression. "I'm just kidding. Let's just see what happens okay?"

I punch in my code that opens the gate to the building and grab Bella's hand. The doorman Brutus opens the door for us and greets us as we pass him. Brutus is a nice guy in his late sixties or early seventies. He doesn't talk much, but I know he has a wife and three grandkids. He's been working in this building ever since it was built ten years ago.

We get in the elevator and I punch in floor three while swinging our linked arms back and forth.

When we get to apartment 94, I slide my key in and open the door and motion Bella in with a sweeping motion of my hand.

"What service," she giggles.

"You want something?" I ask as I shut the door and turn on the lights, Bella gasps as she takes in the view. The focal point of my apartment is definitely the huge window that leads out to a balcony. The balcony overlooks the space needle and downtown Seattle. The view and the lights are breathtaking at night.

"This is amazing!"

"Thanks. It's definitely a perk of living here." I call out as I head to the kitchen and open the fridge. Fuck! I'm outta booze. "You wanna water, Coke, 7-up, Gatorade, or milk?" I ask. Wonder how long this has been here? I think and sniff the milk carton. Eww. "Never mind, no milk."

She laughs and joins me by the fridge. "Hm, typical bachelor pad. I'll take a Coke thanks." She teases.

"I'm usually better stocked than this but Emmett was over last night, and you know how he eats."

"Yes, he's like a fucking Hoover!" she laughs out and pulls herself up on the counter.

I close the fridge and stand between her legs and hand her the soda. "Here you go m'lady."

"Why thank you good sir." She jokes. She sets it down beside her and smiles at me. She's looking at me oddly and I think I'm making her uncomfortable, but when I go to move, her hand shoots out and grabs my shirt. She looks at me, and I notice her eyes are clouded over with a lustful look that I'm sure matches mine. She grabs onto my neck and pulls me closer to her. Not that I'm complaining.

I rest my forehead on hers and give her a chaste kiss. Well, it was intended to be chaste. I press my lips to hers and her grip on me tightens. My hands snake their way up to her waist and I press myself harder into her.

She opens her mouth and sucks on my bottom lip and I practically shove my tongue into her mouth. Bella gasps when she feels my um- excitement pushing against her. She moans and pulls away to breathe and I start my assault on her neck. She tastes so good.

"Please," she moans.

"Please what?" I ask in between kisses.

"Don't stop." She says breathily.

"Are you sure you want this?" I ask, pulling away to stare deep into her eyes.

"Yes, please Edward! I want you." She moans. That's all I needed to hear. I start pulling her off the counter, and her legs tighten around my waist. She squeals and laughs as I lift her completely and start carrying her to the bedroom. And fuck if it isn't the sexiest sound I've ever heard.

She continues kissing me as I maneuver my way through the hallway. I almost drop her when she starts pulling on my hair and scratching my head. Fuck, that feels so good.

We finally reach our destination and I practically throe her onto the bed and climb on top of her. She uses her legs to pull me to her and our lips meet in the middle. Her tongue caresses mine and I moan. She flips us so she's on top and gets up. I'm about to protest but stop when she smirks and unzips her dress. It falls to the ground and she jumps back on top of me. I'm in awe of her beauty. I sit up with her on my lap and start kissing her again. My hands are drawn to her breasts and I growl in frustration at her bra. I reach around her to unclasp it, but she smacks my hand away.

"You're wearing to many clothes Mr. Cullen." I can't stop my groan of delight when she calls me that. She gets off my lap long enough for me to whip off my shirt and pull down my pants. She pulls off her bra and sits back on my lap, straddling me. My hands massage her bare breasts and she moans in my mouth. The only thing separating us is her thong and my boxers. Too many fucking layers.

She must be thinking the same thing as me, because she maneuvers off of me and pulls on my boxers.

"Superman Edward, really?" she teases as she throws them across the room. I just smile and rip off her thong. She gasps in surprise.

"Hope you weren't too fond of that."

"So fucking hot." She moans and attacks my lips. I roll us so I'm lying on top of her. "Condom?" she asks and groans when I begin to suck on her neck.

"Top drawer." I feel her shift slightly and reach out for my nightstand. She gets it open and searches around with her hand.

"Aha!" she giggles in triumph and holds out the little foil packet. I take it from her and rip it open. I sit up and slide it on and Bella moans.

"Pleasse Edward." She begs when I line myself up at her entrance. You don't have to beg Baby. I think as I slide into her warmth. She moans when I'm fully engulfed and starts moving her hips. "Faster Baby!" she begs and I start moving in and out faster.

"Fuck, you feel so good baby. So fucking tight." I've never felt so good before. Fucking is fucking. But this, this is so much different, so much better.

"God, it feels so good Edward!" she moans out. I start pounding into her even faster and hold her close to my body and kiss her. I feel her tightening and I know she's close.

"Come with me baby." I whisper against her lips.

"Edward!" she screams and stiffens. We both come and I flop down on top of her, completely spent. Her breathing is labored as she uncurls her arms from around my neck. She's smiling at me and I smile back.

I pull out of her heat and toss the used condom into the trashcan near the bed and pull her to my chest.

"Can I stay?" Bella asks timidly, not meeting my eyes. I've never seen her look so insecure.

"Always baby." I tell her truthfully, "You know I want more than just sex, right? I want to know you, date you?" her responding smile is brilliant and she cuddles tightly into my side.

"I want that too," she whispers against my chest.

After a few minutes, her breathing evens out, and she falls asleep curled into my side. Where she should be. It just feels so… right.

"My Bella." I whisper to myself and kiss her forehead.

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