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I need some love like I've never needed love before
Wanna make love to ya baby

by nelliesbones

Temperance awoke and she knew that tonight was the night. Her dark hair was splayed out on her pillow, providing a beautiful contrast to the white shade of her sheets, and her cheeks were flushed from the emotions raging inside of her. Imperviousness, strength, anger... it was time to stop playing with words, time to grab life, to grab him.

The early morning sun shone in through her windows, casting dots of sparkling lights on her pale blue sheets, and with determination on her face, Bones got up.

She was humming along with the water that cascaded onto her body, dismissing her every day shower gel and reaching for the rich vanilla oil instead. It was only used for special occasions, but her partner had a special way to lean into her whenever she used it; as if the luscious scent of it lured him straight into her personal space.

And that was exactly what she yearned for. Tonight was the night.


Temperance tasted the name on her lips. The name was almost too sweet for such a sturdy guy, but in her secret dreams, alone at night, she had always screamed his given name. Seeley...

A smile played around her full lips, as she dried herself with a towel, debating what to wear. Since they would meet straight after work, it should be practical for the day but hot at the same time. She thought about the crimson red lingerie set she had bought on Angela's advice. The thong was so small that it barely covered her secret haven of lust, and her full breasts almost spilled over the cups of the matching bra.

The purple lace felt sinfully good on her sensitive skin, and a moan was barely suppressed, as Brenn resumed the task of dressing. Whenever she moved, the flimsy fabric created the most delicious friction, and she could barely wait for her partner to see her like this.

A cup of coffee and one ham sandwich later, she was on her way to the lab. It would be a very long day...


It was an uncharacteristically slow Tuesday, and upon arriving in the lab, Temperance knew instantly that the workload was very low. Hodgins and Wendell were busy with a roach race, and she spotted Cam and Angela making out in the corner. It had only been a few weeks ago that the two of them had finally admitted their love, and since Hodgins didn't mind sharing his pregnant wife with another woman, the three of them were very happy in their unorthodox relationship.

It had been straight after Sweets had been abducted, but that was another story.

Brennan waved hello and walked straight into her office. A pile of papers was awaiting her, and she opened her laptop to lose herself in work. Usually very adept at compartmentalizing, the peace of concentration refused to come, though. Tonight was the night, and she was afraid and excited at the same time. The feel of lace hugging her body was a wicked reminder of what she had planned, and every now and then her mind traveled to her partner.

He was undoubtedly the sexiest man she had ever seen, but over the years Tempe had realized that his true asset lay hidden underneath the good looks, had finally accepted that she cared deeply about Seeley Booth.

She opened her laptop with a sigh, but before she had had the chance to accomplish anything, the object of her dreams strolled into her office.

"Hey Bones."

Her pale blue eyes flew to his dark chocolate brown ones, and her tongue darted out to moisten her lips.

"Booth! What are you doing here? We're supposed to meet tonight."

"I know, just stopping by."

His dark chocolate brown eyes roamed hungrily over her body.

'Damn, she's hot,' Seeley thought, and he could feel an unpleasant tight sensation in his pants.

He shifted uncomfortably, and the movement alerted her pale blue eyes.

Time stood still, as her pale blue eyes widened, realizing his arousal.

Temperance took a deep breath and got up from her chair.

"Booth... Seeley... There's something I wanted to tell you tonight, but maybe I shouldn't wait anymore. I don't want to wait anymore."

His heart clenched briefly at the sound of his first name in her sweet voice, and secret joy vibrated through his body.


She approached him slowly, a sensual sway in her hips, and her heavy breasts threatened to burst the tight fabric of her blouse.

"I know that this is probably a bad timing with Hannah expecting your child and everything, but... I need to tell you that I love you."

Booth stood very still, but a colony of angels fluttered through his soul, as his biggest dream came finally true.

"Oh Bones... Tempe... I love you, too. So much."

Tears glistened in her pale blue eyes, and then he opened his arms for her and she stepped straight into them. His mouth found hers in the sweetest kiss ever, but the moment her silken lips parted, the moment his tongue touched hers, instinct and passion took over.

Temperance squirmed in his arms, pressing herself harder against the growing bulge in his pants.

"Oh Seeley," she sighed, and wetness was pooling between her legs.

He knew that he needed to have her, right here right now. He could impossibly wait any longer or he would wet himself like an inexperienced teenage boy.

His hand fisted in her black hair, as he pushed her backwards until they reached her desk, and with one swift move she was seated on it, and he stepped between her spread legs. Her tight skirt had ridden up, and his mouth watered at the sight of milky-white thighs exposed for him.

While he was marveling at her beauty, Temperance lost no time to undo the cocky belt buckle and his zipper. Her tiny hand dove in his pants, and then the breath whooshed out of her lungs at the sheer size of his penis. He was so hard, so hot, and for a brief moment she wondered if she would be able to accommodate his size.

He groaned and pushed into her talented hand.

"Oh Temperance, yes, Baby, that's good."

"You like that?" she asked on an insecure whisper, and he pulled her even closer.

"Don't stop, my love."

She was already naked in front of him, and his own palm slid up her thigh to meet the soft curve of her valley of joy. Two of his fingers dipped into her moist heat, and her tight vagina clenched around him.

Twin moans filled the air of her office.

"Seeley, I want you now. Make love to me."

"Oh yes."

He entered her in one swift move, and she gasped at the size of his cock thrusting into her. It hurt a little bit, but it was so good. Grabbing her thigh, Booth hooked it over his shoulder to deepen his strokes, and she caressed his earlobe with her toes.

The musky smell of sex filled the air, interrupted by grunts and moans, but even though their coupling was frantic and hard, there was also a gentleness woven in it.

'This is making love,' Temperance thought, as he lowered his head to capture her nipple with his lips, all the while thrusting into her.

Her ankles were crossed behind his neck, and they provided a picture of pure beauty and love.

Then his breath pattern changed, and his dark chocolate eyes bore into her pale blue ones, as his orgasm hit him with full force. He trembled, as he emptied himself into her, and she wrapped her arms around him to steady him, not even caring that she hadn't come herself.

Because... love... it wasn't selfish.

She could feel his penis softening inside of her, and he slipped out of her with a content sigh, kissing her lips with the gentleness of a lover.

"That was wonderful, Tempe."

Booth felt a little bit guilty for coming so early, but in her gaze he could see that it was okay.

"I love you, Booth."

A sigh left her lips, and her center was throbbing painfully, as Brennan awoke with a jolt. Her head was lying on her desk, crumbled papers underneath her flushed cheek.

What a dream!

Her skin was tingling as if he had really been with her, as if he had already loved her.

Bones shook her head to control the heat her dream had created and cast a glance at her watch.

1 pm.

Tonight was the night...

To be continued...

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