A/N: This is my first Homestuck fanfic, done as a response to the Homestuck LJ kink meme, with this prompt-

" I want a long fic with a bandstuck AU.
The kids all meet up and form a band, since they can all play instruments.
After releasing a few demo songs on the internet, they get signed on a record label, and their popularity just kind of... goes liffdoff.
They have wild sold out concerts and millions of fanboys and fangirls, but of course, like any other bands, they have haters.

I wanna see detailed character relationship developement.

Bonus if Dave is the drummer, song writer and rapper, John plays the keyboards and sings, Rose plays violin and maybe possibly guitar, and Jade obviously plays bass.
The kids finding bandslash fics would also be super duper nice. I mean, which bandom doesn't have bandslash right?

So here you go, lovely anon, if you don't manage to find it on the meme itself~

== Be John Egbert

Your name is John Egbert, and at the moment you are sitting in the room of your best friend, Dave Strider while he mixes some sick beats on his turntables. Or, you would assume they were sick beats- you know next to nothing about music aside from the fact that you enjoy listening to Dave's. The things he does with his music sometimes makes you feel like you could just- up and float away on them, y'know? They're catchy and seem to wriggle under your skin, take over your pulse, make you sway to the rhythm and open your mouth and want to dance and sing and-

You clamp your mouth shut before anything other than a gasp escapes you, swallowing dryly and biting the inside of your cheek. Dave doesn't need to be subjected to that, you tell yourself firmly.

But it's too late- he lifts his head from the dizzying drowsiness the music creates and gives you a look. Or, well, you think he's looking at you, you can't tell through his shades. " 'Sup, Egderp?" he asks coolly (because everything Dave Strider does is cool), and you give a little shrug and an embarrassed noise and some sort of brush-off. It seems to work, although one pale eyebrow peaks above the black lens before he gets back to work.

The music is different now, smoother, steadier, and you recognize one of the mixes Dave has sent you before. He's changed it a little though, and now it coils into the base of your skull and before you can help yourself you're humming under your breath, but it's okay because the music is so loud he can't hear you anyway, and that means you can open your mouth and start whispering the lyrics you'd unconsciously assigned to the beat-

Dave is staring at you now, you're sure of it, but you can't stop singing, the music is just pulling the words out of you and you make an apologetic noise as the music slowly fades to nothing. Your face heats up as he looks at you over the top of his shades, face a mask but red eyes burning into you and he opens his mouth and say-

"Shit, Egderp, where've you been hiding that voice?"

He isn't even sarcastic or anything.

You blush more and let out an embarrassed giggle. "It's nothing, Dave, really-"

"No, dude, don't brush this off." He leans forward over the table, still staring right at you. "Do it again."

You shake your head, steam practically coming out of your ears- you never sing in front of anyone- and abscond to the bathroom.

When you come back you're in for a shock- Dave has set up a microphone and keyboard in front of his turntables and motions you towards it. You shake your head but Dave just scoffs. "C'mon, Egderp, get your shit together. 'S not like I'm taking your virginity the night before your wedding or anything."

"Dave-" Your lips are dry, your throat is dry, it's not like you have stage fright but- but- you've never done this before and you say as much. It sounds weak the second it comes out of your mouth but you stand by it. Your blond friend just shakes his head. "Get in front of the mic. Pretend I'm not here. Just do the exact same shit you were doing."

You do so, not wanting to disappoint. But you're shaking and Dave sees it and he gives a huff and turns around, turning the lights off. Somehow this helps- it's just you and the smooth plastic keys in front of you and when Dave starts up the beat again you can automatically add in your piano descant.

Then the words come easily. You start softly, still shy, but when Dave starts altering the music in response to your voice you get a little braver, a little bolder, until it's just you and the music and the beat and your voice, and you're singing your heart out as you play with more soul than you even have in your life and nothing, you repeat, nothing has ever felt so good

and then it's over, and Dave's turning the lights back on and you're actually trembling as you sit back onto the bed with a sigh that comes from deep inside of you.

Dave sits beside you, snagging his computer and downloading what you both had just recorded. What comes out of the speakers has you dropping your jaw in shock- Dave was singing along with you, his lower rumble a perfect counterpart for your tenor voice and you just sound so good together.

He looks at your huge (and undoubtedly derpish) smile and offers you the slightest upward tilt of his lips in return. "This shit's going straight to Youtube."

Two more songs and ten days later you have five hundred thousand hits, and the numbers are just going up.