Nyddi: Am I really doing this Trease? Am I really attempting a drabble fic? ME?

Trease: Yes we are...with our long chapter, ranting asses. It's gonna be hard...

Nyddi: In more ways than one. Wiggles eyebrows Read to word-fuck me? I mean, Eddie?

Trease: Um...sure. You just want my smut and ADESS isn't getting to it to you fast enough.

Nyddi: Exactly. Now let's move on with the sexiness...


Her hands. Delicious. Tiny. Insistent. I pulled her hair. Don't know where it came from.

She, the girl, Bella, did this to me. She was rubbing. Against me. Small hand around my cock. I managed to pull it off. Tried...she only moved closer.

My head fell back against the wall. Against my better judgment, my hips sought her out. Made contact.

The world was disappearing behind her scent. It was getting harder and harder to remind myself that this girl was practically a stranger.

I'd only met her an hour before.

Now here she was, more beautiful to me than any woman I'd ever seen, tempting me shamelessly.

Her small arms fought my hold.

One hand broke free.

It went straight back to my cock. Squeezed it hard. It throbbed inside my jeans, leaking and straining towards her.

I groaned, that touch alone bringing me more pleasure than any I'd ever known.

She's drunk, I tried to remind myself. You were just helping her out.

And I had. I'd helped her, alright.

My face still throbbed in places from where I'd had to fight those guys off. To get them away from her.

Tiny, little, sexy drunk her. Who was all over me in a way I'd never experienced before.

Don't take advantage of her! I wished it was easier to listen to my brain. To do what was right. But at twenty-three years old I was fresh out of my one and only relationship. The only girl and woman I'd ever been with.

We'd been together six years. Six years that in the end I found out didn't matter to her.

No wonder she was always so frigid. So withdrawn.

Here this little nymph come to life was, touching me with a need that my ex never had. She was also hot. So fucking sexy my dick wept the moment I saw her.

She purred like a kitten, her tongue finding my jaw. My hands clenched her hair.

Pulled. I felt my self control snap the moment her hot little mouth reached the corner of mine.

Just like that she made me into something I'd never been.

Now she would have to deal with the consequences...