Rock Bottom

Aug. 19th

Gil and Mattie's wedding was today. The after party is in a few minutes. Fratello opened up a portal home so we could change into something more casual and less formal. Right now I'm waiting for fratello to knock on my door, signaling that it's time to go. Antonio came with us since he brought a change of clothes with him.

The wedding was nice; all the nations were there, each and every one of them were on their best behavior (not like the G8 meetings). Arthur even trimmed his eyebrows! It was very weird, yet no one seemed to notice. Gil had slicked his hair back with some gel he had most likely borrowed from Ludwig. The wedding itself took place outside because the church they were going to get married in wouldn't allow Kumi to be the ring bearer. It was cute how Mattie made a big fuss over Kumi like that. It all paid off when Kumi walked down the "isle" wearing a cute little bow tie ~! Alfred almost laughed when he saw it. Tony got up and slapped his arm before sitting back down. Alfred was standing next to Mattie, as was Ludwig to Gil. One thing I have to admit is how jealous how I was of Mattie's smile. They both looked happy facing each other. I wanted to be the one facing Gil while Mattie was sitting down on the benches. I wanted to say the "I do" while Mattie was the one with a broken heart.

"Feli?" Are you read?" Antonio knocked on the door.

"Ve ~ I'll be ready in a few minutes. You and Lovi can wait for me downstairs." Feliciano replied putting down his journal and changing into a blue button up shirt and khaki pants. Before leaving his room, Feliciano picked up his journal and stuffed it behind his pillow.