Labyrinth in the Stars


A Femme of a Different New Species suddenly finds herself on Earth, Detroit. So she takes on the form of a Grounder to better disguise her 'freakish form' from others. /TFA Season 4.



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Chapter Two: Predacons Rising.


(With Ratchet and Snowhunter)


Ratchet-.. Usually, he wasn't scared for someone else, but he'll admit it. He felt slightly scared about Snowhunter- who was trying to get away from him.

'I bet the Decepticreeps had something to do with this...' He thought grimly, sighing and hating to- but he had to, strap her to a berth.

"I'm not gonna hurt you!" He said, barely dodging a swinging sword attached to a servo.

"That's what he said!" she choked out, trying to get free.

"He? Who?" Ratchet asked, staring at her.

"You know who..." she whined out, laying back down and staring around her, tears in her clear blue optics.

Ratchet felt his spark pang with sadness when she let out a pitiful sob, her trying to escape had died down.

She laid there, shaking slightly.


Snowhunter shuddered, groaning from the pain.

"Stop it.." She said weakly, squirming away from the grasp of the other 'Bot.

"Not a chance." He said, grinning evilly.

She let out a cry as she felt something penitrate her.
"Please-! stop! It hurts!" She exclaimed, trying everything in her power to push the other 'bot off of her.

"Decepticon-scum!" She said, and managed to lay a kick on the Decepticons shoulder plating, and he stumbled back from the force of her kick.

"Seems like I underestimated you, femme." He sneered, standing slowly.

She glared daggers at the con.

"That's enough, continue tomorrow." A voice said from the door.

Snowhunter took in a sharp breath, and didn't let it escape. She slowly turned to see Megatron standing there in all his glory.

"Fine." The Con sneered, leaving her in their brig.

"What do you want for me?" she choked out, sobbing quietly.

"Information, my dear femme. Information." Megatron smirked, and left Snowhunter alone to cry herself into recharge.

-o-o-Flashback End-o-o-

Snowhunter froze and stared up fearfully at the 'bot. "Please, just let me go!" She said, struggling to get out of the binds that held her down.

"Listen, Snowhunter! My name is Ratchet and i'm an Autobot!" The Med-bot said.

She suddenly stopped her antics, and blinked up at Ratchet, "An-... Autobot?" She said, staring at him with her crystal blue optics.

"Yes, there aren't any Decepticons around here. It's just me and my teammates." He lied, patting her hand comfortably.

She whimped, and leaned back into the berth, sniffing.

"I'm sorry, but- I can't-... I just can't deal with being touched so forcfully like that.

"No, i'm the one who should be sorry." Ratchet said, smiling and patting the femme's head.

Snowhunter sniffed and stared at the berth, shaking ever so slightly, but feeling safer inside.

"Ratchet..?" She looked up at the Med-bot.

"Yes?" He asked, stared at the femme.

"... Nevermind." she said, shrugging her shoulder plates lightly.

Ratchet sighed, "Snowhunter. Even thought we don't know each other, you could still talk to me." He said, gently patting the femme's servo.

She looked at him with wide eyes, then slowly looked at the berth.

"H-... he.. r-..." She started to cry again. "Slag." She cursed, rubbing at her optics.

"Raped you?..." Ratchet finished for her.

She nodded her helm through her tears, letting out a choked sob.

"Who?" he asked.

"It was... was... Umm.." she slapped her helm. "I don't remember his name..." She glared at the berth.

"Do you remember what his armor coloring was?" he asked warily.

She shook her head, "I don't remember... I don't even want to remember." She sighed. "But the last thing I remember was seeing Megatron smirking, but I know that it wasn't him." She said after a pause.

Ratchet froze, "Megatron?" He breathed.

They took him to Cybertron and had him locked up. Did he escape?

"When was this?" He asked carefully.

"A long time ago..." She mumbled.

Ratchet let out a breath, "Oh, okay." he patted her helm gently.

"He's locked up, right?" She asked, switching her gaze from the berth to Ratchet.

Ratchet nodded, "Yes, him, Lugnut, and Shockwave."

The femme stared at Ratchet, confused. "Lugnut? But... I saw him not even three megacycles..."

"What!" Ratchet cried.

He pushed a button on his helm, "Prime, we need to talk."

"We're almost done, Ratchet."- Came Prime's response from their comm. link.

"Done what?" Snowhunter blinked as Ratchet disconnected from the link.

"Umm..." Ratchet paused, and sighed, "Fighting the Decepticons..." He trailed off.

Snowhunter gasped, "Y- you mean, the Decepticons are outside?" She squeaked.

"Yes..." Ratchet nodded, staring at the ground in shame for lying to the poor femme.

"W- well, at least it's safe in here, right?" She stuttered, not blaming Ratchet about it.

Ratchet blinked and looked up at the femme, and smiled, "Right." He nodded.

"I'm positive that everyone will protect you if your in danger." He said, petting her helm.

Snowhunter smiled up at him, "Thank you."

He chuckled lightly, "No problem."

"Oh, and your welcome to join the team." Ratchet said suddenly, surprising the femme.

She blinked, and shrugged with a mysterious smile, "I'll think about it." She grinned.


(After a while)


Optimus and the others came into the Medical Bay, curios as what Ratchet had to say.

"Alright, we're all listening, Ratchet." The Prime said, nodding at the med-bot.

Ratchet gave a nod back, and looked at Snowhunter, then back to their leader. "Snowhunter said that she had seen Lugnut not even three megacycles ago..." He said.

"What!" Bumblebee exclaimed, "B- But we locked him up!" He stuttered.

"I know. But what i'm wondering if it was only him that escaped..." Ratchet sighed.

"Well, why don't we all go rest?" Optimus suggested after a pause.

"Umm.." Snowhunter spoke up quietly.

Prime blinked and looked at the femme, "What is it?" He smiled lightly at her.

"W- Who were the De- Decepticons outside that y- you were fighting?" She asked, stuttering.

"I don't think that we've seen them before..." Optimus thought. "Anyways, I think they said their names were Razorclaw, Rampage, Divebomb, Tantrum, and Headstrong."

"Yeah, and the creepy part is that they transform into BEASTS!" Bumblebee shuddered.

Snowhunter blinked, "... Predacons?... Yeah, I think that's what there called..." She mumbled to herself.

"I've heard of them, there obviously with the Decepticons, but after Megatron was captured, I heard that someone had became their leader..." Snowhunter said, looking up at Optimus.

"Just curious, but what were there 'beast' forms?" She asked, looking at the four that battled them.

"Uhh, I think an Eagle, a Bull, rhinoceros, tiger, and a lion."

"The frag is a rhinoceros?" Snowhunter blinked.

"Th' slag if I know..." Ironhide said, staring in confusion at the femme.

"It's an earth animal, I think." Optimus said, sounding unsure of what he was saying himself.

"Well, either way. I guess we have new enemies..." Snowhunter said, staring at the ground.

"Wait, we?" Bumblebee smiled brightly up at her.

She grinned, "Yup."
"Yey! Your on our team!" He grinned back, and hugged her randomly.

Snowhunter smiled, and she knew that they would never hurt her.


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