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Chapter 1:

The Golden God

"And then-!"

"Ella, you've told me more than once! Stop talking about Ed! I mean, I'm crazy about him too but you take to a whole new level!" My best friend, Elizabeth 'Eli' Atem, nagged me. I smirked, as she played with my overly curly black hair.

"But he's awesome!" I rolled my gray-blue eyes.

"I don't care!" Eli snapped, black hair flying, her signature purple stripe seemingly glowing. My other best friend, Luke Skyling, held a note up in front of my face that read Be nice. Luke is mute, except for when he sings. He tells the teacher things in notes on a special whiteboard. Luke was closer to me than anyone else, except for Eli. Luke's brown eyes and blond hair reminded me of Fullmetal, the one person I will never meet.

"Oh fine… I gotta go home, sorry guys," I said after seeing my mother's furious text to get my butt home.

"Bye Ella!" Eli called as I walked away. I walked straight into Skyler, Luke's older sister who hates me.

"Get out of the way," She commanded, pushing past me. Her wavy brown-blond hair flew out behind her, her hateful green eyes glaring at me.

"Pfft, whatever." I continued walking, my torn black and white dress flowing between my legs.

The walk home was really quiet even though the library was on the same street, and the library was where a lot of students hung out at after school. When I got to the third crosswalk from my school, I saw a man standing there. He had gold hair and eyes, glasses, and a beard, and he looked familiar…

"Hey mister, do I know you?" He hadn't seen or heard me, and the way he jumped slightly made me sure of that.

"Um, I don't think so. What's your name?" I know I'm not supposed to tell strangers my name but…

"Ella, Ella Madelia Nightingale. And yours?" I asked, shaking his hand.

"Van Hohenhiem."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hohenhiem!" I exclaimed. I did a little anime screaming in my head, extremely nervous now that I knew who this guy was.

"Well, I have to go now, sorry. See you around?" He said as he walked towards my high school.

"Yeah… see you around…" I muttered.

Over the next week, there was multiple people absent. Even a teacher that hadn't called in! None of the students that were gone had called in either, so I was worried. I couldn't stop thinking about how everyday, I would see Hohenhiem at the third crosswalk, and he would always go to my school. At lunch on Friday, I sat with Eli and Luke at our usual spot: the roof.

"Guys, you will not believe what happened to me on Monday! Well, everyday, but it started on Monday!"

'Why didn't you tell us sooner? What happened?' Luke's board asked.

"I met Van Hohenhiem! I've been meeting him at the same spot everyday for this past week!" I was giddy with joy at how this might mean that I had a chance to meet Ed.

"You mean Ed and Al's dad?" Eli practically screamed. I giggled.

"Shush! We have to keep quiet!" I said.

"Okay… But what does this mean, exactly? I mean, I'm a believer in alchemy and stuff, but that could have just been an obsessive cosplayer." She just had to rain on my parade, didn't she?

'Yeah, Eli's right! Ella, you're obsessed with FMA and you probably just imagined it was him.' I stuck my tongue out at Luke's board.

"I didn't imagine it. Come home with me after school and I'll show you!" They glanced at each other, silently arguing.

"Fine." Eli voiced their decision.


So after school, we all started to walk to my house, and I counted the crosswalks out loud.

"1...2... Okay he should be at the next one!" I started to sprint to the crosswalk. Once we were there, I was shocked.

"Um, Ella, he's not here," Eli said. I was tearing up. But…He promised! He never promised until yesterday that he would come, and now he's gone!

"Ella…" Luke whispered, as he did when Eli or I got upset. I hugged him and tried not to cry. I didn't even know why I wanted to cry, but I felt as if a life long friend had just told me they hated my guts. I sighed.

"Eli, Luke, let's go. He's not coming." I continued to walk to my house with my friends behind me.


High heels?


"Luke, Eli, someone's following us." I had trained myself to be a spy when I was young, because that used to be my dream. I had given up after a really scary spy movie, but I practiced still.

"What?" Eli whispered to me. Luke became stock-still, and I punched his arm and laughed as if we had just shared a joke. Luckily, he saw what I was doing and laughed too. I spun in a quick circle, playing air guitar, like we had an inside joke. What I saw nearly made me scream. I quickened my pace.

"Ohmigosh, it's the cross-dressing palm tree and his two friends!" I whispered loudly, trying not to shout or run.


"No, don't!" But it was too late. Eli had looked. She had blown the little cover we had. I threw my hands into my hoodie pockets, trying to find something I could use to fight, although all I had was a black crayon, a mechanical pencil, and a piece of scratch paper. I closed my eyes, cursing under my breath.

"Oh, it looks like they've seen us," Envy said loudly. I spun around, Luke copying my movements.

"Are you seriously… THE homunculi?" Luke questioned, startling me. He only speaks when Eli or I are sad, and he only whispers at that. But he spoke in a normal voice.

"HAHA! In the flesh!" Envy boasted. We all took a step back. What's going on? I took the crayon in my hand, a plan forming.

"Ella… what-what's happening?" Eli asked. I smirked.

"Run on the count of three…" I said in Japanese, hoping that the homunculi didn't understand. Luckily, the high school had a foreign language teacher to teach Japanese.

"What're they saying lust? Can I eat them?" Gluttony asked.

"Not yet, Gluttony. Soon enough though." Lust answered. I can't read her! I thought, trying to see if her face showed any plans.

"Oh goody!

"One…" I started.

"Two…" Eli said.

"THREE!" Luke cried, just as terrified as us. We all turned tail.

"What's the plan Ella? What's going on in that head of yours?" Eli asked. I grinned.

"Alchemy." They hadn't started to chase us yet, so I quickly drew a basic transmutation circle on the ground with my crayon. I took a deep breath and threw my hands on the circle, envisioning the weapon I wanted.

"Whoa…" Eli commented. I could see through my eyes the alchemistic lights.

"She's using alchemy! Get her!" Lust shouted. I opened my eyes and watched the magical science. I was able to make three large staffs of a metal that was like steel, but much lighter out of the concrete sidewalk.

"Luke, Eli, you better have trained!" I said.

"Yeah." Luke replied softly, grabbing a staff. I took one, and prepared myself, remembering the first time Luke had spoken to me, 'With a staff, even children like us can have an adults reach, and we won't seriously hurt ourselves if we drop it on our feet, or stab ourselves on accident.' It wasn't romantic, but it was enough. He and Eli taught me everything I knew on how to fight.

"Yeah, yeah, I practiced…" Eli muttered.

"Children, you shouldn't try to resist us." Lust said… well, lustily!

"Lust, we will always resist you! And the cross-dressing palm tree and the cannibal!" Eli shouted, pretending not to be scared. I grinned, thinking of how many times she's acted fine when I get her scared.


"Yeah, I know. Just was hoping that this wouldn't take so long." He jumped into the air, flipped, and was obviously intending to crush us. The three of us dodged, and immediately started to hit his weak points, the pressure points. We tightened his muscles and ran. We knew that if we paralyzed him, Gluttony would chase us, and that would be much, much worse. None of us could do much against someone as big as him.

"Ah! You stupid b-"

"-Envy, go after them."

"Fine. But you owe me. This really hurts."

We kept running until we were on the north side of town, at an old abandoned warehouse that was on the edge of a forest, two miles from the school.

"Let's hide in here!" I exclaimed. Inside it was dark, damp, and dirty, rats and mice scurrying around, a few cats chasing them. I lend my two BFFs into the warehouse, and upon seeing some stairs, onto a ledge we could hide on. There was a door, and Luke was the one who had enough courage to open it. Inside was Van Hohenhiem, and I wanted to scream at him to help us.

"Oh! Hello there! I was told to meet you here and-"

"WHERE WERE YOU?" I yelled, my mouth soon covered by both Luke and Eli's hands. I growled.

"-that you were going to be chased by some homunculi, and I have to trap them. You three hid in here, there's a window."

So we all sat and hid, waiting for his plan, whatever it was, to go into action. This was obviously the control room that we were hiding in, and there was a control panel that hadn't seen a cleaning in years. It took Lust and Gluttony 15 minutes to get here, Envy only 2 minutes more. My heart stopped as I remember something. The first homunculus ever looks exactly like Hohenhiem.

"Oh shiz nitz!" I tried not to swear.

"What's wrong?" Eli breathed.

"Hohenhiem looks like Father, remember? EXACTLY like him!" I whispered.

"Well, how do we know if it is Father, or the real Hohenhiem?"

I shrugged. "We wait."

Downstairs, Hohenhiem confronted the Homunculi.

"Oh look, it's the brat's little daddy!" Envy exclaimed, obviously thinking of Ed.

"Heh. Don't call my son a brat."

"Hey, what happened to those other three brats?" Envy asked. My hand twitched.

"You won't find them. They escaped through the back."

"I doubt that." Hohenhiem smirked. I gasped.

Are you really Hohenhiem?

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