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Chapter 2:

Life's Beginning End

"Hey, what happened to those other three brats?" Envy asked. My hand twitched.

"You won't find them. They escaped through the back."

"I doubt that." Hohenhiem smirked. I gasped.

Are you really Hohenhiem? I thought. I watched as he shook his head.

"You don't really understand what'll happen if you kill them, do you homunculi?" He asked.

"Why should we care?" Lust asked. Hohenhiem took a step forward.

"You idiots. You'll destroy all time if you kill them, tear open both our universe and theirs if you don't. An impossible loop to get out of."

"I never knew you knew so much." Lust stated.

"I just found out!" He laughed a bit, "Well, I'm sure that you also know that if you kill them you'll never return home, right?"

"Why do you think that Gluttony hasn't eaten them?" Lust walked forward. We watched as Hohenhiem slapped his hands to the ground, alchemistic lights flashing as a huge dome formed over the Homunculi. I noticed a walkie-talkie type thing and grabbed it, shouting,

"What did you just do? That was AWESOME!" Eli took the thingy out of my hand.

"How long will it take for them to get out?" She spoke for Luke, who somehow managed to keep his whiteboard and marker with him.

"About an hour!" Hohenhiem yelled back, "I have a list of things you need to take with you!"

"Take with us where?" Eli shouted for Luke again.

"To my world! You have to go!"

"WHAT?" All of us, including Luke, screamed.

"Are you scared?"

"No! OMIGOSH WE'RE GONNA MEET EDWARD AND ALFONSE!" Eli shrieked. I went deaf for, like, two minutes. We left the control room and met Hohenhiem at the bottom of the stairs.

"Okay, I have a list for each of you-"

"-Who gave you these?" I asked.

"…I can't tell you."

"Why not? Are you being blackmailed?"

"I just can't tell you. They said bad things would happen." Then it dawned on me. It was US who made the lists.

"Oh…" I muttered, "Hey, I'll call my mom and have her come pick us up and help us get our stuff. We're going to need help, anyways."

"Okay, I'll call my mom and Luke's sister and tell them that we're going to be gone for a while." Eli said. I nodded, and we each started our tasks. Once my mom picked up the phone, I felt so relieved that I almost started to cry, but I didn't understand why.

"Mom? Is anyone at our house right now?"

"Actually, yes."

"What is their name?"

"Ella, are you feeling alright?

"Yeah. Just fine. But what is their name?"

"It's only Skyler, she said that she was worried about Luke since he hasn't texted her back and was coming over. Ella, where are you?"

"At the old warehouse at the north side of town, I need you to pick us up, Eli, Luke, and a man that is helping us, and mom, don't let anyone in the house, okay? Lock everything, take Skyler with you, and hurry."

"What's wrong? Ella, what's happening?"

"Mom… We're going away for a while… I'll explain later… But you need to hurry!"

"…Fine… I'm coming. Love you."

"Love you too mom. See you soon." I hung up, taking shaky breaths to try to calm myself.

"Hey Ella, Luke's sister is at your house, and my mom is okay with us leaving, I told her that we won a trip on a cruise, and we'll be gone for a while." Eli reported.

"Good. My mom and Skyler will be here soon." I replied, "Luke, your sister texted you." He nodded in acknowledgement.


My mom's car pulled up, and before she could even park, we all hopped in.

"Step on it!" Hohenhiem shouted.

"Who are you?"

"Someone you want to trust-"

"-And be careful around because unless you know him well, he might be the evil twin!" I quickly finished.

"What?" My mom asked, driving fast to our house.

"Mom, you know Fullmetal Alchemist, right?"

"That anime and manga you obsess over?"

"Yes, that one. It's real and there are evil creepy human-like nearly unkillable beings in that warehouse."


"Mom, Skyler, we have to go to Mr. Hohenhiem's world, if I am correct?"

"Yes. You three have to come to my world, but we'll end up in different time-lines." Hohenhiem confirmed.

"Who are you, exactly?" My mother asked.

"Van Hohenhiem, father of Edward and Alfonse Elric."

"Luke, didn't you cosplay as one of them once?"

'Yeah. Ed.' Read his board. We were at my house in five minutes time.

"Hohenhiem, my list?" He gave me it.

I ran into the house, grabbing everything I needed. I was done in 5 minutes with help from my mom and friends. We jumped into the car again and drove to Luke's house, and the trip plus how long it took to gather his things took 10 more minutes. Last, we ran to Eli's house that was across the street from Luke's and took 5 minutes convincing her mom and getting her stuff. My mother drove us back to the warehouse on Hohenhiem's order and helped us get our stuff inside. I always thought that racing against time would be easier.

"All three of you, stand by that circle!" Hohenhiem barked. He took a State Alchemist watch out of his pocket and threw it into the circle. It opened itself and for a moment, there was silence, only the ticking of the clock. Then a black hole of some sort opened.

"I'll go first, all of you go at the same time! Oh, and Ella," Hohenhiem said, "Always keep this with you." He slid a ring onto my finger, that had some sort of red gemstone in it. Hohenhiem jumped in, disappearing suddenly. We three joined hands, honestly terrified.

"Finally we got out." Lust's voice rang throughout the warehouse. We three went rigid.

"Hey, it's you brats!" Envy shouted.

"JUMP!" I screamed, and we got sucked into the portal.

We held onto each other desperately as we felt invisible hands trying to separate us. I shrieked, heart pounding, as I broke off of Luke and Eli, falling ever faster into a pit of darkness. I seemed to be falling forever. It felt like I had been falling for days. I heard voices whispering in my ear. I squeezed my eyes shut in fright. I hated the dark, even more when I was alone. I gasped, eyes opening, as I heard a song start to play. I knew the song, it was Brothers, and I instantly felt as if someone was calling out for me. I sang along, tears escaping my eyes as I reached out towards the voice.

"How can I repay you brother mine?/ How can I expect you to forgive?/ Clinging to the past, I shed our blood/ And shattered your chance to live/Though I knew the laws I paid no heed/ How can I return your wasted breath?/ What I did not know has cost you dear/ For there is no cure for death."

I saw light coming towards me- Or was I going towards it?- and smiled. I sang more but it became harder and harder to draw breath for the notes. I realized, painfully, that I must be injured. But how was that possible? I hadn't done anything. As I got closer to the light I realized the light was coming from a fire. A big fire. My body suddenly hit the ground, and I screamed out in pain. I tried to get up but I could only move one arm. I tried to use my feet to help me but only one leg was working as well.

"Hello? Anyone in there?" I heard an echo-y voice call out. I tried to respond, but my lungs were crushed. I flipped over onto my back and screamed again with the pain. Someone very big came over and picked me up, although I couldn't see who it was, for my vision had gone blurry, and my brain felt like mush. Whoever it was ran out of the fire and I could hear metal clanking against the ground. I closed my eyes and tried to think, and -luckily- I was able to concentrate well enough to force my vision back to normal. I saw that the person carrying me was wearing a big suit of armor.

"Brother! There was a girl in there! I think she's hurt!" I turned my head to see who this armored person was yelling to. It was some kid with a red coat and blond hair.

"We need to take her to Winry's!" He said.

"Wait… My stuff…" I said, with much struggle.

"She's conscious?"

"Please… I need it… My things…" Something dawned on me just then, causing me to jump out of the metal-man's arms and face-plant. I lifted my head and said, "I need to find Eli and Luke!" I kept repeating this to my self quietly, half army-crawling, half wiggling forward, before the blond guy stopped me.

"You need to rest first. You're injured badly, and there is no way that you'll survive if you keep going." I struggled as the metal guy helped me up.

"It's alright. My brother will help you. I'll get your stuff. I realized that the kid was holding me up, one arm around my waist, the other holding my arm over his neck.

"Come on, we know someone who'll help you." I blushed a bit at my stupidity.

"Thank you." I whispered and we started to go down a hill. A little while later, we were at the house of this person's friend.

"Winry! Granny Pinako! I need some help over here!" I started to feel faint from the struggle of walking, even if this kid probably had to deal with my weight. I heard a dog barking as my eyes closed. I felt the world spin as I fell forward. Then everything went black.

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