I locked my arms around his neck and his hands lowered to my hips. I relished in the feel of his bare his chest against my hands. We moved together, letting our bodies rock and sway as one. I couldn't help but think about sex. If it felt anything like this, I couldn't wait.

Remembering how good it felt before, I placed my legs on either side of his strong thigh. His hand lowered to my butt, pressing me firmly against him. As the beat moved our bodies in rhythm together, I realized a missed opportunity. I placed a hand on his strong chest and the other on his rear, using the leverage to pull his hips tighter against me. I ground my body softly against him. What felt good to me had to feel good to him too, right?

He hissed lowly and my stomach clenched with desire.

"Are you okay?" I whispered. Please, please, please.

I waited for his answer as we continued to dance, slowly moving against each other. I could feel the pressure of his excitement against my hip. That was a first. I bit my lip, pleased with his reaction. He growled and dropped his face into my neck.

"So much better than just 'okay'," he breathed. I pulled back, checking his eyes for control. His steady gaze, filled with love and desire, reassured me.

Thanking every deity I knew, I kissed him, pressing my aching need harder against his leg. On impulse, I ran my hand down his chest and over the band of his jeans. I felt the beginning of his erection through his jeans. I stopped my hand there, waiting for permission.

"Snickerdoodle," he panted.

I froze completely, sure I had over-stepped. Edward covered my hand with one of his own, moving it to his bare skin, just above the band of his jeans. The feel of his hard stomach muscles didn't help my self control. I didn't dare look into his eyes, mortified at what I had done. His other hand moved to my hip urging me to continuing moving with him.

"It's okay. Just surprised me," he whispered into my hair.

I nearly sighed in relief that I hadn't ruined everything. After a moment, he moved our intertwined hands purposefully to the top of his thigh and released his hold on my hand. I ran my hand along the muscles there, fascinated with the movement of them. The music continued, strong and demanding in its beat. I followed the movements of his hips with my own, our bodies melded together as one.

I lifted my chin to look into his eyes and he captured my lips again. The kiss became intense and I lost the ability to move at the same time. Just as I felt I was about to collapse, he effortlessly lifted me up to his mouth, wrapping his arms around my waist. I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist to support some of my weight.

He kissed me with so much passion and need pouring from his lips. My lips parted, allowing him as much access as he was comfortable with. He lavished my mouth with attention.

Trying something new, I took his bottom lip into my mouth, sucking it gently between my teeth. I bit down ever so lightly before releasing it. His eyes flew open, hungry and black.

He pushed my back up against his bedroom door, leaning into me. His hands were everywhere, freed from the responsibility of holding me up. His tongue pushed further into my mouth, tasting me. I groaned with the pleasure of it. The taste of him was incredible. The feel of his tongue against my own was heaven.

He pushed me harder against the door and I squirmed against him, an ache building inside of me. I couldn't control my body as I pushed against him, again and again. He moved against me, returning my need as his tongue moved in delicious rhythm with our bodies. He was ridiculously talented at everything he did. I couldn't help but draw parallels again and I moaned into his mouth.

His hand slipped under my shirt and I nearly lost it as he squeezed my breast firmly in his palm. His mouth left mine and I threw my head back accidentally hitting it against the door. I wanted to laugh at my clumsiness and cry with the pleasure he was bringing me. Unable to do anything else, I panted breathlessly.

His head lowered to the top of the breast he was caressing, tasting the skin there with his mouth. It was too much and I exploded in ecstasy. I arched my body into his capable hands as my hips pushed against him in need.

He jerked the fabric of my shirt out of the way, growling with his own need. His hands caressed me, sending waves of continued pleasure between my legs. I was sent crashing off the edge of reason.

Feeling I couldn't take any more pleasure, I whispered the safe word. He released me immediately, setting me gently onto the ground. He looked searchingly into my eyes. I didn't try to hide the expression of pleasure so intense it bordered on pain.

His eyes were molten need. I watched as he exerted monumental effort to step away from me. It was just an inch of separation, but it was torture to be apart.

I realized suddenly that he had misunderstood my use of the safe word. Unwilling to leave him unsatisfied, I pressed my body against him and purposefully moved my leg against his groin. He groaned loudly in my ear.

I shifted my leg against him, harder.

My hand came once again to the band of his jeans. I waited for him to stop me. After the space of two wild heart beats, I slid my hand slowly over the bulge in his jeans. He buried his face in my neck, tense with need. He began kissing the skin there. I rubbed against him softly, not sure what would feel good to him.

He pushed his hips against my hand reflexively. I applied more pressure, stroking down the entire length of his erection. I didn't have a first-hand comparison, but he seemed huge. Almost twice the length of my hand. I knew in that moment without a doubt how much he desired me. I stroked back up as he moaned my name.

"Bella, I can't-" he gasped. There was an edge of desperation in his voice.

"Shh. Don't over think it," I borrowed Rose's advice.

I wanted to give him this, but I loved him enough to respect his boundaries and I moved my hand to his butt and gave it a firm squeeze.

"Bella," he moaned.

The aching between my legs started again, hearing the rawness in his voice. I placed my myself between his legs and slid my body down several inches and back up with the music. Alice would be so proud that her lessons had paid off.

His hands twisted into my hair and he turned my face to his own. Looking into my eyes, he inhaled deeply. My lips parted in anticipation. His eyes fluttered in pleasure before he attacked my lips with his own. I moved aggressively against him wanting him to experience the same pleasure he had brought me.

I let him guide the motion of our bodies as they moved together hungrily.

He froze suddenly and I felt him twitch against my stomach. He clutched me against his chest tightly. I felt powerful and sexy knowing I could affect him this way. His quietly animalistic noises of pleasure tipped me over the edge one more time. My body pulsed in pleasure, causing me to pant against his lips.

He breathed out heavily and pulled me into his chest, kissing the top of my head. I returned his embrace and held on to him with all of my strength, feeling a connection with him I knew could never be broken. I knew he felt the same as his arms held me tightly.

We carried me to the bed, and we laid together, holding on to the euphoria of our shared high. Edward held me tightly against his chest, no doubt listening to my heart beat returning to normal. He stroked his fingers down my back lazily.

We shared a laugh over the indentations in the wall in the exact shape of Edward's hands. I was pleased he didn't berate himself for a perceived lack of control. Instead he said it gave him some ideas for our honeymoon. Something about redirecting.

With his shirt still off, I was enjoying the feel of his skin beneath my fingers. I decided I could stay this way forever. Maybe I could talk him into sleeping like this, I thought happily.

He kissed the top of my head and I sighed with pleasure and contentment. Even though I still wasn't looking forward to being the center of attention in my own wedding, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to marry this man. I would go through a hundred weddings, a transformation, losing my family and so much more to be with him. I was ready to spend eternity with Edward by my side.

The End

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