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Insanity: OishiFuji: Up Against the Wall

Fuji knew just how to get him riled up.

Just what to say.

Just what to do.

He knew exactly how to get Oishi worked up into a frenzy.

And, when Oishi finally couldn't take it anymore, he would give in to baser instincts.

It wasn't that Fuji didn't think their slow, gentle, soap-opera-esque love-making had its place. It did. Fuji enjoyed it very much.

But those times when he'd pushed Oishi to his limits, when he would press Fuji to the nearest flat surface— a table, a wall, the floor, Tezuka's desk once even— and take him….

Those were Fuji's favorite.

And though he'd never admit it, they were Oishi's favorite too.