'Why did you leave?' 'It wasn't what I wanted. My mother was worried. When she found out you knew, she was so angry.'

"This is about Will, isn't it? Going to banish me to Camelot for having a friend?"

Hunith rubbed her temple. "You wear on my patience, Merlin. I love you; I'd never 'banish' you anywhere."

"Then what is it?" he repeated.

Hunith sighed, looking past him. "You never were meant to be a villager, Merlin," she said quietly. "You have a great gift… and all I've ever done is order you hide it. Why shouldn't Will know? Why can't everyone recognize you for your greatness? Perhaps in Camelot, with Gaius to guide you, perhaps you can find its… purpose."

Merlin swallowed.

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I love Hunith. I wonder what she's up to as of late…

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