*This story is based on the idea of TITANIC TO THE SURFACE. A fanfiction trailer for a Titanic by Derek Johnson. I do not claim the idea as my own.*

Chapter 1-A Discovery of the Diamond Finder(THIS IS TOLD IN THIRD PERSON OMNISCIENT)

Brock Lovett and Lewis Bodine were once again at the bottom of the ocean. They were not searching the TITANIC this time. No, they were looking for the heart of the ocean. A.K.A., the rarest jewel in the world the Rose Calvert tossed into the ocean years ago. They had finally got the funding to find it. Bodine was pissed. Lovett was curious. Everyone was anticipating the finding of the diamond. Everyone that knew about it that is…all fourteen of them.

"If Rose hadn't died I would have found her and made her look for the diamond herself."

"Don't speak ill of the dead, Bodine," Lovett replied.

"Really freaking sucks…" grumbled Bodine squinting through his camera goggles.

Lovett peered at the camera screens that searched the ocean floor for the Heart of the Ocean. Bodine sighed multiple times to the point where there was a slight rhythm.

"Bodine, why don't you take a break and I'll take over the diamond finder," Lovett suggested.

Bodine nodded and stood to his feet. Lazily, he hobbled back to the break-room where he would surely take a nap

"Bodine? You out there?" the walkie sounded from Lovett's hip.

"No he's on break. What's up?" Lovett answered.

"We located something ahead but it's not a diamond. It's… a large chunk of ice…"

Lovett rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, it's the bottom of an ocean that the Titanic sank in. There's bound to be some ice," Lovett sighed.

"That's not the thing, Brock. Inside the ice we are getting a slight body heat read out."

"Are you sure the machine isn't just screwing with you. Try manually re-"

"Resetting it and trying again? We did, Lovett. Three times," the radio said.

"Okay… bring the radar and sonar down here and we'll look into it."

Brock Lovett drummed his fingers on the table and rolled his eyes. This was pointless but if it would get them to shut up then he would do it.

Thirty minutes later, they brought down the sonar. The thudding and bumping managed to wake Bodine from his REM cycle.

Brock looked at the sonar and radar closely. A large chunk of ice and a small red pulse there. He squinted. They were mere yards away.

"Go in a bit more and I'll release Duncan," Lovett said.

"This better be good for you to have woken me, Brock," Lewis Bodine said entering the room.

He examined the sonar and radar with Brock and squinted.

"That's insane," he sighed.

"Brock, send in Duncan," a tech support said.

Carefully, Brock released Duncan. He steered it carefully around the debris. They were back by the TITANIC once more.

"Go down, Brock… Down!" Lewis grunted.

Slowly, Lovett moved Duncan down.

"You're too slow. Move," Lewis said shoving Lovett away.

He plopped down in the chair and Lovett stared at the monitor. Then he saw something… more than unexpected. Something… scary… fascinating… and exciting all at once.

"Is that… a human face? Is that ice?" asked a tech support aide.

A small smile broke out on Lovett's face.

"That's a man… in ice… Cryogenically frozen…" Bodine said softly.

"We gotta call people… now," Lovett said leaving the room.

And that was how Jack Dawson… was rediscovered. How Jack Dawson would meet the love of his life…

In New York a crowd of C.I.A., F.B.I. and various researches crowded around a giant crane, that was gently lifting a huge block of ice from the care of Brock Lovett and Lewis Bodine's Exploration Submarine.

After loading the chunk of ice onto the padded back of a semi, Lovett and Bodine followed the top secret research team to an unknown facility. Wordlessly, they tailed the officials inside as the block of ice was being wheeled down the hallway.

"Where are we going?" Brock asked the man in a lab coat.

The man did not answer.

"Sir, where are we going?" Brock asked the man beside the man in the lab coat.

No answer.

"Where the hell are we going?" Bodine spat.

"We are going to thaw out this man. You guys are leaving," said the man in the lab coat.

"Excuse me! He was our discovery!" Bodine cried.

"And he is now property of us."

"Sir, that is hardly fair. At least let us talk to him. It's the least you can do if you're gonna take him away from us entirely," Lovett pleaded.

The man sighed and exchanged looks with his crony.

"Follow me," the man sighed.

Lovett, Bodine, the man in the lab coat, his assistant and the frozen man entered a large room filled with lazers and beds.

"Jennifer! Charles!" the man in the lab coat called.

"Yes, Dr. Harris?" a middle aged woman said stepping up to the lab coat guy with another young man.

"It is time. Take him to the thaw room and begin the laser cut out sequence."

"Yes, sir," Charles said wheeling away the iced man with Jennifer.

Lovett and Bodine stared at each other perplexed. Dr. Harris stared at them.

"Well… go follow them!" he said in an obvious tone.

Brock and Lewis chased after Jennifer and Charles.

"Sirs, if you are going to accompany us, you must know you can't distract us."

"Yes, Jennifer is correct. One wrong move and we could screw this all up," Charles added.

Lovett and Bodine nodded. Charles loaded the iced man into a large silver room and led Bodine and Lovett into a holding room. Jennifer flicked switches and a winding noise sounded as the laser warmed up.

"Gentlemen, stand back so we can begin," Jennifer said sitting in a rolling chair and gripping two handles.

She squinted at the ice block. Charles stared at the numerous control panels.

"Systems are go. Thawing has commenced. Ice should be ready to cut," Charles said.

Brock and Lewis watched in awe as slowly the ice melted around the silhouette of a young man. He became exposed to his chest after five minutes and Lovett and Bodine watched as he tilted his head in a circle and trembled.

His eyes opened. A startling blue. His legs defrosted and he collapsed to the ground. His sandy blond hair was pasted to his forehead and his clothes had been removed during the laser process. He crawled to the corner of the room and covered himself up. Jennifer and Charles walked into the room together. Charles was secretly wielding a sedative needle behind his back.

Lovett stared in horror as they tried to talk to the boy. It was astounding to see this. He was so real. He was a Titanic survivor.

"Lovett, he is terrified," Bodine noted.

"Who are you?" asked Jennifer from the next room.

"You back away! Get the hell away from me!" the young man cried.

"What is your name?" asked Charles.

The man paused shortly and shook his head.

"It's uh-uh… wait why do you want to know? Where the hell am I?" he asked.

"It doesn't concern you. We will explain it all later. Now, what is your name? Tell us and we will explain," Charles negotiated.

Lovett watched as Charles readied the sedative.

"This is wrong, Brock," Bodine said softly.

"I know, Lewis."

"My name is… Jack Dawson," the young man said.

Lovett and Bodine's jaw dropped.

"Now give me some answers! I'm not even kidding! Answers!" Jack cried.

Charles walked towards Jack slowly. The sedative ready.

"No, we can't let this happen," Lewis said vigorously.

"I don't plan on it!" Lovett cried running out of the watching room into the operating room with Jennifer and Charles.

"Sir-" Charles began… before Lovett punched him out cold.

"I will have to call security, back off," Jennifer said calmly…as she pointed a Taser at Brock.

He sighed in defeat and lifted his hands. Jennifer collapsed to the floor. Behind her stood Lovett with the sedative needle.

"She can go to hell…" Bodine panted.

Brock and Lewis faced Jack and slowly approached him. Lovett removed his jacket and tossed it to Jack. Slowly he slipped it on and watched them cautiously.

"Who are you guys?" Jack asked taking Charles' pants off and putting them on himself.

"I'm Brock Lovett and this is Lewis Bodine. We are submarine explorer researches of the Titanic…and we know your story."

"My story?" Jack said hesitantly slipping on Charles' shoes.

"You and Rose," Bodine sighed. "I'm sorry guys but when security sees that we have just assaulted two scientists who thaw out cryogenically frozen people I think we'll be in trouble. So let's go!"

Jack, Bodine, and Lovett ran out the door. No one had noticed yet surprisingly.

"Where do we go? We just waltz out with the frozen man?" asked Lewis.

Jack ran back into the operating room and grabbed Charles' and Jennifer's lab coats.

"Lovett, wear Charles'. I'll wear Jennifer's. Bodine… look pretty. We just gotta walk out like we own the place and no one will suspect a thing. I've done it a million times," Jack said walking into the main laboratory.

Nervously Bodine and Lovett followed after him. Jack picked up a clipboard and a pen off a table and hid his face while pretending to write stuff down.

"Good morning, doctor," a nurse said passing Jack.

"Good morning," Jack replied without missing a beat.

Swiftly they made their way out of the laboratory and began to head down the hallway. Jack continued to look intently at his clipboard. Lovett shed his lab-coat.

"Excuse me," a woman's voice called.

Jack's heart sank, he was caught. Bodine let out a sigh of defeat. Lovett bit his lip as he faced the woman. She was not a doctor. She was tall with long blond hair and green eyes. Lizzy. Rose's granddaughter.

"Lizzy!" gasped Lovett.

"Brock, I heard. They called me. They said that I could meet him," Lizzy said embracing him.

"They aren't even letting us see him. But we have a plan…" Brock whispered.

"Yeah, one we are gonna get arrested for but it's totally worth it," Bodine added.

"What is it?" Lizzy asked.

"It won't work if we don't start moving!" hissed Jack.

Lizzy looked at Jack.

"Who are you?"

"Jack Dawson."

Lizzy stared in astonishment. Lovett took her hand and began to drag her out with them. Bodine stayed at Jack's side.

"Lizzy, we need a place to stay," Brock said as they neared the exit.

Lizzy stared at the back of Jack as they walked faster.

"Lizzy, can we stay with you?"

"They'll check there first, Brock," Bodine said.

"Leave her alone, guys. Let's get outside first," Jack said setting down the clipboard as they neared the exit door.

Lizzy, Brock, Lewis and Jack held their breath as Jack put his hand on the door handle. He gave it a swift push and a beep noting their exit sounded. Brock, Lewis and Lizzy gasped.

"Calm down," Jack said looking at them.

He turned his head forward to see an alien planet. His jaw dropped. Glossy small automobiles. A sun that made giant buildings in the distance glimmer like diamonds. Loud honks came from beyond the gates in front of him. Jack's legs went numb and he began to fall. Lovett and Bodine caught him swiftly and began to carry him to the car.

"Let go. Let go. I got it. I got it, let go. Let go!" Jack shouted bursting free of their arms. "Which one is your automobile?" he cried.

Lovett and Bodine looked at Lizzy.

''Uh-this way," Lizzy said speeding towards a blue Chrysler van.

Jack struggled to keep up as the sights he had just taken in hit him. Everything had changed. Where had he been?

They all got into the van and fumbled with their seatbelts. Brock shotgun. Lizzy driving. Jack and Bodine in the back. Sirens sounded. Lizzy floored it towards the gates ahead. Two guards came forward.

"Just drive, Lizzy," Brock said intensely.

She didn't hesitate. She didn't slow. She drove full speed towards them. They dove aside as she rammed into the gate and it fell. Quickly she drove over the gate and they began to speed into the distance.

"Where are we going?" asked Lovett.

"My house," Lizzy said quickly.

"They'll check there," Brock said.

"We aren't staying. I'm grabbing my bags. My daughter and I were about to go to Paris when I got the call. Our plane leaves in thirty minutes."

"How are we gonna get on?" asked Bodine.

"You have a daughter?" Brock questioned.

"We were gonna take John's jet. He's a pilot," Lizzy replied.

"Who is John?" asked Brock.

"My brother. He's a pilot. Got it from Rose I guess," Lizzy said with nervous laughter.

Jack's eyes widened.

"Rose who?" he gasped.

"You have a daughter?"

"Brock, yes. I'm divorced. I got pregnant with her about a month after the Titanic story you did."

"Titanic story? What?" Jack asked frantically.

"So how old is she?" asked Brock.

(FOOTNOTE: this takes place in 2014)

"She is seventeen, Brock. Why does this matter?" asked Lizzy.

"It-it-it doesn't," Brock replied.

Jack was too stunned to speak. The Titanic story? Rose? Who was John? Who was Lizzy? Lizzy pulled out a small black rectangle and tapped the front. Numbers appeared and she gently touched each one. Jack gaped. What was that?

She held it up to her ear. What?

"Rue? Honey, grab the bags. Meet me at the entrance to our penthouse, okay? Don't stop for anyone-Because I said so-Just go. I'm gonna be there in five minutes-Love you too-Bye," Lizzy said quickly putting away her phone.

Jack stared out the window dazed. There were large screens outside playing videos on tall buildings. He gazed at them in a trance.

"Wh-wh-where am I?" Jack asked.

"New York City," said Bodine.

Jack shook his head vigorously.

"This isn't New York. It isn't," Jack said.

"It is. Jack…it's 2014," Lovett said slowly.

"No…No it isn't. That would make me-"

"112," Lewis said.

"I don't even look more than 20…" Jack said examining his reflection in the window.

"We'll explain later," Lizzy said pulling up to a hotel looking building.

Brock recognized it as a Penthouse complex. The most expensive one in New York.

"Where is she?" grumbled Lizzy scanning the area for her daughter.

"Where is Rose?" asked Jack.

No one dared answer. Jack squeezed his seat.

"Where is Rose?" he asked again.

Brock hung his head.

"Where the hell is Rose Bukater?" cried Jack.

"There she is…" mumbled Lizzy to herself.

No one heard her… but Jack who sat directly behind her. Jack had misinterpreted her. He thought 'there she is' referred to his lover Rose. It did not. It referred to Rue, Lizzy's daughter. Who could blame him? The spitting image of Rose had emerged. This girl had bright red hair that fell in soft ringlets around her pale white face. Her eyes were a piercing green blue. Her silhouette was curvy and slim all at once. It was Rose. They had found her too!

Lizzy hit the trunk button and let Rue empty the luggage in the back. Rue slung it into the trunk.

"No, mom, I got it," Rue said sarcastically.

"Rue, hurry and get in the car," Lizzy said quickly.

Rue gave her mother a strange look and observed all the people inside before clambering in too. She took a seat in the back row and buckled her belt. Jack stared at her for a second. She stared back as her mother drove quickly. Something clicked about him.

"Mom, what is going on? Are we still going to Paris?" asked Rue.

Jack's smile got wider. They were going to run away.

"Yes, I'll explain everything on the jet. John won't wait much longer."

Jack did not hear anything. He didn't hear her say Rue. He heard only Rose playing in his thoughts. Lovett grasped the situation. Jack thought this was Rose.

"Jack…" Brock began.

Jack grabbed Rue's shoulders and kissed her over and over again.

"Rose, I'm so happy you made it," he said embracing her.

"Oh, no," Lizzy sighed.

Brock and Lewis looked at Rue who held him warmly.

"I'm sorry, but I think you have me mixed up with someone else," Rue said.

Jack moved back and still held her shoulders.

"No, Rose. I know it's hard to believe but I'm here too," Jack smiled kissing her again.

Rue stared at him confused.

"Rue, he thinks you're your great grandmother," Lizzy explained.

Rue looked at him and shook her head sadly.

"Who are you?" she asked helplessly…for something had clicked between her and Jack now…after mere seconds.


It was her. I finally found her. Rose. Thoughts rushed through my head. We were going to run away to Paris and live happily ever after. I had been waiting long enough.

"Who are you?" asked Rose, a look of longing on her face.

"It's me… Jack…" I smiled.

Rose looked to the woman in the front seat who I had heard been called Lizzy numerous times.

"Mom… Is this…"

"Great grandmother's Jack."

"That's impossible," Rose gaped.

I gently stroked her face. I didn't know where I was or how I had survived. How I had lived this long and how Rose had too.

"Not when you find a man cryogenically frozen on the ocean floor, get him thawed out and run away with him," the man called Brock Lovett said.

"Now we have the cops on our ass," Lewis Bodine added.

"We finally get to escape, Rose. Like we dreamed," I grinned sliding from my middle aisle seat to the backseat with her.

"Mom…" Rose whispered.

She was confused. Ruth was her mother. Ruth obviously hadn't survived like Rose and I. Poor Rose was delirious.

"Just…go with it, sweetheart. When we're safe we'll explain to him," Lizzy said.

Good idea. We could explain everything to Rose later. I looked her dead on.

"Rose, here. Take my jacket. You must be freezing," I said slipping my jacket onto her shoulders.

"Uh…thank you…Jack," she said looking into my eyes.

Her eyes were still that piercing turquoise. My Rose. No Cal. No Lovejoy to chase us. We were finally safe.

"How have you been, Rose?" I asked.

She looked at me with curious eyes.

"Wonderful… and yourself?"

"I found you. I am fantastic," I laughed holding her.

Lizzy swerved and sirens blared. Rose and I looked behind us. Cops. Hot on our trail.

"Mind hitting the gas, Lizzy?" I called with a small laugh.

Lizzy spun the car around and began to head towards a fenced off area. A large pow went off. A gun shot. Rose screamed and ducked into my arms.

"It's okay, Rose. Relax," I whispered stroking her head.

"Okay, there's the jet. I'm going to break through the fence and we will all hop out into the jet. Got it?"

Simultaneously we all replied, "Yes."

The car burst through the fence and fishtailed to a stop in front of glossy small plane. I'd never seen anything like it. I stared in awe.

"Jack, out of the car!" cried Lizzy.

I grabbed Rose's wrist and drug her out of the car. I helped grab the bags and we ran towards the steps that led into the jet.

"What is going on?" cried a slender red haired man peeking out the pilot window.

"John, we are bringing passengers. We have to take off now!" Lizzy cried following us up the steps.

"Are those… cops?" the man called John gasped.

"We'll explain later!" Brock yelled as we all managed to get in.

The jet vibrated beneath our feet and Lewis shut the door.

"Go! Go! Go!" screamed Lizzy.

The jet hovered for a moment. We all buckled into the small couch like seats. The inside looked like a sitting room. This was swanky.

The sirens blared as they finally reached the plane.

"Fly this piece of crap!" Lewis barked.

Just like that… we were flying into the distance. We all sat catching our breath. My arms held Rose tightly. She shook furiously.

"Rose, it's gonna be okay. I'm here now," I said kissing her head.

Lizzy looked at Rose and sighed bowing her head.

"I need to know what is going on…now," Rose said.

Brock explained to me and Rose that he had found me at the bottom of the ocean frozen with ice. The way I had been frozen preserved me so that if I was to be thawed later I would live and still look the same. They explained I was about to be used for experimentation but they had rescued me. Things got confusing when Lizzy said that I was from the story her great grandmother had lived on the Titanic. Things seemed to click to Rose but not me. I was fuzzy on the details.

I looked at Rose's face. She looked sad and stunned all at once.

"Explain to Jack while Lewis, Brock and I talk to John about everything."

They all rose from their seats and stumbled to the cock-pit. I unbuckled my belt and cozied up to Rose.

"I know everything about Paris, Rose. You are going to love it-"

"Jack…" she said softly.

"Yeah?" I replied.

Her eyes looked moist with tears. She shook her head and gave me a look of pity.

"What's wrong, honey?" I asked.

"Jack," she said looking at my hands over hers. "I am…not Rose Dewitt Bukater."

I raised my blond brows.

"You aren't?" I smirked.

"No. No I am not."

"You're confused, Rose. So am I. It's going to be alright, Rose-"

"Jack, I am not Rose."

I laughed softly and lounged away from her with a look of comical speculation.

"Then who are you 'not Rose'?" I grinned.

She sighed and let out a few tears. I wiped one away slowly and she gently dismissed my hand.

"Jack, my name is Rue Rose Dewitt Dawson Calvert," she said.

"I-I-I don't understand."

"I am not Rose Dewitt Bukater. Rose Dewitt Bukater was my great grandmother. She died in 1997. I'm so sorry, Jack. I know who you are. I know everything about you."

"I know you do because you and I are in love. We met on the TITANIC. I never died and neither did you but now we are together."

Rose shook her head.

"Listen. Let me explain. You and my great grandmother were floating on this door-"

"Yeah, I know WE were."

"And you…stopped breathing. She let go of your hand and she kept whispering she wouldn't let go…and she didn't, Jack. When she made it back to land she went by the name Rose Dawson and ran away from her fiancé, Cal. She flew planes, and rode horses and became a silent film actress for a while."

I stared at her deeply. What was she saying?

"She died like you wanted. An old lady in her bed…surrounded by those who she loved."

The room spun. What? This wasn't Rose? It had to be. Then I looked at her and squeezed her hands.

"Is-is-that the truth? Rose, please…don't play this game. It isn't funny, Rose," I said.

"Jack, I am not Rose."

"She isn't, Jack," Brock said entering the room.

"Jack, this is Rose's great granddaughter Rue," added Lizzy.

I moved back and looked at Rose.

"Rose?" I whispered.

It had to be. She looked just like her. It had to be.

"No. I am so so so so sorry. I'm Rue. I'm-I'm so sorry," she said through tears.

A photo was placed in my lap by Bodine. I flipped it over. An old woman with wavy white hair and piercing turquoise eyes. Soft wrinkled skin. An old lady doing pottery.

"Who-who is this?" I asked.

"That is Rose, Jack. She is dead," Brock said.

Lizzy cried softly. Rue put a hand on my shoulder as I examined the photo. It was Rose. Before me was her great granddaughter. I had been wrong. Rose was dead. God. I looked at Rue whose eyes swam with tears. Quickly I stood and rushed towards two curtains. I ran into a backroom with four twin sized beds. I jumped onto one and lay on my side. Choking back tears. Rose was gone. I was a fool. I had made an ass of myself. That poor Rue girl. I had humiliated her too. I wanted to be alone forever now more than ever. Why couldn't I have stayed frozen?


I sat staring at my hands. I felt all eyes on me. I shook my head and sighed.

"I have to go talk to him," I said standing.

"Rue, don't-" my mother began.

"He needs me."

"Rue-" Brock said putting a hand on my shoulder.

I brushed it off.

"He needs someone to talk to. He needs me. He will talk to me."

Brock and Lizzy exchanged looks of doubt.

"She's right, guys. He'll talk to her," Bodine said.

With that I pushed through the curtains and saw Jack lying on a bed. I sighed to make my presence known and sat beside him.

"Go away," he mumbled.

"No," I replied brushing a lock of hair from his face.

"Why are you here?" Jack asked.

"Because you need someone…"

"And what makes you think that someone is you?" he said fighting tears.

"Because I feel it in my heart," I replied.

"You don't know me," he said. "And I don't know you…" Jack finished softly.

"I feel like I do… and I think you should try to know me…" I said gently.

He sighed. I had to be forward. I had to come out and tell him about this connection I was feeling. It was strong and undeniable. I had never had a crush in my life and I didn't feel like it was something as minor as a crush. It felt like a real feeling.

"I feel a… connection. I don't know if you feel it to… but I do."

"You pity me, Rue. You feel pity… and that's fine. Do me a favor. Don't pretend to love me so I can feel whole. Rose can make me feel whole. She's gone now… and you aren't her."

"Jack, this is… pathetic. I've heard all these stories about Jack Dawson. His spontaneous and witty nature. His handsome looks. His charm and poise."

"So?" he sniffed.

"Well, all I've seen is the handsome looks… not that I'm complaining about that," I said with a smirk.

He laughed softly then sighed.

"Well, I don't know how to feel like a spontaneous, witty, charming, poised person when the girl I love is gone."

I was silent and began to stroke his hair on impulse.
"Let me help," I said softly.

He rolled over and his striking ice blue eyes met mine.

"Rue, no offense…but I don't think anyone can help…"

"Let me try, Jack. Give me a chance, hm? If I remember correctly you are all about taking chances aren't you? Tumbleweed in the wind?" I grinned.

He rubbed his face embarrassedly.

"You know about that, huh?"

"I know about a lot… ahem…" I said waggling my eyebrows.

"What are you…"

"About a certain sketch."

"Oh, dear God," Jack groaned.

I laughed softly and lied down next to him. We stared at each other not blinking.

"We can be friends if that helps. Just friends."

But I wanted to be a lot more truthfully. I didn't know why but I did.

"Alright, Rue. Friends it is," he grinned holding his hand up to shake mine.

I took it and he shook it vigorously. I scoffed with a smile.

"I'm kind of tired. Being discovered from the depths of the ocean, thawed out, running from cops and humiliating myself takes a lot out of a guy. So do you mind if I sleep?"

"No not at all," I replied.

He settled into the bed and stared at me… waiting for me to get up. I wasn't going to move a muscle.

"So you can go."

"I'm glad to have your permission but I am staying, Mr. Dawson."

"Rue, I snore," he smiled.

I shrugged.

"And I'm a cover hog. Nobody is perfect, Jack," I replied closing my eyes.

Jack gave me a look of silent speculation.

"You want to sleep…in here…with me?" he asked.

I settled into the bed and raised my brows.

"That's a yes. Okay. Well, why don't you tell me what I've missed. Fill me in on today's inventions."

"Hmmm…" I mused.

As tedious as this task sounded… I didn't care.


Listening to her talk was fascinating. Everything she said made my jaw drop slightly. I had to admit… I wasn't paying attention some of the time. I was far too enchanted by her elegant drawl and piercing turquoise eyes that so much reminded me of Rose.

But she was different. That fire Rose had, the fire that hid behind vulnerability… was not hidden by Rue. It was just there. There for the whole world to see. Unlike Rose, Rue had no doubts. No questions about herself. Nothing. She was self-assured.

"There's these things called T.V.s. It stands for Television and you can watch like, plays on them. The thing is the plays allow you to view the actor's faces close up and far away. They can make people fly on camera and computers help create these effects like explosions and such."

"Computer?" I asked with a small smile.

"It kind of looks like a T.V. but it has a keyboard… hm… you know those letters you punch on a typewriter? It has that attached. They create stuff for the movies and television shows on those," she explained.

I smiled slightly. She was enjoying this.

"Let's see, I've explained what?" she said massaging her temples.

"Television, computers, movie theaters, lazy boy chairs, hover rounds, Wiis, PS2s, Xboxs, Sims, cars, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Osama Bin Laden, Obama, Bush, Clinton, J.F.K., The Hindenburg, Hiroshima and nuclear bombs."

"Yeah, that's about it," she said rolling on her back.

"And this is a private jet?"

"Correct. Private jets are like flying homes."

"Ah," I replied matching her position. "Do you go to school?"

A smile played on her lips. She laughed softly.

"Yes. I go to a school for performing arts. La Guardia."

"So you go there and study how to act and stuff?"


"What do you study?" I asked inquisitively.

"Acting, dancing, singing and art."

"You draw too?" I asked hiding my excitement.

She nodded vigorously.

"All the time. I um, have a sketch book… in my suitcase. Would you… like to see?" Rue asked.

"Yes, please," I smiled.

Rue slid off the bed and gave me a smile before exiting back to the front of the jet. Rue was something. She was so confident. She was so kind. Rue was polite and fiery and artistic. She could take a joke and dish them too. Rue was clever and uncommonly beautiful… inside and out.

She glided back into the room clutching a sketchbook. I propped myself up on my elbow sideways as she handed me the book. I opened it slowly. The first page was a small girl on swing. Her hair blew in her face and she had a melancholy look on her face.

"I drew this in Central Park. This little girl goes there and swings all alone every day. Her dad stays on his cell phone. You know that small portable phone I told you about? Anyway, she always watches all the parents push their kids and she just sits there all alone."

"That's horrible."

"Naw. I go up and push her most of the time. This is just a quick sketch I did by memory."

I smiled. How sweet was she? I flipped to the next page. It was a man leaning on a small bridge staring at the water below.

"I call him Homme Dans Le Miroir. Man-"

"-in the Mirror." I finished.

"Yeah… exactly."

I flipped the page. A nude mermaid sitting on a rock staring down looking at her tail. I smiled. It was whimsical.

"Ah, I copied this after that portrait 'The Siren' by John W-"

"William Waterhouse," I grinned.

"Ugh, I thought I was so smart and art savvy, then you come along…" she grumbled with a smile.

I smiled back. What a warm smile she had. It was genuine. It was more of a grin. Wide and ear to ear. Not bashful. Not shy. Not backing down. A headstrong smile of passion.

I flipped the page. A boy and girl lying in the grass together kissing. I flipped to the next page. Another one of them. The next page. Them again.

"You know them?" I asked.

"No. Just jealous. I'm a hopeless romantic, and drawing it is close to living it," she sighed taking the sketch book back and setting it on the bedside table.

"You are very good," I said as she settled back in beside me.

Her striking eyes met mine.

"Means a lot coming from you, Jack."

"Have you seen my work?"

Rue laughed and covered her face. I stared at her.

"What?" I asked.

"Jack, the whole world has seen your work! Well… one of them."

"Which one?" I asked nervously.

She looked at me and smirked cocking a brow.
"Rose's?" I gasped.

"The whole world. They found it at the bottom of the ocean in a safe. That's how she met Brock and Lewis. She called and told them it was her in the painting and they took her out to sea. She told them the whole story."

"The-the who-whole story?" I said nervously.

"Relax. Only Brock, Lewis, my mom and I know," Rue smiled.

I groaned.

"You must think I'm a bearcat seeking bimbo," I said.

"No, no, I don't think you are a bear…cat seeking…bim..bo…" she said confusedly.

"A disgusting horny guy looking for a sexy woman," I clarified.

"Oh… Oh! Jack, no of course I don't!" she laughed.

I looked at her and laughed softly.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Because, you are the picture of a perfect gentleman and you think I saw you as a man-whore," she grinned.

"And YOU are the picture of a perfect lady," I said lifting her hand to my lips.

A large blush came upon her fair cheeks.

"Hardly. I curse like a sailor and trip over a spot on the ground," laughed Rue grimly. "I'm not even that pretty," she added self-consciously tucking fiery lock behind her ear.

I looked at Rue. She had painted a picture of herself as this ugly inappropriate young lady, when she was anything but.

"I think you are stunning," I said softly with a small smile.

"You're bias."

"No. Back in my day, women like you were considered astoundingly beautiful."

She bit her lower lip and shook her head.

"In today's day and age, if you have red hair and blue eyes you're a soul-less ginger and curves are impossible to hide without peasant blouses. Nobody appreciates a tiny waist and a medium bust and hip line anymore. It has to be straight. A rectangle."

I sneered. What an unattractive shape. Girls weren't allowed to be curvy, fair-skinned and red-headed without being called ugly? No. Surely no one had ever called Rue ugly.

"You aren't ugly," I said brushing hair out of her eyes.

"Yeah, well tell that to my class. Haha. I've lost count of how many people have called me ugly."

A fire raged inside of me. I looked at her and my ice blue eyes narrowed.

"Who called you ugly? Who?" I asked.

"Jack, you don't know any of them," laughed Rue.

It was true… but I felt obligated to take up for Rue. I felt obligated to hold her now. She was sad… so I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer.

This friendship idea…was definitely faltering. This was already becoming so much more… and I liked it.