Chapter 15: The Pit

"I don't think I should let you out of here, looking like that," Zaraki said, admiring Byakuya's handsomely dressed gigai form, "You wanna tell me who you're trying to impress? You know you don't have to go that far to push my buttons. You aren't the type to cheat, so who're you trying to make jealous?"

"What makes you think I am trying to make someone jealous?" Byakuya asked sedately, "Perhaps this is just the way we upscale gamblers dress."

"Naw," Zaraki chuckled, his eyes raking the noble's lovely body and flickering dangerously, "You may all dress that way, but it just means that you're getting together to compete in more ways than pitting your monsters against each other for money."

"Maybe," Byakuya admitted, "and to be honest, money is not always the thing we exchange."

"Oh?" said Zaraki, smirking, "So, what is?"

Byakuya turned away and gazed quietly out the window.

"Some barter political favors, some favored holdings of land, strategic marriage arrangements or commodities options."

He sighed softly and closed his eyes.

"And there are some who seek to use the game as a way to win sexual rights to another of the gamers."

Zaraki gave a chuckle of amusement and slipped an arm around the noble, nipping at his lips as he went on.

"So...whose cock are you teasing tonight, lover? Because I'll bet my balls you're not going after some other guy's daughter."

"No," said Byakuya, hiding a smirk, "That would hardly be appropriate, considering I am already married to you and do not wish to become a polygamist. Your 'balls' are safe."

"So, who is he? Or is this one of those dominatrix type women?"

Byakuya's eyes narrowed.

"Kanaye Yukishima," he said, frowning as he released the name, "He is leader of one of the lesser clans, but he sets some very lofty goals."

"And I take it that you've lost to this guy before?" Kenpachi queried.

"Three times," Byakuya admitted quietly.

"But you said you were a virgin..."

"I was," Byakuya clarified, "I never had sex with the man. But...each time, the request was increasingly sexual."

"Oh?" said Zaraki, looking amused.

"The first time, I yielded a chaste kiss and the second, an open-mouthed one."

"And the third?"

"I had to kiss him with the both of us completely naked."

Zaraki smirked.

"Nice. What did you demand the times you won?"

"I have never won," the noble confessed, "I have only accepted his wager on those three occasions. I might add that I have won all of my other wagers. Just...never against him."

"But you're gonna put yourself out there again now, eh?"


"And your that sure I'll win..."

"The man cheats every time," Byakuya added suddenly, "However, his methods are underhanded and not easy to prove. You will need to keep that in mind as you fight."

"Oh, this is sounding better and better!" Zaraki laughed, "but I have a question. What's the wager going to be this time? You gonna go all the way with him if he wins this thing?"

Byakuya leaned forward and whispered the conditions into his mate's ear, a blush rising on his cheeks as he said the words. Zaraki listened in silence, but his smile widened.

"I see," he answered, his eyes narrowing, "and I'll expect some compensation when I pull this thing off."

"I thought that the fight was your 'compensation,' Kenpachi," Byakuya said dryly, "I assure you, it will be up to your standards."

"Yeah? Well, what if I just decide that watching what you just described would be a massive turn on. You wouldn't want me throwing the fight just to watch that, ne?"

"Bastard!" Byakuya hissed, "You think this is some kind of joke? This man is obsessed. This is my chance to end his attempts to get at me this way."

"Right," Kenpachi purred aggressively, "And when I do that, you'll be so glad to be rid of him, that you will want to reward the guy who fought for you.'re you gonna show your appreciation?"

Byakuya glared at the other man for a moment, then smiled and leaned forward again. He teased Zaraki's earlobe with his tongue, then loosed his suggestion in hot breath that, combined like that, left Kenpachi Zaraki blushing.

"Damn, Kuchiki," he muttered, looking down between his thighs, "That got me hard again. You want to do something about that before we go?"

"Oh," Byakuya said seductively, "I will just let that be the last thing you think of before we go to do this. It is sure to be a powerful motivator, no?"

Zaraki gave a sarcastic chuckle.

"You are one of those dominatrix types, eh? Like torturing me? Teasing me?"

"I told you," Byakuya said, a breath of his lovely scent taunting the bigger man as he turned for the door, "I never tease. I always follow through on what I offer. You simply have to earn it."

He gave his fellow captain a cunning smile.

"And yes, I do like tormenting you. But...I pay well for the inconvenience to you, ne?"

"Yeah?" said Zaraki, grabbing his mate and pushing him back against the wall by the penthouse door, "Well, I think I want a raise, boss! Some extra compensation for saving your pretty ass."

"I'll get you a nice leather collar," the noble said sarcastically, "Now, let go of me. It is time to...OH!"

Byakuya was stricken breathless as the other man's body trapped his and ground up against him provocatively. Zaraki's mouth claimed his roughly, devouring whatever complaints he might have make and sending jolts of arousal through his hidden, pregnant belly. He wasn't sure how it happened, but one moment, he was fully dressed and fighting the other man's hands, and the next, he was undressed below the waist and their bodies were joined.

"Gods, K-kenpachi!" he gasped, wrapping his legs tightly around the other man's waist, "L-let me...hah...down! We'll be late."

"Nah," Kenpachi growled, his eyes glinting hungrily, "They can't start the fight without me. This'll just take a couple of minutes, give...and 'take.'"

"You're repulsive," Byakuya managed, "Do you ever think of anything besides fighting or sex?"

The bigger man grinned and teased the noble's rebelling body, making Byakuya pant harder and moan loudly enough to be heard over the sound of his trapped form, striking the wall with each hard, lusty motion.

"Repulsive, huh?" Kenpachi laughed, grabbing Byakuya's hips and encouraging them to grind against him, "You don't look repulsed. You look obsessed."

He moved suddenly, making Byakuya's body recoil reflexively, and the noble swore and dug his fingernails into the other man's muscular shoulders.

"And to answer your question," Kenpachi went on, "I think about fighting, and I think about you."

"In that order, ne?" Byakuya panted, almost feverishly.

"Shut up," huffed the bigger man, busying the noble's mouth with a barrage of hard, wet kisses, "When I think about you, of course I think about sex. It's what we're best to fighting with each other, anyway."

"You are right," the noble admitted, giving himself over to the other man's affections.

Kenpachi's motions intensified, making it feel to the noble as though the very room had turned upside down. Overcome, Byakuya buried his face in the other man's shoulder, groaning senselessly as the explosion of his lover's heat inside him brought him to climax. The bigger man's body went taut, still holding the noble's shaking form against the wall as he shuddered and swore, then attacked Byakuya's mouth with another bout of seething kisses. Byakuya loosed his legs from about Kenpachi's waist and slid back onto his feet, his heart pounding and his head sweetly muddled.

"You should really pull your pants up before we go," Kenpachi said, grinning.

"Ah," Byakuya sighed, still unable to rouse his usual sarcasm.

He looked down at where a line of pearly fluid leaked onto his inner thigh and slid downward. He stepped out of his pants, just in time to avoid getting the mess on them, then escaped Kenpachi's arms and adjourned to the bathroom to straighten his clothing. He returned a few minutes later, looking completely composed, except for the lingering flush about his face and throat.

"You look great," Kenpachi complimented him.

Byakuya raised an elegant eyebrow.

"What?" said the other man, smiling at him.

"Where is the follow-up crudeness?" he asked, skeptically, "That dash of vicious humor to undo the 'warm and fuzzy' words."

Kenpachi gave him a good natured smirk.

"I kinda miss the baby bump," he commented, touching a hand to Byakuya's slim gigai-belly, "It feels good to touch it during our bonding."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed.

"Who are you, and what have you done with my barbarian husband?"

"I thought I pissed you off when I was too up front with you."

"Hmmm," mused the noble, "But it is too disconcerting when you begin to seem civilized. And this is no time to be displaying your gentle side. You are about to enter the ring with the foulest beast to ever grace this fighting club."

"Oh?" queried Kenpachi, "So, is this thing human, shinigami or hollow? Some kinda hybrid?"

"I am not entirely sure," said the noble, "It is not of the living world, so perhaps is of Soul Society, perhaps demon origin. It stands upright and can speak, but usually only does so to draw its prey off guard so that it can attack. It has sharp teeth, claws on hands and feet, a tail it uses as a whip and it makes a piercing screech that will make your eardrums bleed."

"Sweet," said the bigger man, approvingly, "So this won't be a complete waste of my time."

"No," said Byakuya, " careful. That beast is deadly. And if you hit the ground, it will be on top of you and ripping out your throat before you finish rolling to a stop."

"Sounds like my kinda fight."

"Yes, well, remember too that Yukishima will be trying to sabotage you somehow. Fight the monster, but don't forget about the monster's keeper. I will watch him, but he is very stealthy."

"Gotcha. Don't worry, Kuchiki. I will manhandle this guy. And that little shit master of his will piss in his pants and be too scared to even think a thought about you ever again."

"That is...good to know," Byakuya said, looking genuinely amused, "Come now, it is time for the fights to begin."

"So there are more fights than just mine?" Kenpachi asked, following Byakuya to the elevator.

"Yes," Byakuya confirmed, "And in addition to the masters of the fighters having their wagers, others will place bets as well. There is a great deal of money that will change hands while the fights go on. But first, we will meet with Yukishima to finalize the details of your match."

"Right," said Kenpachi, "First the trash talk, then we get down to business."

"Something like that."

They left the elevator and passed through the lobby, then crossed the casino floor and took another set of elevators down to the depths beneath the casino. The elevator let them out into a small lobby. Byakuya led Kenpachi through it and down a long corridor to a number of meeting rooms. They turned into the second of the large rooms, and found a tall, rough looking man with coal black eyes waiting for them. His eyebrow arched upon spotting Kenpachi, but seeing Byakuya at the big man's side brought a wicked smile to his lips.

"Byakuya," he said smoothly, "I was wondering if you'd decided to back out."

"Not at all," the noble said blithely, "I was just taking a few moments to initiate my husband into the procedures for his match."

"Your husband," repeated the other noble, "Ah yes, I heard when I arrived at the hotel. A gentleman of the lower Rukongai, ne?"

"This is Captain Kenpachi Zaraki," Byakuya said, glancing at his taller mate, "my colleague, and now, my husband."

"Ah, and a fine specimen of brute manliness, no?" chuckled Yukishima, "I cannot wait to see you face off against my Ryuu."

He met Byakuya's eyes questioningly.

"Your husband understands the terms?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes, I explained everything to him," Byakuya answered quietly, "And you understand, there is to be no manipulation of the situation this time."

"Why Byakuya," said the other man, "Are you still up in arms over that little misunderstanding last time?"

"Actually," Zaraki said, stepping forward and towering over the other noble, "I'll just let you know now that if you want to put your hands on my husband, then you are going to have to earn the right. If you stick your hand in to tinker with things, you can bet you'll get it ripped off and handed back to you, got it?"

Kanaye smirked.

"Charming," he said, shaking his head, "But you are quite a prize, Byakuya. I do not blame the man for wanting to destroy anyone who would try to steal the right to taste those luscious lips of yours."

"Hey," Kenpachi growled, "Mind your manners around my spouse, or I'll just kick the shit outta you and we'll forget the fight."

"Kenpachi," Byakuya breathed, staring.

"You show Byakuya some respect. You fuck with him, you fuck with me, understand?"

"Well, if Ryuu wins the match, you'll have to stand there and watch me fuck with him, ne? And there won't be any kicking involved. Just a lot of heavy breathing and moans of pleasure."

Kanaye's black eyes went deadly as Kenpachi grabbed the front of his fine tailored suit and yanked him closer.

"HEY! I said don't disrespect my mate. The only way you touch him, talk to him, or even look at him again is if you win this match. Until then, sit down and shut up. Shit should just sit there and stink..."

He let go of Kanaye's suit and glared at him, as the other man's eyes flashed with fury, but he reined it in and only glared back at the bigger man.

"I will go to my viewing area," said Byakuya, as though nothing had happened, "I will see you after the match...should you win."

"You will see me either way," Kanaye insisted, earning a more deadly glare from Kenpachi, "But I only get to tie you up and have my way with you, 'S & M' style if your husband falls short of your expectations and loses to Ryuu."

"That will never happen," Byakuya said with certainty, "Not even if you cheat again."