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Everyone seemed to want something more so I wrote a very short epilogue to glimpse the HEA of Bella and Jasper. Hope it makes you all happy.

I ran through the woods, watching my mate ahead of me. It had been ten years since we had first come to together. Ten years since his venom had turned me to be his for eternity.

"Bella." Jasper stopped running and caught me around the waist.

I wrapped my arms around him, he had felt my love and lust for him. I poured more of it out and he sent his own back to me, his eyes already black with desire. We forgot about hunting or reaching home before the dawn. I kissed him as he held me, keeping me from dropping to the ground as his gift flooded me with lust. Every time he touched me the venom in my veins heated like fire. I tore his clothes trying to touch any part of his skin. He laughed darkly and dropped us both to the ground, my clothes joining the tatters of his shirt as he kissed and licked along my skin.

I wrapped my legs around his narrow waist and pulled his body flush with mine, hating the jeans still covering him, keeping him from being inside me.

Jasper stilled, his head lifting as he growled.

Instantly I was still and alert.

"There's trouble." Demetri said, walking out of the trees with his hands raised.

Jasper growled at him again.

"Demetri?" I asked only slightly less annoyed than Jasper at being interrupted.

"It's James."

Instantly Jasper and I were up and Demetri gave me his cloak. Together we ran to Volterra. I held Jasper's hand tightly and he sent me waves of calm. I sent him my love in gratitude. We often spoke like this, so in tune with each other, words were not needed. Again, my thoughts went back ten years. I was grateful every day that I had him and tried to show him how much I loved him always.

I hated how hard things had been in the beginning. How hard I had been on him. I had been a bitch. I was scared but it wasn't an excuse. We had needed each other but neither of us knew how to be what the other needed. Now it was as easy as breathing. Easier. Jasper was the very air I breathed but unlike breathing, I did need him. For ten years, we had wandered the world, often with Peter and Charlotte or James and Vicky. We would also spend time each year here in Volterra with the twins. I needed them almost as much as I needed Jasper himself and when we weren't here, they would often come travel with us for a time, leaving only when the Volturi had need of them. It was the time when Jasper and I were alone that I loved the best though. We could go days without speaking but barely an hour without touching. We hadn't been apart in ten years. We worked for the Volturi, technically we were the Volturi, I was the daughter of Caius and Princess, Jasper was their General, he was in charge of all the Guard though we only fought when we had to. The Southern Wars and anything like them or vampires like Maria were things of the past. We made sure of it. Jasper was The Major and I was his mate, he the sword and I the shield and whether we fought or travelled or lived in solace Jasper led and I followed. It took eight years but the vampire world was one of peace. He was the man I had always known him to be, powerful, beautiful, merciful and fair. He was a soldier but he was also a man of peace.

We reached Volterra and my mind moved from the wonder that was my mate and focused again on my brother. There was trouble. James was in trouble.

We entered the castle and James was standing with Vicky. Instantly I went to his arms. My brother was safe.

"Happy decade Bella." I looked at him in confusion and then laughed. James wasn't in trouble. They just knew I would come running if I thought he was.

"Bastard." I laughed hugging him.

Jasper growled at Demetri and him. "This couldn't wait?"

James laughed, he and Jasper had become close, "No, sorry brother. Dawn is coming and if we didn't get you to come home you wouldn't be back until tomorrow. Tonight is her birthday and in two days, you'll spirit her away to celebrate your ninth wedding anniversary. You can play with her then."

I growled and smacked him lightly. He just laughed.

"Come on, the party's already started. " Emmett laughed grabbing my arm, "You and Jazz can play later. The two of you are worse than Rosie and me anyways. If you aren't careful it will break off."

I laughed, "I'll fuse it back on again then."

"Ew!" Emmett made a face and Rosalie laughed.

As they dragged me to the throne room, I turned back to Jasper and held out my hand. He was with me a moment later.

The emotions he sent me curled my toes in anticipation.

"Later mate." He growled as I sent my lust back to him.

I nodded as he took my hand and led us both after the others.

I sent him all of my love and he stopped, turning to me. He sent me a wave of love back.

"You're thinking of the past today Bella. You need to let it go. We're together. We'll always be together."

"I was horrible to you."

"We were both hurting, both broken. I needed to accept who I was and just live. Once I did, you did heal me Bella. You love every part of me, good and bad, light and dark. Every minute I am with you, I feel your love for me. I'm stronger because you made me face who I was and because you refused to love only half of me. You refused to accept anything less than the vampire and man I am and so I faced all sides of myself. You refused Maria's and Alice's versions of me because you are the mate of the true me. I would have never been whole if you hadn't. I would never have truly healed." He hugged me to him washing me in his love. "Sometimes, healing hurts. It hurt us both but now we are stronger and nothing will ever part us again. I will never allow anything to come between us."

"I love you so much Jasper."

"I know and I love you, with every part of me."

I nodded, breathing in his scent, "I hate that I hurt you."

"I hate that I hurt you but we must let it go. We're together and what is past is past. We healed together and the last ten years have been the best of my existence. Getting to love you is worth any suffering I went through to find you."

"For me to."

"Then let go of the past Bella. It hurts me to feel your sadness. I love you and the purity of your love for me should not be tainted with the sadness of memories long past. I forgave you for those months as you have forgiven me. Now forgive yourself. It is past time."

I nodded and he kissed me. When he kissed me all was right with the world. He was right, I had made mistakes, we both had but it didn't matter now. All that mattered now was that we were together. The last ten years had been perfect and so would the next century, because we would be together and that was all that was important.

Together we walked into the throne room, to celebrate my first ten year birthday with our family.