"Inuyasha" Sesshoumaru said from behind him.

"What?" Inuyasha said angrily, turning toward his brother.

Sesshoumaru stood bare except for a cowboy hat, and brown shorts so tight tat it left nothing to the imagination. Inuyasha caught himself staring.

"Have you seen my jacket?" Sesshoumaru said evenly, crossing his arms over his chest in a way that made his biceps flex deliciously.

"Hmm?" Inuyasha said dumbly staring at Sesshoumaru's package openly before slowly moving his eyes up to his brothers firm and well defined abs.

"Inuyasha" Sesshoumaru said stepping closer to gain his brothers attention.

"uh huh" Inuyasha said moving his eyes to his brothers face for a moment before letting his eyes go down to his package once again.

"have you seen my jacket. The one that goes with this hat. Its brown and sleeveless, open in the front. Have you seen it?" Sesshoumaru repeated ignoring his brothers obviously hard length.

"no, where are you going" dressed like that. He wanted to finish but let it drop.

"father suggested I get a job" Sesshoumaru lied easily.

"sooo?" Inuyasha said edging his brother on.

"I require assistance to see if I do well at exotic dancing"

Inuyasha's heart thumped hard in his chest.

"so im going to try it on you Inuyasha, seeing as though you are the most honest in our family" Sesshoumaru smirked inwardly.

"okay" he stood there awkwardly still staring at his handsome brothers body.

"on the couch" Sesshoumaru ordered in the same voice he used in bed. Sesshoumaru smirked when he saw his brothers eyes haze in lust as he followed his instructions.

Inuyasha sat on the couch stiffly hands in his lap as his brother moved towards the stereo and put on the song dirty picture by Taio Cruz then dimmed the lights.

"You're going to enjoy this Inuyasha" Sesshoumaru said, a playful smirk on his face.

Authors note: yes I know its short but im currently working on two story updates and a new DracoXharry fic so this is what Iv done in maybe thirty minutes. What? No of course I wasn't thinking about a sexy cowboy Jasper but instead of writing a new story decided to tie that into to this one…pssh of course not you silly goose . .Does anyone want to see Sesshoumaru strip or should I just skip ahead to the aftermath….i think I already know the answer haha. Anyways reviews keep me going and I just want to thank the 50+ people that have me as one of their favorites authors and have favorited or alerted one of my stories. And make sure to look at my profile for the beginning date of Sadi's Sugestions which is just a glitzy name for when I begin taking suggestions from people. The qualifications are also there, so make sure to check it out :3