Naruto Body Part Swap Justu 7

Naruto walked into Konoha, "Hmm~! It's good to be home!" Said Naruto, Naruto was away for months for some R&R in the land of beaches, during that time Naruto meet Hyuuga family who was also here to relax and during that time Naruto was able to get a new part from Hanabi, he swapped Waist with her and now he had a waist of a young little girl, Naruto also got to spend time with Hinata and they had a great time together, As Naruto was walking he was playing with his new belly ring that he had gotten during his break, "Man, Hanabi's waist is so soft!" thought Naruto as he smiled but then he walked past a mirror shop, he noticed himself and stopped to look at himself, he was very impressed with the body that he had, Sakura's hips and legs, Hinata's eyes, Tsunade's bust, Tenten's arms and now Hanabi's waist but he felt like he was missing something, he stared at himself for awhile until he had an idea, "my Face and Hair! They are still like a boys!" thought Naruto but then another thought came into mind, "but who has a pretty face?" thought Naruto but then Naruto felt a rumbling in his stomach, he was hungry and his belly was telling him, "hehehe, it was along trip so I guess I'll get some food!" thought Naruto. The restaurant distance was always busy during lunch time, there were thousands of people entering their favorite restaurant, they were fancy but Naruto was walking to his favorite restaurant Ichiriku Ramen but along they way, he saw a familiar Kunoichi walking out of the sweets shop, "Shizune-chan!" said Naruto, Shizune turned around and smiled, " oh Naruto! You're back!" said Shizune, "yeah it's good to be back! But Shizune-chan whats up with the sweets?" said Naruto, Shizune's face darkens and she slummed down, "it's for Tsunade…." said Shizune, "For Grandma? Why?" said Naruto, "shh~! Be quiet! You know of Lady Tsunade's Condition!" whisper Shizune, "Condition? Oh she must be talking about her 'Breast'" thought Naruto, "I thought that if feed Lady Tsunade sweet only, she get a little fat and we could start working on reshaping her body to be womanly but she refuses to eat them and sometimes I think that she does excrise when I'm not looking!" said Shizune feeling stress, Naruto had two feeling about this, on one hand he felt sorry for Shizune but on the other he felt a little angry with trying to change Tsunade even though she seems to be happy with her body and Naruto felt a little hypocritical since he had swapped chest with Tsunade but it was so to get rid of Tsunade's constant shoulder aches, "Shizune-chan, you shouldn't do that!" said Naruto, "I know but I just feel a little embarrassed about it" said Shizune, "well what if you had a man's face and Granny tried to change you?" said Naruto, "I guess that's true…." Said Shizune, suddenly the store manager came outside and walked towards Shizune, "miss! Your pig is eating my sweets!" said the manager angrily, "Aieeee! Tonton stop! Bad pig" cried as she went into the store, "geez, I wish there was some way to teach Shizune…." Said Naruto but then Naruto had an Idea, Naruto went into a nearby alley and check to make sure no one was around, after that Naruto perform the Body Part Swap Justu and he thought about Shizune's head, suddenly a bright white light covered and Naruto couldn't see but he could feel that his face felt like water shifting around and he felt his hair growing longer, soon the bright white light was fading and Naruto could see again, Naruto walked out and look at the shop window and happy with the result, His hair was now like Shizune but blond and he had Shizune's Face, he still had his Byakuygan eyes and his whiskers, Naruto chuckled a bit and made a smooch face on the window still, "I'm very sorry sir!" said Shizune as she walked out of the store and Naruto was somewhat surprise, Shizune had his head but she had brown hair and no whiskers, "sorry about that Naruto, Tonton likes sweets so much that she can't control her self" said Shizune, "no it's fine!" said Naruto but then his stomach growl, "heh, guess you're not the only one hungry" said Shizune and she reached in the bag and handed Naruto an Éclair, "wow thanks Shizune-chan!" Said Naruto and he began chomping down, "your welcome Naruto, now I gotta go" said Shizune and she headed towards the Hokages building, Naruto smiled, "And thanks for the new face too, Shizune-chan!" thought Naruto.