I clenched my teeth as the cold breeze swam around me tugging my hair in the same direction. I sighed and stomped into my new house. My mom looked up at me and let out an exhausted sigh of relief.

"What the hell are you so happy about?" I asked through my still clenched teeth.

"Nothing, just that you actually came instead of staying over at your father's house." She replied with a gentle smile. I blinked and then walked over to her.

"Where is Sota?" I growled. She thought over my question for a moment and then smiled.

"Up in his new room playing video games," she answered. I rolled eyes and headed up to Sota's room. I kicked the door open and walked over to the boy who was sitting on the floor with his eyes glued to the T.V. screen.

"Sota!" I called. Sota flinched and then looked up at me in fear. "Show me where my room is," I demanded. He nodded and then walked me over to my new room. I grunted at the childishness of it. The walls were a soft powder pink, my window was shaped like a heart, my bed sheets and my carpet was white, my dresser was a little darker than the walls, and the night stand was the same color as the dresser. "What the fuck is this shit?" I sneered. Sota cringed and then ran out of the room like there was no tomorrow. I walked inside the small room and growled at how pink the room was.

"Your mother designed your room, so don't blame us." an old warn out voice stated. I spun around and saw my grandfather standing at the door holding himself up with his cane. I sighed and then narrowed my eyes.

"Why the fuck would you let that little perky power puff design my room?" I questioned. He shook his head and then walked away. Seems as if I wasn't going to get an answer from him.

"Tomorrow is you first day of school!" He shouted half way down the hall. I rolled my eyes in anger. School! Yuck, why the fuck would I go to that shitty prison? "And if you don't go I'll call the cops to give a three hundred dollar ticked for truancy!" He yelled already downstairs. I growled under my breath and then walked over to my bathroom to take a nice warm shower for school tomorrow.

"Wake up lazy ass!" Sota yelled in my ears. My eyes snapped open and I sat up straight. "Oh shit its alive!" Sota screamed and then ran out of my room. I growled and stood up. I pulled my long black hair into a sing ponytail and placed black eyeliner around my light brown eyes. I looked in the mirror for a minute and then got dressed.

"Fucking little brothers! Their nothing but a pain in the ass that's what they are." I said to myself as I made my way towards the school. The school was a five floors tall tan building. It had a large open field surrounding it giving enough room for festivals and such. I looked at my list of classes, grunted, and stomped over to my first period.

"Today we will start off with simple English," I could hear the teacher state from the other side of the door. I stood in the hall for another moments and then slammed the door open. "Excuse me, who are you?" The teacher scowl. I arched an eyebrow and looked over at the stunned class.

"Yo," I greeted. The class just stared in utter silence. I rolled my eyes and looked at the teacher. "I'm your new student," I explained as I handed her my program card. She looked it over and then frowned.

"It would seem so. You can sit in one of the empty seats in the back and make sure you don't sit in the one that has a lot of gum under it and is severely tagged on." She warned. I walked over to my seat, not bothering to ask. I sat down and then the class began to chat away again. After twenty minutes, everyone grew silent and stared at the door as if it grew legs and ran away. I pulled my legs onto my desk and leaned back on my chair.

"What's so interesting about a door?" I asked braking the annoying silence. Everyone turned their head in my direction as if they had forgotten that I had even existed.

"This is the time when he comes," The teacher explained and then everyone looked back at the door. The teacher ran over to the desks to be away from the door and I watched as the door flew across the room. The sound of it slamming against the wall echoed across the room. A boy with long white hair and golden eyes walked in. He wore a beanie on his head, a red button up shirt that was only half way up while the rest showed his bare chest, black jeans, and some black converse. He kept his right arm wrapped around a girl with long dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes that almost seemed black. She wore a tight black mini skirt, a red tank top, and black heels. I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

"Sup?" the boy greeted as he walked in. The girl in his arms giggled and nudged him. He looked down at her and then she kissed him full on the lips. I could see, from way in the back of the class, her tong slip into his mouth. Gross.

"Get a room!" I yelled. Everyone in the room gasped. The boy and the girl looked over at me, finally acknowledging my presence.

"Who are you?" The girl asked in an icy voice. I smirked.

"Its proper manners to give your own name, before asking it of someone else." I stated.

"Fuck you!" She snapped.

"Sorry, honey, but I don't row that way." I joked. The guy chuckled and then the girl slapped him on the arm.

"Inuyasha!" She scowl.

"Will you two please take you seats," The teacher suggested in a small chocked voice. Inuyasha gave her a cold stare. The teacher cringed away from his gaze and then ran over behind me.

"What are you doing?" I asked. The teacher looked at me and gave me a weak smile.

"You're the only one in this whole school who stood up to Kikyou." was her stupid reply. I rolled my eyes again and then looked at the couple.

"You heard the teacher, sit your fucking asses down before I sit you down!" I threatened. The class grew stiff and stared at me in awe. "What the fuck are you looking at?" I growled. They turned away quickly.

"I don't have to listen to a little girl," Inuyasha snapped right in front of me now. I got up and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Sit your mother fucking ass down. I don't want to have to say it again." I warned. He narrowed his eyes and smirked.

"No," He answered. I smiled and then socked him in the eyes. He stumbled back and fell when he hit the desk behind him. I walked over and lifted him by the collar.

"Sit down!" I yelled and then sent him flying across the room; the way he did the door.

"Inuyasha!" Kikyou yelled as she ran over to him. He looked up at me with cold eyes. I ignored him and walked back over to get comfortable on my seat. "How could you do this to my boyfriend, you bitch!" Kikyou screeched. I stood back up and walked over to her. I lifted her up to my height.

"Listen you little slut, I don't give a shit about your boyfriend!" I yelled. "And if you ever call me a bitch again I won't hesitate to snap you like a twig. What right does a doorknob have to disrespect me?" I sneered.

"Doorknob?" She repeated.

"Yea, a doorknob! Everybody gets a turn!" I screamed and then tossed her on the floor like nothing. "Now, both of you sit your fucking asses down because you haven't even seen me when I'm pissed the fuck off!" I warned. Kikyou ran to her desk while Inuyasha slowly stood up and came face-to-face with me. "What the hell do you want?" I asked.

"Not bad," was all he said and then walked off to his seat. I turned and saw him sit down in the tagged seat that was right next to mine.

"And there goes my fucking good year!" I told myself.