Takes place some time in the current season even though it is definitely AU.

There will be some Doctor/River. There will also be some Amy/Rory with hurt/comfort going on for these two. It's a love fest all around! Sort of. More chapters soon!

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"Rory!" The Doctor's muffled voice called out from under the console.

"Yeah, I know. The couplings. Getting them." Rory called back, glancing over at his wife. Amy was sitting in a chair looking over a video book from the 30th Century. Rory suspected it contained information about the 'hot' Italians by the way she was staring at it with such concentration. He wasn't jealous though. Not this time because they were married now and she really had changed. She loved him, of this he was certain.

Satisfied that all was well, he ambled toward the stairs to collect the couplings.

Sometimes it felt as though his only purposes while on board the TARDIS was to collect the couplings, look after stunned newcomers, and stand around looking pretty for Sexy.

Yeah, that last one had been thrown in his face more than once by the Doctor. Rory couldn't decide if the Doctor was teasing him, or actually jealous. It would have been nice to see Amy a bit jealous now and again, but Amy found the entire thing hilarious.

As soon as he disappeared downstairs, a bright flash of light appeared near the door and a girl tumbled through it. She landed on the TARDIS floor with a light thump. It happened so quickly that nobody on board knew what was going on.

Startled, Amy dropped the book and jumped to her feet. The Doctor rolled himself out from under the console. He squinted up and sideways at the strange figure now waving her hand wildly about.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" She couldn't have been older than fifteen. She jumped up and danced around in circles. Only then did Amy realize the girl was surrounded by smoke. Amy ran to get some water.

By the time she returned with a large glass full, the Doctor was on his feet and the girl was flinging a very melted, and still somewhat smoking, vortex manipulator onto the floor.

Amy doused the device with some of the water then stepped toward the girl. "Are you hurt?"

The girl was rubbing her reddened wrist, but shook her head. The Doctor scanned her with the sonic screwdriver, peered at it, then at her. "First degree burns. Very painful things, but they should heal easily enough. Do you usually go flying around the vortex on your own like this?" He sounded more amused than annoyed.

Rory was now standing at the top step holding the couplings and silently watching the events unfold.

The girl shook her head of dark, curly hair and gave him a look that nobody, not even the Doctor himself, could quite interpret.

"I had to do it! You know how she gets! She didn't give me any choice!" She sauntered past the Doctor and Amy as if she were perfectly at home here in the TARDIS. All three adults stared at her in various states of surprise and confusion. She took no notice of them. "She never gives me any choice."

The girl flopped into a chair and started reaching down to pull off her muddy sneakers. "It's not like I have a little blue box like you do. It's fine for you, you can go wherever you like! But me, stuck in that horrible place all the time, what did you expect?" She sighed as she examined her wrist while tossing one sneaker, than the other, sloppily onto the floor.

"Uh, Doctor?" Rory questioned from the stairs, holding a hand up as the other gripped the couplings.

"Right." The Doctor clapped his hands together, rubbing them vigorously. He then pointed toward Rory. "Rory, go put the couplings back, I don't need them after all." Then what was the point in asking me to fetch them? Sometimes the Doctor's logic was lost on those around him.

Rory only hesitated a moment before turning and obediently heading back downstairs. It was hard to irritate him. Even making him an errand boy and sending him on pointless errands didn't seem to wear on his patience the way it would almost anyone else.

He didn't bother to correct the Doctor. What to do with the couplings hadn't been the question on his mind. But he supposed the question he did have, would have been too obvious to bother to ask in the first place.

The Doctor was bent down now, poking at the sizzling remains of the vortex manipulator. Amy stood still, watching the girl. "You don't look surprised." She pointed out. Amy didn't look entirely comfortable with the ease with which the girl moved about the TARDIS.

The girl slid her sock clad feet back and forth in front of her on the bare floor in a light pattern while leaning back in the chair. She barely glanced at Amy.

"Is there ever anything not to be surprised about with him around?" She shot a look at the Doctor. He didn't appear to notice it. He wasn't he looking at her. But he did very much notice the look. It looked like she was blaming him for something. But what?

She nodded to herself and hopped out of the chair, not really expecting an answer to her question.

She stepped over to the console and peered at it. "We're still in the vortex, yeah? That's what that thing means." She asked, pointing to a particular nozzle that was moving. The Doctor abandoned his examinations of the melted device and moved over protectively toward the console. He didn't particularly like strangers touching the TARDIS.

"Yes, it does." He drawled out his words, moving his arms over the surface of the console in a passive attempt to block the controls from her view. His eyes locked onto hers and to Amy it looked as if it took a great deal of effort for the Time Lord to keep his curiosity from spilling over into a frantic state.

"But how would you know that?" He finished in a barely restrained voice.

"You think I'd..." Forget? She frowned. "I'm not entirely stupid, you know." Sounding slightly offended, she moved around him easily and tapped a button. The Doctor looked unhappy about this. She spun around and pointed at him. "You won't take me back there will you?" An edge of worry suddenly to her voice.

"Back where?" The Doctor's tone held a tinge of accusation.

"You know how to pilot the TARDIS. How do you know how to pilot the TARDIS?" Amy demanded of the girl. The Doctor thought about pointing out the fact that the girl didn't and couldn't possibly know how to pilot the TARDIS just because she got a couple of lucky guesses. Of course she couldn't pilot the TARDIS! What a silly thing for her to even suggest! But he, too, was aware that the girl's comfort level while in his TARDIS seemed far too...Comfortable.

"You know, Amelia, that is an excellent question." He added, watching her. "Just how do you know anything about my TARDIS, or me and who is this she we're supposed to know about?"

All at once, the color drained from the girl's face. So quickly it drained that the Doctor was slightly concerned she might faint. She turned slowly to face Amy. She looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. "But..." She turned back to the Doctor. The way he was looking at her, made her apprehensive. He was watching her not only with curiosity but with suspicion. She wasn't used to it.

As Rory reappeared, the girl looked from one baffled face to the other and started to back away. She'd gone from acting like the most confident person in the TARDIS to looking very much like a scared child.

She raced over to the remains of the vortex manipulator and picked it up. She pulled it on her wrist and pressed desperately at the seared buttons. Take me anywhere else. Anywhere else! She silently commanded it. They didn't know her, but they should. This was not good. Not at all.

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