A Pirate Knight's Vow

They tell me that the stars will die

But never, never will I fly

In a void without dark of night

stars to guide my every flight


I raise my flag against the void

Senseless death to avoid

I will work 'til life has flown

Out in this great unknown


Time and space may lead me home

but Arcadia ever is my throne

Always and never to be at rest

Striving for what 's in my breast


Moving onward, outward evermore

With my strong Dragoon and Sword

Bearing friends in heart and soul

Drive me onward, towards the goal


Then back again, laboring on

Returning to Earth, to rest upon

And breathe her air, so fine and dear

Rescuing her from strife so drear


Sent away, none to pray

Only cursed, to go and stray

Return, turn and leave again

Broken, bitter heart to send


Restless heart, wandering feet

lost, loving wife, nevermore greets

Searching always, finding never

Life becomes a turbulent river


Hope ever turns in this wounded chest

I give only of my very best

Some come to see, most do not

I do a Knight's Right, without dark blot.


'Til at last, my heart' s at rest

Then will I fold hands on breast

and slowly softly, breathe my last

Becoming part of Sol's sweet past.


Author's Note: Not the best poetry, I fear, but I was driven to write it this night. Can you see him, in the Arcadia's observation dome, head raised to see the Black, gripping tight his Saber in salute with his flag flapping in the space winds behind him? I can.